TOP 10 best urological pads for women: how to choose, types, reviews


Urinary incontinence is not just a problem for older women. It often occurs during pregnancy and after childbirth, and causes a lot of discomfort. In most cases, incontinence is treatable, but it takes a long time. To continue a comfortable life, you need to use urological pads. They perfectly absorb liquid and do not allow an unpleasant odor to spread. This rating will help you choose the best gaskets.

Types of urological pads

Like regular pads for critical days, urological pads for women come in several types:

  1. Ultra-thin and thin are not designed to absorb large volumes of liquid. They are usually used for dripping (no more than 50 ml in 4 hours) and mild incontinence (up to 100 ml in 4 hours). Such liners can be successfully replaced with conventional pads for critical days.
  2. Normal pads provide more reliable absorption and are used for moderate incontinence (up to 100 ml of liquid in 4 hours).
  3. Pads such as «extra» and «super» are used for high incontinence (up to 200 ml in 4 hours).

Women’s urological liners have the same shape as regular hygienic liners, but are slightly thicker in width.

The best urological pads for women

Hartmann MoliMed Classic max

Urological pads are anatomically shaped and designed to be worn with mild to moderate incontinence. The top layer is made of soft non-woven material. It has an antimicrobial effect, does not cause irritation and discomfort when worn. The absorbent pad has three layers, so it perfectly retains liquid inside the liner and eliminates unpleasant odor. On the sides of the product are soft bumpers that prevent leakage. There is a wide adhesive strip on the back of the gasket. It provides a secure fixation of the pad on the underwear.

Amount in a package 28 pcs.
Number of drops four
Peculiarities absorbent, antibacterial


  • correctly calculated size of the liner ensures comfortable wearing;
  • does not cause allergies;
  • completely neutralize the unpleasant odor;
  • external antibacterial coating;
  • suitable for young and old women.


  • not always available for sale;
  • some users find pads too thick.

Review: “I have been buying such inserts for an elderly mother for a year now. There really is no smell, and nothing leaks.

Seni Lady Super

These urological pads are considered budget, but they do an excellent job of their functions and avoid discomfort. High-quality adhesive base provides a secure fixation of the liner on the underwear, and their anatomical shape ensures optimal fit of the pad to the body. Side skirts are made of hydrophobic material, which reliably protects against accidental leaks. The outer layer is porous. It allows the skin to breathe and prevents irritation. The inner layer of EDS quickly distributes liquid over the liner and promotes rapid absorption.

Amount in a package 15 pcs.
Number of drops 5
Peculiarities Absorb liquid quickly


  • affordable cost;
  • very soft outer layer;
  • Reliable adhesive strip ensures secure fixation;
  • suitable for the elderly and bedridden patients;
  • do not cause allergies.


  • not all users like the large size of the insert;
  • sometimes it can leak.

Review: “Used these pads after childbirth. Yes, they seemed too large in size to me, but they absorb the liquid perfectly. There is no smell.»

TENA Lady Mini Wings

The Tena brand is rightfully considered one of the best manufacturers of urological pads. The liners provide protection against leakage and prevent the occurrence of unpleasant odors. The pads feature microProtex compression technology, which evenly distributes liquid over the surface of the pad and ensures fast absorption. At the same time, the surface remains dry, does not cause irritation and allergies. The inserts have an asymmetrical anatomical shape, follow the contours of the body and do not restrict movement while walking. In the inner layer there are special granules that neutralize the unpleasant smell of urine.

Amount in a package 20 pcs.
Number of drops 2
Peculiarities Quickly absorb, neutralize odor


  • do not cause irritation on the skin;
  • unique granules neutralize odor;
  • the liquid is evenly distributed over the surface and quickly absorbed;
  • the liner takes the shape of the body;
  • does not restrict movement when walking.


  • if the gasket is not glued correctly, it will begin to leak on the sides;
  • few inserts in the package.

Review: “Used these pads after surgery. They absorb liquid well, but they can’t cope with serious leakage. ”

Tereza Lady Super

These urological pads are designed to be worn with moderate urinary incontinence. 3 Layer Core technology is used for production. This means that the liner consists of three active layers, each of which provides high-quality absorption and does not allow urine to leak out. The top layer is made of a soft non-woven material that quickly lets moisture in and does not irritate the skin. The second layer consists of a special sorbent that instantly turns the liquid into a gel. The bottom layer is made of a film material that does not allow urine to flow onto the underwear.

Amount in a package 14 pcs.
Number of drops four
Peculiarities Waterproof, absorb quickly


  • absorb up to 770 ml of liquid;
  • able to neutralize the smell;
  • there are antibacterial additives;
  • maintain optimal acidity of the skin;
  • affordable cost.


  • insert length 40.5 cm is not suitable for everyone;
  • some users find the adhesive strip unreliable.

Review: “There are only 14 pads in the package, but this was enough for me to recover after childbirth. They absorb well, there really is no smell, but personally I got irritation on the inside of my thighs.

Hartmann MoliForm Premium Normal

The main feature of these pads is that they are suitable not only for women, but also for men. The liners have an anatomical shape, and only environmentally friendly raw materials are used for their manufacture. The products have been dermatologically tested, so they do not cause allergies or skin irritation. The top layer is made of special cellulose, which quickly passes moisture inside. The central layer actively absorbs urine and prevents it from leaking onto underwear. In addition, these liners are hypoallergenic, so even people with sensitive skin can use them.

Amount in a package 30 pcs.
Number of drops one
Peculiarities Antibacterial, absorbent


  • suitable for both men and women;
  • are made only from environmentally friendly materials;
  • the top layer has an antibacterial effect;
  • do not cause allergies;
  • neutralize odor.


  • high price;
  • not always on sale.

Review: «Pads are expensive, but I have sensitive skin, so they are the only ones that work.»

TENA Comfort Mini Extra

Urological pads of this brand are regularly included in the top of the best liners. They provide optimal protection for mild to moderate incontinence. The inner layer has a high absorbency, so the pad does not have to be changed often. The outer layer perfectly passes moisture inside, so redness does not appear on the skin even with constant wear of the liner. Also, the pads have a unique Odor Control system, which completely neutralizes the unpleasant smell of urine.

Amount in a package 28 pcs.
Number of drops four
Peculiarities Quickly absorb and hold moisture securely


  • 28 disposable pads per pack;
  • a wide adhesive strip ensures a secure attachment of the liner to underwear;
  • Has an odor neutralizer
  • special absorbent granules prevent skin contact with liquid;
  • always available in pharmacies and supermarkets.


  • not suitable for terminal incontinence;
  • high cost in comparison with analogues.

Review: “Buying these pads for my elderly mom. She wears them all the time, but diaper rash has never appeared.

Abena Abri-San Premium

Pads are specifically designed for people with mild to moderate incontinence. Liners provide high-quality protection against leakage due to special longitudinal barriers. Fluid passes between these strips and is held securely within the pad. The innovative Top Fry outer layer allows moisture to quickly penetrate the liner, so liquid contact with the skin is completely eliminated. This allows you to wear pads all the time without fear of irritation or diaper rash.

Amount in a package 28 pcs.
Number of drops 5
Peculiarities Includes odor neutralizer and full indicator


  • one pad can absorb up to 800 ml of liquid;
  • a large package is enough for about a month of regular use;
  • reliable adhesive strips securely fix the liner on the underwear;
  • «breathable» top layer made of natural cotton;
  • moisture-resistant bottom layer prevents leakage.


  • not always on sale;
  • some users find pads too big.

Review: “These pads are not always available for sale, but I really like them. Perfectly follow the shape of the body and can be worn all day.

Depend Super

These gaskets appeared relatively recently, but are already popular with consumers. The inserts are designed specifically for patients with a high degree of incontinence. The pads feature a unique 4 in 1 technology. They have a special shape with special Leak-Block sidewalls that provide reliable protection against leakage. The top layer quickly absorbs liquid, while the inner layer turns urine into granules and holds it securely inside. Thanks to this, the pad can be worn all day without removing and without fear of an unpleasant odor.

Amount in a package 8 pcs.
Number of drops 5
Peculiarities Fast absorption


  • designed to absorb a large amount of liquid;
  • Has an odor neutralizer
  • soft porous outer layer prevents the formation of diaper rash;
  • anatomical shape;
  • affordable cost.


  • few inserts in the package;
  • not always on sale.

Review: “I really like these pads. Can be worn all day and won’t leak. The only drawback is that there are only 8 inserts in the package.

ID Light Maxi

A distinctive feature of these urological pads is that they are thin, but perfectly absorb liquid and prevent leakage. The inserts are anatomically shaped and designed for women with moderate urinary incontinence. On the sides are special bumpers that prevent leakage. The outer layer is made of soft cotton. It quickly absorbs liquid and does not cause discomfort with constant wear. These inserts do not restrict movement, so they can be used by women who lead an active lifestyle.

Amount in a package 14 pcs.
Number of drops 5
Peculiarities Absorbent, with odor neutralizer


  • insert length 39 cm;
  • original floral print;
  • neutralize odor;
  • do not cause allergies and irritation;
  • adapt to the shape of the body and do not restrict movement.


  • only 14 inserts per pack;
  • not suitable for high levels of incontinence.

Review: “I always use only these pads for the duration of a cold, as severe coughing often causes incontinence. The quality is satisfactory, so I have not tried other inserts.

Soffisof Lady Extra

Women’s urological pads are designed to absorb urine for mild incontinence. The shape of the pads and their filling prevent leakage and the occurrence of an unpleasant odor. The inner layer consists of a super absorbent that instantly absorbs liquid, turns it into granules and keeps it inside, so the skin does not come into contact with moisture. This prevents the formation of diaper rash, which means that pads can be worn even in the heat. The anatomical shape of the inserts does not restrict movement, so they can be used by women who lead an active lifestyle.

Amount in a package 10 pieces.
Number of drops 3
Peculiarities Quickly absorb, neutralize odor


  • affordable cost;
  • anatomically shaped earbuds are suitable for active women;
  • do not cause allergies and irritation;
  • top layer made of soft breathable material;
  • high-quality adhesive strips provide a secure fit on underwear.


  • only 10 inserts per pack;
  • not always on sale.

Review: “Used these pads after childbirth. Quality arranged, and so — quite ordinary liners.

Comparison table of characteristics

To make it easier to buy suitable female urological pads, you can use a comparative table with the main characteristics of the models described above.

Product name Amount in a package Number of drops Peculiarities
Hartmann MoliMed Classic max 28 pcs. four absorbent, antibacterial
Seni Lady Super 15 pcs. 5 Absorb liquid quickly
TENA Lady Mini Wings 20 pcs. 2 Quickly absorb, neutralize odor
Tereza Lady Super 14 pcs. four Waterproof, absorb quickly
Hartmann MoliForm Premium Normal 30 pcs. one Antibacterial, absorbent
TENA Comfort Mini Extra 28 pcs. four Quickly absorb and hold moisture securely
Abena Abri-San Premium 28 pcs. 5 Includes odor neutralizer and full indicator
Depend Super 8 pcs. 5 Fast absorption
ID Light Maxi 14 pcs. 5 Absorbent, with odor neutralizer
Soffisof Lady Extra 10 pieces. 3 Quickly absorb, neutralize odor

Selection Tips

In order for urological pads to successfully cope with their functions, they are selected according to the degree of incontinence. It is determined by a urologist, so consultation with a specialist is a prerequisite for using such inserts.

You should also take into account the following nuances:

  1. If pads will be used daily, it is better to choose products with a large number of inserts in the package.
  2. Gaskets that women who lead an active lifestyle plan to use should have an anatomical shape and fit snugly to the body. As a rule, the gasket itself is shown on the packaging, which allows you to evaluate its appearance before buying.
  3. If the liners are bought for the elderly or bedridden patients, preference should be given to hypoallergenic products or pads with a soft outer layer made of natural material.

How to use urological pads

According to the principle of use, urological liners are no different from ordinary pads for critical days. Each insert is individually wrapped. It is opened, the gasket is removed from the package and attached with a sticky layer to the inside of the underwear. In the future, as the filling is changed, the gasket is changed.

Modern manufacturers offer a huge selection of urological pads for women with varying degrees of absorption. Guided by the descriptions and reviews from this rating, the selection of suitable inserts will not be difficult.

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