TOP 10 best roller skates under 5000 rubles: fixation, which ones to choose, reviews


Roller skates are great fun for kids and adults. They are a boot with a frame with wheels attached to it. They are perfect for driving on a flat hard surface.

Different models of rollers differ from each other in the following parameters: for children or adults, the material of the frame and wheels, the number of wheels and their location, the type of fixation. In this article, I will talk about the top ten budget roller skates under 5000 rubles, their characteristics, as well as selection options for personal use.

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Sliding rollers from a domestic manufacturer are universal. There are sizes for children and adults. Thanks to a simple mechanism on the button, the skates are moved apart by three sizes. You can easily increase or decrease the length of the boots.

The wheels of inline skates are designed to provide maximum traction, even in the face of some bumps. To brake, you need to slightly lift the toe off the ground, due to which, the protrusion on the heel will slightly reduce the speed.

Frame Aluminum
Number of wheels four
Fixation Regular lacing, top buckle, heel strap
  • inexpensive;
  • front wheels light up
  • there is a brake on one shoe.
  • not detected.

We’ve been using these videos for a few months now. We bought them for our daughter, then we took them for ourselves, now we ride together. They are bright, excellent fastening. The front wheels glow, it’s very funny, the child is simply delighted.

When choosing a children’s model of rollers, pay attention that the boot holds firmly on the child’s leg, but does not rub.

Razor Jetts

Universal roller skates are designed for children from 6 years old and adults. They have a stylish, modern look. The assembly uses high-quality, glossy plastic with bright prints. The protrusions for braking discreet, from the side they are invisible.

Cast wheels rotate smoothly, quickly and almost silently. The design of roller skates is light in weight, they are practically weightless and do not feel on your feet. Sliding mechanism, belts work easily and smoothly. The braking process is accompanied by a characteristic rattle and a spectacular stream of sparks.

Number of wheels 2
Heel strap
  • lungs;
  • sliding;
  • compact;
  • durable;
  • quality assembly.

Excellent quality roller skates. Adjustable for leg size. While riding, nothing falls off, does not unfasten, holds tight. They take up little space in the bag. I drive them around the park in the evenings, mostly on a flat surface.


Sliding roller skates are available in both children’s and adult sizes. The inner boot is soft and comfortable on the foot. The wheels of the device are made of PVC. The fixing clasp is as simple and strong as possible. Even a child will be able to handle it easily.

The model has a heel brake, which is especially important for beginners. Thanks to the sliding system, you can adjust the size of the rollers according to your leg. The roller frame is made of aluminium. The smallest size is equipped with three wheels.

Frame Aluminum
Number of wheels four
Fixation Regular lacing, top buckle, heel strap
  • easy to ride;
  • quiet;
  • beautiful;
  • inexpensive.

For beginner skaters, these skates are quite suitable. They ride easily, neatly, without unnecessary noise. Beautiful, durable, go the size in size, but can be rebuilt. The 4 year old really liked it.


Sliding rollers have a stylish, bright design, reliable fastenings. Thanks to a simple sliding mechanism, you can adjust the size to the user’s foot. The boot of this model is soft, securely wraps around the leg, without causing discomfort. This model is presented in white and pink colors.

Frame Aluminum
Number of wheels four
Fixation Regular lacing, top buckle, heel strap
  • high quality;
  • reliable bearings;
  • soft boots;
  • luminous front wheel.
  • not detected.

Great roller skates. A brake is provided on one boot, the front wheels glow while riding. The assembly is high-quality, the boot is soft. Great gift for a 7-10 year old.

Novus AJIS-19.01

Sliding rollers are equipped with four wheels. They have a semi-soft boot that does not cause discomfort when worn and sits securely on the foot. The wheels are not paired. The model is presented in three colors: white, purple and pink.

Frame Aluminum
Number of wheels four
Fixation Regular lacing, top buckle, heel strap
  • inexpensive;
  • bright colors;
  • wide size range.

We’ve been using these videos for about six months now. Bought for my daughter, she is delighted. It’s nice that the size can be adjusted. We also bought a protective kit for skates, the child likes it.

If you are buying skates for a child, discard the Velcro model, as over time they will begin to come unfastened on their own, which will lead to injuries.

Larsen Nero

Sliding type rollers are equipped with four PVC wheels, which guarantees a soft step, confident skating on a hard surface. Ventilation on the nose contributes to additional comfort. Heel brakes.

Frame Plastic
Number of wheels four
Fixation Quick lacing, top buckle, heel strap
  • brake on both boots;
  • size adjustment;
  • soft.

Bought these roller skates for my kids aged 11 and 12. They are happy. It turned out that there were brakes on both boots. They drive smoothly and carefully. I recommend.


Sliding casters are available in bright pink and orange body colors. They are suitable for girls and women. Wide range of sizes available. Soft boots provide comfort. Four wheels are made of PVC.

Fastening is represented by a clip with a lock. The rollers have a heel brake, and the nose of the boot is equipped with ventilation. Thanks to the sliding system, you can adjust the boot to the desired size of the foot.

Frame Aluminum
Number of wheels four
Fixation Upper and heel buckle
  • bright;
  • silent;
  • quality assembly.

Great quality inline skates. They ride great on asphalt. I liked their bright, cheerful appearance. They drive silently.


Men’s four-wheel inline skates are presented in a black and gray body color. They look reliable and brutal. The design of the rollers is strong, able to withstand mechanical shocks. The boot is semi-soft, it perfectly wraps around the foot and holds it firmly without creating discomfort. They are suitable for running, fitness, off-road riding.

Frame Aluminum
Number of wheels four
Fixation Regular lacing, top buckle, heel strap
  • strong;
  • inexpensive;
  • holds the leg well.

For me, when choosing videos, the main criterion was budget. I took them two years ago for myself, and it was important for me at that time just to learn how to ride. Skates are strong, excellent assembly, good materials. They have withstood numerous falls at speed. I’m going to change to a professional model soon.

Ridex Swift

High-quality rollers are presented in three colors: white, blue and coral. They are equipped with an aluminum frame with an original design from the brand. The model is suitable for beginners and advanced users. From the outside, the boots are made of plastic. Inside, modern breathable materials are used, moisture resistant and quick-drying.

The aluminum frame perfectly withstands strong acceleration, endures strong impacts on the asphalt. A sliding system is provided, thanks to which you can adjust the size of the boot to fit your foot.

Frame Aluminum
Number of wheels four
Fixation Quick lacing, top buckle, heel strap
  • strong fasteners;
  • quality materials;
  • ride well.

Great roller skates. I bought them for my daughter, she quickly learned to ride. True, due to frequent falls, they also acquired protection. The boot is soft, holds tight and does not dangle. Happy with the purchase, my daughter and I recommend.

Some professional roller skaters purchase all roller parts separately and assemble their own unique apparatus.

Senhai PW-125

Sliding rollers are suitable for children and adults. The model has a wide range of sizes. Boots are soft, which provides comfort when skiing. There are four wheels on a metal frame, they are not located in pairs. Roller skates are available in black, brown and white body colors.

Frame Aluminum
Number of wheels four
Fixation Regular lacing, top buckle, heel strap
  • stylish;
  • quality;
  • reliable.
  • not detected.

Good videos, bought this model for my daughter. She is happy, now with her girlfriends in the yard she rides only on them. It is fastened and fixed as tightly as possible, there are no inconveniences. Numerous blows withstood.


There are several types of roller skates:

For fitness Skates for outdoor activities. Their design uses technologies to increase speed, they are as comfortable as possible while riding, light and durable.
Baby All models for children are expandable so that you can adjust the size and adapt the skates to the fast and active children’s growth.
For slalom These skates are characterized by durability, excellent lateral support, a short rigid frame, and maneuverability.
For freeskate These are roller skates, which you can not just ride, but perform various jumps and tricks. The design has a hard boot, lateral support, poor ventilation.
High-speed These are the most expensive models. They are equipped with very rigid low boots, rigid and light frames, four large wheels. Also, the rollers have ceramic-metal bearings or micro-bearings. Together, all these design features provide a strong push, a quick set of speed and its maintenance.
Aggressive Such rollers are very stable, reliable, strong and manoeuvrable. They are suitable for ski jumping, stairs and other difficult, dangerous tricks. Boots are rigid, equipped with small wheels.
For hockey Wheels are a feature of this model. They are faster than aggressive skates and more stable and indestructible than fitness skates.
off-road They are suitable for riding on trails, grass, some types of soil. Because of the treaded wheels, they do not ride well on ordinary asphalt.

Now you have an idea about the types of roller skates and can decide which model you need.

How to choose

Before buying roller skates for yourself and your child, pay attention to a number of important parameters:

Boots They can be soft and hard. The first are characterized by lightness, flexibility, comfort, excellent ventilation. Rigid boots are strong, reliable, provide lateral support, and are durable.
The size Choose the size of the rollers based on the comfort of riding. For aggressive riding, it is better to purchase a boot one size larger, for fitness — one size in size. Children’s videos deserve special attention. They are created taking into account the rapid growth of children. Therefore, they are made sliding up to four sizes.
Ram It is designed to be attached to the wheels. It can be tightly fixed and removable. It is important that the frame has reliable fastenings, ensuring the safety of riding. They are made from metal or plastic.
wheels Most often they are made of PVC or polyurethane. The larger the diameter of the wheels, the greater the speed and stability, but the lower the maneuverability.
Rigidity It is measured in the range from 0 to 100. The smaller this value, the better they smooth out vibrations, shocks and provide excellent traction.
Bearings The overall quality of the videos depends on them. Most often they are made of steel, which are classified according to the ABEC scale. The higher its number, the better the quality.

The most important thing is that roller skates are comfortable for you to ride, of high quality and have optimal technical characteristics for you.

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