Top 10 best road bikes: main parameters, pros and cons, reviews


The road bike is a simple and durable 2-wheeler used mainly on city streets. Despite the great popularity of MTB bikes and hybrids, road bikes are also common among city dwellers and at rental centers. The product is designed for comfortable driving on the roads, has good speed performance, does not require special care. Such models are popular among men, women and teenagers.

Today there are a large number of models of road bikes. Each has the characteristic advantages and disadvantages inherent in a particular brand. Due to the difficulty of choosing, a rating of the best road bikes has been compiled, taking into account the ratio of price and quality, customer feedback and expert ratings.

Rating of the best road bikes

Stinger Fix 28 (2014)

The bike has a bright and stylish design that attracts the attention of passers-by. Lightweight and durable steel frame made specifically for city driving, provides a smooth ride. The rigid fork makes it possible to efficiently use the pedaling energy, guaranteeing fast acceleration.

The ergonomic saddle has a sporty design and can be adjusted. The product is equipped with a front rim brake that provides instant stopping. The Stinger Fix 28 has flat profile tires to give you the best grip, fast acceleration and agility. The rear 2-way hub supports 2 modes: fixed gear (pedals spin all the time when moving) and free pedaling (pedaling is not associated with wheel movement). Suitable for walking on the roads of the city and beyond.

Weight, kg 11.5
brakes walking
frame material Steel
Number of speeds one
Design features Cartridges, Kenda tires 700x23c, curved handlebars, platforms
  • ease of assembly;
  • smooth running;
  • nice design;
  • reliable wheels;
  • ease of management;
  • reliable rims;
  • sports saddle.
  • there is no second brake.

Bought this bike a few months ago. I note a strong and reliable frame made of aluminum, light wheels. I also highlight the simple design, nice appearance. The biggest downside is the weight. In general, satisfied with the purchase.

Forward York 1.0 (2016)

Stylish road model that is designed for road riding with Shimano starter equipment. Made on the basis of Hi-ten steel frame. The rigid fork makes riding on rough, bumpy roads smoother and softer. A characteristic feature of the Forward York 1.0 will be that when moving, the rider creates the necessary conditions for visibility and maneuvering.

Additional convenience is achieved thanks to a comfortable anatomical seat, and therefore there is almost no tension in the back. Equipped with high pressure clincher tires, 14-speed transmission. In addition, the package includes fenders to protect clothing items from dirt, reflectors and a trunk, which is used to transport small loads. A great option for those who love extreme and long bike rides.

Weight, kg 15.3
brakes Pleasure / ProMax MV-295L
frame material Steel
Number of speeds fourteen
Design features Neco B910 Cartridge BBs, Shimano Tourney ST-A070 Starter Shifters, Road Handlebar, Classic Pedals, Rack, Fenders
  • reliable frame;
  • high-quality coverage;
  • convenient gear shifting;
  • comfortable steering wheel;
  • reliable trunk;
  • there are wings and a footboard;
  • option of mounting an additional trunk in the front.

Skated on Forward York 1.0 for several months. Traveled over 3000 km. I took it instead of the road model. I note an affordable price, good assembly and nice design. I will also highlight a smooth roll forward, a comfortable fit. Everything functions properly, no complaints. Suitable for both training and cycling.

When choosing a road bike, you need to take into account its maximum load (the indicator will depend on the type and geometry of the frame and rim). In addition to the weight of the rider and luggage, you need to remember that while riding, it is possible to drive off the curb, get into pits, bumps, which increases the dynamic load on the product.

Desna Cruise 28 Z010 (2020)

Women’s entry-level road model without shifting. The bike has a solid steel frame, which, along with the configuration features, adds reliability to the entire structure. The design of the vehicle is adapted for driving on asphalt or dirt.

The model is equipped with an adjustable handlebar and a comfortable Cionlli saddle, which provides confidence in the process of movement. The product is distinguished by strength, durability and a high level of comfort due to the presence of steel fenders, rear rack and chain protection. The kit also comes with a bike pump, bike bell and reflectors. Desna Cruise 28 Z010 is suitable for walks within the city and along forest paths.

Weight, kg 17.3
brakes Rear foot
frame material Steel
Number of speeds one
Design features Starter BBs, 19T Cassettes, Curved Handlebar, Classic Pedals, Spring Saddle, Rack, Chain Guard, Bike Pump, Fenders, Bike Bell
  • reliable frame;
  • nice design;
  • ergonomic saddle;
  • patency;
  • there is a bicycle bell, a bicycle pump and fenders;
  • large wheels;
  • reliable tires.

I wanted to find an easy-to-handle bike at an affordable price and chose Desna Cruise 28 Z010. When you need an agile bike, this is the best choice. I liked the design, equipment, comfortable seat. I recommend to buy.

Pioneer Optima

Comfortable high-speed model, which is intended for everyday walks on smooth roads. Ideal for cyclists whose height is 1.6-1.85 m. The vehicle frame is made of durable steel. The rigid fork provides high maneuverability and helps to cope with uneven surfaces.

Ergonomic seat and handlebar can be adjusted in height. The bike is equipped with a 21-speed transmission, which will help you choose the right rhythm of movement. The reliable brake system guarantees an instant stop of a product irrespective of a situation. The kit also comes with a chain guard, kickstand and fenders. High-quality assembly and professional equipment will make Pioneer Optima the best choice for those who love extreme and long bike rides.

Weight, kg 16
brakes Pleasure / SANRUN, CB-117
frame material Steel
Number of speeds 21
Design features Cartridge Walking Carts, Pioneer ST-EF500 (Sunrun) Starter Shifters, Sunrun Starter Cassettes, FW-7I, Classic Pedals, Curved Handlebar, Fenders, Footrest
  • quality assembly;
  • ease of use;
  • ergonomic saddle;
  • comfortable gear shifting;
  • patency;
  • there is a footrest and fenders.
  • poor quality pedals.

Comfortable, maneuverable, no frills bike. I liked its unique look. I note a good package, a solid frame. The ride is smooth, the fork works properly, excellent maneuverability. I advise you to opt for this model.

Choosing a road bike should start with a frame inspection. What distinguishes a good frame from a bad one is the method of welding. When seams are visible throughout the pipe, therefore, the developer saved and used low-carbon steel. Such material is of poor quality and short-lived. Having bought a bike with such a frame, there is a risk of throwing the product away after 3-4 falls. Therefore, it is recommended to choose models where the seams are only at the joints of the pipes.

Merida Crossway Urban 500 Lady (2019)

A comfortable women’s model that is designed for city riding with Shimano pre-professional equipment. The basis of the Merida Crossway Urban 500 Lady will be an aluminum frame with excellent resistance to damage. The rigid Crossway Urban Cf2 fork guarantees stability during the movement. Advanced attachments ensure the coordinated work of each component of the structure.

The bike is equipped with 28-inch wheels, which are “shod” with wear-resistant Maxxis Overdrive II tires. The Shimano MT-200 hydraulic disc brake system is responsible for timely stopping. The transmission has a 20-speed mode, so you can choose the right mode for horizontal driving, climbs and descents. Fenders and a folding footboard are included. Merida Crossway Urban 500 Lady is suitable for walking and sports driving around the city.

Weight, kg 10.91
brakes Sports / Shimano MT-200
frame material Aluminium alloy
Number of speeds twenty
Design features Shimano Deore Sports BBs, Shimano Deore Sports Shifters, Shimano CS-HG500-10, 11-34T Sports Cassettes, Classic Pedals, Fenders, Footrest, Curved Handlebar
  • soft rolling;
  • fast acceleration;
  • build quality;
  • pleasant appearance;
  • effective brakes;
  • double rims;
  • big wheels.
  • hard seat.

I bought a bike 2 months ago after reading reviews online. I have already traveled 1300 km, during the period of use I did not have to change a single element. Gear shifting is smooth and fast. I also note fast acceleration, sensitive brakes. I advise you to buy.

Cube Hyde Pro (2014)

Road model with Shimano planetary equipment, which is designed for city driving. The basis of the vehicle is a frame made of durable aluminum alloy. Rigid Aluminum Rigid Fork helps to cope with various road surface irregularities.

The comfortable seat features an anatomical sporty design and is designed for daily commuting. Large wheels are “shod” in durable tires, optimally cope with obstacles. The transmission is equipped with 8 gears, which is enough for everyday travel and cycling in hilly areas. Lightweight V-brakes help keep your center of gravity low. Cube Hyde Pro is ideal for walking and sporty driving around the city.

Weight, kg 12.2
brakes Touring / Shimano BR-M422
frame material Aluminium alloy
Number of speeds eight
Design features Truvativ BB BBs, Shimano cassettes, Shimano Nexus Inter-8 SL-8S30 RevoShift Shifters, Curved Handlebars, Classic Pedals
  • comfortable fit;
  • comfort in operation;
  • smooth running;
  • reliable frame;
  • pleasant appearance;
  • good cross;
  • fast speed up.
  • poor paintwork.

Very high quality bike, which is made in a simple style. Proezdil for the season about 3000 km, for all the time not a single breakdown. Reliable regardless of weather conditions and coverage. I want to note the susceptible brakes and comfortable gear shifting. I recommend to buy.

Altair City 28 High (2020)

Entry-level road model without gear shifting. The frame in the bike is made of aluminum, which ensures lightness and strength of the structure. The rigid steel fork guarantees reliability and convenience when driving on city roads. A sports bike with excellent technical parameters and made of quality materials.

The ergonomic seat is equipped with springs and has a comfortable geometry. The rear derailleur will be responsible for quick and easy gear changes. Large wheels with tires provide a smooth ride. The design is equipped with comfortable connecting rods. Altair City High is equipped with a rear foot brake, which provides timely stopping. Includes chain guard, rack and fenders made of steel to prevent dirt. The bike is suitable for walking on the highway and a flat country road.

Weight, kg 16.9
brakes Rear foot
frame material Steel
Number of speeds one
Design features Kenli bottom brackets, 18T cassettes, curved handlebars, platforms, rack, fenders, kickstand, chain guard
  • strong frame;
  • reliable fork;
  • large wheels;
  • effective braking system;
  • ergonomic seat;
  • build quality;
  • nice appearance.
  • poor quality pedals.

The bike is very good quality and fast. I note large wheels, a reliable foot brake, metal fenders. In addition, I will highlight the strength of the frame, wide tires, ease of control. When driving, there are no squeaks and noises. I advise you to pay attention.

Stinger Liberty Evo 28 (2019)

Comfortable road bike for women with amateur Shimano equipment. The frame of the product is made of high-quality aluminum, has an underestimated geometry. Particular emphasis was placed on increasing the strength of the places of the greatest load. The suspension fork acts as a reliable shock absorber.

The STG Disc Brake mechanical disc brakes will be responsible for timely stopping, ensuring efficient operation even in bad weather. Wtb Riddler tires effectively cope with obstacles and mechanical damage, since rubber has reliable protection against various troubles. The Stinger Liberty Evo 28 features an efficient transmission with comfortable shifting. The bike is suitable for walking in the city and along forest paths.

Weight, kg fifteen
brakes Cruisers / STG, 160mm
frame material Aluminium alloy
Number of speeds 24
Design features STG BBs, Shimano ST-EF500 starter shifters, Shimano CS-HG200-8 cassettes, curved handlebars
  • assembly reliability;
  • smooth rolling;
  • ease of operation;
  • quality of components;
  • simple gear shifting;
  • effective braking system;
  • nice appearance.
  • brakes sometimes squeak.

I bought this bike for my wife as a gift for walking around the city. The frame is light enough, the ride is smooth. Gear shifting is smooth, there are no noises. On a steep slope, it can independently lift and move the vehicle. I also note a pleasant appearance. I recommend.

Merida Crossway Urban 100 (2020)

Stylish city road bike with amateur Shimano equipment. The product is assembled on the basis of a solid aluminum frame. The rigid fork is distinguished by increased strength and light weight. The product in question is optimally suited for driving on city roads.

The comfortable seat is effective for sporty driving at high speed. The Shimano MT-200 hydraulic disc brake system guarantees timely stopping even in wet weather. On reliable rims, relief tires are installed, which allow you to develop high speed in the shortest possible time. The Shimano Alivio switch will help you adjust the gears, change the rhythm of the ride. Comes with a kickstand and lightweight full-length fenders for easy movement after the rain. Merida Crossway Urban 100 is suitable for walking and sports driving in the city.

Weight, kg 12.02
brakes Sports / Shimano MT-200
frame material Aluminium alloy
Number of speeds 27
Design features FSA TH-7420ST Cartridge Bearing, Shimano CS-HG200-9 Walking Cassettes, 11-34T, Curved Handlebar, Classic Pedals, Footrest
  • light weight;
  • quality of parts;
  • strict design;
  • large wheels;
  • ease of use;
  • susceptible brakes;
  • soft roll.
  • hard seat.

For a long time I was looking for a maneuverable road bike, I chose the Merida Crossway Urban 100. The braking system works efficiently, a high-quality fork copes with obstacles. In addition, the product has a light weight and laconic design. Satisfied with the choice made.

Stark Holiday 26.1S (2018)

Road model for driving in the city without changing gears. The frame is made of durable aluminum, which does not affect the weight and maneuverability of the structure. Lightweight and durable, the Easing ES225-2 fork ensures a proper fit and handles a variety of obstacles effectively.

The bike is equipped with rim mechanical brakes Sparkle V-Brake VB-956, which provide a quick stop. Powerful connecting rods help transfer muscle forces to the bottom bracket shaft. The design is complemented by wear-resistant CST C-1950 tires, which are immune to damage. Stark Holiday 26.1 S is suitable for walks in the city and along forest paths.

Weight, kg 14.6
brakes Pleasure / Sparkle VB-956
frame material Aluminium alloy
Number of speeds one
Design features Neco B910 walking carriages, 18T cassettes, curved handlebars, platforms, rack, fenders, footrest, bike bell, handlebar basket
  • strong frame;
  • large wheels;
  • ease of care;
  • unusual design;
  • soft move;
  • effective brakes;
  • comfortable pedals.
  • hard seat.

The Stark brand bike was my first high-speed bike. I note the quality of the parts and the affordable price. After six months of operation, everything works, there are no squeaks. I ride it for short distances, there were no breakdowns. I recommend paying attention.

Additional accessories for road bikes

A road bike is often equipped with additional devices for riding comfort:

  • Bottle holder. It is mounted on a frame, which allows you to take water with you on a trip for a short or long distance.
  • Trunk. Thanks to him, it is possible to transport various goods, which is important for long bike trips.
  • Wheel basket. The cargo being transported will be constantly in sight, but the transportation of bulky items will make it difficult to control the bike.
  • Bicycle pump. It comes with a bike, fixed with a suitable mount. The rider will not need to spend time searching for and acquiring it.
  • Bicycle call. An important thing for road models, which allows you to notify other road users and avoid an accident.
  • Headlight or lantern. They make it safer for the rider to ride in the dark, and prevent accidents. In a certain area, the presence of lighting equipment is mandatory and prescribed by law.
  • Chain protection. Hides the entire chain or only part of it. This prevents clothing items from being pulled into the mechanism.
  • Step. It makes it possible to put the vehicle vertically without using an auxiliary support.

How to choose a bike

Before purchasing a road bike, it is important to familiarize yourself with the selection criteria:

  • frame material. Steel is considered the most affordable option with good quality. They are distinguished by high maneuverability and depreciation. The downside is the significant weight. Aluminum frames are much lighter and stiffer, but the disadvantage will be their fragility and low maintainability. Carbon frames are much lighter than steel and aluminum frames. They are distinguished by durability, resistance to damage, but also a high price in comparison with analogues.
  • Depreciation. Road bikes are usually fitted with a rigid or hardtail. Rigid is suitable for those who plan to ride on good quality roads. When a cyclist plans to periodically travel out of town, you should take a closer look at the second option.
  • Seat. When choosing a saddle for road bikes, you should choose wide and soft models. In some cases, you can find seats with springs, which is optimal for driving on uneven paved roads and along forest paths.
  • Steering wheel. Must match the rider’s shoulder width. People who often drive around the city fix it high.
  • Wheels. The standard wheel size for these models will be 26 inches. However, 28-inch wheels are often used, which make climbing easier. Tires should be bought from silicone or semi-silicone.
  • Brakes. No special brakes are needed to drive within city limits. Standard rim brakes are ideal for these bikes.
  • Gear shift. Road bikes are often set to 1 speed. This will help make the product lighter and cheaper.
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