TOP 10 best programmers: how to use, reviews


A programmer is a device that is used to record data on a memory device. In addition to recording, the device can read information from microcircuits. It also has a number of other modes of operation: erasing, data protection, programming system. How to choose the best programmer for fast and efficient work? The article will talk about tips, pros and cons, features of each device and present a rating of the best programmers according to user reviews.

How to use the programmer?

The programmer is used for programming various kinds of microcircuits: TVs, laptops, computers, monitors, car blocks, etc.

To start using it, you need to connect it to a desktop computer via a USB port. If the device is connected, a red light will light up on it. If this does not happen, then the software drivers were not loaded and the computer did not detect the device. When the computer has found the device, it is necessary to download a special program. In many cases, the CH341A Programmer is used. After all the connection steps, you can proceed directly to programming.

To program the device, you need to open the slots on the device panel for installation. The microcircuit is inserted along the key and secured with a latch. If you need to flash a 25-series microcircuit, the device provides platforms for programming microcircuits. To do this, you need to solder the chip with the pad. It is important not to forget about the fixing elements.

Top 10 best programmers


A universal device produced by a Danish company to work with hearing aids. With its help, the patient will be able to navigate in space. Data transfer is carried out via Bluetooth. It is possible to test speech at different distances. The device is convenient to carry. When setting up, the master can move around the house, because there are no cables and wires in it. Wireless connection is considered the most secure.

Characteristic Meaning
Manufacturer country Denmark
The weight 0.141 kg
Food battery cell type AA


  • wireless connection;
  • wide range;
  • multifunctional;
  • light;
  • speech testing.


  • charge frequency;
  • battery short life.

Review: “The best programmers of the Danish brand, which have a guarantee for use and quality certificates. The device is very practical, easy to carry and use. It does not require additional accessories — put it on, press the button and it works. Bought for my grandmother who is hard of hearing. She really liked it.”

Iprog Plus v80

The goods are intended for power units and cars. In a short period of time, mileage can be adjusted. In just a few minutes, the device is able to prepare the equipment in the car for use, read the information. The multifunctional device can change kilometers to miles, check the operation of the entire vehicle system, upload new information while deleting the old one.

Characteristic Meaning
Manufacturer country USA
The weight 0.1 kg
Food USB port


  • compact;
  • multifunctional;
  • large amount of memory;
  • easily reads information;
  • Constant updating of working drivers.


  • the indicator does not work;
  • radius of action.

Review: “Consultants in a specialized store recommend this device for purchase. A very necessary thing for car owners. The device prepares it for work, checks the technical data, thanks to regular driver updates, you can not worry about the safety of the car.”

Turbosky PMT-1

A highly specialized modern device that is suitable for different ports of power plants. It can perform functions that other programmers cannot cope with due to the discrepancy between 1 and 0. Dozens of characteristics can be adjusted using a cable. For example, noise reduction or the introduction of their own key functionality. Drivers for the device can be downloaded from the official website of the manufacturer for free.

Characteristic Meaning
Manufacturer country China
The weight 0.25 kg
Food USB port, Kenwood connector


  • long service life;
  • beautiful body;
  • good signal reception;
  • lasting;
  • the battery lasts a long time.


  • failure due to incorrect configuration;
  • no programming cable included.

Review: “Overall I was satisfied with the device. Convenient button layout, good communication, fast charging. The product is definitely worth the money.”


This brand of programmer is designed to work with microcircuits and blocks for a car. The device has built-in software that allows the user to quickly and easily update the firmware to the latest version. Thanks to the self-test function, you can check the operation of the device.

Characteristic Meaning
Manufacturer country China
The weight 0.18 kg
Food USB port, adapter


  • reset keys;
  • many additional features;
  • practical;
  • large amount of memory;
  • easy to mate with the car.


  • switch buttons do not work well;
  • long driver updates.

Review: “The device showed itself on the good side. Easy, practical, quickly affects the car. There is enough memory to constantly update the keys to the car.”


A simple and compact device that is designed to flash a flash drive. The kit comes with everything you need to get the job done. The manufacturer took care of the users and created the firmware in Russian so that the program interface was clear from the first time. In addition to a flash drive, they can repair various parts of a computer, laptop. The main thing is to erase the old data about the device, otherwise it will knock out an error.

Characteristic Meaning
Manufacturer country Korea
The weight 0.2 kg
Food USB port


  • power indicator;
  • automatic installation of drivers;
  • practicality of use;
  • affordable price;
  • equipment.


  • failures due to incorrect installation of programs;
  • long record of information.

Review: “I am very glad that I purchased the device. I did not even hope that my router would work. Quickly installed the necessary programs, paired with the router. A few minutes and it works. Good and, most importantly, the right device.”


A useful device designed for the repair and maintenance of household appliances. With such a range of functions, the price for it remains budgetary. Often it is used in factory production. The automated system independently conducts tests with the firmware. It takes no more than 10 seconds to read the record. This is not the fastest result, but it is considered the best among devices in this price category. Supports updated firmware versions.

Characteristic Meaning
Manufacturer country China
The weight 0.45 kg
Food USB port, controller


  • compact size;
  • high data reading speed;
  • automatic testing;
  • ease of connection;
  • budget.


  • limited range of action;
  • requires additional equipment.

Review: “For a long time I kept an old TV on the balcony, it’s a pity to throw it away. I took a programmer from a friend, read the instructions, installed the necessary programs and saw that the TV came to life a little. I am very happy with such a find, I will definitely buy it for myself, because there is a lot of unrepaired equipment in the house.”

MiniPro TL866 II Plus USB

High speed programmer that applies to any operating system. You can connect 4 devices to one computer. A huge list of devices that support the device. The device has a large list of additional functions, for example, testing algorithms, displaying a serial number. With it, you can set the copyright protection code, which is very useful in the production process.

Characteristic Meaning
Manufacturer country Korea
The weight 0.35 kg
Food USB port 5V


  • multifunctionality;
  • high reading speed;
  • connection to any OS;
  • support for different types of chips;
  • large amount of memory.


  • sufficiently large;
  • inconvenient to connect multiple devices.

Feedback: “At work, we use the programmer of this model to perform a wide range of tasks. He does his job very quickly and with high quality. Just a few minutes and the necessary information file is already loaded on the disk.”


The device is designed for the sole purpose of extracting data, which it does well. For a small price, the user will receive a high-quality regulator, it is easy to connect and read data. Thanks to the ESP8266, you can transfer data from the chips. Outwardly, it resembles a board with yellow connectors into which modules are inserted. The microcircuit connects the module to the computer. The manufacturer also took care of the voltage stabilizer.

Characteristic Meaning
Manufacturer country China
The weight 0.4 kg
Power battery cell USB port, SP


  • clear connection diagram;
  • portable device;
  • compact;
  • high performance;
  • powerful.


  • data exchange is performed after soldering the jumper;
  • frequent charging.

Review: “I started working in the field of programming recently, so I got such a device. While everyone likes it, copes with the tasks. Loads data quickly, outputs to disk. There is a voltage stabilizer.

ST-link v2

This device has a high-speed interface that allows you to complete tasks many times faster. Helps to step by step perform the work of the microcontroller and monitor its value. This in-circuit programmer is connected to any device, has a reflective illumination of operating modes, a voltage stabilizer. In automatic mode, the firmware of the system is carried out.

Characteristic Meaning
Manufacturer country China
The weight 0.8 kg
Food USB port A


  • Voltage regulator;
  • aluminum protective housing;
  • automatic modes;
  • does not require additional connection ports;
  • LED indicators.


  • fragility of work;
  • overall.

Review: “Professional device that is used in the production process. With it, you can set up the software very quickly and efficiently. There is an offline option.


The universal programmer attracts with ease of use and a wide range of actions. Designed to record information from the microcontroller. Ideal for debugging electrical equipment. Using a special cable, you can read information directly to the laptop matrix. Suitable for computer firmware. The device can work both from the network and autonomously. Good set of equipment.

Characteristic Meaning
Manufacturer country Korea
The weight 0.32 kg
Food USB port, SOP adapter


  • a wide range of possibilities;
  • equipment;
  • supports any microcircuit;
  • autonomy of work;
  • practicality.


  • frequent failures when connecting from the network;
  • average data rate.

Review: “I bought a device to flash a computer. Since I don’t understand well in this matter, I read the instructions on the Internet and quickly set up the port. I connected the cable, connected it to the computer and downloaded the necessary information. The device met my expectations.”

Selection Tips

Initially, it is worth deciding for what purposes the device will be used. There are 2 broad categories of device:

  • firmware programmer;
  • microchip programmer.

In order for the device to perform the entire range of tasks smoothly, it must have:

  • the block where the microcircuit is inserted;
  • interface through which information is entered;
  • software and hardware driver.

According to the type of supported microcircuits, the following devices are distinguished:

  • a specialized programmer that works with only one type of microcircuit;
  • conditionally universal, which supports microcircuits of different types;
  • universal, which programs all types of microcircuits.

If the user decides to do programming, but in the future does not plan to do it at a professional level, then he can pick up a simple specialized device that even a beginner will understand. If the device is bought for regular use at work, then do not rush. The choice of models is very large, and not always the most expensive device is the best.

Before buying a device, it is worth consulting with specialists who are well aware of all the intricacies of working with it. Most likely they will offer one of the devices described above, so you can save time and immediately order the programmer, based on its features and reviews in this material.

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