TOP 10 best powders: how to choose, composition, properties


The powder helps to normalize the hydro-lipid balance of the baby’s skin, which is severely disturbed in children who constantly or often wear diapers. In addition to eliminating the symptoms of prickly heat, it reduces friction when walking, absorbs excess moisture. If you need baby powder, parents should pay attention to its composition, positive properties, consistency, safety for the baby’s skin, lack of allergens, and much more. It is difficult to make the right choice on your own, but this rating will help similar to the best baby powder, which is recommended not only by mothers, but also by pediatricians with many years of experience.

Powder selection criteria

Dermatologists and pediatricians advise paying attention to the following criteria:

  • Natural composition. It should not include synthetic, chemical additives and other harmful substances. It is preferable that the composition contains: zinc oxide, corn starch, rice starch and talc.
  • No odor or mild fragrance. If immediately after opening the bottle a pungent odor appears, most likely, it is in the composition of fragrances that the child may not like, cause allergies or headaches.
  • Hypoallergenic components.
  • Packing quality. It should have all the necessary information, as well as a convenient neck with holes that allow you to get the right amount of powder. Also, it must be free of damage.

The best powders

Chicco baby moments

This is a good baby powder with rice starch. Talc with a protective effect does not contain various dyes, flavors and other synthetic substances. Due to its natural composition, the powder can be used at every diaper change. The active ingredient is zinc oxide, which does not dry the skin, but has a calming effect and protects the baby’s skin from waste products. The powder does not clog pores, which means that the skin continues to breathe and retains its natural softness and velvety.

Characteristic Meaning
Volume 150 ml
Manufacturer Italy


  • soft texture;
  • does not form lumps on the baby’s bottom;
  • evenly distributed over the skin;
  • rather heavy material, does not scatter during processing;
  • large volume — 150 ml;
  • weak, pleasant aroma.


  • the high cost of powder;
  • not always on sale.

Review: “I really liked it due to the pleasant smell. The skin after using it is soft, it is much less irritated. I can advise everyone.»

our mother

This is a high-quality Russian-made product, consisting of natural elements: zinc oxide, talc, starch. An auxiliary element is chamomile extract, which promotes wound healing and has an antiseptic effect. It does not contain fragrances, dyes and other questionable substances, so the powder is suitable for especially sensitive skin. It provides comfort for the baby even when wearing a diaper for a long time and guarantees comprehensive care for the baby’s buttocks. It is a hypoallergenic drug.

Characteristic Meaning
Volume 100 g
Manufacturer Russia


  • effective prevention and treatment of diaper rash;
  • consists of natural ingredients;
  • well distributed over the surface;
  • low price;
  • anti-inflammatory effect;
  • hypoallergenic formula.


  • a lot of powder spills out of the package;
  • does not help everyone.

Review: “I tried both inexpensive and advertised powders, none of them helped. After applying this powder, diaper rash really disappears, but the skin is not tender.

Johnson’s Baby

A well-known manufacturer of baby supplies from the USA with a rich history produces consistently high-quality products, including powder. This is a natural remedy without any harmful additives. The peculiarity of the composition — after use there is a feeling of freshness. Now the manufacturer produces many varieties: with a neutral aroma, with menthol, with chamomile or lavender additives. Each type has a hypoallergenic composition and an easy-to-apply consistency. The powder effectively removes diaper rash, absorbs moisture well, and prevents chafing.

Characteristic Meaning
Volume 100 g
Manufacturer USA


  • convenient and inexpensive packaging;
  • enough for a long time;
  • pleasant aroma;
  • soft texture, which is well distributed over the skin and does not roll;
  • affordable price.


  • not suitable for all babies;
  • some users do not like the fragrance (there is a variation without smell).

Review: “Great powder with a pleasant aroma that copes with the tasks assigned to it. Can be used as dry shampoo.


A time-tested German drug based on talc, silicon dioxide and other substances that are safe for the child. There are no fragrances in it, which means that the aroma is neutral, suitable for almost every child. Thanks to high-quality mineral talc, the product absorbs moisture well and eliminates the manifestations of prickly heat. The finely dispersed composition prevents the appearance of lumps, acts gently, does not block natural air exchange. The special design of the bottle helps to highlight the right amount of powder.

Characteristic Meaning
Volume 100 g
Manufacturer Germany


  • a reliable lid that prevents spillage even when dropped;
  • neutral smell;
  • quality confirmed by dermatologists;
  • helps to remove irritations for most children;
  • no lumps.


  • the high cost of the product;
  • not everyone is happy with the result.

Review: “My baby and I were satisfied with the powder, it eliminated diaper rash, does not contain perfume, the aroma is delicate and quite pleasant.”

The world of childhood

Domestic product in the form of a creamy powder recommended by pediatricians for skin care. It contains auxiliary useful substances in the form of D-panthenol, vitamin E and aloe. There are no harmful and synthetic substances. It is distributed in the form of a tube, which allows you to gently squeeze out the right amount. True, the liquid consistency requires dexterity to quickly distribute the composition over the skin, otherwise it is easy to stain the laundry. Most users note the high effectiveness of the powder for the protection and treatment of diaper rash.

Characteristic Meaning
Volume 100 g
Manufacturer Russia


  • creates a protective film;
  • is a reliable prevention of diaper rash;
  • reasonable price;
  • there is in the form of a tube and a regular jar of talc — both tools help;
  • natural composition;
  • neutral smell.


  • rolls a little if the powder has not been changed for a long time;
  • slightly large holes in the jar, which causes a lot of talc to wake up.

Review: «Very helpful. I buy because of the convenient packaging, thanks to which you can use the powder on the road.


Powdered powder with zinc oxide and talc, as well as beneficial additives in the form of avocado and olive oils that soften the skin. The tool provides high-quality care, because it contains only natural substances. They reliably absorb moisture, prevent dry skin and protect against irritation, inflammation and similar undesirable manifestations. The powder does not harm even in the presence of small skin lesions and dermatitis.

Characteristic Meaning
Volume 100 g
Manufacturer Germany


  • hypoallergenic composition;
  • does not dry the skin;
  • does not form lumps;
  • soft, light texture;
  • acts as a prevention and treatment of redness, irritation;
  • moderately expressive aroma.


  • non-adjustable holes;
  • presence of fragrance.

Review: “Removes all redness and irritation. True, there is a fragrance, but it is soft, unobtrusive. A trifle, but I didn’t like the packaging, you can’t adjust the size of the holes in it.”

BabyLine Nature

A German-made product at a relatively affordable price, which is developed using only natural ingredients. The basis uses many additional useful substances: mint oil to soothe the skin, aloe and chamomile extract for wound healing, menthol for refreshment, etc. The powder helps the child recover quickly and cope with inflammation. It can be used even in the heat, as the tool acts as a reliable prevention of diaper rash.

Characteristic Meaning
Volume 100 g
Manufacturer Germany


  • quickly absorbs moisture;
  • for 1-2 times significantly improves the condition of the skin with diaper rash, irritation;
  • actively dries the skin;
  • convenient to use;
  • soft, pleasant aroma.


  • powder constantly wakes up from the jar, even when closed;
  • Not everyone likes the smell.

Review: “Allows you to cope with diaper rash anywhere on the skin in a couple of days. Even severe irritation goes away completely in 5 days. I didn’t like only the strong smell, otherwise everything is ok.”

Helan Soft Rice

A natural powder from Italy, which is designed for gentle care for the sensitive skin of newborns and older children. The signature composition includes not only the original scent, but also fruit and plant extracts that provide a feeling of cleanliness and freshness throughout the day. Based on rice starch, which softens the skin. Oatmeal promotes dry skin and fights diaper rash. Aloe vera, walnut and olive oils have a moisturizing effect.

Characteristic Meaning
Volume 100 g
Manufacturer Germany


  • after use, the skin is silky;
  • fatty acids in the composition ensure compliance with the lipid balance;
  • suitable for newborns;
  • light citrus smell;
  • quickly removes irritation and diaper rash.


  • very expensive powder, costs more than 1000 rubles;
  • extremely rare.

Review: “This is a high-quality powder that removes diaper rash in just 1-2 applications. I also liked the vintage packaging, but it was too expensive.”


This is an inexpensive domestic powder that can dry and soothe problem areas of children’s skin well. It can be used for the treatment of rashes, diaper dermatitis. Starch and talc are used as adsorbents. To effectively combat irritation and dry the skin, zinc oxide is present in the composition, which absorbs excess moisture. The powder consists entirely of powdered ingredients without lumps, so it will be easy to distribute the product over the skin.

Characteristic Meaning
Volume 40 g
Manufacturer Russia


  • low cost (the most budgetary in the ranking);
  • dries well;
  • suitable for summer;
  • helps with irritation and diaper rash;
  • absorbs moisture.


  • inconvenient packaging without a cap, the powder crumbles if it is knocked over;
  • the powder is scattered all over the room.

Review: “This is one of the few cases where the quality is higher than the price. I use it myself, it helps well after depilation.

KODOMO Extra Mild

Quality powder from Japan for children and newborns, which combines only natural ingredients: vitamin E, tapioca, chitosan and aloe. It almost never causes irritation, absorbs moisture efficiently, and helps protect against diaper rash when wearing a diaper regularly, even in summer. It has a uniform, light texture and a pronounced aroma. The product does not gather into lumps and does not accumulate in folds, spreading well over the skin.

Characteristic Meaning
Volume 50 g
Manufacturer Japan


  • suitable for hypersensitive skin;
  • low price;
  • natural composition;
  • convenient consistency for uniform application and distribution over the skin;
  • most users like the fragrance;
  • the skin becomes silky.


  • small jar volume — 50 g;
  • may sleep more than necessary.

Review: “Good powder, but it was overdone with fragrance. Yes, the smell is pleasant, but there is too much of it, the whole room is saturated with this aroma.

How to use powder?

The principle of use for all powders is the same — treat the baby’s skin with talc. It is important to apply the composition to the cleaned area, which must be periodically moistened (if necessary) with a special cream.

Brief instruction:

  1. Shake the bottle to mix all the ingredients.
  2. Sprinkle a little in the palm of your hand.
  3. Apply to baby’s skin.
  4. Close the package and put in a cool place.

The powders listed above are recommended to be bought by most pediatricians in Russia, since they have a minimal risk of allergic reactions, high absorbency and useful additives.

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