TOP 10 best LCD TVs: resolution, which one to choose, reviews


LCD TVs are quite popular among users now. This is a flat design device built on an LCD matrix with LED or fluorescent backlight. In the first case, LCD TVs are called LED. In the second — LCD.

LCD TVs from different manufacturers differ in a number of characteristics: screen size, resolution, contrast, brightness, sound. In this article, I will take a detailed look at the best LCD TVs, their features and selection criteria in the store.

Rating of LCD TVs

Samsung T24H390SI 23.6″

The LCD TV has a screen diagonal of 60 cm. It will fit perfectly into the kitchen, living room or children’s room. The screen format is 16:9 with a resolution of 1920×1080. The device is installed on a stand or mounted on a wall using a VESA mount.

The model is characterized by high quality picture and sound. It delivers bright, crisp images with vibrant, rich colors. Two speakers perfectly reproduce all audio effects, clearly transmit speech in movies and TV shows. Thanks to the HDMI and USB connectors, you can connect a set-top box, flash drive, hard drive, display an image from a laptop on a large screen.

Diagonal cm 60
Permission 1920×1080
Smart TV There is
  • bright picture;
  • catches Wi-Fi well;
  • turns on quickly;
  • Smart TV works well.

Excellent LCD TV. Bought it for the kitchen. For us, a prerequisite was the availability of Wi-Fi and smart TV. The picture is gorgeous, however, it seemed that the sound was weak. Wi-Fi catches perfectly, I was also pleased with the autorun of the last application from Smart. There are many applications in the set, you can find many opportunities for watching movies for free.

Liquid crystal control is based on thin film transistor technology. Each transistor controls its own pixel, which ensures that the image changes on the entire screen at once.

Samsung T32E310EX 31.5″

The LED TV of the Korean manufacturer has a matrix with viewing angles in FULL HD resolution. Through the use of patented technologies, the image on the 80 cm screen is vivid and realistic. The Clear Motion Rate system is responsible for the clarity and quality of the picture, the absence of blurring. You can play anything from your flash drive on the big screen. Reception of signals from broadcasting stations occurs through a digital tuner DVB-T2.

Diagonal cm 80
Permission 1920×1080
Smart TV Not
  • value for money;
  • inexpensive;
  • high-quality picture;
  • can be used as a monitor.
  • not detected.

Excellent device, I bought it as a monitor. Quality picture and sound. For the money, this is a very good device. All necessary functions and connectors are present. I think this is excellent value for money.

LG 22LH450V 21.5″

LED TV is suitable for the living room, nursery, bedroom and kitchen. It is presented in black. The simple design will fit into any interior. Saturation and clarity of the image is provided, thanks to the Full HD format. The display uses Edge LED technology. The TV has excellent color reproduction.

Vertical and horizontal viewing angles are 176 degrees. Diagonal — 55 cm. The device is equipped with digital tuners: DVB-T2, DVB-C, DVB-S2. The fullness of sound and quality of reproduction is provided by 10-watt speakers. One HDMI is provided. There is a USB input for connecting a flash drive.

Diagonal cm 55
Permission 1920×1080
Smart TV Not
  • inexpensive;
  • quality image;
  • screen resolution;
  • you can watch movies and series through a flash drive;
  • brightness.

Great TV, I bought it almost intuitively and did not lose. Excellent value for money and quality. The colors are great, from all angles the picture does not change. The sound is amazing. The remote control is convenient, the menu is clear. Definitely recommend.

SkyLine 40LT5900 40″

The Belarusian-made budget LCD TV has a diagonal of 102 cm. It has a resolution of 1920 * 1080. The case is completely plastic, the design itself is very light and weighs a little more than 7 kg. The kit includes a remote control with batteries, which is as simple as possible to operate.

The device is equipped with two HDMI connectors and one USB. It has fairly narrow bezels. The control buttons are located on the bottom of the case. The LCD TV is equipped with a sleep timer, support for subtitles, as well as an electronic TV guide.

Diagonal cm 102
Permission 1920×1080
Smart TV Not
  • frameless;
  • pleasant appearance;
  • wide functionality;
  • inexpensive.

For the money, this is an excellent TV with such a diagonal. The picture is good, the sound too, wide functionality. It’s lightweight, but it’s easy to drop it.

KIVI 32H600GR 32″

The LCD TV has a diagonal of 81 cm. It has a resolution of 1366 × 768. The LED display is characterized by uniform backlighting. The brightness of the device is sufficient for comfortable viewing of movies, TV shows, regardless of the illumination.

The device supports Smart TV, so you can watch a large number of TV channels without a cable connection. Access to digital channels is provided by DVB-C, DVB-T2 and DVB-T tuners. You can play movies, videos from a flash drive. A USB connector is provided for this. It is also possible to connect headphones.

Diagonal cm 81
Permission 1366×768
Smart TV There is
  • inexpensive;
  • catches all digital channels;
  • concise appearance.

For the money this is a great product. If you have good internet, then nothing will hang. The remote control is convenient, but you can even control it via your smartphone. More than enough memory.

The matte screen on the LCD TV is suitable for rooms with ambient lighting.

SkyLine 24YT5900 23.6″

The device of the budget segment has a diagonal of 60 cm and a resolution of 1366 × 768 px (720p HD). The viewing angle is 178 degrees. There is one HDMI and one USB connector. The screen has a classic aspect ratio of 16 to 9. The model is equipped with LED backlight.

The purity and power of the sound is achieved thanks to two built-in 3-watt speakers. Recording of video on the carrier is provided. There is also a headphone jack.

Diagonal cm 60
Permission 1366×768
Smart TV Not
  • quality image;
  • good sound;
  • wide functionality;
  • Ease of controls.
  • not detected.

I liked the TV very much. Excellent image, with bright juicy colors. The sound is good, the interface is convenient. Decent appearance. Management is simple, wide functionality.

LG 32LJ510U 32″

The LED TV has a diagonal of 81 cm. This is a universal model that will fit into any interior and is suitable for any room in the apartment. The device has digital tuners and a high-quality speaker system. A digital tuner will provide constant access to digital television. The sound is characterized by purity and volume.

You can play music, movies and other files from a flash drive. LCD TV can be placed on a cabinet or hung on the wall. In the second case, a 20 x 20 cm VESA mount will help. The power cable, remote control and instruction manual are included.

Diagonal cm 81
Permission 1366×768
Smart TV Not
  • convenient remote control;
  • inexpensive;
  • great picture.

Great TV. It’s in our kitchen. Good picture and sound. Lightweight, not bulky. The remote is comfortable and works in all directions.

SkyLine 20YT5900 19.5″

The LCD TV has a screen diagonal of 50 cm and a resolution of 1366 × 768. The viewing angle of the model is 178 degrees. HDMI and USB connectors are provided. It has a classic aspect ratio of 16 to 9. Uniform backlighting without flashes is achieved due to the distribution of LEDs over the entire surface behind the screen.

Diagonal cm fifty
Permission 1366×768
Smart TV Not
  • good viewing angle;
  • value for money;
  • quality image;
  • functionality;
  • low price.
  • sound, as if with a background.

Excellent TV made in Belarus. The picture is crisp and clear even with a simple indoor antenna. Stands in the kitchen, fits perfectly into the interior. The sound seemed rather weak, but, in general, the device is worthy.

HARPER 32R660T 32″

LCD TV perfectly combines wide functionality and excellent quality. The diagonal of this model is 81 cm. The device will perfectly fit into any interior, thanks to its universal appearance. High image quality is achieved thanks to the screen resolution of 1366×768.

The viewing angle of the model is 178 degrees. The device is equipped with three HDMI inputs and one USB. You can play files from a flash drive. Digital television is provided by five tuners. Comes with stand, headphones, remote and instructions for use.

Diagonal cm 81
Permission 1366×768
Smart TV Not
  • budgetary;
  • thin frames;
  • ease of setup;
  • convenient remote control;
  • wide functionality.

For the price, this is a great device. Great picture, great clear sound. Best screen size for me. Pleased with the built-in media player. You can set passwords for any channels. The stand under it is comfortable, as stable as possible.

HARPER 20R470T 19.5″

The TV is characterized by compactness, functionality. It has a screen diagonal of 50 cm. Suitable for any room. Due to the versatility of the design, it will fit into any interior. There is a built-in tuner for digital TV connection.

The device can easily be used instead of a computer monitor. Movies, audio can be played from a flash drive.

Diagonal cm fifty
Permission 1366×768
Smart TV Not
  • compact;
  • light;
  • excellent picture quality;
  • no dead pixels.

For such a low price, the build quality is excellent. Everything is solid and securely made. The remote control is comfortable, excellent signal. Good picture quality, you can watch movies and series from a flash drive. There are many settings for color, temperature, noise reduction. It’s in my small kitchen.

You don’t have to pay extra for a curved screen. It should be chosen only if it is more aesthetically pleasing for you to look at it and it suits your interior. From the point of view of picture quality, such a function in an LCD TV is impractical.

Pros and cons

Like any device, an LCD TV has its advantages and disadvantages compared to other types:

pros Minuses
compactness Low contrast
Stylish design As the viewing angle increases, the brightness and clarity of the image deteriorates.
The screen does not flicker
The correct shape and geometry of the image
No static voltage from screen
Inexpensive price
Long service life (up to 15 years)

Either way, LCD TVs are by far the most popular. They provide a high-quality picture, completeness of sound, have a universal design, and are safe for health.

How to choose

In today’s world, choosing a TV is not an easy task. They are characterized by a wide range of functions, different characteristics, in which it is easy to get confused. The main parameters that you should pay attention to when buying are presented in the table below:

Diagonal The choice of TV screen size depends on the size of the room where you plan to install the unit. Measured in inches or cm.
Permission Most modern LCD TVs have ULTRA HD 4K resolution.
Frame rate Measured in Hz, the value indicates the frame rate.
Availability of Smart TV The function allows you to connect the device to the Internet so that you can watch movies, TV shows, use various resources. For Smart TV to work well, an Internet connection speed of at least 5 Mbps is essential. For this function to work, an OS is provided, which is responsible for the speed of work, ease of use, and interface.
Sound It is important to pay attention to the sound parameters, especially if you do not intend to use additional speakers.
Connectors Pay attention to the availability of the inputs you need. The HDMI connector is designed to connect a game console, connect to a computer. USB connector allows you to play files from a flash drive, camera.

Also pay attention to the way the device is installed. Some TVs can only be placed on a cabinet, other models can also be mounted on the wall, which is very convenient. Ask if the mounts are included or if they need to be purchased separately.

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