TOP 10 best irrigator fluids: how to use, types, advantages and disadvantages, reviews


For more thorough and effective oral hygiene, irrigators are used. A special liquid for the irrigator allows you to improve the quality of the procedure and the result from it. Each solution for the irrigator is developed to solve certain dental problems, there are drugs and complex effects. Ready-made solutions for irrigators are also quite economical in consumption (a small bottle will last for a long time, since liquid and plain water are mixed for the solution 1:10, respectively).

Types of solutions

Conditionally special solutions for the oral cavity are divided into three groups:

  • Professional — liquids with a therapeutic effect for inpatient treatment (often in high concentrations). The agent is prescribed by a doctor for therapy or in the postoperative period.
  • Household — for the treatment and prevention of dental diseases at home. The concentration of active ingredients here is lower than that of professional ones, they are used for daily care.
  • Home — herbal preparations of medicinal plants for the complex treatment of diseases of the oral cavity.

According to the principle of action, solutions for irrigators are:

  • Therapeutic — with fluorine and calcium to strengthen enamel and treat caries.
  • Preventive — with useful elements for gums and teeth, they prevent possible pathologies, saturate the enamel with minerals, and destroy pathogenic microflora.
  • Deodorants — with mint or menthol for everyday care, provide long-lasting fresh breath.
  • Disinfectants — with antiseptics that destroy dangerous bacteria and are used to prevent dental diseases.

10 best irrigation fluids

Dental Volk Technologies

The liquid concentrate contains active ingredients of natural origin, which prevent the formation of plaque and the growth of harmful bacteria. Peppermint extract freshens breath, chamomile relieves inflammation. The action of xylitol is aimed at blocking the production of acids by bacteria that destroy tooth enamel. For preventive purposes, the concentrate is diluted with warm water 1:12, for therapeutic purposes — 1:5.

Characteristic Meaning
Purpose Strengthen tooth enamel and protect against caries
Volume, ml 250


  • natural substances in the composition;
  • funds are sufficient for a long period;
  • lack of ingredients harmful to health;
  • soft impact;
  • pleasant aftertaste.


  • no protective membrane under the lid;
  • low quality packaging.

Review: «Good product! It does not foam and is very economically consumed.


A concentrated fluoride irrigator fluid with a wide spectrum of action and is well suited for daily care. Prevents the formation of plaque and the development of carious processes (fluoride, the main component, is responsible for this). This liquid does not affect the pH balance in the oral fluid and does not contain foaming agents. The manufacturer recommends diluting the concentrate 1:10 both for the irrigator and just for rinsing.

Characteristic Meaning
Purpose Comprehensive oral care
Volume, ml 300


  • does not contain alcohol;
  • pronounced antimicrobial action;
  • no bitter aftertaste;
  • without parabens in the composition;
  • You can buy a bottle with a dispenser.


  • declared as an exclusively prophylactic agent;
  • contains fluorine.

Feedback: «This is a very good liquid, I noticed the effect after a few days.»


Therapeutic and prophylactic liquid contributes to a more effective cleansing of the interdental space. AirFloss PRO has remineralizing and anti-inflammatory properties thanks to active trace elements (calcium, phosphorus, magnesium) and kelp seaweed extract. Great for preventing inflammation and bleeding gums. The use of liquid reduces the risk of caries and improves the absorption of calcium.

Characteristic Meaning
Purpose Restoration of mineral saturation of teeth, their strengthening and protection
Volume, ml 75


  • the composition does not contain fluorine, antiseptic, SLS;
  • effectiveness confirmed by clinical studies;
  • saturates the dentin and enamel of the teeth with minerals;
  • does not form foam;
  • cleans hard-to-reach areas of the mouth.


  • small volume;
  • does not have a pronounced whitening effect.

Feedback: “A handy bottle that can be used afterwards for rinse aid when traveling. It is distinguished by a pleasant refreshing taste and natural kelp extract in the composition.

Global White Waterdent

Concentrated liquid for the irrigator, rinse with a complex of minerals will not only effectively clean the interdental areas, but also improve the general condition of the teeth. Laminaria extract enhances metabolic processes, Biosol has a powerful bactericidal effect. Bischofite or salt of the ancient sea contains a whole complex of minerals that have strengthening and antiseptic properties.

Characteristic Meaning
Purpose Reduction of sensitivity and strengthening of enamel
Volume, ml 500


  • contains potassium, sodium, iodine;
  • active ingredients are of natural origin;
  • suitable for daily use;
  • economical consumption — 500 ml of concentrate = 3000 ml of the finished solution;
  • products are certified.


  • there is no pronounced feeling of freshness after application;
  • lathers too much.

Review: “This is not the first time I take this liquid. The concentrate is cool, quite a bit is needed in the irrigator and there is foam, and freshness, mmmm. Take it. It takes a long time.»


Phytobalm is designed to reduce bleeding and increase the tone of sensitive gums with gingivitis and periodontitis. Oak bark, sage leaves and medicinal chamomile are the active ingredients. They normalize the microflora of the oral cavity, remove irritation and itching. Thymol has a versatile safe effect: it destroys parasitic organisms, fungi, viruses, and reduces fermentation in the intestines.

Characteristic Meaning
Purpose Prevention of gum disease
Volume, ml 250/500


  • suitable for adults and children;
  • cooling minty notes;
  • relieves inflammation in the nasopharynx and oral cavity;
  • specially designed formula for the hygiene of periodontal pockets;
  • the concentration of the balm depends on the taste sensations — from 1:20 to 1:5.


  • avoid swallowing;
  • enough for a while.

Review: “Tastes good, easy to dose (caps) and really helps with healing. I used the balm for prevention, but it turned out that it helped the seams to heal much faster.


The composition of the liquid is enriched with the Neovitin-M bioantoxidant complex, which relieves inflammation and swelling of the gums. The flavolipid complex of sage, calendula, St. John’s wort and chamomile soothes the mucous membrane, and xylitol guarantees protection against caries. Best used with an irrigator for effective cleaning of periodontal pockets and spaces between teeth. The concentrate is diluted with water 1:10 to prepare a solution.

Characteristic Meaning
Purpose For the prevention of caries and periodontal inflammation
Volume, ml 400


  • without preservatives;
  • prevents the appearance of a stone;
  • antioxidant effect;
  • unusual grapefruit flavor;
  • The optimum ratio of price and quality.


  • unpleasant tingling of the tongue;
  • bright aroma.

Feedback: “Excellent concentrate, half a cap for an irrigator is enough for me. Refreshes, freshness lasts for a long time. I liked the aroma of grapefruit, I’m already tired of mint. ”


Concentrated liquid 2 in 1 Asepta is designed to prevent caries and tartar, reduce inflammation on the gums. Hamamelis extract is known for its antibacterial properties, and potassium and sodium trace elements remove soft plaque from the surface and gingival sulcus. The solution can be used by people with increased sensitivity of the teeth, it helps to tighten the gum pockets.

Characteristic Meaning
Purpose Protects gums from inflammation
Volume, ml 250


  • effectively freshens breath;
  • does not form foam;
  • does not contain dyes and alcohol;
  • with natural extracts of medicinal herbs;
  • suitable for people with braces, implants, dentures.


  • high price;
  • hard to find for sale.

Review: «Good solution. Pleasant smell and taste. Very cost effective.»

Professor Persin

Irrigator fluid with chlorhexidine improves oral health and reduces the risk of inflammatory diseases. A solution based on medicinal herbs has a hemostatic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. The main component is chlorhexidine, it relieves inflammation of the gums, affects gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. Included in the TOP funds for the prevention of caries, stomatitis, periodontitis, gingivitis.

Characteristic Meaning
Purpose To protect against bacteria
Volume, ml 500


  • has a moisturizing effect;
  • mint extract deodorizes and soothes;
  • without surfactants and alcohols;
  • eliminates toxins of the microflora of dental plaque;
  • in periodontal disease stops the process of destructive changes.


  • sweetish taste;
  • burning sensation may occur.

Feedback: “I use it daily 2-3 times with an irrigator in a highly diluted form (half or 1 cap per 300-400 ml of water). The teeth have brightened considerably. Refreshes the mouth much better than regular rinses, which I used to use regularly. ”


Liquid 2 in 1 improves the quality of the irrigation procedure, stops swelling and inflammation of the gums, freshens breath. The composition of the drug is safe, based on components of natural origin (propolis, St. John’s wort, sage). Prevents many dental diseases. It can be used both with an irrigator and as a conditioner after each meal. Free of fluorine and alcohol.

Characteristic Meaning
Purpose Active cleansing of the oral cavity and protection against caries
Volume, ml 400


  • spent sparingly;
  • pronounced bitter-sweet notes;
  • ongoing preventive care;
  • universality;
  • reasonable cost.


  • no dispenser;
  • possible individual intolerance to the active components of the drug.

Review: “This irrigator concentrate has become my favorite. Relieves inflammation, swelling and bleeding gums. Pleasant grapefruit flavor is very refreshing. Consumed sparingly.»


Natural concentrate based on colloidal silver, a natural antiseptic, provides a long bactericidal effect. The use of the product prevents the formation of plaque, mint extract eliminates bad breath. This professional irrigator liquid is used by dentists in the hospital, but is also suitable for household daily care, it can be used twice a day as a rinse balm.

Characteristic Meaning
Purpose Protection of teeth and gums
Volume, ml 250


  • does not contain dyes;
  • hypoallergenic agent;
  • 100% natural active ingredients;
  • safe if swallowed;
  • prevents the development of infectious processes.


  • rather high cost for such volumes;
  • light, barely noticeable taste.

Review: “I recommend to anyone who wears braces. Only this rinse saves me from infection when rubbing, I will use this remedy. I recommend to everyone».

How to use

The principle of operation of the irrigator is to supply a special solution from the tank through the working head into the oral cavity. The force of the jet pressure is adjusted depending on the level of sensitivity of the gums. To increase the effectiveness of this procedure, you need to choose fluids for the irrigator, following the recommendations of equipment manufacturers. For greater convenience and savings, manufacturers offer liquid concentrates that should be diluted 1:10 (see detailed instructions) with warm filtered water. After using the solution, the irrigator should be rinsed with clean water.

When choosing a solution for an irrigator, one should take into account the required therapeutic effect (protection against caries, prevention of gum inflammation, enamel remineralization). For each of these purposes, the best formulations are listed above. Before you buy this or that liquid, be sure to consult your dentist.

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