TOP 10 best huawei headphones: specifications, pros and cons, reviews


Huawei is a giant from the Middle Kingdom, known for the development of cutting-edge mobile devices and accessories for them at affordable prices. If there is no desire to overpay for a headset with a similar sound from famous brands from Europe and America, the reader should buy one of the best headphones from Huawei. The choice is really rich, the assortment includes both affordable solutions and representatives of the middle segment, in which the brand specializes. In order not to get confused in all the variety, experts have compiled a rating in which the following models are recommended.

How to choose Huawei headphones?

To choose the right Huawei headphones, you need to consider the following characteristics:

  • Device type. For a computer, full-sized models with a headband and large speakers are more suitable. Mobile accessories can be wired or wireless (the latter usually cost more).
  • Type of shell. All models for sports must have moisture protection, otherwise they will quickly fail. The waterproof rating indicates how much humidity the headset can withstand.
  • Microphone. When looking for headphones for your phone, you should look for devices with a microphone.
  • Frequency range, sensitivity, resistance. All these are characteristics that indirectly indicate the sound quality. However, in most models, the values ​​\u200b\u200bare identical, so it is better to focus on customer reviews. Ideally, you should find them for sale and listen to them in the store, and you can already order them on the Internet much cheaper.
  • Sound power. Shows the sound volume. Moreover, in-channel models at lower power give out a fairly loud sound. Overhead analogs to achieve the same indicator need to have an order of magnitude larger values.

The best Huawei headphones

Huawei FreeBuds 3

These are Huawei’s popular true wireless earbuds that are positioned as an alternative to the more expensive AirPods. This opinion among buyers is due to active noise cancellation, a good charging case and decent sound quality. They sit perfectly in the ears, do not fall out even with active body movements and offer quite loud and rich basses. They are distinguished by a pleasant, balanced sound without a clear drop in one of the frequencies. Another plus is the possibility of autonomous operation of the headphones for 4 hours.

Characteristic Meaning
Form factor TWS
Battery 30 mAh in the earphone and 400 mAh in the case
The weight 4.5 g earphone and 38 g case


  • high-quality system of active noise reduction cuts off all unnecessary;
  • the case allows you to use charging via USB Type-C and wirelessly;
  • modern Bluetooth 5.1;
  • quality sound;
  • stylish decor.


  • rather large case;
  • the charging case gets scratched quickly;
  • does not support Multipoint — connection to multiple devices.

Review: «A wonderful device for owners of Huawei or Honor smartphones, because only with them access to all the inherent functions is opened.»

Huawei AM61 Sport Lite

Before us are budget wireless headphones, but not completely, since the cord connecting them is still present. The in-ear model has a decent autonomy of 11 hours, rich sound and a comfortable fit in the ear. Thanks to silicone retainers, they do not fall out of the ear even with sudden movements of the head. But you need to control that the headphones do not catch on clothes (scarf, jacket, etc.). The waterproof case is not afraid of rain, sweat or drops of water. This model has a moderate amount of bass, detailed mids and highs, and an overall rich sound without noise.

Characteristic Meaning
Form factor Wireless
Battery 135 mAh
The weight 19 g


  • 11 hours offline;
  • light, almost not felt in the ear;
  • securely fastened in the ear canal, do not tend to slip out;
  • waterproof housing;
  • do not cause pain in the ears when worn for a long time;
  • good build;
  • balanced, fairly clear sound.


  • the upper frequencies are slightly raised, which is easy to fix in the equalizer;
  • the microphone transmits a lot of noise, you can not use it in a crowded place with extraneous sounds.

Review: “Absolutely worthy headphones. Slightly embarrassed curls, but soon got used to it. Soundproofing is not ideal, although it is enough for its price, and in general it does not cause discomfort.

Huawei AM60

Another representative of the accessible category, which are designed for athletes. They fit comfortably and securely in the ear with a silicone hook. This is the moment when the sound quality is higher than you would expect for its price. They work autonomously for 6 hours, which makes them universal for use by people who lead an active lifestyle. Equipped with a noise-canceling microphone, which allows you to talk comfortably enough on the street. Users speak positively about the build quality, the headphones do not have curved gaps or flimsy elements.

Characteristic Meaning
Form factor Wireless
Battery 110 mAh
The weight 17 g


  • modest weight 17 g;
  • Can connect with Android and iPhone;
  • high strength and reliability;
  • balanced sound in all frequencies;
  • comfortable ear pads;
  • nice, soft cable between the headphones, does not cause skin irritation.


  • no charge level indicator;
  • inconvenient volume button.

Feedback: “In general, I was pleasantly surprised by the sound quality of such cheap headphones. There were also cons: you can’t change the ear pads, as well as the not very good location of the microphone.

Huawei HONOR FlyPods Youth Edition

Very similar to AirPods, these fully wireless earbuds stay securely in your ear. They have a stylish design typical of the Honor line and are available in black, white and mint colors. The headphones come with a compact charging case that fits easily into your pocket. The developers have provided waterproof material and IP54 housing assembly, which is enough to protect against rain and sweat. Best of all, the headphones reproduce the mids, but the bottoms and highs are also worthy. Instruments are easy to distinguish even in downloaded music tracks. Vocals are not processed perfectly, but at a good level.

Characteristic Meaning
Form factor TWS
Battery 45 mAh
The weight 20 g


  • convenient voice assistant;
  • one of the best combinations of price and sound quality;
  • moisture resistant case;
  • compact body;
  • fast charging support.


  • only 3 hours of battery life;
  • you can not switch tracks and adjust the volume with a sensor;
  • sometimes the audio is lagging behind the video.

Review: “Glad I was able to find a good replacement for my AirPods. I wanted to find an analogue of Apple, but in-channel, fully supporting Android. FlyPods play well, are inexpensive, and fit well.”

HuaweiCM70 FreeLace

New in 2019 with neckband combines progressive design, loud clear sound and high autonomy (can work 18 hours without recharging). Made in a metal case with a pleasant coating of natural amorphous silicon. The model has one secret — the ability to connect directly to a smartphone via USB Type-C, you just need to disconnect the right earpiece from the volume control. There is also support for fast charging, which allows you to get as much charge in 5 minutes as you need for 4 hours of work. If you connect 2 earbuds, they will automatically fall into a sleep state. When disconnected, they start working again.

Characteristic Meaning
Form factor Wireless
Battery 120 mAh
The weight 27 g


  • Bluetooth 5.0;
  • strong and soft wires that do not rub;
  • practically not felt when wearing;
  • easy to charge when connected to a phone or computer via USB Type-C;
  • rich sound with confident mids and sufficient bass, but not for music lovers.


  • Not everyone is suitable for complete ear pads;
  • sometimes the noise cancellation seems too aggressive.

Feedback: «A worthy model for both owners of Huawei and Apple electronics, which has support for the AAC codec, it guarantees high-quality music playback.»

Huawei ANC3

First wired in-ear headphone with USB Type-C connection. It has active noise cancellation and a decent microphone. From extraneous sounds, the device isolates to the full, thanks to its form factor. The additional emphasis on the earphones helps them stay in the ear better, even when running you can feel comfortable.

Characteristic Meaning
Form factor Wired
The weight 85 g


  • good noise reduction, does not put pressure on the ears, but perfectly dampens low-frequency noise;
  • pleasant sound, no rumble at the bottom or distortion at the top;
  • universal connection via USB Type-C;
  • the microphone picks up the voice perfectly;
  • Convenient nozzles in different sizes.


  • a small hump in the 120 Hz region;
  • rigid cable.

Review: “It makes no sense to take headphones with uncompromising sound on the road, they simply will not open. This model is just for travel.

Huawei AM115

Stylish and affordable accessory with a simple design, in which there was no place for seams, corners and other things. It is comfortable to wear even for a long time. All cord fastenings are made of copper, which is resistant to premature abrasion. The sound is pretty standard for its price category of 500 rubles, you should not expect anything special. Suitable for unpretentious users who are used to traveling. Noise cancellation does a good job of blocking out ambient sounds.

Characteristic Meaning
Form factor Wired
The weight 27 g


  • stylish streamlined body;
  • good volume — 108 dB;
  • convenient control panel;
  • quality assembly;
  • good sound.


  • there are no soft ear pads, because of this, some fall out of the ear;
  • Some features are only available when used with Huawei smartphones.

Feedback: “In my opinion, the sound is somehow not expressive enough. Everything else is fine.»

Huawei AM12 Plus

A functional modern accessory at an affordable price category received an attractive design of the cord and soft ear cushions. All wires have a strong fastening, so they will not break on the way. The sound is quite harmonious and quite detailed: there are both expressive highs and basses, although they lack depth. A little upset by the somewhat short and harsh wire. The headphones work out their price to the fullest.

Characteristic Meaning
Form factor Wired
The weight 15 g


  • modern, attractive design;
  • excellent assembly;
  • durable wire, does not tear or tangle;
  • there is moisture protection;
  • high build quality.


  • Poor microphone quality
  • hard and short cord.

Feedback: “The sound works fine in all modes. All buttons work on Honor 8. You can choose to wear different people.

Huawei AM180

Another successful earphone with an experimental design. It turned out quite modern and at the same time practical. The cylindrical aluminum case in combination with plastic inserts makes the model wear-resistant. Small loops help the earbuds stay in the ear better. There is active noise protection. The sound quality is quite predictable by the standards of its price: all frequencies are present, they are quite deep and legible. There is no obvious bias in one direction or the other.

Characteristic Meaning
Form factor Wired
The weight 25 g


  • balanced sound;
  • effective active noise cancellation;
  • good microphone;
  • modern design;
  • excellent case materials and assembly.


  • comparatively weighty;
  • The battery lasts for 3 hours.

Review: “Even warming up is not necessary, the sound pleases immediately after switching on. With noise reduction, the effect is enhanced, the pump is cool.

Huawei CM33

Branded high-tech headphones with a wired connection are the benchmark for the balance of price and quality in the budget segment. They come with a USB Type-C plug, so they can work with most modern smartphones. These earbuds fit comfortably in your ear without feeling pressure or discomfort. The microphone is located on the wire, which contributes to good audibility of the interlocutor.

Characteristic Meaning
Form factor Wired
The weight 40 g


  • satisfactory sound quality;
  • affordable price;
  • normal microphone;
  • no extraneous noise and sound distortion;
  • good build.


  • the plug may come off with frequent use in your pocket;
  • not suitable for music lovers.

Feedback: “Comfortable, do not tend to fall out of the ears. The sound is evenly distributed throughout the ear. I have been using it for a year, the impressions were only positive. ”

These are the best headphones in Huawei’s portfolio and offer the best value for money, sound quality and accessory usability. The reader can only choose a model according to his budget and needs.

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