TOP 10 best hair dyes without ammonia: composition, which one to choose, comparison with analogues


To date, coloring has become quite popular and in demand among girls. The paint will allow you to hide gray hair, make the shade uniform, achieve the perfect hair color. Every girl wants this procedure not to harm the curls, so that they remain healthy, soft, and shiny.

It is for this reason that many manufacturers produce ammonia-free hair dyes. This is a whole group of dyes that differ from the rest not only in composition, but also in action. Pigments enter only the hair cuticle, which prevents damage to its structure. This article will focus on the top ten best ammonia-free hair dyes from different brands, their features as well. Product selection options in the store.

Rating of hair dyes without ammonia

Estel Professional Princess Essex

Cream-paint gives a persistent, rich color. Thanks to the use of a special formula, the product completely covers gray hair and effectively paints over hard-to-grow hair. The palette contains rich colors that remain bright for a long time. In addition, the product contains additional ingredients for the care of strands.

Guarana seed and green tea extracts nourish and hydrate curls. Keratin acts as an active ingredient, which gives smoothness and silkiness. The palette includes more than 60 colors that can be mixed to get the perfect shade.

Effect Shine, softness, gray coverage
Oils and extracts Guarana seeds, green tea
Active Ingredient Keratin
  • color matching on the box;
  • wide palette;
  • value for money;
  • pleasant texture;
  • does not dry hair.
  • not detected.

The color is excellent, it matches my natural as much as possible. The product itself has a pleasant aroma, good consistency. Lies on the strands neatly, evenly, does not flow during staining. The hue is saturated.

Ammonia-free hair dyes do not have an unpleasant, pungent odor.

ESTEL celebrity

Care paint, thanks to a professional formula, provides a bright, expressive, deep color and natural radiance of curls. Due to the content of avocado oil and keratin, the strands are restored, become smooth and silky. The durability of the result and the preservation of the quality of the hair are guaranteed thanks to the patented color creation technique.

The composition of the product does not contain ammonia, which has a positive effect on the health of curls. The paint effectively paints over gray hair, strengthening the hair and giving it shine.

Effect Strengthening, shine, gray hair coverage
Oils and extracts Avocado
Active Ingredient Keratin, panthenol
  • pleasant aroma;
  • quality product;
  • without ammonia;
  • persistent color;
  • shiny hair.

It’s nice that this paint does not have a strong smell, because I can’t stand them. After use, the product is easily washed off the skin, and the hair becomes shiny and silky. It turned out a fairly deep color, the main thing is that it matches the natural one as much as possible. It is also important that the composition does not contain ammonia.

Palette Phytolinia Clarifiers

Cream paint is characterized by durability and color saturation. The product is able to lighten strands immediately by 6-8 tones. Thanks to the conditioner-care containing argan oil, the curls are nourished and the color is protected from washing out. After application, the strands become well-groomed, natural and obedient.

Oils and extracts Argan
Active Ingredient B vitamins, panthenol
  • does not spoil the hair;
  • perfectly brightens;
  • completely covers gray hair.

Excellent paint, and the shade is completely similar to the declared one. It is important that after dyeing, there is no yellowness, greens, grayness and violet in the hair color. The result is a beautiful, crystal, rich blond. The product brightens immediately by 3 tones. Well, it is important that the hair does not spoil, does not burn.

Fito Cosmetics Fitocolor

Cream paint is characterized by durability. It is made from natural ingredients, which distinguishes it from competitors. The tool has a delicate, creamy texture that gently envelops the strands and penetrates deep into the hair. The result is an even, bright, saturated shade. The composition contains shea butter and castor oil, which contribute to nutrition, strengthening, restoration of structure, elasticity and volume.

Effect Food
Oils and extracts Castor oil, shea butter
Active Ingredient
  • availability;
  • good smell;
  • natural composition;
  • persistent.

I really liked the paint. I took the shade «Caramel». I am glad that there is no ammonia in the composition. It came out inexpensively at a price, therefore, it is suitable for experiments. The color turned out to be good, pleasant. Plus, it comes with a good balm. The value for money pleased.

Syoss Color

Resistant cream hair dye is presented in a wide palette of shades. It has a pleasant, creamy texture that gently envelops every curl. This series is distinguished by a unique combination of coloring pigments. Due to a specially selected formula, as a result of staining, a persistent, saturated color is obtained.

The product effectively covers gray hair, makes hair silky, shiny, well-groomed. Manufacturers have taken care of the protection of curls. Pro-vitamin B5, conditioner with wheat proteins contribute to restoration and protection from the negative influence of the environment. As a result, hair gains shine and strength, looks healthy.

Effect Shine, gray hair coverage
Oils and extracts
Active Ingredient B vitamins, keratin, panthenol
  • beautiful shades;
  • does not damage the hair;
  • resistant;
  • acceptable price.
  • not detected.

I have been using this brand of paint for about ten years and it has never let me down. The product is durable, completely paints gray strands. Using it, I get a lot of compliments. The smell is not sharp, the quality is good, the color is amazing.

The composition of ammonia-free dyes includes oils and extracts that help restore strands.

BB One Picasso Color Range

Resistant cream paint from the Italian manufacturer is represented by a wide range of colors. The tool effectively paints over gray hair, the color lasts and does not wash out for a long time. The product contains caring ingredients: macadamia oil, almond oil and keratin. Due to the optimal balance of color pigments, they easily penetrate deep into the hair structure, which ensures even, uniform coloring, brightness and shine.

Cream paint contains A2 ceramide, which affects the restorative ability of the strands, their health. The component replenishes the lipid layer, protecting the hair during the dyeing process. Interestingly, the shades can interfere with each other, experiment to find your ideal color.

Effect Strengthening, painting gray hair
Oils and extracts Almond, macadamia
Active Ingredient Keratin
  • quality;
  • resistant;
  • wide palette of shades;
  • value for money;
  • full coverage of gray hair.

For me, this is the best color ever. After using it, the hair is in perfect condition, beautiful, shiny, natural shine, the color is not washed out. It paints evenly, the strands do not dry. I recommend to use.

GARNIER Color Sensation

Resistant cream paint has a rich, saturated color, a wide palette of shades. Brightness and durability are provided, thanks to superintense pigments. The tool has a creamy texture that envelops each strand, which guarantees even coloring. The product has a pleasant, floral aroma, gives curls softness and smoothness.

It is noteworthy that after application, the hair does not deteriorate, on the contrary, they retain their vitality and health due to the content of the formula enriched with mother-of-pearl and wild rose essence.

Effect Shine, softness, gray coverage
Oils and extracts Argan
Active Ingredient Vitamin complex
  • does not dry out curls;
  • sparing;
  • beautiful shade.

Excellent budget paint that lasts a long time, the paint is perfectly washed off the skin. It is applied easily, does not spread, because I paint the house on my own and this moment is important for me. The color lays down evenly, paints over the gray hair.

GARNIER Color Naturals

The composition of this cream paint contains olive, shea and avocado oils. These ingredients contribute to the nutrition of the strands. The color is saturated, persistent, and the hair is soft, silky. The product completely covers the gray hair. A protective barrier is created around the curl, which prevents damage to the structure. Also, the color is reliably protected from washing out.

Effect Shine, color protection, gray coverage
Oils and extracts Olive, avocado, shea (shea)
Active Ingredient Vitamin complex
  • inexpensive;
  • convenient to apply;
  • does not flow;
  • no pre-lightening required.

It’s good that the paint really matches the declared color. I have been using it for many years now. The shade is beautiful, persistent, rich and, most importantly, natural. I think this is excellent value for money.

Syoss Gloss Sensation

Soft cream paint with lamination effect does not contain ammonia. This product is perfect for those who dye their hair for the first time. Beautiful, deep and radiant color can last up to 8 weeks. Pigments gently penetrate deep into the hair structure without destroying it. As a result, you will get high-quality coloring, rich shade and natural shine.

Effect Shine, softness, gray coverage
Oils and extracts Oil complex
Active Ingredient
  • hair soft, pleasant;
  • excellent color;
  • soft;
  • without smell.

Great paint, I will use it again. Perfectly paints over the roots, gray hair. I am glad that the color turns out exactly like in the picture. After application, the strands become soft, silky, pleasant to the touch.

Thanks to the beneficial components that make up ammonia-free hair dyes, hair gains vitality and healthy shine.

L’Oreal Paris Prodigy

In this series of a well-known brand, the technology of micro-oils is used, which, entering the center of the curl, fill it with a rich shade. The result is a beautiful, voluminous color with tints. Also, the product smoothes the strands, making them shiny and silky. The hair is evenly dyed along the entire length, gray hair is not visible. Contains no ammonia.

Effect Shine, gray hair coverage
Oils and extracts Argan
Active Ingredient Vitamin complex
  • without ammonia;
  • paints gray hair;
  • noble shade;
  • does not spoil the quality of the hair.
  • not detected.

This paint has an excellent consistency without a sharp, nasty smell. The effect is amazing, the paint gives shine to the strands. For me, it was also important that the shade exactly matched the color on the tube. And so it happened, so I highly recommend this tool.

Pros and cons

Like any product, ammonia-free hair dye has its own advantages and disadvantages:

pros Minuses
Gentle action — regular staining with ammonia in the composition makes the curls dull, brittle. Ammonia-free dye spares the hair, does not penetrate deep into the hair structure and does not destroy it. Rinses off quickly
Restoration — such paints not only gently stain, but also have a healing effect. Typically, the product contains vitamins, oils and extracts. Such products also protect the strands from the aggressive action of UV rays. Not everyone effectively paints over gray hair
Freshness of color — ammonia-free dyes are an excellent solution for dull and lifeless hair. Due to the action of useful components, natural shine and silkiness are imparted. Lightening occurs by a maximum of three tones
Experiments — paints without ammonia are washed out faster than ammonia ones, while this happens evenly. For this reason, you can often experiment with appearance. Ammonia-free paint is more expensive than ammonia

As you can see, the advantages of an ammonia-free coloring agent are much more significant than the disadvantages. In any case, such a product will keep your hair strong and healthy.

How to choose

If you decide to dye your hair with an ammonia-free product, follow a few recommendations:

  1. Buy paint in specialized, better professional cosmetics stores.
  2. Beware of too cheap products. A low-quality product can cost you a damaged hairstyle, image and mood. In addition, cheap products can provoke allergies and other health problems.
  3. Most well-known manufacturers post a palette of shades on the site. Therefore, before buying, it makes sense to choose a color for yourself online.
  4. Before using the paint, be sure to test for allergies by applying a small amount of the product to the skin.
  5. You can dye short strands yourself. But starting from the average length, it is better to seek help from specialists. So you will not allow uneven staining.
  6. To maintain a rich, deep color after the procedure, it is imperative to apply a balm, which is usually included in the kit.

By adhering to these simple rules, you can easily choose the best product for dyeing without ammonia, and also keep your hair healthy.

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