TOP 10 best grass shears: terms of use, specifications, reviews


Secateurs are an important tool for keeping your garden in top condition. Along with conventional products, manufacturers offer their various variations that can perform a huge number of other functions, not taking into account the main ones. How to choose grass shears to make garden and lawn care as easy as possible? The article presents an overview of the most popular models with their characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. The best grass shears according to experts and reviews from experienced buyers.

Application of garden shears

Pruning shears are a tool that is used to cut small branches. Often they are used for pruning grapes, crowns of trees and small bushes. They are of different types and purposes. Anvil scissors are used to cut dry branches. Mechanical varieties are used to trim branches of all types and different thicknesses. Scissors with a handle are designed for the care of bushes. Long handles reduce effort and allow you to cope with branches with a thickness of 50 mm. Pole shears are used for cutting high-lying branches. There are electrical and mechanical counterparts that can perform a wider range of work. Grass shears have a long handle. They are distinguished according to 3 criteria:

  • type of coverage;
  • blade shape;
  • length, size and material of the handle.

The cordless grass shears are like a hair clipper. The charge lasts for several hours of uninterrupted operation. Diamond sharpening allows you to withstand heavy loads. The only drawback of the device is its weight.

Grass shears are equipped with blades that are easy to adjust. They are easy to turn at any angle, as a result of which it becomes possible to cut the grass with both the left and right hand.

Best Grass Shears

Green Belt

Scissors are designed to care not only for grass, but also bushes, ornamental trees, as well as for removing dry leaves. The blade is protected against corrosion by a Teflon coating. The 360° head swivel makes the job much easier. Ergonomic handles covered with non-slip finger protection ensure comfort and safety during use.

Characteristics Meaning
Producing country China
The weight 0.32 kg
Blade length 39 cm


  • sharp blades;
  • spring mechanism;
  • the possibility of a turn;
  • anti-slip handles;
  • 3 positions of the cutting part.


  • clearance between cutting edges;
  • blades are non-removable.

Review: “It was advised to buy scissors in the shopping center. The selection is huge, but these are my favorite. I tested and I can say that they are ideal for thin branches, thick ones only bend. I cut the lawn perfectly.»


Using the scissors of this model, you can easily trim the edges of lawns. The handle has soft plates that make cutting easier. Coated wavy blades ensure uniformity and precision in the process. A special support allows you to get an even and clean cut along the entire length of the blade. The scissors have a latch that can be changed with one hand and makes it possible to quickly and easily lock the tool.

Characteristics Meaning
Producing country Germany
The weight 0.34 kg
Blade length 37 cm


  • neatly level the lawn;
  • ergonomic handle;
  • knife support for an even cut along the entire length;
  • the blades are specially coated;
  • blade lock.


  • over time, the black coating is erased;
  • hard to open.

Review: “I bought scissors this spring. Easy to use, high-quality metal blades, it is convenient to cut the grass along the curb. The best option for a small personal plot.

Handlecut Grons

Flexible grass shears provide precise lawn edging. The ergonomic shape of the handle makes it easy to cut. The rotating mechanism allows both left-handers and right-handers to work. With hardened and bright galvanized blades, the grass shears have a long service life. They are also protected from rust. The special blade bearing ensures uniform and powerful cutting along the entire length.

Characteristics Meaning
Producing country China
The weight 0.25 kg
Blade length 45 cm


  • quality steel;
  • system for changing cutting elements;
  • light weight;
  • elastic coated body;
  • sharp and long blades.


  • the hand gets tired from prolonged work;
  • sometimes the latch does not work.

Review: “Pruning shears are a real find. I used to do everything by hand. But a friend advised me to buy scissors. I cut the grass on the lawn weekly, sometimes I use it for cutting bushes. Satisfied with the device.

Bosch Easy Shear

The Bosch EasyShare cordless grass and shrub shear is a lightweight and easy-to-use dual function device that will work in your home garden. They have a built-in battery, so you can freely use them anywhere. Thanks to the change of blades, tools for cutting grass or bushes can be prepared very quickly. The battery power is enough for several hours of operation.

Characteristics Meaning
Producing country Hungary
The weight 0.5 kg
Blade length 12 cm


  • convenient change of knives;
  • good equipment;
  • fast charging;
  • does not create unnecessary vibration;
  • quiet.


  • poorly handles hard-to-reach places;
  • low productivity of scissors.

Review: “Every summer I fight weeds. According to the reviews I read that many recommend this company of scissors. I bought it and here are my impressions. The grass in the garden was done in an hour. A powerful battery, sharp blades — what an amateur gardener needs.

Comfort Cut Li

The cordless shears are designed for trimming lawn edges and precise shaping of bushes in the garden. The device is light in weight. The handle is ergonomic, there is an angle adjustment in 5 positions, so using the scissors is simple and pleasant. Thanks to the charge indicator, you can tell when to use the included charger. Accessories for scissors increase their possibilities. The kit includes a telescopic tube holder with wheels.

Characteristics Meaning
Producing country China
The weight 3.2 kg
Blade length 60 cm


  • a light weight;
  • simple control;
  • telescopic handle;
  • quick blade change
  • additional accessories.


  • non-removable battery;
  • chews grass.

Review: “I really love lawns, but they require constant care, access to a lawn mower is not always available. And here is the ideal option — battery scissors. They help eliminate all defects and give the garden a neat appearance.

LUX-TOOLS 310739

The brush cutter copes not only with the lawn, but also with dry branches of different thicknesses. To increase the comfort and safety of use, the scissors have a wide, comfortable handle with long handles. The use of high quality materials ensures long and durable operation. Impact protection makes it safe to work along walls. The handle can be rotated for comfortable operation.

Characteristics Meaning
Producing country China
The weight 0.268 kg
Blade length 40 cm


  • long handles;
  • blades coated against corrosion;
  • remain sharp for a long time;
  • plastic pads on the handles;
  • blade length adjustment.


  • equipment;
  • relatively high cost.

Review: “This is my second season using these scissors. Their length can be changed for comfortable work. They cut well, cope with small branches. You can work with both hands — so you get less tired. Special pads on the handles do not rub your fingers.


Battery shears with a long handle are used for cutting and trimming bushes in home gardens. The device is powered by a built-in battery, which ensures mobility when moving around the site. Two nozzles in the kit allow you to expand the capabilities of the scissors and make them versatile. The controls are located on the handle, which greatly facilitates the work.

Characteristics Meaning
Producing country China
The weight 1.3 kg
Blade length 12 cm


  • rubberized inserts;
  • powerful battery;
  • different nozzles;
  • charges from any adapter;
  • charging indicator.


  • long lever is handy on flat terrain;
  • may rust after use.

Review: Bought a month ago. The device takes about 20 minutes to charge and works for several hours. Enough power for a decent area. Does not chew grass, everything is smooth and precise. Very like».


The utility shears are ideal for trimming shrubs, hedges and small lawns. The extremely compact form makes the device very easy to use in all positions. It consists of a convenient hand module and two blades for trimming bushes and grass. Replacing both is extremely easy and is done completely without tools.

Characteristics Meaning
Producing country China
The weight 0.5 kg
Blade length 15 cm


  • comfortable handle;
  • quality metal;
  • maneuverable;
  • Blade length adjustable
  • the possibility of trimming bushes at an angle.


  • blades dull quickly
  • needs to be lubricated periodically.

Review: “I bought for a lawn measuring a meter by a meter. Completed the task in 15 minutes. I used it in the country — I cut a large bush without much effort, gave it the shape of a green hedge.


The classic grass shears allow precise trimming of lawn edges. The ergonomic shape of the handle with rubberized inserts facilitates the cutting process. The blades are made of carbon steel, which ensures sufficient hardness and easy cutting. These scissors have the ability to set the blade to 8 positions at different angles.

Characteristics Meaning
Producing country Finland
The weight 0.25 kg
Blade length 24 cm


  • quality tool;
  • long and sharp blades;
  • durability;
  • comfortable in hand;
  • locking system.


  • during use, nuts can be unscrewed;
  • oppresses dry small branches.

Review: “The tool was bought for a summer residence, it has proven itself well. Made soundly, do not get dull for a long time. Grass shears are not a mandatory attribute for our 6 acres, but I still bought them. Easily mows the grass, does not cause discomfort during operation. Blades don’t rust.

ROSTOK 422005

The scissors of this brand are able to satisfy every user who takes care of the garden himself. The product allows you to effectively cut the grass, so that the lawn will always look neat and clean. They are used for trimming hedges and shrubs. The scissors are equipped with a Servo-Systern mechanism that prevents the blades from sticking. Stainless steel will last for many years, because this material is characterized by excellent resistance to corrosion and mechanical damage.

Characteristics Meaning
Producing country Russia
The weight 0.23 kg
Blade length 14 cm


  • light weight;
  • do not crush the grass;
  • cut in hard-to-reach places;
  • functional;
  • blade lock in closed position.


  • cutting at an angle requires effort;
  • locking mechanism is malfunctioning.

Review: “Quality tool for the garden. I cut grass with both my right and left hand. Blades can rust from time to time even with careful storage, but they are easy to replace.”

Selection Tips

When choosing garden shears, you should first of all pay attention to the material and sharpness of the blades. The best tool material is steel, and for better friction, Teflon-coated models should be preferred. Springs of garden shears come in 2 types: spiral and flat. If the choice falls on the second option, the work will be more convenient and comfortable. Anti-slip grips are a big plus. Do not neglect the information about the restriction of use. As a rule, the manufacturer indicates for what thickness of branches the garden shears are intended. Before you buy a unit, you need to clarify whether the blades are removable. This will help the owner effortlessly sharpen them before starting work.

Using the tips listed above, the gardener will be able to easily choose the model that suits him. With the help of such scissors, the garden or the territory adjacent to the house will always look well-groomed and tidy.

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