TOP 10 best gainers: high-carb, high-protein, with creatine


A set of muscle mass depends not only on physical activity, a properly selected sports diet, but also on the intake of nutritional supplements. One of the most effective is considered a gainer — a mixture of carbohydrates and proteins. For people involved in strength training, gainers are essential for the normal functioning of the body, since carbohydrates are the fuel for strength training, and protein is the building material for muscle mass. This review will help you understand the numerous dietary supplements and choose the best gainer.

Best High Carb Gainers


A multi-component gainer with a unique formula developed by LevelUp specialists, a Russian manufacturer of sports nutrition. Products of this brand are made exclusively from high-quality raw materials and undergo mandatory microbiological control. A three-component carbohydrate formula with amylopectin is responsible for the quick and high-quality replenishment of energy spent during training. Whey protein concentrate stimulates the growth of muscle mass, and macronutrients replenish the mineral balance of the body.

Characteristic Meaning
Energy value per 100 g 371 kcal
Tastes Strawberry, chocolate, almond, caramel, raspberry
Packing 1500 g


  • one package is enough for 15 servings;
  • can be mixed with any liquid — not just pure water;
  • quickly absorbed;
  • contains essential amino acids and B vitamins;
  • long-term energy support of the body.


  • few reviews;
  • fragrances of unnatural origin.

Review: “The gainer is normal. I wouldn’t say too sweet. Mixes quickly, no lumps. There is enough protein, there is no soy in the composition. It is absorbed well.»

Maxler Special Mass Gainer

The balanced composition of this carbohydrate-protein gainer is designed to support optimal muscle mass and overall health of the body. Specialists also recommend Maxler Special for those who need additional high-carbohydrate supplements during periods of intense training. A high-quality carbohydrate complex replenishes glycogen stores and increases energy reserves to accelerate muscle growth. An additional portion of amino acids quickly restores muscle fibers and protects them from destruction.

Characteristic Meaning
Energy value per 100 g 408 kcal
Tastes Vanilla cream, chocolate, strawberry, cream cookie, chocolate peanut butter
Packing 2700, 5430 g


  • the presence of enzymes has a positive effect on digestion;
  • unique protein complex improves immune protection;
  • does not increase the subcutaneous fat layer;
  • improves endurance and strength;
  • acceleration of the recovery process after heavy loads.


  • the presence of lumps — a homogeneous mass only when whipped with a blender;
  • cloying taste.

Review: “I give this gainer a rating of 7, because. does not dissolve completely, there are lumps. To taste (I took the taste of strawberries) delicious, with milk a little sugary. According to the results, I gained 2 kg in a week, while eating 4 times a day.

Atom Ultra Premium Gainer Powder

Gainer of a domestic manufacturer for gaining mass at an accelerated pace — you can gain up to 4 kg per month. A multi-component protein matrix (17%) and fast-digesting carbohydrates (73%), which are reliable sources of energy, perfectly restore the body and build muscles after training. The combination of glucose, fructose and maltodextrin keeps insulin and sugar levels at optimal levels, preventing fat from accumulating. Easily digestible collagen isolate is responsible for strong and elastic joints.

Characteristic Meaning
Energy value per 100 g 383 kcal
Tastes Vanilla, caramel, strawberry, chocolate
Packing 50, 1500, 4000g


  • begins to act in the first hour after administration;
  • variability of packaging volumes — from a sampler to a monthly norm;
  • affordable cost;
  • effective weight gain for thin people with an integrated approach;
  • stimulates a sharp release of energy.


  • contains no vitamins;
  • lack of online reviews.

Best High Protein Gainers

Mutant Mass

Powerful sports gainer with the right composition from Fit Foods has a wide palette of flavors. The protein-carbohydrate mixture has proven itself among athletes who have difficulty with muscle mass volumes. The carefully crafted formula provides 52 grams of protein, which includes a dozen different types of proteins, 182 grams of carbohydrates, healthy fats, potassium and sodium. Intrasorb Complex improves the absorption of beneficial nutrients by the body, while calcium strengthens bones. The drug will be a godsend for those who seek to improve athletic performance and improve physical fitness.

Characteristic Meaning
Energy value per 100 g 420 kcal
Tastes Coconut, vanilla ice cream, chocolate-hazelnut, strawberry-banana cream, cookies with cream, chocolate-peanut butter, 3 chocolate
Packing 2270, 6800 g


  • does not form lumps;
  • increases endurance;
  • relieves the feeling of hunger;
  • high-quality raw materials and balanced composition;
  • pleasant tastes;
  • Canadian production with an impeccable reputation and many years of experience.


  • the composition contains components that cause allergies: milk and gluten-containing;
  • packages of only large volume — from 2 kg.

Review: «Vanilla ice cream tastes really good. The thing is protein and well balanced, it is worth noting that the price is not as high as Ultimat or Muscle Juice.

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Gainer

High quality nutritional supplement for rapid muscle building and post-workout recovery. The uniqueness of the composition lies in the minimum amount of maltodextrin. The sources of complex carbohydrates here are oats, peas, potatoes. The basis of the gainer is whey isolate, healthy fats are taken from flax and chia seeds. This gainer has no problems with digestibility, excellent solubility allows you to make the mixture simply in a shaker, without using a blender.

Characteristic Meaning
Energy value per 100 g 385 kcal
Tastes Vanilla ice cream, cinnamon roll, chocolate, cream cookie
Packing 1620, 2270, 4600 g


  • different rate of absorption of carbohydrates;
  • minimum sugar;
  • forms muscle mass with a low percentage of fat;
  • an excellent choice for girls, as it does not increase subcutaneous fat;
  • You can take three servings a day for best results.


  • high price;
  • difficult to buy in stores, you need to order.

Review: “A high-quality and working gainer with a good price / quality ratio, decent results can already be seen 4 weeks after the start of application.”

BSN True-Mass

True-Mass is designed for those looking for a calorie-rich supplement to their regular foods to gain lean muscle mass. This premium protein/carbohydrate drink powder mix contains essential BCAAs to help keep your body functioning properly during intense muscle growth and intense workouts. The multifunctional protein-carbohydrate matrix meets the protein-carbohydrate ratio recommended by the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

Characteristic Meaning
Energy value per 100 g 438 kcal
Tastes Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, cream cookies
Packing 2640 g


  • accelerates the regeneration of microtraumas;
  • natural flavors are present;
  • complex carbohydrates are completely absorbed;
  • provides cheerfulness throughout the day;
  • contains dietary fiber that improves digestion.


  • high cost, overpayment for the brand;
  • may induce thirst.

Review: “Good gainer, mixes well. There were no problems with assimilation, the taste of vanilla ice cream is a waste. One of the few gainers that is really pleasant to drink, even diluted with water.

The best gainers with creatine

CYBERMASS Gainer+Creatine

The effective Gainer+Creatine supplement features a balanced composition of proteins, carbohydrates, creatine, vitamins and trace elements. It is recommended to use for men when building muscle volume, creating a beautiful relief. Carbohydrates with different molecular chain lengths, which are contained in the supplement, allow you to extend the absorption time for a long-lasting energy boost. Natural juice concentrates, freeze-dried fruit pieces, chocolate chips, cocoa powder are used as flavoring additives.

Characteristic Meaning
Energy value per 100 g 420 kcal
Tastes Banana, raspberry, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry
Packing 1000, 1500, 3000, 4540 g


  • prevents the breakdown of muscle fibers;
  • affordable price;
  • different volumes of packaging — both for testing and for long-term use;
  • contains nine vitamins and minerals;
  • 100% whey protein concentrate promotes muscle growth.


  • based on cheap maltodextrin;
  • One serving does not cover the body’s daily need for creatine.

Review: “I took myself strawberry and vanilla, the taste is good, not too cloying. 2 packs were enough for almost 2 weeks, the price is inexpensive. It helps a lot, the result, of course, you won’t really see in 2 weeks, but the weight is growing.”

XXI Power VitaMAX with Creatine

A new complex product from the Russian manufacturer of sports nutrition XXI Power combines milk-soy protein, vitamins and minerals. The formula is based on milk and soy concentrates, which provide the athlete’s body with protein in the required amount. Vitamin A is needed to maintain healthy, strong bones and ligaments, as well as for better absorption of fats. Vitamin C is responsible for the functioning of the immune system, protects cells and tissues from destruction, and vitamin E heals the muscles. Creatine promotes quality muscle growth and energizes.

Characteristic Meaning
Energy value per 100 g 304 kcal per serving (80g)
Tastes Banana, strawberry, chocolate
Packing 800, 1600, 4000 g


  • powerful vitamin and mineral formula;
  • strengthening of anabolic processes;
  • affordable price and availability on store shelves;
  • original strawberry taste;
  • provides the body with sodium, potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium.


  • a measuring spoon goes to 50 ml, although in one serving 80 g;
  • negatively affects the gastrointestinal tract.

Review: «Sweet, banana tastes good, dissolves well, goes great with milk and added protein.»

R-Line Mass Creatine

This gainer is based on the classic Mass with the addition of creatine monohydrate — 2.5 g per 1 serving of the cocktail. Thus, technologists were able to increase the caloric content of the diet and increase the strength component of the athlete’s training in a way that is safe for the gastrointestinal tract. Carbohydrate components with different glycemic index (maltodextrin, dextrose and fructose) are absorbed at different rates, which allows the body to recover after intense training, and then start muscle protein synthesis. Creatine increases the effectiveness of training and creates optimal conditions for muscle development.

Characteristic Meaning
Energy value per 100 g 407 kcal
Tastes Raspberry, banana, strawberry, vanilla, chocolate
Packing 1200, 2000, 4000


  • contains a premix of vitamins and minerals;
  • pleasant taste is provided by the use of natural additives — juices, fruits;
  • a worthy analogue for imported gainers;
  • saturates well;
  • does not cause bloating.


  • for some, the taste is too sugary;
  • soy is felt in the composition.

Feedback: “I was looking for an analogue to the imported one. Gainer is good! Sweet (I have chocolate), but not so much. Can be used with both water and milk. I bought 4kg, so far it is quite satisfied.

POWER PRO Gainer 30

This is a godsend for ectomorph athletes who find it very difficult to gain weight. A high-quality carbohydrate-protein blend with beneficial nutrients helps the body cope with heavy physical exertion and recover quickly. The ideal ratio of proteins and carbohydrates — 30% to 70% — quickly replenishes the reserves lost during training, slowing down catabolic reactions. Carnitine and arginine contribute to the rapid burning of excess fat, guaranteeing a set of exceptionally “dry” mass. To accelerate the growth of muscle tissue, the dietary supplement contains tribulus, a harmless plant-based steroid.

Characteristic Meaning
Energy value per 100 g 390 kcal
Tastes Irish cream, chocolate, banana, wild berry
Packing 1000 g


  • the minimum amount of fat;
  • uniform consistency — no lumps;
  • high-quality imported raw materials — from Holland and Switzerland;
  • gradual increase in muscle mass without risks to the body;
  • a wide range of BCAA amino acids.


  • contains caffeine;
  • no measuring spoon.

Review: “One of the best in terms of price-quality ratio. With him, I gained 30 kg of weight in six months.

Gainer or protein — which is better?

A doctor or trainer will help you choose the right nutritional supplement for the daily diet of an athlete or a person who wants to build muscle mass by analyzing physical activity and the nutrition system. Muscles need extra energy to rebuild structure after grueling workouts, and the body as a whole needs protein to build a lean body. Therefore, the choice between a protein and a gainer is an individual decision, which depends on such criteria:

  • way of eating — special supplements are necessary if the diet is poor in proteins and carbohydrates;
  • human physique: ectomorphs are prone to leanness and can take gainers without fear, endomorphs are prone to obesity, they should not drink a gainer because of the threat of extra pounds, and mesomorphs have ideal body proportions, they are recommended to mix supplements for an even ratio of proteins obtained and carbohydrates.

Gainers can and should be taken by those people who came to the gym to increase muscle mass, and not to lose weight. A carbohydrate-protein shake is a source of additional carbohydrates for the body, where protein is added solely to stabilize the digestion process.

What is the difference between a gainer and a protein? The quantitative ratio of proteins and carbohydrates. The protein mix maintains amino acid balance in the body, while carbohydrates energize and accelerate muscle growth. After a workout, a carbohydrate window appears first, and then a protein window. Taking a gainer frees you from closing these windows in one fell swoop. And before taking the protein, you still have to load up on sweet fruits in order to open the cells of the body with insulin.

Gainer is a fairly young nutritional supplement that is gaining more and more popularity among athletes and people who follow the relief of their bodies. Gainer replenishes the body with nutrients and energy for more effective workouts. It increases body weight in general due to the increase in muscle mass, so it is recommended to take it to people who are thin. This review will help you choose an effective drug with detailed characteristics, a description of the positive and negative sides.

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