Top 10 Best Foundations of 2020


Foundation is one of the most popular cosmetic products, indispensable for creating day and evening make-up. It not only evens out and improves skin tone, but also hides its defects. On the shelves of shopping centers and online stores, a huge number of products are sold that differ in properties, purpose, brand and price. The main feature of modern tonal products is their versatility. A good foundation can replace a whole arsenal of caring and protective creams.

Rating of tonal creams

Max Factor Color Adapt 34 ml

This versatile product with a light texture is designed for all skin types. But experts note that the most innovative development from American cosmetologists is suitable for dry and combination skin. The cream mattifies and evens out the tone, nourishing the skin of the face. Offered in a wide range of colors.

TM Max Factor belongs to an American company, and the country of manufacture of this cream is Ireland.


  • does not flow under adverse weather conditions — in the rain and in the sun;
  • hides defects;
  • economically spent;
  • conveniently dosed;
  • does not clog pores;
  • does not dry out the skin;
  • applied evenly.


  • does not hide peeling;
  • shine on oily skin.

Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation 30ml

Liquid foundation from a German manufacturer for smoothing and moisturizing dry skin. Excessive dryness is one of the main causes of wrinkles and premature aging. In contact with the skin, the substance has a powdery effect, making them smooth, matte and velvety. The consumer is offered 4 shades.

On a note! It is recommended to apply the foundation with a sponge — it allows you to quickly and evenly distribute the substance over the skin.


  • economical spending;
  • allows you not to use concealer;
  • durability — maintains evenness of tone for 24 hours;
  • does not create a mask effect;
  • looks natural on the face;
  • liquid consistency is easily distributed over the skin;
  • well masks defects.


  • no Spf factor (sun protection);
  • oxidized by half a ton.

L’Oreal Paris Infaillible 30 ml

French foundation in a stylish glass bottle designed for oily skin. It features a revolutionary fluid formula from L’Oreal Paris. Leaves skin soft & luminous with a perfectly even tone. The composition replaces a whole set of creams — softening, moisturizing and sunscreen. Has a mattifying effect. After its application, additional skin care is not needed.


  • contains vitamin E, which controls the production of subcutaneous fat;
  • the applied layers do not delaminate;
  • does not create boundaries;
  • fast adaptation on the skin;
  • dries quickly in the air;
  • make-up durability is guaranteed for 12 hours;
  • suitable for hot summer;
  • nice smell.


  • dries the skin at low temperatures;
  • quite difficult to wash off with plain water and soap — you have to use make-up remover.

Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Liquid Makeup 30ml

One of the best toners for problem skin. It is not only cosmetic, but also a remedy. Liquid fluid consistency is suitable for excessive sensitivity, acne, pigmentation, acne or post-acne and other defects. The cream has a light texture, high density, durability and good ability to mask imperfections. The effect lasts up to 8 hours.


  • has a healing effect;
  • eliminates black spots and acne;
  • does not smell — this indicates the absence of fragrances;
  • protects against overdrying and mask effect;
  • evens out the tone
  • easy to apply and distribute;
  • safe.


  • high consumption when applied with a sponge;
  • does not contain dipropylene glycol;
  • price.

On a note! Dipropylene glycol is one of the most important ingredients in creams. It binds water molecules, so that moisture is retained on the skin. It increases the shelf life of cosmetics and prevents their destruction at low temperatures.

Relouis Skin Perfection 33ml

Anti-aging foundation with a special composition against aging. It contains antioxidants and other components that prevent the formation of wrinkles. The cream also contains silicone, which provides a tightening effect, and vitamins, which give the skin elasticity.


  • contains hyaluronic acid;
  • protects from direct exposure to sunlight (SPF 30);
  • has a lifting effect;
  • contains reflective particles;
  • masks imperfections without a mask effect;
  • easy to apply and remove;
  • price.


  • keeps the effect no more than 5-7 hours;
  • not suitable for oily skin.

Lancome Teint Miracle 30 ml

This elite French remedy is suitable for all skin types. Stylish and convenient bottle with cream is equipped with a dispenser that prevents excessive consumption. This tonalnik moisturizes and evens out the tone, qualitatively masking freckles and other imperfections. It does not give a matte effect, but leaves a natural shine on the skin.


  • UV protection;
  • rich color palette — from the lightest to the darkest tones;
  • retains properties up to 18 hours;
  • eliminates reddish and earthy skin tone.


  • difficult to wash off
  • shine appears;
  • price.

Giorgio Armani Power Fabric 30 ml

This universal Italian remedy is a recognized leader in the category of foundations for combination skin. This cream has a liquid, almost weightless consistency that easily falls on the skin, masking flaws — acne, microcracks, acne marks, etc. The product applied to the face looks absolutely natural, creating a «breathing» layer, as if glowing from the inside.


  • suitable for different ages;
  • quickly absorbed;
  • fixing in the upper layers of the epidermis, retains tone for 16 hours;
  • high degree of sun protection (SPF 25);
  • light structure;
  • economical consumption;
  • provides care;
  • does not clog pores;
  • slows down aging;
  • convenient dispenser.


  • for oily skin, you need to use additional products (powder);
  • may emphasize peeling;
  • careful shading is required;
  • price.

On a note! If the package with foundation is labeled HD, then it can be used before taking photos and videos.

Maybelline Affinitone Mineral 30ml

An inexpensive cream with multi-tonal HD pigment technology that allows it to perfectly adapt to skin tones. Despite the liquid texture, it qualitatively hides defects and instantly evens out the tone of the face. The composition contains vitamin E, panthenol and herbal ingredients.


  • retains properties throughout the day;
  • suitable for sensitive skin;
  • easy to wash off;
  • contains argan oil — to moisturize the skin;
  • quickly and evenly distributed;
  • protects the skin from sun exposure (SPF 18);
  • the composition does not contain fragrances, talc and artificial components;
  • price.


  • the smell of alcohol;
  • dispenser missing.

Dior Diorskin Forever 30 ml

French cream from the luxury group. It features the legendary Dior Forever formula. Thanks to caring components, the cream creates a feeling of comfort. It is intended for normal skin and can be used for professional make-up. This product contains herbal extracts of rose hips and pansies. Sold in a glass bottle.


  • UV protection (SPF 35 PA+++);
  • economically spent;
  • has a natural look;
  • creates a matte finish with radiance and velvety effects;
  • promotes narrowing of pores;
  • retains properties for 24 hours;
  • moisturizes the epidermis;
  • no mask effect.


  • not suitable for dry and oily skin;
  • price.

Estrade CC cream satin finish 24 ml

Light foundation from the budget group. Suitable for all skin types. Nourishes, moisturizes, tones and protects from the sun. The product is thick, viscous, but at the same time it is easily and evenly distributed. It is practically not felt on the face, it seems that it becomes a “second skin”. The finish looks beautiful and natural.


  • contains vitamin E;
  • holds well and does not flow during heat and rain;
  • adapts to skin color;
  • economically spent;
  • price.


  • does not hide oily sheen;
  • does not completely hide defects.

A review of foundation creams will help you decide which company’s products meet the individual needs and financial capabilities of each consumer. Regardless of which price group the toner is in, it must be completely safe and have not only a cosmetic, but also a caring effect.

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