Top 10 best Electrolux air conditioners: key parameters, features of choice, reviews


Maintaining comfortable conditions for rest and work indoors is possible thanks to various climate control devices. The Swedish company Electrolux is the leader in Europe in sales of the household appliances in question. Air conditioners from this company are distinguished by an attractive design and the use of modern technologies in the manufacture.

A large number of products will make the choice of split systems from Electrolux difficult. To facilitate the selection of the necessary device, a list of the most functional models has been compiled. Among the air conditioners present there are traditional and inverter split systems, as well as mobile products. When compiling the rating, the purpose of the air conditioner, the pros and cons, expert assessments and user reviews were taken into account.

Rating of the best Electrolux air conditioners


High-quality air conditioner with a pleasant design and a mirrored front panel in 2 colors (white and black). In addition, there is a backlit digital screen. The device is equipped with a three-stage cleaning. When turned off, the mechanism will be cleaned with dry air so that there is no pathogenic flora in the middle. The heat exchanger is coated with BlueFin anti-corrosion coating, which will increase the durability of the product.

The product has 3 operating modes: night, auto and “turbo”. It is worth noting that such a device functions stably even with power surges: cooling, heating and air ionization. The kit includes a start/stop timer, an option to remember settings, and a system for self-diagnosis of errors.

Air conditioner type Wall split system
Maximum air flow, cu. m/min 8.83
Display type Hidden
Power in cooling mode, W 2640
Design features Deodorizing filter, plasma filter, airflow direction control, anti-icing system, memory option, warm start, display, timer
  • internal drying;
  • ease of use;
  • ionization option;
  • monitor on the indoor unit;
  • there is a timer;
  • pleasant appearance;
  • anti-corrosion coating;
  • functional.
  • noisy outdoor unit.

We installed the system in our backyard. The outdoor unit is coated with an anti-corrosion coating. The interior has a nice design. I liked the fact that this air conditioner has a timer. Upon returning from work, the room already has a pleasant temperature of 18 degrees. All modes are working properly. I recommend.

When choosing split systems, emphasis should be placed on the power indicators of the product. The universal formula for calculating power for any room is 1 kW per 10 square meters. m. In order to facilitate calculations on the forums there are special calculators.


A small floor monoblock from the Loft series. A mobile device for rooms where, for any reason, it is impossible or undesirable to install split systems. The stylish design of the fixture allows it to optimally fit into the interior of a home, country house, office and other premises.

It has a low noise level (44 dB). A characteristic feature of the air conditioner will be the option to control the speed of the air flow. In addition to 3 operating modes, there is an automatic one, in which the product independently regulates the pace of operation. The kit comes with a hose for the release of warm air currents. The resulting condensate is removed with hot air. There is also an internal tank with a hole for using the model in wet areas.

Air conditioner type Mobile
Maximum air flow, cu. m/min 5.5
Display type Ordinary
Power in cooling mode, W 3220
Design features Airflow direction control, memory option, display, multiple speeds, remote control, timer, dry mode
  • high class of energy efficiency;
  • there is a timer;
  • night mode option;
  • self-diagnosis system;
  • tank full indicator;
  • warranty period — 2 years.
  • in night mode, the degree of noise almost does not change.

In view of the constant moving, they were looking for a model that did not require a special installation. It functions stably in any mode, there is a standard fan. I used it for 2 separate rooms with a large quadrature — at full power there is enough coolness. Easy maintenance, build quality.


Inexpensive and easy to use air conditioner that does not require complex installation. Suitable for rooms with sizes up to 33 sq.m. Despite the weight of 31 kg, it is easy to move on wheels. Energy consumption level — A. It functions for heating and cooling, the air flow rate is 6.83 cubic meters. m per minute.

Among the modes there are ventilation, automatic temperature maintenance, self-diagnosis, night mode and dehumidification. Management is possible thanks to the remote control, there is a timer. The speed and direction of the air flow can be adjusted, the settings remain after turning off. It is used at any time: in the summer it will quickly cool the dwelling, and in the winter it will heat the room.

Air conditioner type Mobile
Maximum air flow, cu. m/min 6.83
Display type Ordinary
Power in cooling mode, W 3810
Design features Ventilation mode, automatic temperature maintenance, fault self-diagnosis, night mode, remote control, timer, settings memory function, display
  • large service area;
  • convenient transportation;
  • silent operation;
  • there is a timer;
  • economical use of energy;
  • self-evaporation of condensate.
  • significant weight.

I rented a house, there was this air conditioner. I liked the fact that it is able to both cool the room and heat it. In addition, it is easy to maintain, has automatic temperature maintenance, self-diagnosis of faults. Installation is simple. Everyone is happy, the price is right.


Wall-mounted air conditioner that easily creates a pleasant microclimate in the room. It has several filters, accurately maintains the desired temperature and has a convenient timer, programmable for a day. The split system starts when the temperature inside the room drops below the set value. The dehumidification option ensures that the humidity in the room is lowered. Condensate that accumulates during system operation will be discharged through a special pipe.

The air conditioner has options for self-diagnosis, automatic cleaning, auto-restart and soft start. Button blocking is provided, and a hot start will eliminate the possibility of cold air entering the room during heating. The product guarantees a low degree of noise. Equipped with a remote control, protected from power surges.

Air conditioner type Wall split system
Maximum air flow, cu. m/min 7.67
Display type Hidden
Power in cooling mode, W 2200
Design features Deodorizing and plasma filters, remote control, timer, anion generator, airflow direction adjustment, anti-icing system, setting memory option, warm start, display
  • ease of setup;
  • long warranty period;
  • multi-stage cleaning;
  • fan speed control;
  • self-diagnosis option;
  • profitability;
  • silent indoor unit;
  • autoclean.
  • small coverage area.

I bought such a device 2 years ago, put it in the hall. In the spring, the heating was turned off prematurely, so I often used the air conditioner, turning it on for heating. Quickly heats the air in the room, heating is much more efficient than that of analogues. Extremely happy with the purchase.


An excellent model for giving or a room where it is impossible to mount a split system. Such an air conditioner is notable for the fact that the air heating temperature is adjusted from the remote control and on the display. In addition, you can easily adjust the ventilation speed. The operation of horizontal blinds can only be changed from the remote control — while pressing SWING, they swing up and down.

The product has a bright design, the degree of noise during operation does not create inconvenience. The device is quite easy to maintain and use. The quality of the elements and the thoughtfulness of the design distinguish the air conditioner from other monoblocks in this price class. The power of the model is enough to cover a room of 26 square meters. m. When the capacitor is full, the product will turn off by itself.

Air conditioner type Mobile
Maximum air flow, cu. m/min 6.83
Display type Ordinary
Power in cooling mode, W 2930
Design features Memory option, display, ventilation mode, automatic temperature maintenance, fault self-diagnosis, remote control, timer, night mode
  • quality assembly;
  • there is a sleep mode;
  • fan speed adjustable;
  • nice design;
  • thoughtful design;
  • ease of installation and use.
  • no air intake.

They took the air conditioner to the dacha and did not fail — for a whole month it cooled the dwelling, now it warms. Worked in all modes, there were no complaints about the functioning. Bright, with high-quality assembly and good functionality. It is quite comfortable to transport due to the presence of a handle and wheels. If necessary, it is possible to adjust the air flow. I recommend.


The air conditioner is designed to create a healthy microclimate in a room up to 30 sq. m. The level of energy consumption is quite low, the degree of noise too, which is why the functioning device is virtually invisible. Thanks to the presence of filters, the air will be qualitatively purified from pollution.

The user can easily adjust the air flow rate, set the direction, activate the constant swing mode of the blinds. The auto-drying of the indoor unit heat exchanger will prevent the formation of bacteria due to the humid environment. Auto mode is optimal for periods when it is necessary to regularly alternate between heating and cooling modes. There is also a night mode option. EACS-12HG2/N3 is an ideal choice for residential and office space.

Air conditioner type Wall split system
Maximum air flow, cu. m/min 10.83
Display type Hidden
Power in cooling mode, W 3520
Design features Fan speed control, deodorizing and plasma filters, remote control, timer, airflow direction adjustment, setting memory option, warm start, display, fault self-diagnosis
  • small dimensions;
  • anti-corrosion coating;
  • auto restart;
  • self-diagnosis of violations;
  • there is a timer;
  • hidden monitor;
  • remembering settings;
  • low level of noise.

Put in the country, perfectly heats and cools. I note a pleasant appearance, bright display. There is an intensive mode key. Cooling of the room to 18 degrees occurs in 5 minutes. If there is a power outage, the specified settings will be saved. Satisfied with the choice made.

For those who suffer from allergies, devices with filters are suitable that purify the air from pollen, aromas, and pathogenic flora. It is recommended to buy a model with a universal multi-stage filter that protects your home from negative factors. In the process of choosing an air conditioner, you should clarify whether it is necessary to replace the filter.


Budget air conditioner from Electrolux, with a nice design and functionality. Suitable for rooms up to 20 sq. m. In the functionality there is only a cooling function. The cooled air will be supplied at a rate of 5.5 cu. m per minute, power is 2400 watts.

The air conditioner also works without the use of a compressor, is able to maintain the temperature, there is a quiet night mode, a dehumidification function. Control is carried out through the remote control, there is a function of delayed start and shutdown by timer. The intensity and direction of the air flow can be adjusted. After switching off, the settings are remembered.

Air conditioner type Mobile
Maximum air flow, cu. m/min 5.5
Display type Ordinary
Power in cooling mode, W 2400
Design features Airflow direction adjustment, settings memory function, display, remote control, timer, automatic temperature maintenance, night mode
  • silent operation;
  • there is a remote control;
  • compact dimensions;
  • simple installation;
  • multi-colored illumination;
  • automatic evaporation of condensate;
  • comfortable transportation;
  • frugality.
  • there is no heating mode.

The air conditioner is of high quality, my wife immediately liked the design. In addition, multi-colored backlighting will light up during operation. The air is dried sufficiently. Electricity consumption is not too high. I recommend.


High-quality split system with a low noise level (up to 24 dB). The product has a high energy efficiency class, which is possible due to the presence of an economical inverter compressor. The device operates in air supply mode without changing the temperature in the room. There is also the option of auto-maintenance of the set temperature indicators, self-diagnosis of breakdowns, night mode.

Control is carried out using the remote control, there is an option for delayed start and shutdown after a while. Comes with aromatic and fine filter. The intensity and direction of the air flow can be adjusted, the settings are saved when the power is turned off. Such a model is capable of cooling at temperatures up to 48 degrees and heating at temperatures from -22.

Air conditioner type Wall split system
Maximum air flow, cu. m/min eight
Display type Ordinary
Power in cooling mode, W 2490
Design features Deodorizing filter, airflow direction control, anti-icing system, memory option, warm start, display, timer, night mode
  • profitability;
  • high cooling rate;
  • low allowable temperature;
  • there is a display backlight on the remote control;
  • silent operation;
  • several stages of filtration;
  • rapid heating/cooling.
  • inconvenient control panel;
  • no ionization.

We have been using it since last summer, we clean the filters ourselves. The air conditioner quickly cools / heats the air to the desired temperature. It functions almost without noise, therefore it does not create discomfort. Completely satisfied with the choice made.


Wall model capable of cooling the air in the room and heating it. The air conditioner is equipped with an automatic defrost option, which excludes icing of the outdoor unit of the system. There is also a ventilation mode, it operates almost silently, there is protection against power surges in the mains. The product has a long service life.

It is also worth highlighting multi-stage filtration, the device starts when the temperature in the room drops below the specified ones. The dehumidification option will reduce the humidity in the room. The condensate that accumulates during the operation of the system will be discharged through the drain pipe. There is a ventilation mode, the option of self-diagnosis and automatic cleaning, night and turbo mode. Comes with a convenient timer and LED-screen.

Air conditioner type Wall split system
Maximum air flow, cu. m/min 9
Display type Ordinary
Power in cooling mode, W 3200
Design features Anion generator, deodorizing and plasma filters, airflow direction control, anti-icing system, memory option, warm start, display, timer, remote control, fan speed control
  • pleasant appearance;
  • self-diagnosis of faults;
  • there is a timer;
  • comfort in operation;
  • remembering settings;
  • auto-clean option;
  • low level of noise.
  • awkward remote.

Bought this model for my workshop. A fairly advanced interface — it is possible not to select parameters, but to set an intelligent mode, after which the air conditioner will independently select the type of work needed. I liked the ability to control the blinds and the direction of the air flow. I advise you to buy.


Reliable and multifunctional split system of the latest generation, which is made of durable and wear-resistant materials. The air conditioner is effectively protected from negative external influences. The device has comfortable control, works virtually without noise, has an intelligent auto-diagnostics option.

Operating on the principle of a heat pump, an inverter air conditioner will consume less than 170 W of electrical energy for every 1 kW of heat, which is several times more efficient than household heaters. The split system is equipped with a 6-stage filtration system. After the unit is turned off, the compressor operation will stop, and the indoor unit fan will continue to work for a certain period of time, blowing moisture from the heat exchanger into the drain. The air conditioner can be controlled both from home and from the workplace.

Air conditioner type Wall split system
Maximum air flow, cu. m/min 10.83
Display type Hidden
Power in cooling mode, W 2640
Design features Automatic temperature maintenance, deodorizing and plasma filters, airflow direction control, setting memory option, warm start, display, timer, remote control
  • strong cooling;
  • nice design;
  • silent operation;
  • a large number of filters;
  • there is a timer;
  • comfort in use;
  • there is a remote control;
  • economical use of energy;
  • heating option.
  • significant weight.

Great product, I’ve been using it for 3 months. Cools and heats the room to the maximum, operates quietly. Remote control which is very convenient. I also note a pleasant appearance. I will highlight the presence of the automatic temperature maintenance function. For convenience, I use a timer. I recommend.

Additional functions of air conditioners

Electrolux air conditioners can be equipped with the following additional features:

  • Ionizer. A useful option that enriches the air streams with charged particles that eliminate bacteria.
  • Timer. Allows you to set the device’s auto-off time.
  • inverter control. With it, you can select the strength of heating or cooling. Products without this function operate at their maximum capacity.
  • Auto mode selection. Devices with this option independently set the necessary parameters, taking into account the conditions of use.
  • Display. Allows you to monitor the temperature and operating modes.
  • Remote control. Inexpensive air conditioners have a complete remote control, premium ones can support pairing with smartphones.

How to choose an air conditioner

Taking into account the purpose of climate technology and price, emphasis should be placed on the following parameters:

  • Room area. When there is no time to carry out the calculations yourself, it is possible to use the conditional parameter offered by consultants in stores: per 1 sq. m need about 100 watts of power.
  • Installation. According to the type of installation, cassette (ceiling), wall (standard), window (installed in a frame) and channel (hidden installation method) are distinguished.
  • Operating modes. Modern split systems are able to cool, humidify, heat, drain the room, as well as to ventilate it.
  • Air circulation. A parameter that determines the amount of air that the air conditioner passes through the filters in 1 hour.
  • Energy efficiency class. Such a parameter is denoted by the letter A and beyond. The maximum class is underlined with a “+” symbol.
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