TOP 10 best electric toothbrushes: how to choose, pros and cons, reviews


Brushing your teeth with conventional brushes takes a lot of time, although the result still leaves much to be desired. It cleans the electric analogue much more intensively and better, and it is recommended for use as the best oral care product. However, only experts can make the right choice among the variety of models. Our TOP of electric toothbrushes will help you choose the perfect device for both adults and children without additional knowledge from the reader. The choice has never been so easy.

The best classic electric toothbrushes

Oral B Vitality 3D White

To achieve high-quality cleaning, whitening and plaque removal, the manufacturer used a 3-way head. It moves at a speed of 7600 rpm, which is enough to thoroughly clean all areas of the teeth. Vitality 3D White technology helps to get rid of 100% plaque. Reciprocating rotational movements combined with soft bristles from all sides envelop and massage the teeth, removing all unnecessary and without injuring the natural enamel. The model has a built-in timer designed for a standard cleaning procedure. The toothbrush is powered by a battery that is easy to recharge and continue to use.

Characteristic Meaning
Rotational speed 7600 rpm
Working hours 40 minutes


  • can work without recharging 5-10 days;
  • effectively removes darkening of the enamel;
  • comfortable and soft cleaning head;
  • does not cause gum bleeding and damage;
  • results are noticeable after 1-2 applications.


  • takes a long time to charge;
  • I would like to see the rotation speed adjustment.

“I bought it as a gift for my husband. In general, he is satisfied, but a little embarrassed by the noise during operation. And so — this is a high-quality, inexpensive and comfortable brush, which is completely worth the money.

Oral B PRO 7000

This is the best electric toothbrush that removes twice as much plaque as its simplistic competitors. It is a smart device that communicates with a smartphone via Bluetooth. In a branded application (absolutely free), you can manage the operating mode and view basic usage statistics. The program helps to perform correct, timely oral care and eliminates typical mistakes. The toothbrush has 6 modes: daily, gum cleaning, sensitive teeth, whitening, tongue care and deep cleaning.

Characteristic Meaning
Rotational speed 8800 rpm
Working hours 60 minutes


  • premium complete set with 5 nozzles;
  • many modes of operation;
  • high-quality 3D cleaning;
  • can be used by children from three years;
  • there is a built-in pressure sensor, display, timer;
  • functional corporate application.


  • slightly complicated setup due to the abundance of available options;
  • on a dark case, streaks from toothpaste are constantly visible;
  • functionality may be overkill for most users.

“In general, I am satisfied with the purchase, it works stably, and it cleans well. True, I have never managed to brush my teeth for 5 points according to the app’s ratings.

Oral B Smart 4 4000

A mid-range model that connects to a smartphone app and cleans your teeth well. Free software will help you develop the right brushing skills and eliminate potential mistakes. It uses a patented round nozzle that easily reaches between the teeth and gently cares for the gums. With regular use, it can make your smile whiter. Thanks to the pressure sensor, the model does not damage the gums and does not create excessive pressure on the tooth enamel. Most readers of the rating are recommended to buy this toothbrush in terms of the optimal balance between price and quality.

Characteristic Meaning
Rotational speed 8800 rpm
Working hours 30 minutes


  • convenient and effective round nozzle;
  • there is a pressure sensor;
  • has a whitening effect;
  • 3 cleaning modes;
  • can work for about 2 weeks without recharging.


  • only 2 nozzles included;
  • for quick setup, you will need to establish a connection with a smartphone.

“The device cleans teeth well even in interdental spaces and can be used to care for implants. Everything is fine, only the absence of a road cover confuses.

The best sonic electric toothbrushes

CS Medica CS 262

The budget and multifunctional sonic brush from a well-known brand is powered by AA batteries, which last for 150 days with regular brushing 2 times a day. The design includes a rubber insert for comfortable use. The toothbrush operates at a high frequency, which ensures the creation of a homogeneous foam. It envelops the teeth, reaching even difficult areas. Movements in a small range at the sound frequency also create a massaging effect on the gums, providing multifaceted therapeutic effects. It can be used as a prevention of periodontitis and periodontal disease.

Characteristic Meaning
Rotational speed 33000 rpm
Working hours 600 minutes


  • quality cleaning;
  • high power;
  • does not need to be charged regularly;
  • batteries last for six months;
  • comfortable body, does not slip out of the hands and does not press.


  • does not process crowns in the best way;
  • a lot of marriage, but there are a lot of service centers where it is easy to repair or get a new brush.

“I got a CS Medica CS-262 toothbrush. In use is 1 month. There are no comments or complaints, it cleans well, convenient and comfortable.”

Hapica Ultra fine

Simple electric toothbrush in a minimalist style. There is nothing superfluous in it, which is why the price is only slightly higher than 1000 rubles. It can be used to care for sensitive teeth as well as gums and for the prevention of diseases such as periodontal disease. Very thin fibers easily penetrate into small openings and remove pathogenic bacteria from there, which destroy the enamel and create bad breath.

Characteristic Meaning
Rotational speed 7000 rpm
Working hours 300 minutes


  • effectively cleans interdental spaces;
  • there is a timer;
  • delicate cleaning;
  • soft bristles;
  • simple management and use.


  • slight vibration, especially for teeth without a tendency to sensitivity;
  • inconvenient switch at the end.

“It’s a comfortable brush that feels good in the hand, with medium hard hairs. Due to the fact that the villi are of different lengths, they penetrate into hard-to-reach places. It is not necessary to change the battery often, once every 3 months is enough. At the same time, it works relatively quietly.

The best ultrasonic toothbrushes

Donfeel HSD-008K2

An ultrasonic toothbrush with medium hard bristles offers the user 3 modes of operation: massage, daily care and whitening. Renewable energy source (battery) allows you not to worry about replacing batteries. Its capacity is enough for 40 minutes of use (10 days with two cleanings). The indicator will inform you about the need to charge in advance. Can be used to care for teeth with braces, the kit includes the necessary nozzle.

Characteristic Meaning
Rotational speed 42000 rpm
Working hours 40 minutes


  • there is a memory for storing information about the previous mode of operation;
  • you can clean your tongue;
  • high power of work;
  • good design and high quality case;
  • Convenient case with UV disinfection function.


  • takes a long time to charge, may take up to 8 hours;
  • peculiar sensations during ultrasonic cleaning.

“For all the time I have used more than 5 electric brushes and with full confidence I tell everyone that this is the best model in terms of price-quality ratio and equipment.”

Emmi dent 6 Professional

This is a relatively expensive toothbrush that performs 96 million strokes per minute. This result indicates the most careful and thorough cleaning of tooth enamel. Another brush acts on the gums (working depth 12 mm), acting as a disease prevention and preventing their bleeding. The built-in generator generates ultrasound, which creates millions of small bubbles that clean the teeth from plaque, food debris and bacteria. The model is completely safe for health, it does not damage the gums, teeth, and is also safe for fillings, veneers, dentures, etc.

Characteristic Meaning
Rotational speed 96,000,000 pulses per minute
Working hours 40 minutes


  • gentle cleaning;
  • can be used by people with sensitive teeth, gums;
  • quality dental care
  • 10 days of battery life;
  • good plastic case.


  • no charge level indicator;
  • high price.

“I used to use a sonic brush and thought it was the same thing. When I figured out the difference, I bought this model. Its main plus is that bleeding disappeared. ”

The best children’s toothbrushes

Hapica Kids

This is a small electric toothbrush aimed at a child aged 3 to 10 years. Thanks to its soft bristles and the optimal head size (65% smaller than usual), the child is comfortable brushing both milk and molars. There is a nice bonus included — stickers with animals. In Japan, this toothbrush has been recommended by dentists for over 10 years for daily use. The model comes in a choice of three colors: blue, pink and yellow.

Characteristic Meaning
Rotational speed 7000 rpm
Working hours 300 minutes


  • effective cleaning;
  • high speed;
  • convenient form;
  • small size;
  • quality materials.


  • only 1 nozzle included;
  • no battery included.

“I took it for my daughter. Been using it for a couple of months now, she loves it. Teeth are cleaned much better, and the desk does not get injured. The brush works well and is made of high quality plastic. You can immediately see the Japanese quality.”

Oral B Kids Mickey Mouse

The original toothbrush with a playful children’s pattern from the German manufacturer Braun is equipped with soft bristles that do not damage the enamel and gums of children. It is focused on the care of milk teeth, so the effect is very gentle. Thanks to the split ends on the bristles, the brush reaches the deepest and most remote places. The effect of gum massage allows you to achieve complete oral care. The stylish case with Mickey Mouse cartoon characters will appeal to children and further encourage them to use the brush regularly.

Characteristic Meaning
Rotational speed 5600 rpm
Working hours 28 minutes


  • bright design;
  • 16 built-in melodies with their every minute change;
  • comfortable handle;
  • cleans teeth well
  • there is a timer.


  • quiet music;
  • takes a long time to charge.

“They took it as a gift, because of which they were afraid that their three-year-old daughter would not like it. Whatever the case, she enjoys brushing her teeth, much better than before.”

Soocas C1

A fun designed toothbrush helps your child develop good habits. It has an optimal degree of rigidity so as not to harm the teeth, but at the same time provide high-quality care for them. Thanks to the branded application with built-in learning in a playful way, the baby himself will strive to brush his teeth. The gentle mode with a soft head will allow you not to feel discomfort during the procedure.

Characteristic Meaning
Rotational speed 5600 rpm
Working hours 40 minutes


  • safe and high quality FDA plastic;
  • optimal stiffness of the bristles;
  • Beautiful design;
  • holds a charge for a relatively long time;
  • mobile app for phone.


  • charges 12 hours;
  • nozzles can quickly fail.

“In general, the brush is comfortable and I didn’t have any comments on the quality, but its nozzles deteriorate relatively quickly. You will not find a replacement for them during the day with fire.

Criterias of choice

  • Manufacturer’s firm. Well-known brands usually offer the best cleaning quality and durable appliances. This includes Braun Oral-B, Philips and some other companies.
  • Number of nozzles. The fewer of them, the cheaper, less functional device and vice versa. We recommend choosing models only with the necessary nozzles, without overpaying for the extra ones.
  • Availability of different modes of operation. Several speeds and modes will be useful for those who are especially scrupulous in caring for the health of the oral cavity. For those who only brush their teeth, they can be abandoned in favor of a cheaper device.
  • Autonomy. The longer battery life and faster charging, the better. It is desirable to have a charge level indicator.
  • LCD screen. Useful for managing and viewing brush performance statistics, but not required.
  • A timer, a pressure sensor are useful additions that should be in a quality device.

Selection advice combined with a ranking of the best electric toothbrushes is all you need to make the right decision. Any of these models will make brushing your teeth the most effective and comfortable.

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