TOP 10 best darsonvals: what it is, how it works, reviews


Darsonvalization is a popular and effective procedure in modern medicine and cosmetology. Especially often Darsonvali (a device for carrying out the procedure) is used to normalize the condition of the integumentary organs: the treatment of psoriasis and neurodermatitis, the fight against acne, scars, stretch marks, signs of aging, and excessive hair loss. The reader will find the best darsonvals, varieties, features of the procedure and more in this material.

What is Darsonval?

The Darsonval device has a therapeutic effect on the human body with pulsed alternating electric currents of high frequency and voltage, but of low strength. It was invented by the French scientist Jacques Arsene D’Arsonval at the end of the 19th century. The device consists of the main unit (engine compartment), power adapter and removable attachment electrodes. A variety of glass nozzles are used for physiotherapy procedures that affect the surface tissues of various parts of the body or mucous membranes. Coronary electrical charge penetrates into the subcutaneous layers without violating the integrity of the skin. Electromagnetic oscillations that occur in the subcutaneous tissue have a beneficial effect on the endocrine system, blood circulation and metabolism. Today, Darsonval is widely used in the field of electrotherapy for the treatment and prevention of many diseases, cosmetic problems and defects.


Depending on the type of nozzle-electrode Darsonvali are:

  • Mushroom-shaped — universal with an antibacterial effect. Suitable for anti-aging and anti-inflammatory procedures on large areas of the face and body.
  • Petal — used for tonic massage on small, hard-to-reach areas of the face and body (face, neck, décolleté, folds).
  • Drip — for point impact on problem areas (pimples, herpes, inflammation).
  • Cavity form — used to treat diseases of the internal cavity, for the rapid treatment of large areas of skin in cosmetology.
  • T-shaped — designed for uniform distribution of currents over a large surface. Recommended for varicose veins, cellulite, back pain.
  • Comb — treatment of the scalp to improve hair growth and scalp condition. Copes with the problem of dull, brittle hair, excessive hair loss, oily or too dry scalp.

Rating of the best Darsonvals

Super Nova Gess 623

The compact pulse massager is designed for the treatment and prevention of skin diseases, cellulite, hair loss, inflammation of the joints, hematomas, arterial diseases, and neurology. High voltage alternating current stimulates blood circulation, cell regeneration, metabolic processes, improves muscle tone. This device can be used both in specialized medical institutions and in home physiotherapy. The kit includes nozzles for Darsonval drip form, scallop (for hair), mushroom-shaped (for the face from wrinkles) and in the form of a fork.

Characteristic Meaning
Electrode voltage Not more than 27 kV
Country of Origin China
Guarantee period 12 months


  • 4 interchangeable nozzles;
  • smooth regulator of switching of force of an impulse;
  • strengthens local immunity;
  • strong and convenient packaging with cells for nozzles;
  • relieves headaches and improves the quality of sleep.


  • heavy power cord;
  • the electrodes are not very firmly fixed in the socket.

Review: “I had terrible problems with mimic wrinkles. It was possible to overcome these problems only after I bought this device for darsonvalization. I liked that it was easy to use, reliable, and that it had four different attachments. Now all the mimic wrinkles on my face have disappeared.”

Ultratek SD 199

A professional portable premium segment device for darsonvalization has an anti-inflammatory, soothing, antispasmodic effect on the human body. The scope of SD 199 is very wide: from the treatment of osteochondrosis, varicose veins, trophic ulcers, postoperative edema to facial skin and hair care. It is completed with five glass electrodes (fungus, comb, stick, drop, T-shaped) for use on different parts of the body. The manufacturer offers two color options for the case: blue and red.

Characteristic Meaning
Electrode voltage Up to 30 kV
Country of Origin Russia
Guarantee period 3 years


  • a voltage stabilizer is built into the power supply;
  • additional cosmetic bag for travel;
  • lightweight, weighs 300 grams;
  • passed certification as medical equipment;
  • universal connector for nozzles, you can use other manufacturers.


  • there are no separate compartments for each nozzle in the purse;
  • dries out the skin.

Review: “The operation of the device pleases. My hair, it seems to me, began to shine more, I can’t say anything about growth — unfortunately, I didn’t measure the length before using it. It also dries up pimples.

Gezatone Biolift4 203

Convenient portable French-made Darsonval has a positive effect on the condition of tissues, accelerates regenerative processes, and eliminates spasms of blood vessels. The compact cylindrical body made of durable plastic weighs only 400 g, which greatly simplifies and facilitates the procedure. On the case there is a knob for adjusting the strength of the current. Five glass nozzles of different shapes are designed to work on the face, body and scalp. A special petal nozzle is used for the care of problem skin of the face and body, rejuvenating procedures, a stick-shaped nozzle is effective against acne due to acupressure.

Characteristic Meaning
Electrode voltage Not more than 60 kV
Country of Origin Taiwan
Guarantee period 12 months


  • anti-aging care at home;
  • two body colors are available: green and pale pink;
  • the presence of a case for nozzles;
  • European brand;
  • reliable fixation of the electrodes.


  • gives a noticeable effect only during the course;
  • an extensive list of contraindications, including even SARS.

Review: “For some time I have been using the Darsonval Biolift4 203 (Gezatone) apparatus for treating facial skin. The result managed to please: the fat content decreased, the pores became not as noticeable as before. It is very convenient to use such a device at home.


The manufacturer positions Darsonval for the face WS 2320 as a beauty salon at home. High-frequency electrotherapy is an effective well-known tool in cosmetology. This device eliminates acne, inflammation, smoothes wrinkles, improves complexion, reduces hair loss, activates the nutrition of hair follicles. WELSS is completely safe for human health and easy to use. The average procedure time is 10-15 minutes.

Characteristic Meaning
Electrode voltage Up to 20 kV
Country of Origin PRC
Guarantee period 12 months


  • affordable price;
  • universality;
  • comfortable handle does not slip;
  • makes hair thick and healthy;
  • prevention of wrinkles.


  • no detailed instructions;
  • may cause discomfort.

Review: Bought this on a recommendation from a colleague. Too bad I didn’t know about it before. Very pleasant relaxing feeling from the procedure. Hair began to fall out less and more shiny. Teenage acne in a child has decreased. It seems that now Darsonval WELSS WS 2320 has become my home doctor!

Star CH 107

Darsonval for the body Star CH 107 produced by Chios guarantees improved microcirculation, dilation of arteries and capillaries of the skin and subcutaneous tissue, reduction of vasospasm, smoothing of wrinkles. The set includes seven gas-filled glass electrodes in the form of fungus, comb, drop, petal, roller, spiral and arc. There is also a handy storage case. A nozzle in the form of a spiral is used on the cervical-collar zone, elbow and buttocks for toning, increasing skin elasticity.

Characteristic Meaning
Electrode voltage Not more than 55 kV
Country of Origin Russia
Guarantee period 1 year


  • extended set of electrodes;
  • domestic manufacturer;
  • The optimum ratio of price and quality;
  • effective anti-cellulite care for problem areas;
  • magnetic storage box.


  • quite heavy — weight more than 1 kg;
  • There is no adapter for European sockets.

Review: “Rescuer for various pain syndromes (muscle pain, joint pain, neuralgia, sciatica, osteochondrosis of the spine) and an assistant in maintaining the beauty of the body and face. I recommend».

DrClinic DS3

Darsonvalization procedures with the DS-3 apparatus are recommended for neuralgia, hemorrhoids and anal fissures, varicose veins, chronic gingivitis, cerebral atherosclerosis, migraines. Can be used to massage the scalp, aging skin, to cleanse the face of blackheads, blackheads, normalize the sebaceous glands. On the case under the regulator there is a small display for displaying the power value, which distinguishes this Darsonval from analogues.

Characteristic Meaning
Electrode voltage From 2 to 20 kV
Country of Origin China
Guarantee period 12 months


  • ergonomic design;
  • light weight — together with the electrode about 500 g;
  • compact size;
  • a special clamping mechanism allows you to change nozzles without turning off the device;
  • digital power indicator.


  • equipped with only three nozzles;
  • lack of customer reviews.

Spark ST 117

The professional apparatus of domestic production has passed all the necessary certification and meets high quality standards. Electronic spare parts for Darsonval ST 117 are manufactured in a vacuum chamber, ensuring assembly reliability. A wide range of therapeutic effects from the use of the device includes: increasing the general tone of organs, local anesthesia, reducing inflammation and itching. The power level is adjusted depending on the type of procedure being performed and the required intensity of exposure. The user manual will help you choose the right power.

Characteristic Meaning
Electrode voltage Not more than 30 kV
Country of Origin Russia
Guarantee period 12 months


  • acceptable cost;
  • light, hand does not get tired;
  • three types of nozzles are included in the standard package;
  • built-in voltage stabilizer — protection against surges in the network;
  • products are certified by the Ministry of Health.


  • lack of thread on the electrodes — they are simply inserted, not screwed;
  • there is no power off switch.

Review: «Very happy with this purchase. Everything is working. I treat my face and body, and most importantly, the scalp, which is prone to oiliness, there is eternal dandruff in my hair. For 15 procedures, the condition of the scalp has improved. I recommend».

Honey TeCo Elad

The device is designed for therapeutic and prophylactic massage with pulsed alternating current of medium frequency and high voltage. It can be used both in medical institutions, beauty salons, dental offices, and at home. The only thing is that Darsonval cannot be used in rooms with high humidity. High-voltage electrical discharges form ozone molecules and nitrogen oxides in the air, which have a pronounced bactericidal effect.

Characteristic Meaning
Electrode voltage 0.8 to 25 kV
Country of Origin Russia
Guarantee period 5 years


  • durable electrodes;
  • portable;
  • modern design;
  • convenient regulator;
  • operating time — 30 minutes (most others only 20).


  • uncomfortable to hold in the hand, the handle is not rubberized;
  • only three nozzles, the rest need to be ordered additionally.

Review: “Excellent multifunctional device. I use it not only for cosmetic purposes. It helps a lot with back pain to warm up the muscles and relieve tension.

SD 2301

The professional desktop Darsonval produced by Euromedservice has its own on-board computer with displays showing the time and current intensity, and a control panel. The kit includes the following electrode attachments: stick, drop, point and fungus. The darsonvalization procedure improves the color and condition of the skin, enhances blood circulation, eliminates local inflammation, varicose veins, causes an excellent antiseptic effect, promotes the penetration of oxygen into the deeper layers of the skin.

Characteristic Meaning
Electrode voltage
Country of Origin China
Guarantee period 12 months


  • convenient management;
  • precise control of performance indicators;
  • increases the effect of applied cosmetics;
  • there is protection against voltage surges;
  • promotes the elimination of toxins.


  • is not a medical device;
  • high price.

Carat de 212

The best Darsonval for hair and face Carat de 212 has a simple design of a white body with a charge impulsivity regulator. Replaceable nozzles are firmly fixed in the socket thanks to the fixing ring. The set of nozzles consists of four shapes: mushroom, cavity, comb and T-shaped. This device is suitable for the treatment of people of all ages. It is used to get rid of cosmetic defects and treat many diseases of the nervous system, varicose veins, cellulite. The benefits of taking a course of darsonvalization are confirmed by scientific research and grateful customer reviews.

Characteristic Meaning
Electrode voltage From 2 to 20 kV
Country of Origin Russia
Guarantee period 36 months


  • reliable fastening of nozzles;
  • safe;
  • effective for osteochondrosis and arthritis;
  • there is an increase in skin elasticity after the course;
  • extended warranty.


  • no timer;
  • no accessory case.

Review: “Hair stopped falling out after the first procedure! Effectively fights inflammation and age spots on the face, a noticeable result after a week of use. Easy to use.»

Model comparison

The product’s name Electrode voltage Country of Origin Guarantee period
Super Nova Gess 623 Not more than 27 kV China 12 months
Ultratek SD 199 Up to 30 kV Russia 3 years
Gezatone Biolift4 203 Not more than 60 kV Taiwan 12 months
WELSS WS 2320 Up to 20 kV PRC 12 months
Star CH 107 Not more than 55 kV Russia 1 year
DrClinic DS3 From 2 to 20 kV China 12 months
Spark ST 117 From 2 to 20 kV China 12 months
Honey TeCo Elad 0.8 to 25 kV Russia 5 years
SD 2301 China 12 months
Carat de 212 From 2 to 20 kV Russia 36 months

How to use

The use of Darsonval does not require special training or knowledge, just read the instructions carefully and prepare for the procedure. Skin and hair must be clean and dry. Instructions for using the apparatus for darsonvalization:

  1. Insert the glass electrode into the apparatus.
  2. Place the electrode on the skin, then turn on the device and adjust the power. Start with a small force and increase it gradually. During the procedure, there may be a slight tingling sensation.
  3. The exposure time of the apparatus depends on the area of ​​application and averages 5-15 minutes.
  4. When carrying out a local contact procedure, the nozzle should slide over dry, talc-covered skin.
  5. During the remote procedure, the electrode is moved above the body surface at a distance of 1-2 cm.
  6. At the end of the procedure, the switch is set to the extreme position and the device is turned off.
  7. After darsonvalization, masks, creams and other cosmetics can be applied to the face and body.
  8. After each procedure, glass electrodes should be washed and disinfected.

An important point — before the procedure, alcohol-containing lotions should not be applied, all metal jewelry should be removed from the body. For a better glide on the skin, you should use cosmetic or baby talc.

When choosing a homemade Darsonval for personal use, you should definitely consult a doctor and carefully read the list of contraindications. And to determine which darsonval is better from the models on the market, this review of high-quality universal massagers with pros, cons and customer reviews will help.

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