TOP 10 best centrifugal pumps: how to choose, reviews


A centrifugal pump is a device that, by means of centrifugal force, forces a liquid to move in a specified direction. The device is used both in domestic conditions and in the extraction of useful resources, such as oil. It is used in houses, cottages, in industries located far from water supply systems. We figure out how to choose a centrifugal pump to provide automatic water supply in a house or in the country. The article presents a brief overview, prices, features, advantages and disadvantages of various models, as well as a rating of the best centrifugal pumps according to customer reviews.

How to choose a centrifugal pump?

The centrifugal pump for water is produced in several types:

  • A submersible well pump resembles an elongated cylinder and works when completely immersed in water. Thanks to the design features, the specialists managed to create a powerful device that cannot be compared with its predecessors.
  • For installation above the liquid level or surface — the most popular of the presented models. It is placed on the surface and pumps liquid with a hose. Such a device is easy to install, and if necessary, it can be transported to other facilities.
  • Semi-submersible — partially located in the aquatic environment. The motor is held on top by a float. In terms of power, they are lower than surface ones, so they are used extremely rarely.

The choice of pump is influenced by 2 criteria: pressure and water supply. Before buying a device, experts recommend:

  • pay attention to the noise level;
  • find out the ratio of the depth of the well and the depth at which the device can operate;
  • calculate the pressure and flow of water;
  • take into account the percentage of impurities and sand in the liquid.

When buying a unit, you need to pay attention to 3 price parameters: the price of the pump itself, the cost of operation and installation. Different segments have a distinctive service life, so if a consumer decides to buy a high-quality and durable device, it is worth considering products from the premium segment.

The best centrifugal pumps


This brand of pump is a cantilever-monoblock design with tubes. The device is designed for pumping any liquid: both clean and dirty. It is used for irrigation, circulation. Popular in the industrial sector, agriculture and rescue activities. The device is made in Italy, which guarantees quality and durability. Upon purchase, a guarantee is provided for up to 24 months.

Characteristic Meaning
The weight 201.3 kg
Power 37 W
Performance 24-150 m3/hour
pressure 62-87


  • high performance;
  • soft start of the engine;
  • overheat protection;
  • economical energy consumption;
  • maintenance of several points of water intake.


  • single stage suction system;
  • There is no plug on the power cord.

Review: “I can say that this is the best centrifugal pump. We bought a device for the dacha, the water quality is very good. It works silently, clearly, like clockwork. Happy with the choice.»

CNP CDL 65-60-1 F1SWPC

The vertical centrifugal pump undergoes strict quality control, is subject to mandatory certification and has a factory warranty. This brand of device is made of cast iron and is designed for pumping non-aggressive liquids. It is used in household and industrial conditions. Thanks to a reliable motor, the pump consumes energy economically. High build quality and performance are undeniable advantages of this device.

Characteristic Meaning
The weight 45 kg
Power 315 W
Performance 240 m3/hour
pressure up to 300


  • high power;
  • multi-stage suction system;
  • permit for pumping water with impurities;
  • Voltage regulator;
  • wear-resistant.


  • no non-return valve;
  • pressure depends on the voltage in the network.

Review: “We bought a pump for watering a summer cottage. The pressure is enough to irrigate an area of ​​​​5 hectares. There were no interruptions with the network, so everything works at the highest level. The only thing I had to buy was extra hoses for pumping, the kit is too short.”


The monoblock pump of this brand is used in various fields: for heating, air conditioning, for irrigation. The device can be used for pumping slightly contaminated liquids, even with chemical impurities. The device can be installed both in a vertical and horizontal position, while the engine must be in the upper part. For the manufacture of the pump, stainless steel is used, which is resistant to aggressive liquids.

Characteristic Meaning
The weight 55 kg
Power 1.5W
Performance 275 m3/hour
pressure 36.6


  • acceptable cost;
  • hardy capacitor box;
  • energy efficiency;
  • quiet running of the water pump;
  • smooth start.


  • often clogged with sand;
  • little pressure.

Review: “We bought a pump for the country house. We use it to transfer water with sand for irrigation. I can say that this is the best pump we have ever had. Simple, not too bulky, easy to transport.”

PIT PSP015027-550/23

The pump allows you to solve the problem with water supply in a suburban area, in a private house or cottage. It is used in wells with a permissible diameter of 110 millimeters and wells. The device works quietly, without creating unnecessary noise. The pump has established itself as a high-quality and durable device, made of stainless material, resistant to corrosion. Has great functionality.

Characteristic Meaning
The weight 9.20 kg
Power 550 W
Performance 42 m3/hour
pressure 23


  • thermal fuse;
  • ease of operation;
  • stable base;
  • long cable;
  • starter provided.


  • complaints about the quality of the safety channel;
  • high power consumption.

Feedback: “The device is good, powerful, suitable in all respects. Great option for home use. It is light in weight, easy to transport to the summer cottage”.


The device has won a reputation as a reliable and unpretentious unit. The body and impellers are made of stainless steel. The pump is mounted in shallow wells, but the water inflow must be at least 10 l / min. The peculiarity of the unit is that it can work in sand wells. If the voltage is unstable, you should think about buying a stabilizer. This is a great option for a private home.

Characteristic Meaning
The weight 3.5 kg
Power 500 W
Performance 100 m3/hour
pressure 35


  • low sensitivity to pollution;
  • the ability to work with partial immersion;
  • overheat protection;
  • built-in capacitor;
  • quiet work.


  • no dry run protection;
  • single suction system.

Feedback: “We took a device for a summer cottage from friends. Good pressure for watering, does not clog, does not interrupt in work. It works quietly, which is a big plus — you can water early in the morning without creating unnecessary noise for the neighbors.”

Caliber NBTs-1050Ch

The household centrifugal pump is made of high-quality anti-corrosion materials. It meets all international fluid transfer standards. The device works from a single-phase network with a cable 20 meters long. The manufacturer advises to do no more than 20 launches within an hour. The device can be installed both horizontally and vertically. Can be used to pump dirty water.

Characteristic Meaning
The weight 10 kg
Power 1050 W
Performance 60 m3/hour
pressure 25


  • motor with capacitor and thermal protection;
  • single stage suction system;
  • economical consumption of electricity;
  • high throughput;
  • convenient installation.


  • difficult to find spare parts;
  • weak handle.

Review: “They installed the pump in the well. He showed himself very well at work. Got rid of the mule and the sand. We get clean drinking water. Long service life, the device is already more than 7 years old.”

Wilo Economy MHI203

Surface apparatus, which has a stable electric motor and a wet rotor pump. The body is made of cast iron, the shaft is made of stainless materials. Installation of the device is easy thanks to spring terminals. To prevent the pump from failing, it is required to carry out scheduled cleaning of the filter from sand. To improve protection, you can install a sensor from dry cold, which is not included in the kit.

Characteristic Meaning
The weight 11.3 kg
Power 0.048 W
Performance 115 m3/hour
pressure 32


  • long service life;
  • surge protection;
  • wear-resistant;
  • corrosion resistance;
  • ease of installation.


  • noise appears over time;
  • in the bleed state, the pump may seize.

Feedback: “There are no complaints regarding the use of the device. Power is enough to perform everyday tasks. Installed in the country. The water is always clean, without a mule. Once a year we give it for cleaning from dirt and sand.”

Unipump JET 100LA

Surface pump with integrated injector. It is used to supply clean water from a well, and is also used for automatic supply systems. Included with the device are parts for self-installation. It operates quite quietly, oversized, which makes it easy to transport the pump to another place. The manufacturer provides a guarantee for up to 5 years.

Characteristic Meaning
The weight 12.5 kg
Power 600 W
Performance 150 m3/hour
pressure 45


  • there is a check valve;
  • quiet;
  • equipment;
  • hardy starting block;
  • does not overheat.


  • high;
  • sensitivity to the quality of the pumped water.

Feedback: “The pump was installed in the village in the well. They installed it quickly, at first it was very noisy, probably, it cleaned it of impurities and sand, then it began to work quietly. Draws a little electricity, quite practical. We have been using it for a year, we did not find any cons. ”

Speroni CX-32-160/1.1

The single stage pump is used for pumping liquids of medium and large volumes. Widely distributed in domestic and agricultural systems. All components are made of stainless steel with anti-corrosion coating. The percentage of solid particles should not exceed 2%. If a viscous liquid is being pumped, the motor power must be taken into account.

Characteristic Meaning
The weight 9.3 kg
Power 1100 W
Performance 110 m3/hour
pressure 34


  • good pressure;
  • there is a check valve;
  • 24 months warranty;
  • stable operation during voltage drops;
  • idle protection.


  • no dry run protection;
  • significant electricity consumption.

Review: “On the farm we use a pump to clean the water from the constant mule and dirt. Animals receive clean water, and water is pumped daily between the two buildings. Works well even under high network load.”

AquamotoR ARMH 1100

The multistage pump has high performance due to the large number of impellers. The device is used for pumping an exceptionally pure liquid that does not contain impurities, particles and chemical elements. It is possible to use in everyday life, for watering. Sometimes used in an autonomous supply system. It has a good package, which allows you to make an independent installation.

Characteristic Meaning
The weight 12.4 kg
Power 1100 W
Performance 5.4 m3/hour
pressure 50


  • network overload protection system;
  • ease of management and control;
  • wear-resistant;
  • available adjustment of the maximum and minimum levels;
  • corrosion resistance.


  • there is a pressure drop;
  • overload when winding on the wheel and shaft.

Review: “We use a pump for 2 families. Parents — to water the garden, we — to get clean water from the well. For a couple of years there were no failures — there is enough pressure for stable operation. The only thing that needs to be added is a voltage stabilizer, because the power grid is very unstable.”

The presented overview of pumping equipment will help you choose a high-quality device that will last for many years and will delight you with excellent quality. Specialists will easily install the equipment at home or in the country, tell you about all the intricacies of the work and provide a guarantee for at least 5 years.

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