TOP 10 best booster car seats: selection criteria, pros and cons, reviews


A child seat is a necessary attribute in a family where there is a baby. Manufacturers pay special attention to safety, because a child can be injured even with slow braking. A booster or car seat is a must on any trip. The article presents an overview of the best boosters for the safe and comfortable transportation of children in the car. Selection criteria, characteristics, popular brands and rating of the best boosters according to expert reviews and user ratings.

The main criteria for choosing a booster for a car

A car booster for children is a very convenient solution for parents who travel anywhere with their children. It takes up much less space than a car seat and is much easier and faster to install.

Boosters are seats that are used to increase the safety of the child on the road. They are made from different materials: plastic, metal and the most budgetary option — foam. The booster for children can be equipped with a bottle holder or armrests. Such a seat usually weighs no more than 3 kilograms. It is installed quite simply. A structure is placed in the back seat, a child sits in it, then he is fastened with seat belts, which are of several types — automobile and with the Isofix security system. They pass through the chest and belt, thereby not injuring the child during emergency braking, skidding, sharp turns or emergency situations.

Parents often ask the question, at what age is it allowed to transfer a child to a booster? There are two conditions for answering this question. The head restraint of the largest child seat must be in the highest position. The child’s shoulders must be close to the slot in the headrest or the buckle that guides the seat belt.

Experts recommend using a booster for children at least 120 cm tall and weighing at least 15 kilograms. Choosing a booster is a very time-consuming process. For many, the main role is played by the cost of construction. However, there are other important criteria that you should pay attention to when buying, for example, the quality of the material, the security system, the adjustment of the width and height of the chair.

Under no circumstances should the airbags be used to “lift” and secure the child with the main belts, this is extremely unsafe for the baby and can have tragic consequences.

TOP 10 best boosters

Zlatek Raft

Children from 6 to 12 years of age will be completely safe with this model. The booster meets all parameters, is quickly installed and has a long service life. It belongs to the third group, it includes children whose weight category is 22-36 kg. The model is oversized, presented in the form of a base with fixing straps, it is held securely in place. Available in a wide range of colors for both boys and girls.

Characteristic Meaning
Group 3 (22-36 kg)
Seat attachment method standard seat belt
The weight 1 kg


  • compact;
  • easy to install;
  • soft and comfortable seat;
  • easily washable material;
  • affordable cost.


  • there is no guide that regulates the position of the seat belt;
  • not suitable for a comfortable sleep;
  • no isofix system.

Feedback: “For short trips around the city, it is very convenient — the seat is wide, the child is comfortable. Harsh for long trips — the foam is quite thin.

Siger Crumb Plus

The booster is designed for children at least 120 cm tall. This model is controlled in the car with belts, has an anti-rotation frame and a stabilizing support that ensures a stable position. The ability to rotate the chair towards the door makes it easy to put the child in the booster. The compact size chair does not take up much space in the back seat. The frame is reinforced, made of durable plastic. Light weight, compact and easy to install are the main features of this model.

Characteristic Meaning
Group 3 (22-36 kg)
Seat attachment method standard seat belt
The weight 1.6 kg


  • soft seats;
  • convenient to operate;
  • orthopedic form;
  • oversized;
  • the material consists of non-toxic hypoallergenic material.


  • there is no guide seat belt;
  • can only be used in the back seat.

Feedback: “Recently I was puzzled by the purchase of a booster for a child. Following the advice, I bought a chair of this model and did not regret it. Lightweight design, easy to install, the child is comfortable — nothing presses and does not interfere. The best option for travel.”

Happy Baby Booster Rider

The chair is intended for boys and girls of 2nd and 3rd age groups. It increases the height of the seat, which ensures the correct position of the child during fixation. The booster meets all European standards and can be placed on the front seat of the car. The child will be comfortable thanks to the soft upholstery and armrest. The seat belt can be adjusted using the stopper.

Characteristic Meaning
Group 2/3 (15-36 kg)
Seat attachment method standard seat belt
The weight 1.3 kg


  • the likelihood of a quick installation;
  • high quality material;
  • stylish design;
  • there are guide belts;
  • system compactness.


  • the child is not securely fastened, it can collapse on turns;
  • not suitable for travel.

Review: “Booster is a good thing! A year ago I bought a chair and advised all my moms I know. Once again we are convinced that the best boosters of this particular manufacturer. Lightweight, compact and very safe. We got into an accident, not a scratch on the child!”

Chicco Quasar Plus

The anatomical shape of the chair complies with European standards and is suitable for children of the 2nd group. Universal chair, with height adjustment and comfortable armrests. The cover is easy to remove and wash. Solid color fabric goes well with the interior of any car. Special guides are needed to adjust the seat belts in case of high pressure on the child.

Characteristic Meaning
Group 2/3 (15-36 kg)
Seat attachment method standard seat belt
The weight 0.95 kg


  • provides a comfortable location;
  • there are guides for seat belts;
  • convenient in operation;
  • easy fastening;
  • quality textiles
  • easy to clean seat.


  • difficulty in adjusting the belt;
  • relatively high cost.

Review: “Great thing for transporting a child from 7 years old. We bought 2 at once — for us and in my grandmother’s car. The child is comfortable, and most importantly, safe.”

Peg Perego Viaggio Shuttle

The booster of the famous Italian brand will protect the child during the trip by car. Ideal for travel. The chair is created taking into account standards and is able to give maximum comfort and safety. It is easy to remove and install, takes up minimal space in the trunk. It has 2 layers of coating — the first is able to protect the child when braking, the second — provides maximum comfort during long trips.

Characteristic Meaning
Group 2/3 (15-36 kg)
Seat attachment method Isofix system, car seat belts
The weight 3 kg


  • there is a carrying handle;
  • breathable and soft seats;
  • easy to clean materials;
  • mounting adjustment system;
  • quality assembly.


  • big weight;
  • makes noise on rough roads.

Feedback: “The safety of this booster, I hope, I will never have to check, but in terms of comfort for children and convenience, everything suits. Quickly adjusted and installed, a big plus in the portable handle.”

Kenga BH311i Isofix

The chair is designed for children of 2/3 groups, easy to install. It is placed in the direction of travel (facing forward), you can use both the Isofix system and the car belt. The seat has additional attachments that are inserted into the attachment points built into the vehicle. The armrests are made of soft orthopedic material and provide maximum comfort to the child.

Characteristic Meaning
Group 2/3 (15-36 kg)
Seat attachment method Isofix system, car seat belts
The weight 2.5 kg


  • adjustable width;
  • strong fastening system;
  • soft upholstery;
  • width allows you to comfortably accommodate the child;
  • easy to install and remove.


  • the gap between the seat and the chair;
  • the latch does not adjust the belts clearly and securely.

Feedback: “We have two cars and, when we need to go somewhere, we can easily transfer the chair from one car to another. The padded back and armrest keep your child safe throughout the trip. We are satisfied with the choice, the device is of very high quality.”

Nania Topo Comfort

Easy to install, practical and comfortable booster seat for the car. Thanks to its ergonomic design and small size, it is easy to carry and install in other machines. It can be installed in cars that are equipped with 2-point seat belts in the rear seats. Soft and high quality covered, orthopedic material armrests provide a comfortable and cozy ride.

Characteristic Meaning
Group 2/3 (15-36 kg)
Seat attachment method car belts
The weight 1 kg


  • made according to European standards;
  • practical to use;
  • comfort;
  • removable cover;
  • affordable price.


  • belt adjustment;
  • narrow seat.

Review: “Bought for the oldest child of 6 years. The usual booster, not heavy, inexpensive. Helps out on short trips around the city, comfortable and practical. Easy to install in another vehicle.”

Smart Travel Trust Fix

Stylish chair for children aged 6-12 years. Made from nice quality material. The design of the chair provides maximum passenger comfort during the trip. The child is easy to fasten, and the small weight allows you to quickly move the device between vehicles. The cover differs in the maximum wear resistance, is made of hypoallergenic materials. It is easy to wash in the machine, it does not lose its properties. The anatomical shape of the seat contributes to the normal blood circulation of the child. Installation takes place in «2 clicks».

Characteristic Meaning
Group 3 (22-36 kg)
Seat attachment method car belts, Isofix fastening
The weight 2.8 kg


  • pleasant to the touch fabric;
  • good build quality;
  • Isofix mounts;
  • wide;
  • simple adjustment.


  • there is a small gap between the car and the booster;
  • hard on long sitting.

Review: “We took this model because there is a strap for adjusting the height of the seat belt. The mount is comfortable, secures without problems, and ensures maximum safety during the trip.”

Baby Care BC-781-0 Bugs

The chair is designed for a child weighing 22-36 kg. The compact design makes it easy to mount it in the back seat of your car. Fixation is carried out by a regular belt. Thanks to the removable cover, you don’t have to worry about the product getting dirty. The manufacturer presents several models with different colors and functionality. A great option for trips around the city and to school. Provides convenience, reliability and ease of use.

Characteristic Meaning
Group 3 (22-36 kg)
Seat attachment method car belts, fastening Latch
The weight 1 kg


  • little weight;
  • compact;
  • quality fabric;
  • durable plastic base;
  • stylish design.


  • slides on the seat;
  • may be uncomfortable for long trips.

Review: “Bought for trips around the city. To school, training, shopping. It takes longer to sit on a full-fledged seat than to ride. Sitting comfortably, nothing presses and does not press. Like it better than a car seat.”

Nania Dream First

This brand of seat of the German company received 4 stars for safety in crash tests. The booster is installed on the front or back seat of the car. Secured with standard seat belts. The model is equipped with a deep seat with an anti-slip relief and an adjustable headrest. A child of any size will feel comfortable even during a many-kilometer trip. A high level of safety and comfort is guaranteed.

Characteristic Meaning
Group 2/3 (15-36 kg)
Seat attachment method standard seat belt
The weight 1.5 kg


  • wear-resistant textiles;
  • reinforced frame;
  • wide seat back
  • lateral body protection;
  • multi-position headrest.


  • hard seat;
  • the design is unsafe for the front seat.

Review: “In terms of convenience, the booster is much better. No fuss with installation, easier to buckle up, takes up little space. In winter, there are no problems in overalls, there is enough space with your head. Satisfied with the choice, the child too. Advised to buy to friends who have a child.

In conclusion, it is worth noting a few criteria for parents who choose a booster. Firstly, it is necessary to choose designs according to the size of the child in order to understand how it suits him. Secondly, it is worth giving preference to a booster with a high armrest so that the seat belt does not touch the child’s face and ensures maximum safety in case of emergency.

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