Rating of washing machines in 2020 — top 10


A washing machine is a home appliance designed to make life easier. The stores offer a wide range of washing devices. But among the variety of models, the user needs to choose the most reliable assistant, while not overpaying for unnecessary additional features or huge drum sizes.

washing machine rating

The list of top models is formed on the basis of expert opinions and user reviews. When it was designed, a number of factors were taken into account: the volume of purchases, positive characteristics from customers, reliability, functionality, ease of use, and most importantly, the optimal ratio of price and quality.

Since the rating includes different models, in order not to make a mistake when buying, you need to immediately determine a number of key characteristics that will suit a particular consumer:

  • drum volume — when washing overall items (plaids, outerwear), the maximum value will be required;
  • with what loading — frontal or vertical;
  • working panel — electronic or mechanical:
  • energy consumption;
  • operating modes — delicate washing, daily, etc.;
  • availability of additional features — with quick drying, pre-soaking, etc.

Bosch WAW 32540

Leading the rating of washing machines in 2020 is German quality equipment. The assembly of a reliable assistant was made in Germany. Equipment with a high energy saving class has standard dimensions of 60x60x85 cm. It is possible to use the equipment together with a drying cabinet. But thanks to a load weight of up to 9 kg and a spin at 1600 rpm. the model copes with the tasks and independently.

The technique has been praised by both experts and users for its unique drum coating. It is designed to ensure that washing is as efficient and high-quality as possible in different modes of operation — from delicate to intensive. The washing machine from Bosch is distinguished by the presence of AntiStain technology. It allows you to deal with difficult stains from grass, blood, wine and oil.


  • quality assembly;
  • high performance and efficiency with extended functionality;
  • low noise level.


  • the price tag is higher than that of analogues.


The model breaks records in popularity. Among other techniques, it catches the eye due to its unique design. The case is made in silver color. The style is emphasized by a neat and bright screen with a touch, intuitive software panel. And the finishing touch of an unusual design approach is a large chrome sunroof.

The depth of the case is 56 cm. But, if we take into account the protruding elements, the parameter will increase to 60 cm. The maximum weight that the drum of a horizontal machine can withstand is 9 kg. She can squeeze such a mass at a speed of 1400 rpm. Pairing with a smartphone via a Wi-Fi module is provided. Additional features include steam washing.


  • the presence of 14 modes and steam supply options;
  • there is an acceleration of washing;
  • determination of the presence of linen;
  • automatic cleaning of the drum when a special mode is activated;
  • silent engine operation.


Attention! If you plan to install appliances under the countertop, then this model is not suitable because of the too high top panel.

Siemens WS 10G140OE

Neat and stylish equipment from a large German corporation. An analogue of Bosch, but with slight differences in design and significant differences in price. The developers have shifted the panel with programs to the center of the software panel. Screen color is yellow. Since both brands represent the B / S / H concern, their components are similar. The body is made in white. It contrasts with a silver-black door. Due to the small dimensions, the drum is capable of spinning 5 kg of things.


  • the display shows information about the course of the program and the remaining time;
  • the possibility of a delayed start (maximum day);
  • child lock;
  • self-cleaning compartment for detergents.


  • increased noise with a strong promotion of the drum;
  • lack of «easy ironing» function.

Spin — 1000 rpm.

Electrolux EW7WR447W

Although the device has a high price, in terms of quality it fully meets the price tag. The equipment is designed for a bathroom in a private house or a large apartment, since its dimensions are classic, and the depth along the lid is 57.2 cm. It provides the functions of washing, squeezing and drying clothes from various types of fabric. Full capacity parameters — 7/4 kg.

To remove or simply soften the bends, the machine was equipped with a steam supply option. FreshScent is another complementary tool for scented refreshment. The list of programs includes not only standard, but specialized options: «Sport», «Jackets», «Anti-allergen». Busy users appreciate «Non-stop» — 1 kg / 1 hour. When the program end beep sounds, the clothes can be put on immediately.


  • inverter motor;
  • Italian assembly;
  • low noise level.


  • after drying, the laundry remains slightly damp;
  • simplified functionality compared to separate machines and drying cabinets.

Built-in DualCare and SensiCare modes optimize performance and correct cycle times.

Candy GVSW40 364TWHC

A model like this one is hard to find. A small, narrow device equipped with a drying function. The height and width are standard, but the depth along the top cover is only 40 cm. With protruding elements, the parameter increases slightly. Compactness surprisingly did not greatly affect the maximum load capacity — 6 and 4 kg (wash / dry). To make the use of equipment comfortable, a rotary control and a display with touch buttons, as well as pairing with a smartphone, were provided. With good water pressure, for example at night, you can use the delayed start up to a maximum of 24 hours.


  • inverter motor;
  • quick wash — from 15 to 45 minutes;
  • hypoallergenic mode;
  • drying wool, synthetics at low temperatures;
  • large hatch — 35 cm.


  • low energy saving;
  • vibration when pressing.

Attention! For 22 thousand rubles. you can purchase a device with 16 programs and several additional options: “steam”, “easy ironing”, “fast wash”.

Ardo TL 128LW

Vertical model, which is produced in an Italian company. European build quality contributes to the growth of popularity among buyers. Standard dimensions, if we talk about models with top loading, are 90x40x60 cm. For a cycle, the device copes with washing 8 kg of dry laundry. It also spins well — at 1200 rpm. The user can adjust the speed. The control module includes a rotary encoder and a touch screen. There are many modes of operation in the arsenal. There is a delayed start timer.


  • effective energy saving system;
  • smooth opening of the valves;
  • equalization of imbalance, control over the level of foam.


  • increased noise level.

Whirlpool TDLR 70220

Another functional device from a popular manufacturer. The case is made in traditional white color. Operation is simple and intuitive thanks to the operation panel with digital screen, rotary control and auxiliary selection keys. A distinctive feature of the technique is 6th Sense™ technology. The system allows you to optimize the work, making it as productive as possible thanks to intelligent sensors. The latter determine the type of fabric and the amount of linen. In addition to additional, basic modes 14.


  • smooth opening of locks;
  • low noise level;
  • protection against emergency leaks.


  • there may be water left in the powder compartment;
  • Only 2 legs can be adjusted in height.

Indesit IWUB 4085

If the apartment is one- or two-room, and the premises themselves are small, compact appliances will be the best option. With a classic width and height, the depth of the device is only 33 cm. It can handle 4 kg of things, it wrings out well at 800 rpm. Doesn’t give a lot of speed. The equipment does not have a screen, but the user can adjust the temperature regimes.


  • price-quality ratio;
  • compactness;
  • start can be delayed until 12 noon;
  • an additional option that reduces cycles, saving water and electricity;
  • you can wash sneakers, sneakers.


  • noise and strong vibration.

Attention! Main programs — 13.

Daewoo Electronics DWD-CV701PC

Up to 20,000 rubles, you can buy a Korean washing machine with a stylish design. The model is designed for wall mounting. Her weight is 16.5 kg. Thanks to their miniature size and original approach to production, Korean manufacturers were able to cope with the lack of free space. Laconic and stylish design will complement the interior of the kitchen or bathroom. You can load 3 kg into the drum at a time. There is a useful «child protection» option.


  • electronic operating panel with LCD display;
  • departments for different types of powders are divided;
  • there is a control over the level of foaming.


  • weak spin — 800 rpm.

Vestfrost VFWM 1240 SE

The model is available in two colors — silver and white. The latter is cheaper. The chrome-plated door stands out in contrast. You can load 5 kg at one time. The highest spin speed is 1200 rpm. The hardware panel consists of a rotary mechanism and an LCD display with side keys. 15 modes of operation. The device is equipped with light indicators that report errors and malfunctions.


  • loading optimization system;
  • control of foaming and imbalance;
  • overflow protection;
  • high class of energy saving;
  • temperature setting.


  • functionality is not extended;
  • high noise level.

Thanks to the development of technology, the home appliance market is replenished daily with new models. Each user will be able to choose the most suitable option with a high level of quality and the best price.

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