Rating of the TOP 10 best REDMOND multicookers: the volume of the bowl, which one to buy, comparison with analogues


A multicooker is a household electrical appliance that has recently been gaining more and more popularity. The device is used for cooking soups, cereals, side dishes, stews, roasts and even desserts. A feature of the device is that you can not follow the preparation of food in a slow cooker. Nothing will escape from it, will not burn and will not be digested.

In addition, the device is able to keep the dish hot for a long time until lunch or dinner. A slow cooker is a great lifesaver for people who are not friends with cooking. You just need to throw in the products, set the desired mode, and then the device will do everything on its own. In this article, I will talk about the best multicookers from the popular REDMOND brand, their features, and also touch on the criteria for choosing a device for my home.

Rating of multicookers «REDMOND»


The device is characterized by a stylish, concise design, strict, black body color. Such an appearance will fit into the interior of any kitchen and become its decoration. The multicooker has a streamlined shape, the original design of the control panel. There are touch buttons, a large display. The device is characterized by practicality, due to the fact that the body is made of plastic and metal.

The device is equipped with 45 built-in programs. Thanks to the «Multi-cook» function, you can set the time and temperature for cooking. The durability of the multicooker is facilitated by the function of automatic shutdown in case of overheating.

Power, W 860
Volume, l 5
Non-stick bowl coating Yes
  • convenient to use;
  • cook quickly;
  • beautiful;
  • bowl with handles;
  • many built-in programs.

I’ve been using this multicooker for over a year. For me, it has become an indispensable thing in the house. I bake bread in it, make yogurts, desserts, and this is in addition to the main dishes. Soups and cereals are perfect. The bowl is comfortable, with handles. Appearance is presentable, heats up quickly.

The liquids inside the multicooker are not brought to a boil, and therefore, all meat and fish broths are transparent. Plus, you don’t have to stand over the skimmer bowl to skim the foam.


The multicooker is characterized by ease of use. It is equipped with a five-liter bowl with a ceramic non-stick coating. It is designed for cooking any type of food. There are many built-in automatic programs that will cook your dinner on their own. You just have to throw in the finished chopped products.

Thanks to the delayed start function, the multicooker will cook the dish exactly at the appointed time. In multi-cook mode, you can independently set the cooking time and temperature. In addition, this function allows you to cook in an airtight bag, at a low temperature, without oxygen.

Power, W 860
Volume, l 5
Non-stick bowl coating Yes
  • inexpensive;
  • wide functionality;
  • ease of use;
  • value for money.

Gave this as a gift to my wife for her wedding anniversary. She was happy, she cooks — she is not overjoyed. I am glad that the bowl has a ceramic coating, high-quality, not subject to scratches. The multicooker itself does its job. It perfectly turns out soups, cereals, roasts.


The multicooker is characterized by compactness, efficiency, stylish design, ease of operation. It has 42 automatic programs. Thanks to the «Multi-cook» mode, you can independently set the cooking parameters within the range supported by the device.

The Masterchef Light function allows you to change settings during cooking, adjust the degree of heating. The sous vide technology is provided, when the dish is cooked for a long time at a low temperature and without oxygen. Thus, the product retains its texture, appearance, useful properties.

The device is equipped with a capacious, five-liter bowl. Automatic heating, delayed start, volume control, mute are provided. The combination of such useful functions will make the use of this model comfortable.

Power, W 860
Volume, l 5
Non-stick bowl coating Not
  • excellent bowl;
  • nothing burns;
  • many programs;
  • fit perfectly into the Internet.

Cool device. I bought this for a summer residence, so that there would not be much trouble with cooking. He fell asleep cereal, filled it with water and you go about your business. The beauty! I plan to buy one for my wife at home.

REDMOND SkyCooker M800S

A smart multicooker that can be controlled via a smartphone. To do this, you need to install the Ready for Sky application on your phone. For those who do not have time or who do not know how to cook, there are many built-in automatic programs.

With the help of the «Multi-cook» function, you can set the cooking parameters you need. Also, you can set a mode that allows you to cook food at a low temperature, without oxygen. The delayed start function allows you to prepare food at a specific time, for example, at your arrival.

Power, W 900
Volume, l 5
Non-stick bowl coating Yes
  • convenient control from the phone;
  • high-quality coverage;
  • no foreign odors;
  • the inner cover can be easily removed.
  • there are no handles on the bowl.

Cool multifunctional device with high-quality assembly. Stylish design, looks beautiful in the kitchen. In maintenance, the multicooker is as simple as possible. The bowl is ceramic, the control is convenient, a useful book with recipes is provided in the kit.

The electronic display of the multicooker is more practical and convenient during cleaning, because there are practically no holes in it, under which dust and dirt can clog.

REDMOND SkyCooker M40S

The multicooker is made of high-quality, wear-resistant materials, which guarantees a long service life of the device. a voluminous five-liter bowl allows you to cook a lot of food at once for the whole family or for several days.

The device supports smartphone control. Now cooking is even easier. The vacuum function is supported, which allows you to cook food in sealed bags at a low temperature. Such gentle processing preserves the taste of food and their appearance. It also has a 24 hour delay timer.

Power, W 700
Volume, l 5
Non-stick bowl coating Yes
  • capacious bowl;
  • convenient control from the phone;
  • many programs;
  • nothing burns;
  • big recipe book.

Cool multicooker. I’ve been using it for two years now and have had no complaints so far. The bowl is large, roomy, with good coverage. Food does not burn in it. Thanks to the recipe book, I learned new varieties of dishes for myself. Even biscuits in this model are baked gorgeously. This is the best helper in the kitchen.


The device will allow you to easily cook delicious, amazing dishes. The bowl capacity of 6 liters is enough for a large family. You can even cook for several days at once. The device combines not only the capabilities of a multicooker, but also the functions of a pressure cooker that cooks under pressure. This method allows you to save a maximum of useful substances and vitamins.

Mode «Masterchef Light» involves more than 1000 different settings. The program allows you to change the cooking parameters. The multicooker has 14 built-in auto programs, changing the pressure level, maintaining a certain temperature of the finished food. Delayed start allows you to cook food at the right time.

The device is equipped with a LED display, which is large, clearly displayed information in Russian. Removable lid, non-stick bowl coating. The set includes a recipe book for any occasion.

Power, W 1000
Volume, l 6
Non-stick bowl coating Yes
  • convenience and ease of management;
  • fast cooking;
  • excellent recipes in the book;
  • large bowl.
  • not detected.

This model has an excellent combination of price and quality. The device is characterized by excellent assembly, stylish design. Built-in programs are enough to cook a variety of dishes. Washes off after use without any problems.


The multicooker is characterized by compactness, ease of operation. A feature of the device is the presence of a flat heating element. It can be lifted up and used to warm up a small portion of food, as well as to fry food like in a frying pan.

A five-liter bowl is enough to prepare a meal for a large family or for several days. The Master Chef Light mode allows you to adjust your cooking settings according to your taste preferences. With this multicooker model, you can cook not only standard dishes, first, second, but also yoghurts, cottage cheese, homemade cheese.

Power, W 830
Volume, l 5
Non-stick bowl coating Yes
  • saving time;
  • many cooking modes;
  • simple functionality;
  • great price.

This is my second multicooker and I am more than satisfied with this model. There is a multi-cook, which is convenient for some recipes. There are even cups for yogurt and a special mode for it. It seems to me that the cup is thin, but I do not scratch it, I treat it carefully. I didn’t try pastries here, because I have an oven for this. The recipes are well thought out and varied.


The multi-cooker-pressure cooker is presented in a stylish design, which will be a great helper for any housewife. The model is characterized by wide functionality. The set includes a large five-liter bowl with a high-quality non-stick coating, which is enough for a large family.

Suitable for preparing standard, everyday dishes, as well as for cottage cheese, cheese, yoghurts, desserts. Thanks to the Masterchef Lite mode, you will be able to independently make adjustments to some programs in accordance with personal preferences. Delayed start allows you to cook a dish at a specific time.

Power, W 900
Volume, l 5
Non-stick bowl coating Not
  • pressure cooker function;
  • two valves;
  • stylish;
  • informative display;
  • intuitive control;
  • quality body materials.

Cool, successful multicooker model with a nice, beautiful design. Convenient buttons, clear panel, clear display. It is important for me that there is a delay start so that the food is ready at the right time. The bowl is also cool, nothing sticks to it, it is easy to clean. The lid is removable. I recommend this model to everyone to buy.


The budget multicooker is characterized by a small volume of the bowl, compactness, wide functionality. It has built-in automatic programs. You can independently change the cooking parameters in the Multichef Light mode. «Multipovar» allows you to cook according to a special technology at a low temperature without oxygen.

Power, W 500
Volume, l 3
Non-stick bowl coating Yes
  • great quality;
  • optimal number of programs;
  • affordable price;
  • reliability;
  • durability.

This multicooker is over four years old. During this time, never failed. The dishes in it are special, very tasty. A three-liter bowl is enough for our family of four. Once the cat accidentally dropped the device on the floor, here we evaluated its impact resistance. There are no dents or major damage.


The smart multicooker has a modern, stylish design in black body color. It supports smartphone app control. 17 automatic programs are built into the device.

The five-liter ceramic bowl is characterized by durability, reliability. It’s enough for a large family. The functions «Multi-cook», 3D heating are provided. The latter maximizes the preservation of vitamins and nutrients in products after heat treatment.

Power, W 860
Volume, l 5
Non-stick bowl coating Yes
  • phone control;
  • capacious;
  • quality;
  • easy to clean;
  • powerful.
  • stamped body.

Great product, I’ve been using it for about a year now. I like everything, convenient access through the smartphone application. When the dish is ready, a notification comes to the phone. It cooks deliciously, the bowl is easy to clean after use, food does not stick to it.

Life hack: to determine how much of a multicooker pan you need, multiply the number of family members by 2.


Multicookers according to the principle and features of the action are divided into several large groups:

Classic multicooker Able to cook any kind of dishes: first, second, desserts. It is characterized by ease of operation, ease of cleaning. Often comes with a cookbook.
pressure cooker In this device, food is cooked under pressure, which speeds up the procedure, preserves vitamins and minerals after heat treatment.
sous vide In this case, the dish is cooked in an airtight bag at a low temperature without oxygen. Not only useful substances in products are preserved, but also taste and aroma.
cooking machine It includes a large number of modern kitchen appliances: multicooker, scales, mixer, blender. The price depends on the number of devices and functions included in it. Usually ready-made recipes are built into such a machine, it is paired with a smartphone.

Whichever model you choose, the device will help you quickly and tasty cook any dish.

How to choose

Before buying such a convenient and indispensable assistant in cooking, it is recommended to pay attention to the following characteristics of the device you like:

Power The heating rate of the pan depends on this value. The higher the power, the faster the multicooker cooks. Optimal is a device that consumes 700-1000 watts.
bowl volume Choose this option based on the number of family members, personal needs.
Programs Decide which built-in cooking programs you really need. Not always the more the better. With more programs, you will pay more for the amount, and, in the end, you will use only a few of them.
bowl material It is important that there is a non-stick coating. Even better if it’s ceramic. Such a bowl is reliable, durable, not subject to scratches.
Lid Different models imply a different position of the cover. Some are removable, others are snug, others snap on, and others rotate 90 degrees.
Frame The device can be made of plastic or steel. Metal ones look more solid, more reliable, it is more expensive, but more durable.
Control Panel The control of the device can be touch or mechanical. Here you can choose what is convenient for you, based on personal preferences and considerations of comfort.

Check that the buttons respond quickly and well to touch. See if there is a backlight, a window for displaying the time. Some multicookers are equipped with rubberized feet that protect against slipping. Sometimes a special plastic moisture trap is included, which performs a protective function for the lid and walls of the apparatus.

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