Rating of the TOP 10 best men’s perfumes: fragrance, which one to buy, comparison with analogues


Men are no less sensitive to perfume than women. After all, the aroma is able to make a considerable impression on others. Unlike women’s perfumes, men’s perfumes differ in the set of ingredients used. They are designed to emphasize the masculinity and strength of the owner.

At the heart of the men’s perfume, woody notes are used, embodying strength, calmness, and reliability. In most cases, musk and amber are added. Unlike women’s, men’s perfume is characterized by the greatest durability, sharpness of smell and stronger plume. In this article I will talk about the best men’s perfume, how to choose it correctly, what to look for.

Rating of perfumes for men

Antonio Banderas Blue Seduction for Men

The fragrance was released in 2007 and is suitable for active, purposeful men. The smell belongs to the class of oriental, fougere. Bright, recognizable aroma is characterized by a rich composition. The top notes are violet with melon and blackcurrant. Medium includes nutmeg and cappuccino. Musk, patchouli and raspberry complete the fragrance. Eau de toilette lasts up to three hours, has a medium intensity loop.

Type of Eau de Toilette
Family Oriental wine glasses
Notes Upper — melon, violet, pear; medium — cappuccino, nutmeg; base — musk, patchouli, raspberry
  • fresh;
  • persistent;
  • memorable and easily recognizable.

For a long time I was looking for what to buy instead of my old perfumes. This toilet water was recommended to me by a friend. I specifically went to the store, where there are not so many smells around. He puffed, like he liked it. Now he is satisfied with everything: the bottle, the fragrance, and its durability.

The life cycle of any perfume fragrance is divided into three levels — notes: top, middle (heart notes) and base.

LACOSTE L.12.12 Blanc

The fragrance is suitable for energetic, active men. Eau de toilette will help emphasize the image and win the attention of the beautiful half of humanity. The smell belongs to the class of woody, fougere. The refreshing top notes are a combination of rosemary and cardamom. Middle notes are ylang-ylang. The train has leather and suede scents.

The branded bottle is characterized by a concise, restrained form. Made in white organic glass. This is the embodiment of nobility and charisma.

Type of Eau de Toilette
Family woody fougere
Notes Top — rosemary, cardamom; medium — ylang-ylang; basic — leather, suede
  • high quality;
  • sweet notes;
  • unsharp.

Excellent perfume from a well-known manufacturer. For many years they have been keeping the brand, well done. Eau de toilette is cool, long lasting, unsharp, pleasant, unsweetened. For now, I don’t plan on changing.

Baldessarini Ambre

Eau de toilette was released in 2007. The smell belongs to the class of oriental, woody. The most recognizable top notes are mandarin and red apple. Violet and leather come next. The fragrance ends with a trail of oak and amber.

The scent lasts up to six hours and has a muted sillage. Eau de toilette is designed for strong, self-confident men. The fragrance completes the look, emphasizes brutality and style.

Type of Eau de Toilette
Family Oriental Woody
Notes Upper — tangerine; medium — violet, leather; base — amber, oak
  • bright;
  • stub;
  • like women.
  • the scent doesn’t last long.

I give these to a loved one when he runs out. Amazing, deep scent, I love it. Unsharp, unsweetened, though it does not last too long.

Paco Rabanne 1 Million

Men’s fragrance launched in 2008. Belongs to the class of spicy, woody. Eau de toilette is represented by a rich composition of aromas. Top notes are mint and grapefruit. In the middle, spices with cinnamon are clearly felt. The base is patchouli and amber.

The fragrance lasts up to two hours and has an unobtrusive plume. The bottle is made in an unusual recognizable form of a gold bar.

Type of Eau de Toilette
Family woody spicy
Notes Top — grapefruit, mint; medium — cinnamon, spices; base — patchouli, amber, leather
  • amazing smell;
  • persistent;
  • universal.

Nice, bold masculine fragrance. I recognize him out of a thousand. I have never met a man who does not like this perfume. Bright, unsharp sillage. Suitable for any time of the year.

Not all fragrances go through all three types of notes. There is a linear perfume that sounds the same from the moment it is applied to the final chords.

Paco Rabanne Invictus

The release of toilet water has been carried out since July 2013. Makes up a perfumery composition of wood aromas. In the top notes you will feel mandarin and grapefruit. In the middle, jasmine with laurel are pronounced. Amber patchouli and moss are clearly heard in the base.

The fragrance is quite persistent, able to last up to 12 hours and has a strong, enveloping plume. Bright, sporty scent suits active, energetic men.

Type of Eau de Toilette
Family woody
Notes Top — grapefruit, tangerine; medium — jasmine, laurel; base — patchouli, amber, moss
  • stylish bottle design;
  • cool smell;
  • lasts a long time;
  • nice sillage.
  • not detected.

I fell for the stylish design of the bottle. Pshiknul, very attracted aroma. I bought it and now I use it regularly. The smell is moderately brutal, fresh, pleasant plume. It is important that he does not get bored for a long time. Well, the price is affordable.


The fragrance has been produced by a famous brand since 1998 and is still at the peak of popularity. It belongs to the woody, spicy class. The top notes are apple, lemon and plum. Clove and cinnamon enter in the middle notes. In the loop you can feel the notes of vanilla, sandalwood and cedar.

The perfume lasts up to eight hours, has a moderate sillage. Eau de toilette is ideal for men with leadership qualities, it will give the owner solidity and nobility.

Type of Eau de Toilette
Family woody spicy
Notes Top — plum, apple, lemon, bergamot; medium — cloves, cinnamon; base — sandalwood, vanilla, cedar
  • pleasant, sweet smell;
  • inexpensive;
  • hold on for a long time.

Bought this perfume for my husband. He liked it very much. I am glad that the smell lasts for a really long time. It is fresh with hints of citrus. So if you’re looking for a good scent, I highly recommend it.

ARMANI Acqua di Gio pour Homme

The perfume was released in 1996 and still remains at the peak of popularity. The aroma is associated with the sound of the surf, the freshness of the waterfall. He became the epitome of sexuality. Notes of bergamot, jasmine and lime begin to acquaint us with the composition. Middle notes are coriander, hyacinth and peach. Base notes of patchouli, musk and amber round out the fragrance. Perfume suits a successful, independent man of any age.

Type of Eau de Toilette
Family Glass water
Notes Top — bergamot, jasmine, lime; medium — hyacinth, coriander, peach; base — amber, musk, patchouli
  • nice smell;
  • no sharpness;
  • recognizable.

Very pleasant aroma. Long sought his own, found by accident. Now I only buy them. For me it is important that the smell was light, unsharp. This eau de toilette is just that.

GIVENCHY Givenchy pour Homme Blue Label

The perfume was created in 2004. Belongs to the class of woody, spicy. The top notes of the perfume composition are occupied by bergamot and grapefruit. Medium — cardamom and pepper. The fragrance ends with a trail of olibanum and cedar.

Perfume is characterized by high durability. It lasts up to 12 hours and has a light sillage.

Type of Eau de Toilette
Family woody spicy
Notes Top — grapefruit, bergamot; medium — pepper, cardamom; basic — olibanum, cedar
  • universal;
  • combination of freshness with bitterness;
  • durability.

Excellent fresh aroma combined with citrus and bergamot. It is important that perfumes are suitable for a daily basis: for work, for a date and a business meeting. Even the girls like it, they came up a couple of times and asked the name of the perfume.

The main characteristic that forms the price of any perfume is the concentration of aromatic oils.

Arno Sorel Shaman

Perfume belongs to the class of woody, spicy. Vanilla and musk are the most recognizable top notes. The heart notes are geranium, mint and cinnamon. The final notes are eucalyptus and orange. Eau de toilette lasts for a couple of hours, has a light soft plume.

Type of Eau de Toilette
Family woody spicy
Notes Top — musk, vanilla; medium — mint, geranium, cinnamon; base — orange, eucalyptus
  • stylish design;
  • fresh smell;
  • unsharp;
  • persistent.

Cool bottle design, fits comfortably in the hand. The aroma is fresh, pleasant, with a slight bitterness. Durable, lasts all day, does not fade. Suitable for every day.

Versace Versace pour Homme

The fragrance from the famous brand was created in 2008. It belongs to the fougere class. This is a rather harmonious, free smell, symbolizing freedom and, at the same time, rigor. The top notes include bergamot and neroli, while the middle notes include geranium, cedar and hyacinth. In the trail you can hear musk and amber. Longevity is about 6 hours with a pleasant, unobtrusive sillage.

Type of Eau de Toilette
Family Wine glass
Notes Top — lemon, neroli, bergamot; medium — hyacinth, cedar, geranium; base — amber, musk
  • hold on for a long time;
  • there is a pleasant train;
  • light, not sticky.

Excellent perfume, I gave it to a young man six months ago. Durability is awesome. He puffs up in the morning, comes home from work and the apartment is filled with this smell. The aroma is classy, ​​pleasant, unsharp, unsweetened.

Men’s perfume archetypes

When a person chooses one or another fragrance, he tells others a lot about himself. This is, in a way, our calling card. On this basis, several male perfume archetypes have been created, which I will now analyze in detail:

Classical Strictness, conciseness and impeccability prevail here. Such a man is rational and highly disciplined. Classic style is embodied in fougere fragrances. Oriental and leather accents do not fit at all.
Sports The embodiment of comfort, simplicity, freedom. Such a man is used to living for his own pleasure. For such people, citrus and fougere aromas are characteristic.
Attractive Such men win the hearts of women. They are seducers, have an imposing, confident gait, charisma and delivered speech. To enhance these qualities, perfumes with aphrodisiacs, oriental aromas with hints of spices are suitable.
Respectable The epitome of retro style. These are some kind of elegant intellectuals. Such men are connoisseurs of old traditions and established foundations. Woody aromas are inherent in this style.
Extravagant Such men are distinguished by their bright image, extraordinary appearance, style. They are suitable for perfume, in which there are caramel, vanilla notes.
brutal This is a brave, compromise and democratic person. Such men are perfect perfumes with notes of tobacco leather and patchouli.

This classification will allow you to guide you a little on the right choice of «your» ideal perfume.

How to choose

It is quite difficult for some men to choose a perfume for themselves, therefore, their beloved women come to their aid. But, if there is no one to help you, and you do not understand at all how to choose “your” fragrance, I will tell you how to do it:

  1. Do not blindly buy perfume online. Even if you read the reviews, and they are all positive, it is not a fact that the fragrance is right for you. Therefore, for a purchase, be sure to go to the store.
  2. Try different perfumes for yourself. Most modern stores have perfume testers that you can puff on yourself or on a blotter — a paper strip for perfumery.
  3. If you try the fragrance directly on yourself, apply it on your wrist or elbow.
  4. If you wish to try another perfume, first relax your receptors and free them from the previous scent. To do this, sniff a jar of coffee. In good cosmetics stores, these are located near the counter with perfume.
  5. It will take about an hour to understand how the aroma is fully revealed.

If you are purchasing a particular perfume for the first time and are not sure that you definitely liked it or that you will not get bored after a while, I recommend taking the minimum volume of the bottle.

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