Rating of the TOP 10 best frame trampolines: maximum load, which one to buy, comparison with analogues


Summer holidays can be diluted with fun and active games. For this, street frame trampolines are suitable. This sports equipment will please children and adults. It is suitable for outdoor activities, entertainment, sports training, performing acrobatic stunts.

Exercises on a frame trampoline are useful. They cheer up, improve heart function, remove toxins, train different muscle groups, keep the whole body in good shape. In this article I will talk about the best frame trampolines, their features, as well as the criteria for choosing equipment for my dacha.

Rating of frame trampolines

Optifit Like 16ft

The frame trampoline is characterized by reliability and safety. It is as simple as possible to assemble, the diameter of the product reaches 488 cm. An elongated protective mesh is located inside, which increases its level of safety. The housing is durable because it is made of thick galvanized steel. Hooks are provided to securely fix the trampoline on a soft surface.

Made in America and made of high quality polypropylene, this jump mat is made with a secure weave. The springs are made from hardened steel. Sports equipment is able to withstand loads up to 150 kg. No additional equipment is required for its assembly. You can enter the trampoline through the zipper. The protective grid is not subject to the aggressive action of ultraviolet radiation.

Diameter cm 488
Maximum load, kg 150
Protective mesh Yes
  • value for money;
  • reliable;
  • durable construction;
  • quality details.

We decided to buy a trampoline for children, especially since the area of ​​​​the suburban area allows. As it turned out, this is great entertainment even for adults. The construction is strong, stable, excellent fastening. A huge plus is the presence of a protective grid. There are no problems with assembly or disassembly.

Do not leave your child on the trampoline unattended. It is important that the entrance to the jumping area is closed so that the children cannot open it themselves.

Lite Weights LW-54

The frame trampoline of this model will become the excellent exercise machine for all family members. The diameter of the product is 137 cm. The frame is made of galvanized steel. Assembly is easy and no additional hardware is required. If necessary, the trampoline can be folded in half. The inventory is able to withstand up to 100 kg.

Diameter cm 137
Maximum load, kg 100
Protective mesh Not
  • value for money;
  • lasting;
  • stable;
  • inexpensive.
  • not detected.

I ordered several of these trampolines for my fitness center. They are durable, stable, can withstand up to 100 kg. The bottom does not sink. And the price is nice. I am sure that such high-quality products will be used with us for a long time.

Sport Elite FR-01-4.5FT

A bright frame trampoline with a protective net is designed only for children and can withstand up to 45 kg. Due to its small size, it will fit perfectly into any area in the country, behind the house. The product has a solid steel construction, a high protective mesh. The entrance to the jumping surface is equipped with a lightning. The mat is soft, attached to the frame with 30 hooks, stability is ensured thanks to six supports. A high protective net eliminates the risk of falling out of inventory and injury.

Diameter cm 137
Maximum load, kg 45
Protective mesh Yes
  • stylish;
  • bright;
  • stable;
  • lasting;
  • excellent kit.

We bought such a trampoline for children in a suburban area. It is colorful, durable and well made. Even at the bottom there is a grid, animals will not crawl under it. The size of the trampoline is just right: not too big and not too small. It springs perfectly, the kids are delighted.


The frame trampoline has a diameter of 244 cm. It is quite roomy, reliable, and safe. Withstands weight up to 150 kg. The legs of the product are made of galvanized steel, and the mat is made of permatron. There is a protective polyethylene mesh. To make it convenient to enter the jumping zone, a ladder with two steps is provided.

Diameter cm 244
Maximum load, kg 150
Protective mesh Yes
  • big;
  • stable;
  • spacious;
  • reliable.

Excellent, not too big and reliable trampoline. The legs are made of steel, the mesh is well stretched. There is also a ladder included. Withstands really heavy weight, you can let several children on it at once. Spacious and, most importantly, safe for kids.

DFC Kengoo 14FT-TR-E-BAS

The trampoline is characterized by reliability, quality of materials. It is safe and low maintenance. It is distinguished by the presence of bright colors and a protective mesh. The design has a strong frame, 30 steel springs, which, for added safety, are also covered with a protective cover.

The mat is made of polypropylene and the inner mesh is made of high quality nylon. For maximum security, the entrance to the jump zone is through a zippered mesh. The set includes a convenient ladder.

Diameter cm 427
Maximum load, kg 220
Protective grid
  • fast assembly;
  • quality mesh;
  • strong trampoline;
  • good springs.

Excellent, strong trampoline, which is suitable not only for children’s entertainment, but also for adults. Assembly was not difficult. All materials are of high quality, the mesh is strong, the springs are good.

I strongly recommend not to perform sports tricks without training and a suitable trampoline for this. It is better to conduct such training with a professional trainer.

DFC Jump Kids 55″

This model can be put in the house and on the street. Children’s sports equipment can withstand a maximum of 45 kg. The mat is made of high quality polypropylene. The springs are covered with a protective sheath. Ladders are not included but can be purchased separately. You can enter the jump surface by opening the zipper.

Diameter cm 137
Maximum load, kg 45
Protective mesh Yes
  • durable materials;
  • simple assembly;
  • qualitative.

Very good trampoline, children constantly jump on it. True, it will not be possible to let all the children there at the same time, since it is designed for a maximum of 45 kg. The size of the inventory is small, it stands on a plot in the backyard.

Exit Toys Home 80053

The trampoline is perfect for active home and outdoor children’s recreation. When installing inventory in the house, make sure that the height of the ceilings is acceptable. The model is characterized by a stylish appearance, non-slip mats, closed edges. The trampoline is able to withstand a child weighing no more than 25 kg. The frame is made of steel, and the protective mesh is made of high-quality nylon.

Diameter cm 140
Maximum load, kg 25
Protective mesh Yes
  • beautiful appearance;
  • high quality performance;
  • compact.
  • not detected.

The trampoline was bought for a small child. In the summer it stands on the street, in the winter — in the house, fortunately, its compact size allows. The inventory itself is stylish, beautiful, reliable, safe. The child is delighted.

KMS Trampoline 6

The trampoline will be an excellent attraction for children and sports equipment for adults. It is equipped with a protective mesh, the entrance is fastened with a zipper. Comfortable, soft jumping surface inside. The product is made according to the European standard.

The diameter of this model is 180 cm, and the maximum load reaches 100 kg. The sports equipment frame is made of high-quality, reliable steel. The mat is made of permatron, which is not affected by weather changes. The protective net of the trampoline resists the aggressive action of ultraviolet rays.

Diameter cm 180
Maximum load, kg 100
Protective mesh Yes
  • lasting;
  • reliable;
  • inexpensive.

Cool trampoline, the kids are happy. Judging by the maximum load, he can withstand an adult, but we did not dare to try. The main thing is not to forget to fasten the mesh when the children are inside to avoid injury.

Proxima 15FT

This model of a trampoline is suitable for repeated, regular use. It is able to withstand numerous assembly and disassembly. The product is characterized by stability, heavy load, reliability and safety.

The frame of the equipment is made of steel, the W-shaped legs ensure the stability of the structure, the mat is made of permatron, which quickly restores its shape. Steel springs are coated with an anti-corrosion solution, which ensures elasticity, durability and reliability. A protective net is provided that prevents flying out of the jump zone and getting injured. Also, there is a small ladder of two steps, which makes it easier to enter the mat.

Diameter cm 457
Maximum load, kg 150
Protective mesh Yes
  • high quality;
  • steel legs;
  • there is a safety net.

Good quality model. It can be installed both at home and at their summer cottage. The framework is made of high-quality steel, compensation of roughnesses of a floor is provided. Suitable for children and adults.

A street trampoline is not recommended to be placed on asphalt, because this way it loses its stability. It is better to put the product on the ground, grass.

DFC Jump Kids 60″

The children’s trampoline is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It can withstand loads up to 45 kg. Steel springs withstand even the most active jumps of the child. The jump zone is made of high quality polypropylene. To enter the mat, you need to open the zipper, and the slider is located on the outside so that the child cannot open it on his own. The set does not include a ladder, but it can be purchased separately.

Diameter cm 150
Maximum load, kg 45
Protective mesh Yes
  • inexpensive;
  • optimal size;
  • reliable.

We liked this model, the child also appreciated it. He jumps all the time, the trampoline stands on the street. The quality is excellent, everything is reliable and strong. The main thing is that the child is happy.


Today you can find a large number of different types of trampolines. There are even models for water. Among the frame trampolines, several large groups can be distinguished:

Professional The product has high rigidity and a special surface. The trampoline has an elastic mesh and a steel frame. This inventory provides a certain amount of jumping power. These types of trampolines are usually used in special trampoline centers. Jumps are carried out under the supervision of trained coaches.
Street (frame) Suitable for active pastime and sports training. The product has anti-corrosion coating, strong mesh, high resistance. Most models are equipped with a protective mesh on the sides, which prevents falling outside the jump zone and getting injured.
Fitness trampoline Used indoors, designed to train different muscle groups. The advantage is compactness.
Inflatable It is a great attraction for children. Outwardly, they are bright, colored, are equipped with slides.
Water A balloon with a jump cloth in the center.
built-in This type of trampoline is buried in the ground.

The most budgetary is the built-in trampoline. This option is the most reliable, because it is stable and safe.

How to choose

When choosing a trampoline, it is worth considering several criteria:

Diameter With an increase in diameter, the jumping zone, a place for games, also increases.
Coating If you buy inventory for the home, then the choice of coverage is quite wide. If you want to install it in the country, then you should buy trampolines with a coating that is not subject to the aggressive action of the external environment: rain, sun.
Load It depends on it how many people will be in the jump zone at the same time, whether it will be for children or for adults too.
Protective mesh Some models of frame trampolines are equipped with a net that protects against flying off the jumping surface and injuries. Especially such products are suitable for children.
Springs The strength of the jump depends on their number. For small children, 30-50 springs are enough. For higher jumps for adults, the springs should be already 96.

It is convenient if the trampoline is equipped with a ladder that helps to climb the jumping surface.

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