Rating of the best teas for nursing mothers: TOP-5 with reviews, pros and cons


It is difficult to overestimate the importance of breastfeeding, all experts from the field of neonatology, immunology, obstetrics and gynecology recognize it as the most beneficial nutrition for a newborn. Many factors influence the formation of lactation in a young mother, and tea to stimulate the production of breast milk is an effective and completely safe method. It solves the problem of lack of milk and additionally saturates it with the missing useful components. This review will help you choose a really good tea with a natural composition and a pleasant taste.

Rating of the best teas for nursing mothers

Babushkino Lukoshko

This is a collection of natural herbs that have a beneficial effect on the mother’s body and increase the production of breast milk. It has a mild sedative and antispasmodic effect. By changing the composition of mother’s milk, it improves the functioning of the baby’s gastrointestinal tract, reduces flatulence. The manufacturer «Babushkino Lukoshko» recommends drinking tea for nursing mothers in courses of 2-3 weeks with the same break throughout the entire lactation period.

Characteristic Meaning
Compound Anise, fennel, nettle, cumin, lemon balm
Release form Filter bags — 20 pcs
Country of Origin Russia


  • environmentally friendly raw materials;
  • lack of flavors, dyes, sugar;
  • there are flavors to choose from: rosehip and anise;
  • convenient form of preparation;
  • removes colic in a child.


  • an allergic reaction to individual components is possible;
  • specific smell of cumin and fennel.

Review: “Good tea, I tell you. I bought after the birth of my son, aniseed. There was milk with gulkin’s nose, she drank tea, ate on the recommendation of a doctor, the situation improved before our eyes. The price of tea is junk, I would never have bought it because of fears for quality, if not for the advice of a pediatrician.

Milky Way

Nutrient-protein mixture and lactogenic supplement «Milky Way» are recommended for all nursing mothers to increase lactation or as an additional source of protein, vitamins and mineral salts to prevent nutritional deficiencies. Galega grass (popularly goat’s rue), one of the main components of the drug, enhances and prolongs the secretion of milk. A balanced vitamin and mineral composition allows women to take «Milky Way» from the first days of the postpartum period. The course of admission is two weeks when using the mixture 2-4 times a day.

Characteristic Meaning
Compound Powdered milk, soy protein, galega herb, vitamin premix, minerals
Release form Powder in jars of 200 and 400 g
Country of Origin Russia


  • hypoallergenic product;
  • passed a genetic examination at the Ministry of Health;
  • effective and safe drug — proven by clinical trials;
  • improves the immunological properties of breast milk;
  • the amount of milk increases by 1.5-2 times.


  • contains sugar;
  • many complaints about bad taste.

Review: “Not the first time I order. Great tea, really helps. Taste for an amateur, I drink with warm milk and condensed milk — a bomb. Really a lot of milk. I advise everyone».


Herbal collection «Laktofitol» is used for lack of breast milk. Such herbal tea not only enhances the secretion of the mammary glands and prolongs the lactation period, but also has a beneficial effect on the well-being of the baby. The botanicals that make up the tea are known for their milk-producing properties, and the fennel fruit minimizes bloating. Individual foil packaging of herbal tea reliably protects the product from moisture and sunlight. Take a drink should be twice a day for half a glass.

Characteristic Meaning
Compound Fennel, cumin, stinging nettle, anise
Release form 20 filter bags
Country of Origin Russia


  • does not affect the taste of breast milk;
  • without harmful components in the composition;
  • reduces bloating in a child;
  • can replace regular tea with meals;
  • undergoes multi-stage laboratory control.


  • high price;
  • Not every pharmacy can buy it.

Review: “I drank it for six months, while the baby needed to be fed with breast milk. I want to say that I already saw the result from Laktofitol the next morning. It really helps to produce mother’s milk, it literally poured out.


Tea for lactation for nursing mothers from the world famous manufacturer of baby food «Humana» is a tasty and healthy drink with a balanced fruit and herbal complex. The composition of the product is specially designed to gently stimulate the production of breast milk. Tea improves the mother’s general well-being, her digestion, immunity and sleep, which greatly speeds up the process of postpartum recovery. To prepare a drink, one teaspoon of granules should be mixed in 100 ml of warm boiled water and taken 3-4 times a day half an hour before feeding.

Characteristic Meaning
Compound Hibiscus, fennel, verbena, fenugreek, galega
Release form Granules in a tube of 200 g
Country of Origin Germany


  • in one package — 40 servings of tea;
  • does not contain allergenic components — lactose and gluten;
  • pleasant taste, which is a rarity for the collection of medicinal herbs;
  • contains vitamins of natural origin;
  • complies with the international quality standard ISO 9001:2000.


  • the composition contains a complex carbohydrate maltodextrin — an analogue of sugar;
  • too bright color of the granules — not very natural.

Review: “This tea helps me a lot. There was practically no milk anymore, I drank this tea, and everything returned to normal. ”

Hipp Herbal tea with anise, fennel and cumin

The Swiss brand of baby food, widely known for natural organic products, offers nursing mothers a specialized herbal food product with a pleasant, refreshing lemongrass aroma to stimulate lactation. Delicious herbal tea helps restore fluid balance in the body during breastfeeding. The granules dissolve easily in water, and for greater convenience, packaging with filter bags is available. The tea does not contain GMOs, colors or artificial flavors.

Characteristic Meaning
Compound Extracts of lemon balm, nettle, fennel, cumin, anise, lemongrass flavor
Release form Tube with 200 g granules, 20 filter bags
Country of Origin Switzerland


  • Swiss quality standard;
  • there is a fruit analogue of tea for lactation;
  • light fresh aroma of lemongrass;
  • can be taken from the first day of breastfeeding;
  • sealed lid closes tightly.


  • after opening the package, the product is good for 12 weeks;
  • high price.

Review: “Almost four years ago I tried this tea, and it turned out to be the only remedy from which I felt the result. The taste of the drink is quite pleasant, light, herbal, not very sweet.

Comparison table of teas for nursing mothers

Product Name Compound Release form Country of Origin
Babushkino Lukoshko Anise, fennel, nettle, cumin, lemon balm Filter bags — 20 pcs Russia
Milky Way Powdered milk, soy protein, galega herb, vitamin premix, minerals Powder in jars of 200 and 400 g Russia
Lactafytol Fennel, cumin, stinging nettle, anise 20 filter bags Russia
Humana Hibiscus, fennel, verbena, fenugreek, galega Granules in a tube of 200 g Germany
hipp Extracts of lemon balm, nettle, fennel, cumin, anise, lemongrass flavor Tube with 200 g granules, 20 filter bags Switzerland

Is it possible to drink tea for a nursing mother?

Tea is a necessary component of the diet of a nursing mother, since any warm liquid stimulates milk production. Drinks with minimal caffeine and herbal-based drinks, such as green teas without dyes and non-natural flavors, work well. So, nettle and galega increase the amount of breast milk, and fennel and cumin have a positive effect on the baby’s gastrointestinal tract, reduce colic. The main thing is to remember that tea is an additional tool that will work effectively only in a set of actions aimed at improving lactation.

How to choose the right tea?

The choice of a special drink that improves lactation should be approached with caution and care. Be sure to consider the following:

  • natural composition — it is better to choose teas with herbal extracts, without the addition of components of chemical origin;
  • individual intolerance to the components — it is worth making sure that there is no allergic reaction to the components;
  • palatability — the aroma and taste of tea are no less important than its properties;
  • compliance with international quality standards — you need to choose teas from baby food manufacturers so as not to worry about the negative consequences.

A properly selected lactogenic drink not only increases the production of breast milk, but also improves its composition, prolongs the duration of breastfeeding. And only the attending physician in each individual case can unequivocally answer the question of which tea for nursing mothers should be taken.

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