Rating of the best smartphone companies: TOP manufacturers of quality phones


In today’s world, it’s important to stay connected. For communication, access to the Internet requires a convenient and compact device. In retail chains, you can find a huge number of phones of different colors, brands, sizes. But which company has the best devices? The article contains information on how to choose the right smartphone brand, as well as a rating of the most popular companies.

Rating of smartphone manufacturers

The range of modern phones is quite rich. When choosing a smartphone, you should first decide for what purpose it is bought. There are 3 groups of manufacturers: A, B, C. What is their difference?

  • The first group includes devices from top companies involved in the development of components and software products.
  • The second group includes companies that relatively recently announced their existence. They are known all over the world and try to earn popularity at the expense of a low price. Mid-segment companies are rapidly developing and producing phone models with high quality and performance.
  • The last group includes little-known Chinese firms.

In terms of technical characteristics, appearance and performance, brands of the premium segment or group A are, of course, better.

The ranking includes the following best smartphone companies:


The presented company manufactures the highest quality smartphones in the world, the components of which are particularly durable. These are the only devices that run on their own IOS firmware. All applications, games and developments are only official or verified by the manufacturer. The demand for the gadget is growing every year due to innovative technologies, organic design and the status with which it is associated. Each model has qualitative differences, which are the main factors in choosing a flagship device.

Characteristic Meaning
Storage volume, GB 32.64, 128, 512
CPU A13 Bionic
Screen diagonal, inch 5.8 — 6.1 — 6.5


  • advanced developments;
  • functional;
  • high image quality;
  • powerful processors;
  • large amount of RAM.


  • overpriced;
  • poor compatibility with other brands.

Feedback: “I have been using the device for more than 3 years — the quality is excellent, but I decided to upgrade and bought the latest smartphone model. The shooting quality is excellent, communication has improved, I really like the design of the phone, its versatility. In general, the device is more than satisfied.”


One of the leading companies with a wide range of smartphones in different price categories. Each gadget is equipped with a high-quality screen, a powerful processor and high-pixel cameras that allow you to shoot in 4K resolution. The brand is known for its innovations, regular updates, numerous sensors. The devices are based on Android, which makes it easy and simple to manage them.

Characteristic Meaning
Storage volume, GB 8, 16, 32, 64
CPU Exynos 4212 Snapdragon
Screen diagonal, inch 5.6 — 6.2


  • powerful camera;
  • quality software;
  • a large selection of models;
  • design;
  • comfortable to hold in hand.


  • battery capacity;
  • sometimes freezes.

Review: “I really like the company for producing high quality gadgets. I have been using the device for 5 years — the phone is comfortable, has a nice shell, stylish appearance and affordable price. Recently, the technical characteristics of the device have improved, so I am thinking about purchasing a new model.”


This company offers devices in the middle and budget segments, but there are also several flagship models in the assortment. In addition to smartphones, the company is engaged in the production of gadgets compatible with them. Affordable price does not affect quality — phones have a high-quality matrix, dual or triple sensors, powerful selfie cameras. Thanks to the high-frequency processor, the device works quickly, does not freeze or buggy.

Characteristic Meaning
Storage volume, GB 64, 128
CPU Qualcomm Snapdragon 435
Screen diagonal, inch 5.5 — 6.4


  • monthly system updates;
  • a wide range of models;
  • brightness and clarity during shooting;
  • minimum aperture on cameras;
  • smart sensors.


  • build quality;
  • the battery does not hold a charge well.

Review: “I quickly got used to a good and inexpensive gadget. I ordered via the Internet. I received the phone very quickly and I can say that it is much better than I expected. Large storage that holds photos and videos, applications and other documents, an excellent front camera and, of course, a wide range of colors. I connect watches of the same brand to my smartphone.”


A relatively new company in the world of smartphones, which has already managed to impress consumers with its products. The manufacturer has a large number of devices of different price ranges. The flagships of this brand are in no way inferior to premium models, but their cost is much lower. Most devices have 3 cameras, which provide a picture on a beautiful OLED screen. In most cases, gaming processors are installed, which are among the most powerful. It runs on Android and pleases with regular system updates.

Characteristic Meaning
Storage volume, GB 16, 32, 64
CPU Kirin920
Screen diagonal, inch 5 — 7.1


  • use of own processors;
  • firmware;
  • OS update;
  • powerful camera;
  • frame.


  • buggy;
  • new models are often released and old ones are not updated.

Review: “A month ago, a phone was presented for my birthday. A very large diagonal, which I quickly got used to, allows you to watch videos, play games. The metal case protects against damage and scratches, a bright screen and a high-quality image — everything you need for long-term work.

One Plus

A subsidiary company that was created to produce gadgets. The brand has always been in the top of the best in terms of build quality, which is why its devices are popular. The main feature of smartphones is a large and high-quality screen with Quad HD-extension. All phone models have a stylish design, often without a frame. The triple camera allows you to shoot in 4K. The special sensors that the phone is equipped with capture the smallest nuances of the scene.

Characteristic Meaning
Storage volume, GB 16, 64, 128
CPU Snapdragon 855
Screen diagonal, inch 6.4 — 6.4


  • powerful battery;
  • big screen;
  • shooting quality;
  • stereo speakers;
  • built-in memory.


  • small assortment;
  • there are no service centers.

Review: “You have to be on the phone for a long time, so my choice fell on this model. It perfectly combines design and performance. The device charges quickly, there is protection against moisture, a very convenient retractable selfie camera. The pictures are voluminous and expressive. An excellent combination of price and quality.”


A Chinese company that has established itself well in the international market. Mobile phones have a stylish design, a large amount of RAM, which is enough for normal operation. The display is developed using IPS technology, which ensures high picture quality. The processor with multiple cores ensures the speed of response to user actions. Anti-reflective filters will allow you to use the device even in bright sunlight.

Characteristic Meaning
Storage volume, GB 4, 8, 16, 32
CPU Qualcomm Snapdragon 660
Screen diagonal, inch 4.5 — 7.5


  • frame;
  • camera;
  • sound;
  • fingerprint scanner;
  • internal interface.


  • small battery capacity;
  • uncomfortable lower speakers.

Feedback: “The smartphone is very attractive, fits comfortably in the hand. They took the latest version with all the bells and whistles such as a fingerprint, cashless payment by cards. The phone showed itself from the best side, it works smartly, does not slow down. Comes with a silicone case.


The only company that started production with photo and video equipment. In smartphones, developers use the best cameras that are able to take clear and high-quality photos, shoot professional-quality videos. This is achieved thanks to a triple module with a light-sensitive aperture, which is able to shoot in the dark. The manufacturer equipped the phones with the most modern and powerful hardware: a powerful processor, a large amount of RAM, a wide diagonal and many other components.

Characteristic Meaning
Storage volume, GB 32, 64
CPU MediaTek (MTK)
Screen diagonal, inch 4.9 — 5.5


  • camera with 4K extension;
  • innovative technologies;
  • stereo speakers;
  • protective functions;
  • color rendering.


  • quickly discharged;
  • equipment.

Review: “For a long time I chose which company to buy a smartphone, and settled on Sony. The amount of memory is enough with the head, the battery lasts for a relatively long time, the case is made of aluminum alloy and looks very nice. There is a fingerprint scanner on the back of the case, the Internet and the connection are good, until it is buggy.”


One of the largest and most popular corporations. The company specializes not only in the development of operating systems, but also produces its own gadgets. The devices are equipped with a large amount of storage, a high-pixel main and front camera, a touch screen with soft buttons. The range includes 3 series of smartphones that have “improved stuffing”. The presented brand belongs to the category of the premium segment.

Characteristic Meaning
Storage volume, GB 32, 64, 128
CPU Qualcomm Snapdragon 845
Screen diagonal, inch 5 — 5.5


  • updated firmware;
  • the size;
  • performance;
  • work speed;
  • moisture protection.


  • vertical frames;
  • headphone jack.

Review: “The phones of this brand are definitely worth the money. I bought a smartphone and am very pleased with the purchase. The battery lasts a long time, the autofocus camera takes good pictures, the bright display shows the saturation of every color.”


Mobile phones of this brand deserve the recognition of buyers. New models have a minimalist design and standard functionality. Rich multi-touch displays the entire color spectrum. The eight-core processor is enough to perform standard tasks. Gadgets are charged from a USB Type-C cable. A great option for students who spend most of their time on social networks. The front camera of 20 megapixels will allow you to create high-quality selfies even at night.

Characteristic Meaning
Storage volume, GB 16, 32
CPU MediaTek
Screen diagonal, inch 3.9 — 5.5


  • powerful battery;
  • good speakers;
  • 2 SIM cards;
  • slim aluminum body;
  • processes requests quickly.


  • buggy with prolonged use;
  • weak camera.

Review: “I have been using Nokia for a very long time, I started my acquaintance with a push-button phone and decided not to break the tradition by buying a new smartphone. I can say that the improved design makes it very stylish and beautiful, there are no backlashes, it is comfortable in the hand. During use it did not overheat and did not freeze. The battery capacity is sufficient for standard tasks.”


This manufacturer has about 60 smartphone models for sale. In addition to phones, the company also produces other gadgets that interface with them. For a relatively low cost, developers offer a multifunctional device with a bright, large screen, a clear camera and an energy-intensive battery. Some models have a wireless charging function. They are sold in white, black and blue. The latest models are equipped with a 5G module and protective glass Gorilla Glass 6.

Characteristic Meaning
Storage volume, GB 16, 32
CPU MediaTek
Screen diagonal, inch 5.5 — 6.0


  • fast charge;
  • high-quality picture;
  • fingerprint scanner;
  • user-friendly interface;
  • performance.


  • little internal memory;
  • case is scratched.

Feedback: “I have been using the phone for a little over six months, and I have only positive emotions. The smartphone is cool, has many interesting features. The battery holds a charge for a long time, light and neat, the color gamut is at the highest level. Satisfied with the choice.»

Smartphone firms are looking for new creative ideas to attract the buyer and stay afloat. Every brand has strengths and weaknesses. Performance, stuffing, high detail, design, image clarity — everyone has the right to decide what is important to him. Choosing smartphones from the listed companies, the buyer will definitely not be disappointed.

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