Rating of the best pillows for sleeping and feeding: features, pros and cons


With the advent of a new family member, it is planned to purchase various useful things and accessories. They make it easier to care for a small child. One such product is the sleeping and feeding pillow. With its help, a young mother will establish the process of lactation, provide all the conditions for a speedy recovery after childbirth. The article offers a comparison of the best pillow manufacturers for sleeping moms and feeding babies, a rating of pillows for pregnant women and women during lactation, as well as tips for choosing the best product.

Rating of the best pillows for sleeping and feeding


The pillow is suitable for pregnant women starting from the second trimester. The comfortable shape allows you to take a comfortable posture during rest, which is confirmed by physiotherapists. It is made of hypoallergenic materials, therefore it is completely safe for the child. The pillow allows you to relax, relieve tension in the back and lower back, and normalize blood circulation. The product is sold without a cover, so it is recommended to purchase a pillowcase.

Characteristic Meaning
Filler styrofoam balls
Weight, kg 1.10
The form C-shaped


  • bright design;
  • natural fabric;
  • does not lose properties after washing;
  • removable cover;
  • multifunctional.


  • deformation;
  • rustling filler.

Review: “I bought a pillow for my daughter. It is very useful both during pregnancy and after childbirth. The cover is removable and easy to wash. It is comfortable to sleep on and feed the children. Comes with extra balls for elasticity.


The pillow is designed for women of average height. This is the most popular model among buyers. The length is 150 cm. The pillow supports the belly of the expectant mother from all sides. Made from natural cotton. The filler provides elasticity and practicality. Comes with an extra replacement pillow case. It is easy to wash both by hand and in the machine. The pillow is easy to carry from room to room due to its light weight and comfortable shape.

Characteristic Meaning
Filler holofiber
Weight, kg 1.6
The form U-shaped


  • quality;
  • filler;
  • convenient form;
  • long length;
  • sleep comfortably.


  • price;
  • material is washed away.

Review: “I have been using the pillow for more than 4 years. I used it a lot during my pregnancy. It was very comfortable to sleep on it, I also liked to feed on it. In most cases, I used it as a fence so that the child would not fall out of bed. Very soft, but loses its color over time.”

Leader Kids

A new pregnancy pillow designed by physiotherapists for maximum comfort during pregnancy. It consists of three parts and can be used to support the neck, abdomen or legs. Made from high quality hypoallergenic holofiber. Additional covers are included. The product is machine washable and does not lose shape during use.

Characteristic Meaning
Filler holofiber
Weight, kg 1.3
The form C-shaped


  • comfortable;
  • removable cover;
  • orthopedic;
  • has pockets;
  • breathable materials.


  • can be narrow with a large waist;
  • brand cover.

Review: “I bought a pillow for sleeping during pregnancy. After several days of use, I noticed that my back pain was gone, my lower back was not pulling, and I began to get enough sleep. Natural fabric does not cause allergies and has no odors.

Body Pillow U

The pillow of this brand is made in the form of a crescent, it is easily transformed to the desired position of mother and baby. Small polystyrene balls are used as filling. The filler is wear-resistant, does not deform and does not rustle. During feeding, the baby’s head is placed in a special recess, taking the correct position. The cover is made of high quality material, can be easily removed and washed in the machine if necessary.

Characteristic Meaning
Filler polystyrene balls
Weight, kg 2.5
The form U-shaped


  • removable pillowcase;
  • the kit includes a filler;
  • big size;
  • practicality;
  • moderately dense.


  • heavy;
  • uncomfortable to put on a pillowcase.

Review: “A friend advised me to buy a pillow for feeding a baby. The large shape allows you to place it in the desired position — the head lies in the upper part, the back and legs are supported. It is very soft, the pillowcase is removable and easy to wash.”

U comfort

The pregnancy pillow has a compact shape. It is made of elastic material that is not able to deform. This allows the mother to take any positions. The natural filler has no odors and does not cause allergic reactions. The cotton cover is easy to wash. The foam balls that shape the pillow maintain the temperature balance that is so important for baby’s comfort. The set includes additional balls to restore the original volume of the pillow.

Characteristic Meaning
Filler foam balls
Weight, kg 1.9
The form U-shaped


  • takes an anatomical shape;
  • normalizes blood circulation;
  • not heavy;
  • does not rustle;
  • used for the early development of the baby.


  • pillow size;
  • collapses under the weight of the child.

Review: “A pillow is a very good thing after the end of breastfeeding. The child develops rapidly, holds his head, turns over. The pillow serves as a kind of barrier against falls, protects against impacts. Satisfied with the choice.»

Sonvol U 340

Pillow for pregnant women is designed for comfort during rest and not only. The natural cotton from which the pillowcase is made is 100% safe for baby’s skin. The filler consists of a tent material — 100% polyester, based on anti-allergic, certified silicone fibers. Pillow design in a classic style — a white pattern on a trendy gray background. There is also a hidden zipper, which greatly increases the comfort of use and makes it easier to keep the pillow clean.

Characteristic Meaning
Filler polyester
Weight, kg 2.9
The form U-shaped


  • soft pillowcase;
  • design;
  • convenient size;
  • neatly sewn;
  • weightless, airy.


  • there is a slight smell when the pillow is without pillowcase;
  • Velcro.

Review: “A sleep pillow is a real salvation for those who have back problems. Feeding is very easy and comfortable. I adjust it under the legs and lower back. Soft fabric does not cause allergies. Beautiful and stylish design.”


The U-shaped pillow is made from 100% cotton and filled with hypoallergenic particles in a spiral pattern for a resilient feel. The outer cover is removable and has a zipper. The convenient form creates the maximum comfort during pregnancy, supports a stomach and a back. Due to its versatility, the pillow will become an assistant in the further development of the child: to support the head and feed. The roller envelops the back of the baby, creating a kind of cocoon and preventing him from falling.

Characteristic Meaning
Filler hypoallergenic balls
Weight, kg 2.3
The form U-shaped


  • comfortable;
  • does not sit down;
  • not painted;
  • dense;
  • soft fabric.


  • label sizes do not match.
  • seams are visible.

Review: “I’m on my second pillow now. Very satisfied, she does not shed and does not paint. The fabric is quite soft and thick. I put it under my back when I sleep. The only drawback is the locks, which are a little pressure. In general, I am satisfied with the material and quality.

How to choose the right pillow?

Pillow for sleeping and feeding must meet the following criteria:

  • multifunctional use;
  • environmental friendliness — in the manufacturing process, the manufacturer must use natural fabrics and fillers;
  • lightness — the minimum weight will help to easily transport the pillow;
  • convenient form;
  • relatively low price.

A newborn baby is defenseless and vulnerable. Mom needs to give the baby all her care and love, to provide him with complete comfort. Special pillows will help with this. They will also allow you to establish the correct process of lactation. The above criteria will help you choose the most comfortable option.

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