Rating of the best creams for combination skin day and night use


Combination skin care requires an integrated approach and the use of special cosmetics. Daily creams should provide quality nourishment and moisture to dry areas, but at the same time cleanse and remove shine from the oily T-zone. This rating will help you choose a good day and night cream.

The best day creams for combination skin

AHAVA Time To Hydrate Essential day

This day cream is enriched with Dead Sea minerals and provides quality care throughout the day. The formula is based on minerals, vitamins and aloe vera extract. In combination, they qualitatively moisturize the skin, remove oily sheen and prevent peeling. Regular use of the product restores a constant level of moisture in the cells of the epidermis and normalizes fat metabolism. As a result, the problem of dryness and increased fat content of individual areas is eliminated naturally. The innovative formula of the product was created specifically for combination skin. It promotes cell regeneration and improves metabolic processes in them. As a result, the face acquires an even color, the skin becomes soft and supple, peeling and enlarged pores disappear.

Active Ingredient Glycerin, vitamin E and B5
Application area Face, neck
Effect Moisturizing, matting


  • contains unique Dead Sea minerals;
  • suitable for daily use as a base for make-up;
  • pleasant natural smell;
  • evens out skin tone;
  • Deeply hydrates without feeling sticky.


  • high price;
  • not always available for sale.

Black pearl BiO-program

Cosmetics «Black Pearl» is considered budgetary, but at the same time it significantly improves the quality of the skin. In a series of cream for combination skin type. The intensive moisturizing formula is adapted to the needs of such skin: it saturates cells with moisture in dry areas and normalizes the moisture content in areas of high fat content. The directed action of the product is provided by natural ingredients. Laminaria extract contains potassium, magnesium and calcium, which help to eliminate toxins and stimulate collagen production. The complex of bio-oils accelerates cell renewal, provides active protection from sunlight and saturates the epidermis with vitamins. In addition, these components normalize lipid metabolism, so the skin in the T-zone will not shine, and peeling will disappear on the cheeks.

Active Ingredient Seaweed
Application area Face
Effect Moisturizing, color improvement


  • does not contain sulfates;
  • natural shea butter, macadamia and grape seeds in the composition;
  • the light texture of the cream is evenly distributed and quickly absorbed;
  • affordable cost;
  • pleasant floral scent.


  • not suitable for oily skin;
  • small volume of the tube (45 ml).

Kora Phytocosmetics

This cream for combination skin is deservedly included in the top of the best products. It not only eliminates peeling and dryness, but also normalizes the formation of sebum, removing oily sheen. Already after the first use, the complexion evens out and becomes matte, and enlarged pores narrow. The cream belongs to professional products. The formula enriched with almond, corn and shea butter not only normalizes the water balance and fat formation, but also deeply saturates the epidermis cells with vitamins, useful substances and moisture. The product has a light texture that is quickly and easily absorbed. Before applying, it is advisable to cleanse the skin with tonic or thermal water. The unique formula does not cause allergies, so it is suitable even for those with sensitive skin.

Active Ingredient Glycerin, urea
Application area Face
Effect Mattifying, color improvement, pore shrinking


  • does not contain sulfates and parabens;
  • formula enriched with natural oils;
  • does not cause allergies;
  • pleasant unobtrusive aroma;
  • refers to professional care products.


  • no spatula included for hygienic application;
  • not suitable for all women, sometimes causes acne.

Vichy Idealia

French laboratory Vichy is a recognized leader in the production of high-quality cosmetics. It is not surprising that the professional creams of this brand will be the best choice for those who seek to preserve youth and beauty. Day cream for combination skin has a complex effect: intensively moisturizes, tightens pores, restores natural radiance and evens out tone. The formula of the product is based on an innovative energy complex from a fermented black tea extract. It stimulates energy metabolism in cells, removes toxins and free radicals. Also, the composition of the product includes a unique thermal water, which deeply saturates the cells of the epidermis with moisture. As a result, the skin is saturated with moisture from the inside, its color becomes even, and the pores are noticeably narrowed.

Active Ingredient Thermal water Vichy
Application area Face, neck
Effect Moisturizing, color improvement


  • contains natural argan oil;
  • without sulfates and parabens;
  • unique thermal water penetrates deep into the cells and saturates them with moisture;
  • professional pharmacy cosmetics;
  • evens out skin tone and makes it matte.


  • high price;
  • not always on sale.

The best night creams for combination skin

Annemarie Borlind Combination Skin Night Cream

The intensive moisturizing effect of this night cream after a few days of application will give the skin a natural glow, even out its tone and narrow the pores. The formula is enriched with green tea extract and jojoba oil. Thanks to this, the product not only intensively nourishes and moisturizes dry areas, but also normalizes the functioning of the sebaceous glands and removes oily sheen in the T-zone. The cream comes in a convenient jar with a wide neck, so the product can be easily dosed to reduce consumption. The cream belongs to professional cosmetics, and is specially designed to care for oily and combination skin. You need to apply it in the evening, on a face previously cleansed of cosmetics. Regular use in combination with a day cream of the same series will make the skin more even in color and structure.

Active Ingredient Jojoba oil, green tea extract
Application area Face, neck, decollete
Effect Moisturizing


  • does not contain sulfates and parabens;
  • professional product for oily and combination skin;
  • natural oils and extracts in the composition;
  • effectively evens out the structure and color of the skin;
  • absorbs quickly and does not leave a sticky feeling.


  • high price;
  • some users find the texture of the cream too oily.

Emvy Night Cream

This cream has been specially created for the effective care of combination skin. The unique formula provides deep hydration and intense nutrition of epidermal cells. Since the cream is a night cream, it should be applied in the evening on skin that has been previously cleansed of cosmetics. The product is distributed along the massage lines with light patting movements until completely absorbed. With regular use, the surface of the skin is leveled, the face acquires a healthy radiant appearance, and small mimic wrinkles become less noticeable. The product comes in a handy dispenser bottle. It allows you to squeeze out the amount of cream needed for a single application. This ensures high hygiene of use and economical consumption of cosmetics.

Active Ingredient Lavender extract
Application area Face, neck
Effect Moisturizing, color improvement


  • suitable for sensitive skin prone to allergies;
  • only natural ingredients in the composition;
  • pleasant unobtrusive aroma of lavender;
  • convenient bottle with a dispenser;
  • effectively moisturizes the skin and evens out the complexion.


  • high price;
  • hard to find for sale.

Natura Siberica

Cream for combination skin, despite the democratic cost, consists only of natural ingredients and provides high-quality facial skin care. The light texture is instantly absorbed, leaving a feeling of freshness. With regular use, cosmetics makes the skin soft, evens out complexion and tightens pores. The composition includes bisabolol, which has a calming effect. Elastin deeply moisturizes cells, and polypeptides make mimic wrinkles less noticeable and prevent the appearance of new ones. The composition does not include silicones, parabens and sulfates, so the risk of allergies is minimized. Unlike other products that are provided in a low wide jar, the packaging of this cream is a bottle with a dispenser. This ensures hygienic application and economical consumption of the product.

Active Ingredient Hyaluronic acid, peptides, elastin
Application area Face
Effect Nutrition, hydration, matting


  • suitable for oily skin care;
  • does not contain sulfates, parabens and silicones;
  • light texture does not leave a greasy sheen and sticky feeling;
  • affordable cost;
  • perfectly mattifies the face.


  • some users do not like the smell of the product;
  • not a very convenient dispenser.

Pure line Sea buckthorn and wild rose

The line of budget face creams from the Chistaya Liniya brand is deservedly popular. Despite the affordable cost, such cosmetics provide high-quality nutrition and hydration of the skin, and natural ingredients in the composition saturate the cells with vitamins and microelements. The unique formula of the product soothes irritated skin, making it soft, supple and fresh. With regular application, signs of fatigue completely disappear and the impact of aggressive environmental factors is reduced. The cream comes in a convenient soft tube. Squeezing out the required amount is not difficult, and since the product has practically no contact with air, pathogenic microorganisms do not appear in it. To provide the skin with quality care, this night cream is recommended to be used in combination with a day cream.

Active Ingredient Shea Butter
Application area Face, neck
Effect Moisturizing, nutrition


  • affordable cost;
  • pleasant natural aroma;
  • perfectly moisturizes and nourishes;
  • natural ingredients in the composition;
  • absorbs quickly without feeling sticky.


  • an allergy may occur;
  • small tube volume.

To preserve youth and beauty for a long time, you need to use the best cream for combination skin. The highest quality products are listed in this rating, so choosing the right option is not difficult.

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