Rating of irons in terms of quality and reliability in 2020


An iron is a device that is constantly used in everyday life. In order for the equipment to become a faithful helper in the household, it must withstand heavy loads and cope with the task perfectly. The home appliance market offers a wide range of reliable and high-quality models of different prices. It is affected by the base material, purpose (for home or road), the presence of a steam generator, and other parameters.

How to choose an iron and what to look for

Power is one of the key parameters to consider when choosing, since work performance depends on it. Power refers to the time it takes to heat up the appliance to its maximum temperature. If the indicator is 2200 W, the device will cope with steaming and dry ironing.

There are a number of other characteristics that you should pay attention to before buying:

  1. Sole cover. It affects the safety of fabrics, as well as the slip and quality of ironing. The best results are demonstrated by devices with ceramic and cermet coatings.
  2. Scale protection. The option protects wardrobe items from scale, which ends up in a special tank. The latter is enough to wash sometimes.
  3. Vertical steaming. If the device is planned to be used to care for curtains or iron clothes on a hanger, the function is very important.
  4. «Antidrop». Prevents water droplets from forming stains on the fabric.
  5. Steam attack. Folds are difficult areas. To quickly smooth them out, you need this option.
  6. Economy mode. Allows you to reduce electricity consumption by up to 20% without compromising the quality of ironing.
  7. Auto power off. With this function, the user will forget about the anxious feeling when, once at work, he remembers that he did not turn off the iron.

Rating of irons in terms of quality and reliability

Loewe Premium Power Station

The German-made device tops the 2020 quality and reliability rating of irons. The developers equipped it with a small boiler, expanding the functionality. So the device can work as a steam generator. As a result, the presence of a non-stick ceramic soleplate and the possibility of continuous steam supply will protect wardrobe items during ironing.

The same temperature regime for all types of fabric makes use even more convenient: there is no need to waste time on additional adjustment of the technique. The set of options also includes steaming. It is possible to activate and use the function in any position of the vehicle.


  • ceramic work surface;
  • intensive steam supply;
  • steaming in different positions — vertical and horizontal;
  • equipped with an anti-drip system;
  • steam control is set.


  • not detected.

Attention! Water can be topped up during operation, which allows you to use the device without interruption for ironing a large amount of things.

Morphy Richards Saturn Intellitemp 305003

Development of a British corporation with a built-in steam generator and improved parameters. The first works together with the pump, supplying steam to the holes on the sole. This creates a cushion effect. Since the device does not require adjustment for the type of fabric, it guarantees the safety of any.

To cope with strong creases, use a steam boost. And for the safety of the device as a whole, the auto-deactivation system is responsible. The appliance has automatic descaling. It is enough just to drain the sediment when the sensor informs. For convenience, a long power cord (3 m) and a volumetric tank (350 ml) are provided.


  • the presence of a steam generator;
  • 485 holes on the base;
  • Intelligent mode;
  • automatic descaling system.


  • expensive after-sales service in case of a non-warranty breakdown.

Bosch TDA2325

The device is suitable for home use. Despite the low cost, the device is equipped with a steam supply option, which is provided by the presence of a water tank. The volume of the latter is 220 ml. Easy to manage and does not require additional configuration from the user. The handle is ergonomic. On it are buttons for supplying and regulating steam.

To prevent the cord from twisting, a spherical hinge is provided. The power is not the highest, but it is enough for ironing and supplying the required amount of steam for the procedure. The sole is made of ceramic and provides good sliding on the smoothing surface. The fabric does not «stick» to the base.


  • durable construction made of high quality plastic;
  • ceramic base;
  • vertical steam.


  • average power — 1800 watts.

Braun TexStyle 7 TS745A

Technique for those who have to iron a lot. The device is designed with a unique aluminum base. It gets hot quickly and glides well. To care for things on the hanger, the option of vertical steam supply is provided. Due to the high power, it is easy to eliminate wrinkles even on dense fabrics. The model also has additional options: “anti-drop” and steam jet blow.


  • light;
  • economical fluid consumption;
  • long mains cable as standard.


  • sometimes liquid leaks from the steam jet hole;
  • poor stability.


The model is designed not only for ironing, but also to deal with strong creases. The latter is possible thanks to a strong jet of steam, which penetrates deep into the structure of matter during a steam shock. A special cartridge with ion exchange resin is provided, which protects the device from the concentration of a large amount of scale. The ceramic sole is not prone to rust and does not scratch. Users have not noticed any leaks.


  • minimalistic design;
  • the ability to control the phone on Android;
  • powerful steam blow;
  • long network cable.


  • the sole quickly darkens;
  • excellent steam pressure only at a maximum power of 2500 watts.

Attention! In case of inactivity, the device will deactivate automatically.

Philips GC4902/20 Azur

The device does not require pre-setting before ironing a certain type of fabric. The model is equipped with a special sole with excellent slip. It is impact resistant. Thoughtful design allows you to work more efficiently. The steam outlets are located so that the latter gets deep into the structure of the fabric and smoothes it instantly. Continuity of work is ensured by a volumetric liquid reservoir — 300 ml.


  • steam option;
  • anti-scratch surface;
  • protection of the system from scale;
  • safe use thanks to auto-off.


  • big pen;
  • Difficulty using eco mode.

Polaris PIR 2699K Cord[LESS]

A device with a ceramic sole that guarantees a smooth passage over the fabric without the appearance of shiny marks. Steam can help you get rid of stubborn creases and smooth out dry clothes. There are no stains on things. The cord does not get tangled during operation due to the strong ball mechanism. A special indicator notifies you when the device is heated to the desired temperature. The vertical steaming system allows you to smooth the tulle, leaving it on the cornice.


  • light;
  • ironing without wire;
  • fast heating;
  • large liquid tank.


  • difficult installation on a stand;
  • inconspicuous heating indicator.

Panasonic NI-U600CATW

A device with a wide functional sole that allows you to quickly iron a large number of things. The device is designed using an innovative approach, as evidenced by the unique U-shaped sole. Thanks to her, the fabric does not wrinkle. Smoothing occurs without much effort.

By spraying, you can moisten the desired areas, accelerating the ironing. The ergonomic handle increases comfort when using the device. The low center of gravity ensures a smooth glide. The steam boost perfectly copes with the care of outerwear and destroys unpleasant odors. The latter is especially true for pet owners.


  • quality assembly;
  • advanced functionality with the option of steaming;
  • high productivity;
  • ergonomics.


  • narrow hole for filling water;
  • heavy.

Tefal FV4981

Convenient and easy to use device. For a low price, the user will receive a safe device that does not burn through the fabric. The appliance is equipped with a sensor that turns off the iron when idle for 30 seconds. A technology is provided for selecting the temperature regime and steam intensity. The device is suitable for care of different types of fabrics. Thanks to the special coating of the working surface, perfect gliding and effective smoothing have been achieved. Thoughtfully positioned steam holes ensure uniform ironing and eliminate creases in tricky areas.


  • high-quality steaming;
  • stylish design;
  • acceptable cost.


  • short wire;
  • high water consumption during steaming.

Attention! Power of 2600 W provides quick heating of the sole, increasing productivity.

Rowenta DW 9240

Powerful model (3100 W) with high performance. However, with this power and the activated steam supply option, there is not enough liquid in the tank for long-term care of clothes made of dense fabrics. Although its volume is 350 ml, it has to be refilled frequently during ironing.

This model allows you to quickly smooth out even strong creases, regardless of the type of material. The pointed nose smoothes the fabric in hard-to-reach places. The device is equipped with a unique working surface that provides smooth sliding and is not prone to scratches. The reliability and durability of the device is ensured by the scale prevention system. On average, it extends the service life by 50% compared to models where this option is not provided.


  • quickly smoothes even strong creases and complex folds of dense fabric;
  • protection against scale;
  • a significant amount of steam;
  • long network cable.


  • weighs a lot;
  • frequent filling of the tank is required when ironing a large amount of things.

An iron is a constantly used technique that must be of high quality. Only in this case, she will cope with the tasks of caring for clothes, curtains and bedding, making life easier for housewives.

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