8 Best Potato Chips: What’s Included, What to Buy, Comparison


Potato chips are incredibly popular around the world, despite their obvious unhealthiness. It’s all about the taste — who doesn’t love crispy fried potatoes with salt and spices, the smell of which causes appetite and uncontrollable increased salivation?

In this article, we will consider 8 brands of classic potato chips with salt from leading Russian and foreign manufacturers. A detailed review will help us find out whether there are snacks with a safe composition on sale and whether it is worth paying extra for a brand name. We will also tell you which ones to buy in the store and what you should first of all rely on when choosing.

Rating of potato chips with salt


Natural potato chips with salt, fried in vegetable oil. Golden-colored potato slices are thin and crispy, with a neutral-salty taste. The composition of only three ingredients — the product does not contain preservatives, flavor enhancers and flavorings.

They can be made on one of the types of oil, depending on the marking: S — sunflower, C — corn, R — rapeseed. Shelf life: 5 months, it is recommended to store the opened package for no more than a day. Manufactured according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Weight, g 150
Package pack
Calorie content, kcal 510
Compound potatoes, vegetable oil, salt
  • moderately salty;
  • safe composition;
  • whole and large slices;
  • unobtrusive taste
  • not detected.

For those who prefer the classic taste of chips without glutamate what you need! They like it more than others in the Lay’s line, fried in moderation, salt is also as much as needed.


Classic chips in a cylindrical tube with an original taste. Slices of the same shape, thickness and size are made from pressed dehydrated potato flakes with the addition of water, oil, salt and thickeners. Suitable for a snack on the road, as an ingredient for salads.

When frying, sunflower and corn oil are used. The content of potatoes accounts for 42% of the total mass of raw materials. Shelf life unopened: 15 months.

Weight, g 165
Package tuba
Calorie content, kcal 514
Compound dehydrated potatoes, vegetable oil (sunflower, corn), rice flour, wheat starch, emulsifier E471, maltodextrin, salt
  • delicious;
  • convenient jar for storage;
  • whole slices of perfect shape;
  • no chemical aftertaste
  • the price is above average.

Very tasty chips with a natural taste, without sugary spices. The composition of these of the entire Pringles line is the most acceptable, if not abused, then they will not harm health.

Dehydrated potato powder is a reconstituted raw material that is easier to store and mix with various flavors to achieve uniformity. At the shaping stage, snacks are obtained that are uniform in shape and size, which are ideal for tubes.

«Moscow potatoes»

Fried potato chips with iodized salt. Supply of special varieties of potatoes is carried out from Russian suppliers (Moscow, Bryansk, Astrakhan regions). The product with a crispy texture has a classic golden yellow color and a rounded shape.

Manufactured according to the manufacturer’s specifications without the addition of preservatives, monosodium glutamate and sugar. The product is valid for 7 months from the date of production.

Weight, g 130
Package pack
Calorie content, kcal 550
Compound potatoes, vegetable oil, iodized salt
  • good composition;
  • affordable price;
  • natural taste.

Good domestic chips with a decent composition and at the right price! It is a pity that they are not sold in all stores, unlike more harmful and promoted analogues. Consistently high quality, except that it would be worth reducing the amount of salt.


Fried potato slices with salt in a flow pack. The product is made from fresh selected potatoes, refined sunflower oil and salt without flavorings and additives. After roasting, they acquire a characteristic golden color and crispy texture. Suitable for fasting.

The chips are made according to the manufacturer’s specifications. It is recommended to consume within 9 months from the date of production.

Weight, g 70
Package pack
Calorie content, kcal 519
Compound fresh food potatoes, vegetable oil, table salt
  • price-quality ratio;
  • balanced taste;
  • without chemicals in the composition

Delicious and inexpensive chips that can be found in almost any store. Not overcooked or oversalted everything as it should. In its price segment, perhaps, out of competition!

Pot-bellied, airy packets of chips often cause dissatisfaction among buyers, although there is nothing fraudulent on the part of the manufacturer. It’s just nitrogen that helps prevent fragile snacks from being damaged during storage and transportation.


Craft snacks from natural potatoes with the addition of salt and ground pepper in eco-friendly packaging. Additionally packed in polyethylene. Slices in classic thin slices have a sunny golden hue and a slightly curved shape. The taste is natural with a pronounced spiciness.

Chips are made according to the manufacturer’s own standards, contain flavorings. The product retains its freshness and organoleptic properties for six months from the date of production.

Weight, g 150
Package pack
Calorie content, kcal 550
Compound potatoes, vegetable oil, complex food additive (wheat flour, spices (ground black pepper, ground white pepper), table salt, sugar, sea salt, anti-caking agent — amorphous silicon dioxide, acidity regulator — citric acid, flavoring substances and preparations)
  • moderately peppered;
  • delicious;
  • original packaging
  • overpriced.

Delicious chips made from real potatoes, but rarely seen on sale. Quite neutral in taste, naturalness is felt, suitable even for those who do not like spicy ones.


Classic chips with sea salt and table salt made from natural potatoes in a sealed pack. The product does not contain artificial flavors, gluten and preservatives. For production, selected farm potatoes grown on the brand’s own farms are used.

Potato slices are baked in high oleic sunflower oil without carcinogens. Recommended shelf life: 9 months.

Weight, g 100
Package pack
Calorie content, kcal 534
Compound potatoes, sunflower oil, edible salt, edible sea salt; product may contain milk
  • without harmful additives;
  • not too greasy;
  • taste of natural potatoes;
  • no extra salt

Laconic composition only potatoes, salt and oil, and sunflower. Delicious eaten just like that or dipped in ketchup. Without promotions they are expensive, I try to take at a discount.


Lightly salted handmade potato slices from a British manufacturer. Thinly sliced ​​slices with a skin around the edges are cooked by frying in sunflower oil with the addition of sea salt. For production, special premium potato varieties “Lady Claire” and “Lady Rosetta” are used, grown on fertile black soil in England.

It is recommended to use it on its own or with spicy tomato-based sauces. The shelf life from the date of production is 9 months.

Weight, g 150
Package pack
Calorie content, kcal 450
Compound potatoes (74%), sunflower oil, sea salt; may contain traces of milk, soy, gluten and mustard
  • lightly salted;
  • reduced calorie content;
  • natural ingredients;
  • stylish packaging

Chips with a good composition, all whole, dense and not broken off. They are not like ordinary ones: the taste is more natural without amplifiers and salt to a minimum. For those who care about their health the best option.


Moderately salty dehydrated potato flake chips in a tube from Malaysia. Fried pressed slices of the same shape and size are deep-fried until golden brown. Contains seasoning with monosodium glutamate.

After opening the package, a plastic lid is provided to preserve the freshness of the product. Shelf life is 18 months under proper storage conditions.

Weight, g 160
Package tuba
Calorie content, kcal 511
Compound dehydrated potatoes, vegetable oil, tapioca starch, seasoning with original taste [соль, мальтодекстрин, усилители вкуса и аромата (глутамат натрия 1-замещенный, 5′-гуанилат натрия 2-замещенный, 5′-инозинат натрия 2-замещенный), агент антислеживающий (диоксид кремния аморфный)]salt, emulsifier (mono- and diglycerides

fatty acids)

  • rich taste;
  • pleasant aroma;
  • large quantity per pack
  • imperfect composition.

Good chips with a classic taste, but inferior to the original Pringles in taste. Moreover, the price is similar, but there seems to be more salt. As an alternative, it will work, but it’s expensive.

Tips for Choosing Potato Chips at the Store

Chips as a snack are popular with people of all age categories. Despite the spoiled reputation of this product due to harmfulness, the demand for it is by no means falling. The following recommendations will help you choose high-quality chips among the huge assortment that is presented on the shelves of any ordinary supermarket.

  • The packaging must be airtight and opaque. Ultraviolet rays should not have access to the product in order to avoid its inevitable deterioration. If the tube is cardboard, it should have additional protection in the form of a film under the lid.
  • The shelf life of chips usually varies from 2 to 24 months. The higher the number, the more preservatives and chemicals in the composition.
  • It is recommended to choose chips with a minimum of ingredients in the composition. Ideally, there should be three: potatoes, butter, and salt (or other spices). Such a product is still deep-fried and is not useful, but, in the absence of artificial additives, its harm is minimized.
  • Oven-baked chips contain significantly less fat and calories than deep-fried chips. Information about the method of cooking in the oven should be indicated on the packaging.
  • Pay attention to the oil that is used to fry snacks. Often, manufacturers sin by not indicating a specific type of oil and simply writing “vegetable”. Some of its species, such as palm, coconut, contain a large amount of saturated fats, which, with frequent use, provoke blockage of blood vessels and cardiovascular diseases. It is recommended to choose chips fried in sunflower oil.
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