5 Best Mozzarella Cheese Producers: Features, Which One to Buy, Reviews


Mozzarella is a type of young, fast-maturing cheese. It has several varieties: classic brine in the form of large and small balls, semi-solid for baking and smoked. Traditionally, this product is made from fresh black buffalo milk from the central and southern regions of Italy, but mozzarella from ordinary cow’s milk is most often found in mass sales.

This time, 5 popular samples of domestically produced lumpy young cheese were selected for testing. In order to choose the best quality product, we will check and compare the features of each of them, as well as tell you what to look for when buying mozzarella in the store.

mozzarella cheese brands

Galbani mozarella ball maxi

Fresh pickled cheese with a fat content of 45% in the form of a whole piece. The product has a delicate creamy taste and springy fibrous texture. Thanks to its elongated shape, it is convenient to cut into slices. Suitable for cooking traditional Italian dishes — caprese salad, appetizers, pizza and lasagna.

The product is manufactured according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Does not contain preservatives, vegetable fats and starch. The expiration date is 30 days.

Weight, g 250
Calorie content, kcal 242
Package soft package
Compound normalized milk, acidity regulator: citric acid, using a milk-clotting preparation of microbial origin; brine (drinking water, table salt)
  • rich creamy taste;
  • safe composition;
  • ideal for salads

Fresh dietary cheese with a good composition maximum benefit and taste! Any salad makes it tastier, goes well with herbs and vegetables.

Many may have a logical question, why do mozzarella need citric acid. To achieve the correct structure and harmony in taste, mozzarella must have a certain degree of acidity. If earlier they resorted to the process of mandatory many hours of fermentation, now modern manufacturers have found an easier way: the addition of citric acid solves this problem much faster.

Bonfesto semi-hard “Mozzarella pizza”

Semi-hard drawn cow’s milk cheese from a Belarusian manufacturer. It is characterized by elastic texture, low humidity and delicate fresh taste. The product of a wide culinary spectrum best reveals its organoleptic properties during heat treatment. The cheese melts well, so it’s great for baking. On the cut, you can see the characteristic layered texture.

Product without preservatives, flavor enhancers and palm oil. Expiration date: 3 months from the date of production. After opening, it is recommended to use within 2 days.

Weight, g 250
Calorie content, kcal 309
Package vacuum
Compound normalized milk, salt, thickener — calcium chloride, bacterial starter of thermophilic cultures, milk-clotting enzyme of microbial origin
  • without milk fat substitutes;
  • creamy and viscous when melted;
  • does not crumble when cut
  • inexpressive when cold.

I use it to make hot sandwiches in the microwave. Very good for pizza too. I don’t recommend eating it raw, it’s too bland, but in a molten form it’s a completely different matter.

IL Primo Gusto Mozzarella Treccia

Classic Italian cheese in the shape of a voluminous pigtail in a polyethylene package. Due to its elongated shape, it is convenient to cut the cheese mass into portioned slices. The product has an elastic and slightly springy texture; when cut, it slightly delaminates due to the specifics of cooking. It is characterized by a delicate slightly salty taste and aroma. Brine helps preserve freshness, juiciness and characteristic aroma. Best suited for dishes that require heat treatment.

The product does not contain milk powder, preservatives or milk fat substitutes. It is recommended to consume within 28 days from the production date.

Weight, g 370
Calorie content, kcal 288.6
Package polyethylene
Compound normalized milk, edible salt using a milk-clotting enzyme preparation of animal origin, starter cultures of mesophilic and thermophilic lactic acid cultures
  • delicate texture;
  • natural composition;
  • stretches well;
  • dense structure

Very tasty mozzarella, tender in texture. When heated, it melts and stretches very well. Great for making homemade pizza. There is nothing superfluous I will continue to buy it.

Pretto “Mozzarella soft”

Soft lump cheese made from cow’s milk in sealed plastic packaging. The product is made according to a traditional Italian recipe. It contains only three ingredients — milk, live enzymes and table salt. The cheese mass is dense and elastic, characterized by a salty taste and a delicate creamy aroma. The product melts well, therefore it is primarily intended for making hot sandwiches, pizzas and pies.

The cheese does not contain stabilizers, flavor enhancers and vegetable fats. Good for consumption no later than 65 days from the date of production.

Weight, g 200
Calorie content, kcal 297
Package plastic
Compound pasteurized milk, edible salt, using thermophilic starter microcultures, an enzyme preparation of microbial origin
  • safe composition;
  • moderately salty;
  • melts quickly;
  • affordable price
  • not detected.

This cheese is appropriate not as an independent product, but as an ingredient for baking. Then he’s at his best when melted, it is juicy and viscous, has a delicate creamy taste. Does not crumble when cut cold.

Unagrande “Mozzarella for panini and hot sandwiches”

Young gastronomic cheese made from pasteurized milk in vacuum packaging. A product with a moderately dense texture has a pronounced slightly salty taste. Easy to cut, does not stick to the knife and does not crumble. A high degree of melting and viscosity allows the cheese to be used as an ingredient for baking in a microwave or oven.

Manufactured according to the manufacturer’s specifications without the use of vegetable oils, preservatives and thickeners. The shelf life of the product is 65 days.

Weight, g 370
Calorie content, kcal 297
Package vacuum
Compound pasteurized milk, edible salt, using starter microcultures, an enzyme preparation of microbial origin
  • melts well;
  • without foreign taste;
  • fine and delicate taste

Very good quality cheese, perfect for cooking a variety of dishes. Used for pasta, after grating melts very actively, gives the dish a special tenderness and creaminess.

For an objective assessment of the cost of mozzarella, it will not be superfluous to take into account the amount of raw materials used for cheese production. For example, to prepare 1 kilogram of cheese, you need at least 8 liters of milk.

Lists of the best

Today’s rating includes the 5 most popular items from Russian cheese makers. Each sample boasts an almost flawless composition without vegetable fats and synthetic additives. The next three cheeses proved to be better than their competitors in one quality or another, which means they can be safely recommended for purchase.

Galbani mozarella ball maxi is the best option for caprese

Soft brine version of mozzarella in the shape of a sausage, in terms of its organoleptic features, is as close as possible to traditional Italian cheese. Delicate and juicy snow-white cheese mass with an elastic texture is ideal for classic caprese in combination with tomatoes, basil and pesto sauce. As a rule, young cheese in brine is used for cold dishes, but for pizza this option, according to the experience of some consumers, is also quite appropriate.

Pretto “Mozzarella soft” – value for money

High-quality and inexpensive sandwich mozzarella from the Bryansk region in a convenient package will be the best family choice for every day. The product melts and stretches excellently, so it will be most welcome for sandwiches, pizza and casseroles. The cheese head has an optimal size, it will not have time to stale or deteriorate ahead of time. The price for a package of 200 g starts from 145 rubles — and this is more than deserved for a tasty and healthy cheese with a natural composition.

IL Primo Gusto Mozzarella Treccia – high quality workmanship

Mozzarella «Trecha» in the form of a voluminous pigtail is one of the most worthy varieties of domestic cheese in the Italian style, which can be found in an ordinary supermarket near the house. A product with an impeccable composition and favorable organoleptic properties, in which it is quite difficult to find any shortcomings. High-density cheese melts well and is suitable for hot dishes, but many people prefer to enjoy it just like that, cold, as an accompaniment to coffee.

What to look for when choosing mozzarella in the store

Most often on the shelves of Russian stores you can find two varieties of mozzarella — in brine and without. It can be used to prepare both hot and cold dishes, but there are some nuances, without which you can purchase a completely different product than you expect. The following recommendations will help you make the right choice in favor of high-quality and tasty young cheese.

  • For vegetable salads and cold appetizers, it is best to purchase the brine version with whey in the package. As a rule, it is sold in the form of various sizes of balls from large — «bocconcini» to small — «chileggini». For cooked dishes such as pizza, casserole, or lasagna, brine-free semi-hard mozzarella is best. It has a firmer texture and less moisture, making it ideal for melting and baking.
  • Do not ignore information about expiration dates, especially since young cheese is a perishable product, especially one that is stored in brine. After opening the package, it must be consumed no later than 48 hours. At the same time, it is categorically not recommended to drain the brine — the balls ventilate very quickly from contact with air. The deterioration of such a product is usually indicated by yellow spots, a sour smell and a characteristic bitterness in taste. The pressed variety retains its freshness longer due to its lower moisture content.
  • A good mozzarella should include: milk, microbial rennet, citric acid and table salt. The presence of starch, preservatives, emulsifiers and vegetable fats in a truly high-quality cheese is unacceptable.
  • Fresh mozzarella should have a white smooth surface, elastic texture, slightly flaky when cut — almost like a boiled chicken breast.
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