18 best electric ovens — Ranking 2019-2020


On average, ovens last 7-10 years. To avoid problems within the allotted time, the choice must be made consciously. It is better to focus on the parameters of the device, convenience, reliability of the manufacturer and your own cooking needs. We tell you what technical criteria are important when buying an oven, which brands you should pay attention to and which models users include in the list of the best.

The best manufacturers of electric ovens

Of the brands of ovens, you should pay attention to the time-tested:

  • Electrolux — offers standard and compact models, with classic functions and additional modes for food lovers. In the line you can find models with steam, low-temperature sous-vide cooking, temperature probe, self-cleaning, grill and convection. For those who are far from the culinary arts, the brand offers options with built-in programs from chefs;
  • Bosch – makes classic built-in and compact ovens. Provides appliances with self-cleaning functions, 3D air supply for uniform cooking, a temperature probe for measuring the temperature inside dishes, telescopic guides for safe work with baking sheets;
  • Weissgauff — produces ovens and accessories for similar appliances. You can choose from standard and compact models, devices with microwave, convection, grill, food defrosting function;
  • MAUNFELD – equips products with traditional heating modes, grill, convection, Pizza program. The design allows the door glass to remain cool and safe, and the special lining of the chamber makes it easy to clean the oven after cooking.

Companies are constantly improving the models of ovens that they put on the market, introducing new features and monitoring the quality of products to maintain their reputation. Of the more budgetary ones, you can look at Ariston, Gorenje, Electrolux, Kandy.

Best Inexpensive Electric Ovens

Weissgauff EOV 19 MB

The Weissgauff EOV 19 MB oven has a capacity of 50 liters. The volume of the chamber is enough for cooking for the whole family, for placing baking sheets on several levels. Includes 9 modes:

  • top-bottom heating;
  • top-bottom with convection;
  • top;
  • top with convection;
  • bottom with convection;
  • grill;
  • grill with convection;
  • defrosting;
  • camera lighting.

A recipe book is located on the inner glass of the door, which helps you to set the cooking parameters.

The oven is equipped with a hydrolysis cleaning function. The device will dissolve the dirt on its own, after which the remains of food will only be removed with a damp cloth or sponge. Thanks to the enamel coating, grease and drops are easily wiped off. The glass at the door is removable, which makes cleaning even easier.


  • good quality and advanced functionality for a relatively low cost;
  • a panel with tips for choosing cooking modes on the door;
  • heats up quickly;
  • has a fat tray;
  • easy to wash off.


  • the glass gets a little warm.

GEFEST YES 602-01 H1

The electric oven is made of stainless steel. Equipped with an electromechanical timer, lighting, electric skewer and removable wire guides. In addition to standard heating modes, it allows you to use convection and grill. The maximum temperature is 250°C. Chamber volume — 55 l.


  • appearance — beautiful, but minimalist design;
  • good build quality;
  • heats up quickly;
  • grill and convection.


  • the front panel gets hot;
  • minimum set of functions;
  • glass with decor and dim lighting do not allow you to fully observe the cooking process.

Simfer B6EW16011

The model is designed for 58 liters. The oven comes with a chrome-plated grid and a non-stick baking sheet. It is equipped with mechanical temperature controllers, an audible timer and a camera backlight to monitor the process.

It is steam-cleaned, dirt is easily removed thanks to the enamel coating. The inner glass is removable for convenience. In cooking, it allows you to use the grill and convection for even baking and golden crust of dishes. Heats up to 240°C.


  • hydrolysis purification;
  • good appearance and build quality;
  • heats up quickly and holds the temperature well;
  • simple control;
  • the presence of convection and grill.

The best electric ovens price-quality ratio

Electrolux OEF5E50X

The 58 l chamber allows you to bake food on several levels. To evenly distribute the temperature, the oven has an additional heating circuit. The circulating hot air cooks the food properly, without burning and raw parts next to each other, and the grill adds a golden crust.

The touch display, timer, interior lighting help to set up and control the process. The temperature controllers are recessed in the housing to protect them from children. To also protect the surrounding area, the oven is equipped with a cooling fan. The part does not allow the controls to heat up.


  • good build quality;
  • Ease of controls;
  • a large number of functions;
  • quickly heats up and cools down;
  • uniform cooking.


  • short power cord;
  • the glass gets hot.

Bosch HBF534EB0R

The chamber is designed for 66 liters. The rear wall of the oven is self-cleaning. The oven operates in 8 cooking modes:

  • top-bottom heating;
  • 3D hot air;
  • lower heat;
  • thermal grill;
  • «Pizza»;
  • Vario grill;
  • hot air Gentle;
  • defrosting.

Heats up to temperatures from 50 to 275°C. With the help of the «Quick heating» function, it reaches the desired temperature in a couple of minutes. It also cools down faster than conventional ovens thanks to the cooling system.


  • good functionality;
  • appearance;
  • quickly heats up and cools down — the air circulates until the elements are completely cooled;
  • there is a sound timer;
  • removable glass doors for convenience;
  • food cooks evenly.


  • catalytic cleaning of only the rear wall, the side walls have to be washed by hand.

Weissgauff EOM 691PDW

The volume of the chamber increased to 70 liters allows you to cook food for the whole family. Trays can be placed on different levels at the same time. The oven works in 9 modes. Offers top-bottom, top-bottom convection, defrost, bottom only, grill, ring heat, double grill, double convection grill and interior lighting.

The selected cooking program is shown on the display. The temperature of the oven is able to choose independently. If the result is not suitable, you can change the parameter directly in the process.

The model provides hydrolysis cleaning, which helps to dissolve dried food residues. Cooking marks are easily removed — the smooth enamel coating prevents the accumulation of fat and food particles. You don’t have to wipe the controls either — the recessed handles are protected from drops and fumes.


  • high build quality;
  • modern and beautiful design;
  • easy to operate;
  • many cooking modes;
  • does not heat the furniture nearby;
  • quickly reaches the desired temperature.


  • temperature probe is not provided;
  • no telescopic rails.

The best premium electric ovens

Bosch HBG633BB1

The oven is designed for 71 liters. Supplied complete with combi rack and tray. Equipped with an automatic fast heating function, the maximum temperature is 300 ° C. Works in modes:

  • defrosting;
  • top bottom;
  • hot air Eco;
  • small grill;
  • large area grill
  • lower heat;
  • grill with convection;
  • «Pizza».

The contents of the chamber during cooking can be seen thanks to halogen lighting. The cooling system and the child lock function are responsible for safety.


  • heats up quickly;
  • bakes products without problems, allows you to choose the appropriate mode;
  • looks nice and presentable;
  • there is a self-cleaning function of the rear wall;
  • good lighting inside and glass door.


  • The child safety lock does not prevent the oven from being switched off.

Weissgauff OE 442 W

2-in-1 appliance — combines the functions of an oven and a microwave. Modes can be configured individually or combined in one process. The model works in the modes bottom heating with convection, grill, grill with convection, microwaves and grill, convection, microwaves and grill with convection, microwaves and hot air, microwaves with bottom heating and convection. For the microwave, you can also choose from 13 preset programs for cooking stews, pastries, chicken, drinks, convenience foods and other products.

The oven chamber is made of stainless steel with a special coating. Food does not stick to the material, the specific smell does not threaten the dishes. The volume of the oven is 44 liters. The appliance comes with a grill grate, a deep glass baking sheet, a small grill with legs and a turntable for microwave.


  • built-in microwave;
  • many modes of operation;
  • capacious chamber;
  • cooks evenly, does not dry out, leaves a golden crust;
  • easy to clean;
  • there is protection from children;
  • glass baking sheet included — it is easier to clean food residues than usual.


  • not very clear control, you have to deal with the instructions;
  • The sensor sometimes does not respond to touch.

Electrolux OPEB 2500V

An oven with an enlarged chamber of 72 l, which will allow you to cook dinner or lunch for a large family. The convection function distributes hot air throughout the entire oven space, dishes are baked evenly even when placed on different levels at the same time. The device offers 8 operating modes. You can bake food when heated top-bottom, only bottom, only top, convection + ring, top + grill, grill + convection, bottom + convection, grill, turbo grill. The maximum cooking temperature is 250°C.


  • beautiful and thoughtful design;
  • easy to clean, glasses can be removed for convenience;
  • heats up quickly;
  • many cooking modes.


  • in the silence you can hear the ticking of the timer;
  • modest temperature range.

The best electric microwave ovens

Weissgauff OE 446 B

Combines oven and microwave functions. Works in modes:

  • convection;
  • bottom heating and convection;
  • grill;
  • grill with convection;
  • microwaves and grill;
  • microwaves with hot air;
  • microwaves and grill with convection;
  • microwaves with bottom heating and convection.

In the form of a microwave oven, it also supports 13 preset programs. You can use the function to cook fish, chicken, pastries, vegetables, drinks, sauces, semi-finished products and more. The chamber holds 44 liters. The maximum heating of the model is 230°С.


  • smooth stainless steel chamber, easy to clean;
  • complete set — in the set there is a large and small grill grate, a glass deep baking sheet and a round turntable;
  • convenient and simple control;
  • many functions and pre-installed programs.


  • no classic heating mode;
  • The buttons don’t glow in the dark.


A compact model that is well suited for small kitchens. The oven is designed for a volume of 44 liters. Operates in 9 modes, combining microwave, grill or heating with convection, and supports 13 cooking programs.

The control of the model is touch. The inner chamber is made of stainless steel with a smooth finish. The oven is equipped with a timer, multifunctional clock, interior lighting. Supports child safety lock. Supplied with square grill grate, rotating ring, universal glass tray, round ceramic and enamel trays.


  • the presence of a microwave;
  • many modes and programs;
  • does not heat up outside;
  • touch control panel with a convenient lock;
  • good equipment.


  • there are no standard top-bottom heating modes, only with convection or microwave.

Midea AF944EZ8-SS

Compact oven with microwave function and grill. Allows you to bake, reheat and defrost food. Even those who do not know how to cook will cope with the settings. The oven has preset programs that can be selected by pressing.

Chamber volume — 44 l. The controls on the case are recessed, with the possibility of blocking from children. There is a touch screen, a timer, a quick start function.


  • beautiful and functional oven;
  • compact;
  • Made of stainless steel, it looks reliable;
  • built-in microwave function;
  • good equipment.


  • difficult to clean the chamber.

The best electric ovens with convection

Electrolux EOB 53434 AX

Oven with a large chamber, volume — 72 liters. Heats up to 250°C in top-bottom, bottom, convection, small and large grill, defrosting modes. An enlarged fan helps the temperature to be distributed evenly and the dishes to bake. A powerful grill is also provided in the oven, which gives the products a golden crust.

Switches on the body are rotary, recessed. The door of the device is folding, with three glasses. The glasses are removable and can be washed in the dishwasher if desired.


  • there is a steam function;
  • many necessary modes;
  • large chamber;
  • protection from children;
  • the presence of telescopic guides.


  • pan quality;
  • the glass is heated;
  • little information on the display.

Bosch HBF534EB0R

Oven model with 3D hot air mode. The temperature remains the same on all 3 levels and allows the food to cook evenly. Access to baking sheets is telescopic, the risk of burns is minimal. Chamber volume — 66 l. The device heats up to 275°C.

The back wall of the oven is designed so that when heated, the fat breaks down into water and carbon dioxide. Only the side surfaces will have to be cleaned. The coating retains catalytic properties throughout the life of the equipment.


  • appearance;
  • advanced functionality;
  • cooling system — after operation, the oven cools down with a fan;
  • fast heating;
  • the presence of a timer with sound notification.


  • catalytic cleaning works only on the back wall.


The oven chamber is designed for 55 liters. Inside, for convenience, chrome-plated guides are built-in, under the baking sheet and the grate from the kit. The inner glass of the door is removable and can be washed in the dishwasher.

The device heats up to 250°C. 7 heating modes: there are standard top-bottom, convection, grill, defrosting. The handles for controlling the modes are rotary, recessed for the safety of children in the house.


  • comfortable, many modes;
  • inexpensive for its functionality and quality.

The best freestanding electric ovens

REDMOND SkyOven 5717S

Modern oven model with remote control function. You can start cooking without getting out of bed, a smartphone is enough. The mobile application has 20 pre-installed programs, delayed start, auto-heating, selection of the operating mode and parameter changes, a recipe book. The oven works in the format of baking, frying, languishing.

The model of the oven is compact, suitable for a small kitchen. Chamber volume — 20 l. The temperature is adjustable from 40 to 230°C. Supplied complete with a baking sheet, a grill grate, a handle for safely removing them from a hot oven, a drip tray.


  • heats up quickly;
  • Beautiful design;
  • compact;
  • there is control via Bluetooth;
  • delayed start function.


  • the case is heated;
  • no lights inside.


A simple and budget model without unnecessary features. The volume of the oven is 20 l. Works in heating modes top-bottom, only top or only bottom, maintaining the temperature. For convenience of users and reduction of time for a choice of parameters has the preset programs. Heats up from 40 to 230°.

The body of the oven is made of metal. Touch control, electronic timer. Supplied complete with baking tray, wire rack, crumb tray and rack and tray holder.


  • compact;
  • with a minimum set of functions — only what you need, nothing more;
  • bakes well;
  • surprisingly roomy;
  • simplifies cooking due to automatic programs;
  • large baking sheet included.


  • short cord;
  • temperature controller displays inaccurate values.

De’Longhi EO 12562

Includes 5 cooking modes: baking, defrosting, reheating, grilling and convection. The chamber heats up evenly, the products bake correctly, without a raw middle and a burnt crust. Allows you to cook at temperatures from 80 to 220°C. The volume of the oven is 12 liters.

The mini-oven is made of metal and covered with enamel. The glass on the door is double layered. Lighting is built into the chamber for convenience.


  • often sold on sale, you can buy cheaper;
  • quickly heats up and cools down;
  • evenly bakes products, in the grill mode leaves a golden crust;
  • quite roomy.


  • the door does not fit snugly, the temperature inside is lower than stated;
  • case gets hot.

What to look for when choosing an electric oven for your home

Before buying a specific oven model, study and compare 6 parameters:

Power. For ovens with manual cleaning, suitable for cooking most dishes (250-270 ° C), the figure does not exceed 2.5 kW. If you choose the option with a self-cleaning system, look at models with a power of 2.5-4.5 kW. Keep in mind that the latter will require good electrical wiring.

Oven volume depends on the number of family members, the size of dishes and products for baking. Chambers hold from 35 to 100 liters. For a family of 2 with a small kitchen, 45 liters is enough. For larger pots or roasting a whole turkey, look for larger options.

Maximum temperature. The choice is influenced by the dishes for which the oven is used. For most recipes, 150-250°C is sufficient. If you plan to make a classic pizza, take an oven heated to 350 ° C.

Number of modes. Of the mandatory, heating of the entire chamber is needed, only the upper and lower parts. When choosing additional ones, be guided by your own preferences in cooking — modes are rarely used, but increase the cost of equipment. Convection will help to evenly bake the product or dry the meringue thanks to hot air blowing. The grill will add a delicious golden crust to the dish. Special modes will help you quickly dry, heat dishes, defrost food.

Type of cleaning system. Inexpensive models of ovens will have to be washed by hand. More advanced options offer 3 types of self-cleaning systems: pyrolytic, catalytic and hydrolytic. At the first time, the oven heats up to 500 ° C and burns out the pollution, which settles in the form of ash. In catalytic fat is oxidized with the help of a catalyst and is destroyed, turning into soot. Residues can be easily removed with a damp cloth. With the hydrolysis type, pollution is softened by steam, but you will have to clean the chamber yourself. If you rarely cook, take a closer look at options with a catalytic type. If the oven is used for its intended purpose several times a week, choose the pyrolytic type.

Additional functions. In terms of safety, a child protection system and blowing cold air on the walls are useful so that the oven does not melt or ignite objects in contact. For cooking, a steam generator is useful, which adds juiciness to meat and splendor to baked goods, a microwave and a temperature probe to check the temperature inside the dish.

Choose the type of construction at your discretion. There are independent and dependent ovens on the market. The former are characterized by their own switches and the ability to install them anywhere: in a column with other appliances at any level, under the countertop. Dependents are tied to the hob and do not differ in mobility. When choosing a size, be guided by a niche for embedding — the space should be slightly larger than the equipment itself for better ventilation.

What is the best electric oven for home

When choosing an oven for your home, be guided by the available space in the kitchen, the number of family members, favorite methods and frequency of cooking. If you have a passion for cooking and experiment with baking a couple of times a week, take an advanced model with different modes and a self-cleaning function. Cook rarely in the oven and only simple dishes — buy a budget model with standard top-bottom heating and a temperature regime of 150-250 ° C.

Before purchasing a particular model, try to study and compare reviews on review sites. You can only find out the cons of the oven during operation. And in order not to lose 10-20 thousand, it is better to trust someone else’s experience.

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