15 best strollers for newborns


A stroller is one of the most important purchases for a baby. Manufacturers offer a wide variety of models, and among the huge assortment, it is not easy for parents to find the best option. It is important to take into account all the nuances so that the purchase fully meets expectations and is convenient for the child. Such a purchase is made for at least 1-2 years, and so that there are no disappointments during operation, but on the contrary, walking with a baby is only a pleasure, we recommend that you study this review and make the right choice. Below are the best strollers for newborns in 2020.

How to choose a stroller for a newborn?

There are basic criteria that are important to consider. When buying, you need to pay attention to the following signs:

  1. ease of management for parents;
  2. safety and comfort for the baby;
  3. reliable operation;
  4. wheel diameter and wheel material, type of suspension;
  5. availability of accessories and other options (food basket, reclining backrest, flip handle);
  6. weight and dimensions of the product;
  7. reasonable price.

If the first months of a newborn’s life fall in the winter season, it is recommended to choose a model with a spacious warm cradle and large inflatable wheels. It is also important that the hood is sufficiently voluminous and protects from the weather.

If the baby was born in the spring, the stroller should also have a deep hood, material with protection from rain and wind, and a bottom with a ventilation system.

For a summer stroller, you should choose a lightweight model made of natural materials with a ventilation window made of mosquito nets and small wheels. Autumn crumbs are recommended transport with a spacious cradle, large wheels, windproof material and a deep hood.

In addition to the season, it is important to consider the number of storeys. If the apartment is located on the 3rd-5th floor without an elevator, then regardless of the season, you should choose a lightweight option. There are so-called «walking» strollers that can be carried up the stairs.

If you plan to go up to the apartment by elevator, be sure to measure its width before buying. In old houses, it can be quite narrow. And it will be extremely unpleasant if the baby’s new transport simply does not enter it. Similarly, it is advised to measure the doorway at the entrance to the apartment.

For winter and autumn children, it is recommended to additionally purchase a raincoat, and for summer and spring children — a cover for their feet, since at the age of six months the kids will transfer to the walking block. And it is this period that will fall in the fall-winter, when it is important to protect the baby from the wind and the onset of cold weather.

The best strollers for babies

four Navington Caravel 14″

A classic design from Poland, designed for children from 0 months to six months. First of all, its chic design catches the eye. Eco-leather material and pleasant colors to choose from give the model a luxurious look.

The wheels are inflatable, the diameter is large enough, the cushioning on the belts ensures a smooth ride. As a result, even when driving along forest paths, the baby will be comfortable. This cradle is equipped with front swivel wheels, which provides an extremely convenient control. The cradle is quite roomy, the back can be raised. There is an iron shopping basket, which, unlike fabric ones, is strong and durable.


  • «Expensive» looks, but the price is reasonable
  • Practical outer material — eco-leather
  • Cotton interior
  • Comfortable mattress
  • Covers are removable for washing


  • Big weight
  • Inconvenient handle height adjustment mechanism
  • Bulky (requires a spacious elevator, a wide ramp near the house and takes up a lot of space in the apartment)

3 Inglesina Vittoria (Comfort Piu chassis)

Elegant functional stroller of unsurpassed Italian quality. It is with such epithets that the manufacturer endows it. And indeed, this is one of the most comfortable cradles. Genuine leather is used in the finishing of the material, good depreciation allows you to drive on any roads, a large cradle is suitable for at least 8 months of crumbs. Those who appreciate the classic style will especially like the stroller.

Each element is carefully thought out in the model. Firstly, it is a spacious cradle with a cotton trim and a change in the position of the back. There are ventilation holes, so you can use the stroller even in hot summer. Lightweight aluminum profile does not weigh down the model, despite its bulky appearance. The cradle can be easily removed from the chassis and reinstalled. The cover is completely removable for washing. And, of course, a pleasant color scheme captivates — unusually delicate and stylish.


  • Excellent flotation, good cushioning
  • Nice color range
  • Silent lowering and raising the hood
  • Easy to clean
  • Spacious cradle for a newborn


  • Wide, breathable hood
  • Wheels may squeak with use

2 Cybex Priam Lux

This is a luxury model of a German manufacturer. The main advantage is the presence of a walking block in the kit. A newborn will be cozy in a spacious cradle, where even a winter envelope can be comfortably placed. A soft memory foam mattress is an excellent first bed that promotes the proper formation of the spine. The hood is roomy, there is additional protection from bright light and prying eyes. The upholstery material resembles jeans and is used exclusively in luxury models. The walking block is also convenient, as well as a cradle. The seat is ergonomic, there are 5-point safety belts, the back positions are selected in such a way as to form the correct posture for the baby. The bumper on one side can be unfastened for easy placement of crumbs.

The lightweight aluminum frame makes it one of the lightest strollers available. It is possible to transform the structure into a two-wheeled one for moving along steps, curbs or sand. Adapters on the chassis allow you to install the stroller, carrycot and car seat. The set includes a rain cover with a window for the baby.


  • Light weight despite 2 in 1 design
  • Car seat adapters
  • The stroller «walks» on the stairs
  • Excellent maneuverability and stylish appearance
  • Large basket


  • The high price of the stroller and expensive accessories
  • Insufficient cushioning — not the best option for winter roads

one Inglesina Sofia (cradle, Ergo bike chassis)

The best stroller for babies — Inglesina Sofia. Another classic with a spacious bed and inflatable tires with treads. Even an envelope made of fur or warm overalls fits easily. Ergo Bike chassis with inflatable wheels are suitable for riding on any type of terrain. One of the best SUVs, while incredibly stylish. The comfort of a newborn is provided by an orthopedic mattress and a STANDUP stand, which is also used as a crib or for installing a car seat. The PU leather handle is adjustable in height, practical and durable.


  • Large cradle, easily accommodates a winter envelope
  • Breathable hood with sun visor
  • Handle for parents made of imitation leather with different height positions
  • Large treaded wheels
  • Orthopedic mattress evenly distributes the load on the spine and minimizes the risk of developing plagiocephaly — «flat head syndrome»
  • There is a function of motion sickness of the cradle
  • Can be adjusted to a semi-sitting position if needed
  • Large shopping basket


  • Heavy, difficult to steer, can only be rotated with two hands
  • The cap does not fully protect from the sun’s rays.
  • A creak may occur during operation.

The best strollers for newborns 2 in 1

four Adamex Barletta (2 in 1)

All-weather stroller from birth to 3 years. Supplemented with a walking block. You can install a car seat, but it is purchased separately. Available in a variety of colors and upholstery materials. The cradle is quite spacious, it is comfortable for a newborn. Height-adjustable parent handle allows you to choose the optimal position for growth. The cape has a protective collar that will protect from prying eyes and wind. Adjustment of the headrest is carried out from the outside, which will allow you not to disturb the sleeping baby.

Walking option is no less comfortable. There are belts, several options for adjusting the backrest, the footrest is also adjustable. You can attach both the cradle and the walk both in the direction of travel and against it.

Built-in spring damping, the wheels are inflated and large enough (30 cm rear, 25 cm front). The front ones rotate 360 ​​degrees. There is a basket that closes completely, however, it is not capacious enough. The aluminum frame lightens the weight, the addition of the structure occurs like a «book». When assembled, the weight of the product is 14 kg, which should be taken into account if the house does not have an elevator or you want to purchase a lighter children’s transport.


  • Sufficiently narrow chassis (60 cm), will fit into any elevator
  • Good strong brake on a big pedal
  • Can walk up stairs
  • Stylish design, combination of linen, cotton, eco-leather
  • Spacious hood folds down to the bumper
  • Lifting the headrest from the outside, not from the side of the baby
  • The back of the walk is lowered to 170 degrees


  • The fabric gets wet without a raincoat
  • No pockets for small items
  • Bulky, may not fit in a small car
  • No viewing window in the hood
  • Tight headrest adjustment

3 Noordline Stephania Style

Stylish and reliable universal model. The cradle is high from the ground, made of windproof and moisture-resistant fabric, inside — cotton trim. The sleeping place itself is spacious, a large hood and a dense cape create maximum comfort for the crumbs even in bad weather. The canopy has a viewing window that can be opened to ventilate the stroller. All parts and the cover can be easily unfastened and removed, you can easily wash.

When the child begins to sit, the cradle changes to the walking block. You can add a design and a car seat. But they buy it separately, as well as adapters for mounting.


  • Eco-leather — reliable protection from wind, rain and snow
  • Viewing window for ventilation
  • Large canopy and spacious carrycot
  • It is possible to install the block in the direction of travel and against it
  • Enters a narrow elevator and fits into a small car when assembled
  • Excellent traction on snow and sand


  • Chassis weight 10 kg
  • Hood makes noise when unfolded
  • Not very roomy bag

2 Hartan Racer GTX XL

The new model, which, unlike the previous Racer GTS, has an updated walking block that looks more like a cozy hammock. The patency of the stroller is at a height due to the large diameter of the wheels (compared to the GT XL), so you can ride it both on snow slush and on the ground.

The chassis is made of high quality aluminium. When folded, the product does not take up little space and can easily fit even in a small car. The walking block can be rearranged facing mother and to the street. The backrest in the walk has three positions, including fully unfolding for sleeping. The hood is silently adjustable and can be transformed into a canopy for protection from the sun. The damping system is at a height and regulates the rigidity of the structure when driving. The chassis width is only 58 cm, which allows you to easily drive into even narrow elevators and small doorways.


  • Light weight — 13 kg
  • High-quality structural elements and upholstery material
  • The walking block with ergonomic positions of a back and a full-fledged place for a dream
  • Built-in car seat adapter
  • Takes up little space when folded
  • Chassis width 58 cm
  • Reflective elements on the body of the stroller


  • Small selection of colors
  • Expensive

one Camarelo Sevilla (2 in 1)

The best stroller for newborns 2 in 1 according to parents is Camarelo Sevilla. This makes it affordable price and stylish appearance, combined with quality materials and excellent driving characteristics. A large selection of colors is another significant plus. You can choose the right color option among the 20 available, from delicate beiges to rich reds.

Massive inflated wheels provide excellent cross-country ability even on snow and soft dirt roads. The cradle is spacious and deep, made of solid plastic with cotton lining inside. The hood is large and fastens deep enough to protect from wind and snow. The chassis folds with one push and fits into any trunk. Fragile mothers will be pleased with the light weight of the stroller.


  • Over 20 colors
  • Deep all-plastic cradle
  • Good maneuverability due to low weight
  • Large hood closes almost to the end and protects from bad weather
  • Grocery basket is fully zippered
  • Affordable price


  • It is difficult to enter a narrow elevator due to the wide chassis (62 cm), there is a risk of scratching the frame
  • Bright colors may fade in the sun over time.
  • Not the highest quality transport

The best strollers for newborns 3 in 1

four Junama Madena (3 in 1)

The production of this model is carried out at the Polish plant TAKO. Junama strollers are characterized by high quality, reliable and moisture-resistant finishing materials, shock absorption with adjustable stiffness level. All depreciation elements and the brake system are hidden, which is very important. As a rule, water and dirt get into these structural parts, and over time the quality deteriorates significantly.

The cradle is spacious, and a winter fur envelope can be easily placed in it. The hood has a detachable part with a mosquito net for ventilation. The sleeping place can be unfastened from the chassis and used at home or away as a cradle. There is an adjustment of the position of the headboard, which changes imperceptibly for a small passenger.

The walking block is roomy, there is a footboard with different positions, a removable bumper, the backrest drops to a horizontal position. The parental handle is adjustable in height, there is a capacious stylish bag for moms, in which all the accessories necessary for the baby can be easily placed. Helium wheels of large diameter, front swivel, which makes the transport maneuverable and passable.


  • Beautiful colors and stylish design
  • Sleeping area can be used as a cradle
  • Cape on top has a large sunscreen insert
  • Adjustable leather handle
  • Changing the position of blocks in two directions
  • Backrest adjustment in the walking block up to 170 degrees
  • Lockable swivel wheels for driving straight ahead
  • 5-point harness in the stroller seat


  • Large weight and large dimensions
  • Plastic wheels do not provide the desired smoothness.

3 CAM Cortina Evolution X3 Tris (3 in 1)

This three-wheeled model is loved by parents primarily due to the well-known brand — one of the leaders among stroller manufacturers. Maneuverable design, spacious cradle, front wheels rotate 360 ​​degrees, and if necessary, all 4 wheels can be removed and washed — all these qualities are extremely convenient for daily use. The damping system has a stiffness adjustment for driving even on the worst roads. The chassis is folded with one hand according to the «book» system. Blocks change face to mother and back without much effort.

The walking part of the transport is also quite comfortable and roomy. It is installed in two versions — to the street and to the mother. The back with warming, is displayed to horizontal position. The infant car seat is placed in the car and on the basis of the stroller due to the built-in adapters.


  • Convenient click-clack change mechanism
  • Parent handle height adjustment
  • Good maneuverability
  • High bed
  • Quick book-like folding
  • Wide seat in the promenade
  • 3 wheels make it easy to fit in an elevator
  • Raincoat is included


  • For driving on winter roads, three wheels are not very convenient in terms of cross-country ability.
  • The problem with using the underpass is that it is difficult to carry three wheels up the stairs
  • The base of the stroller is quite large, it takes up a lot of space in the trunk

2 Vikalex Grata Classic (3 in 1)

The Italian model has all the advantages of children’s transport, since the manufacturer took into account all the operational nuances in its production. Made from environmentally friendly materials with high wear resistance. Designed specifically for the Russian climate. Inflatable wheels of large diameter provide patency on any roads. Spring dampening is protected from dirt and rain by plastic pads, which prevents squeaking during long-term use.

The blocks are installed on the frame without much difficulty, a cape is provided on the legs for the walking block. She in the cradle completely protects the baby from rain, wind, sun and prying eyes. The inside of the cradle is a cotton hypoallergenic surface. In the walking block there is a mattress for a walk in the winter or use for very young children.


  • Excellent cross-country ability on any road
  • Hypoallergenic natural fabric of the cradle as an interior finishing material
  • Waterproof outer fabric
  • Spacious sleeping area
  • Quick and easy block swapping
  • The cape completely covers the baby from wind, rain and prying eyes.
  • Reliable lightweight frame


  • Not very convenient basket
  • High price

one Chicco Trio I-Move

The best stroller for newborns 3 in 1 in our ranking is the Chicco Trio I-Move. It is also one of the most maneuverable 3 in 1 strollers. It is suitable for children from 0 to 4 years old. The latest manufacturing technology allows you to rotate the seat of the stroller unit by 360 degrees and change the position forward or backward in just a few seconds, even while the baby is sleeping. The wheelchair safety standard EN 1888 confirms the safety of this feature.

The carry cot is extremely comfortable and roomy, quickly put on the frame and fits up to 6 months old baby. The kit includes a set of fasteners for installing the cradle in the car. The car seat is fastened with standard belts.


  • High sides around the bed
  • In the heat, the stroller can be ventilated
  • Warm covers come unfastened if necessary
  • Quick change of carrycot and walk position
  • Big rain cover completely covers the baby


  • Poor snow handling due to small front wheels
  • No depreciation

The best strollers for winter

3 Lonex Parrilla (2 in 1)

Practical and comfortable winter model made in Poland. Classic design that will always be relevant. At the same time, all the necessary options have been added to the new model for the most comfortable operation. The wheels are large enough — a real all-terrain vehicle, so the model is suitable mainly for use in regions with severe winters. Belt depreciation provides softness of the course and will not disturb the sleep of the baby even when hitting bumps and other obstacles. In addition, due to the belts, the child can be rocked in the cradle, as in a cradle in different directions.

The walking block is quite roomy, it is possible to install a car seat.


  • Strapped frame creates an incredibly smooth ride
  • Interesting design
  • Good maneuverability despite rather big wheels
  • Water-repellent outer fabric, 100% cotton inner
  • Eco-leather handle with adjustable height
  • Narrow chassis (58 cm) will fit even in a narrow elevator
  • Lightweight frame


  • When changing position, the hood makes a crackling noise at first
  • tight brake

2 Bugaboo Cameleon

One of the most popular modern brands, an improved version of the 2001 Frog model. The stroller weighs less than 10 kg, which is its indisputable advantage. The front wheels have shock absorption with stiffness adjustment, the rear ones have an increased diameter. The model is incredibly maneuverable and light, moving smoothly even on uneven roads.

The handle in the stroller is reversible, which is also a huge plus. Not every model has this option. The walking block can be changed in the direction of travel or in the opposite direction. But if desired, you can change the position only by turning the handle. The chassis has built-in universal adapters for installing the infant carrier.


  • Excellent maneuverability
  • All elements can be removed and washed
  • Lots of accessories included
  • Large shopping basket
  • Fits even in a small trunk
  • breathable fabric
  • flip handle


  • Quite open compared to other winter strollers
  • Not too convenient to change the position of the block
  • It is inconvenient to get to the basket due to the low location of the cradle
  • Soft upholstery material

one Mr Sandman Rustle

The best stroller for winter for a newborn baby is Mr Sandman Rustle. This model harmoniously combines the classics loved by all and the stylish design of modern models. An innovative cradle is installed on the classic chassis. The eco-leather trim and eye-catching colors are a definite eye-catcher. The cradle is quite roomy, there is an adjustable headrest. Cotton lining on the inside. The cover can be removed and washed. The handle is built into the hood, so the cradle is used as a carrier. The cape is equipped with a high tongue to protect against wind, sun and curious passers-by.

Helium wheels on a classic frame with adjustable shock absorption on the belts provide a soft and smooth ride, while there is no fear that when hitting a sharp object you will have to inflate the tire.

Base folding mechanism — «book». Includes mosquito net, rain cover, accessory bag, cup holder, wheel covers and mattress.


  • High quality materials
  • Good reliability of all elements
  • Excellent cross
  • Comfort for the baby in autumn and winter
  • Depreciation


  • Can be hot in summer
  • The mechanism for removing and installing the cradle is not very convenient
  • Big weight

What is the best stroller for a newborn baby?

The right stroller is the key to a pleasant walk. What should be a really high-quality transport for a baby? Each parent has their own selection criteria. For those who travel a lot with a child and regularly travel by car, you should choose lighter models with a small base. If long walks are planned in the nearest park, forest or on the balcony, it is worth considering the option of a cradle. Would you like to make a purchase once every three years? In this case, you should choose between universal designs 2 in 1 or 3 in 1. But, as practice shows, at 6-8 months of the baby, the vast majority of parents still buy an easy walk. Therefore, when choosing a stroller for a newborn, the main emphasis should be on convenience for a newly born little man.

Long walks with the baby in the fresh air will bring great benefits not only to the baby, but also to his parents. And with a comfortable and beautiful stroller, walking will be doubly pleasant! Not sure which stroller to buy for your newborn baby? You will have no doubts after viewing our 2020 rating.

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