15 Best Screwdrivers — Ranking 2020


Not a single repair in an apartment, private house or utility room can do without a modern screwdriver. It greatly facilitates the installation of the roof, the assembly of furniture for the home, it is precisely because of such a wide functionality that the device is popular among both ordinary people and professional repairmen. However, both those and others have a logical question: how to choose a screwdriver? In all the variety presented in hardware stores, it is really difficult to figure it out. To make it easier for you to choose the right tool, we have compiled a rating of the best screwdrivers according to experts and customer reviews.

What to look for when choosing a screwdriver

When choosing a screwdriver, you need to pay attention to certain parameters. The main thing is that the future owner of a screwdriver must understand why he buys a tool. This will allow you to quickly and correctly determine the set of required parameters. The standard requirements for a repair device include the following:

  • The optimal torque of a screwdriver is from 10 N • m, preferably more;
  • The battery should hold a charge long enough if you mean regular use of the device;
  • The screwdriver chuck — ideally — should be made of wear-resistant material;
  • The greater the number of speeds, the easier it is to work with a screwdriver in the field;
  • User reviews will help you evaluate the ergonomics of the device;
  • The gearbox housing and other parts must consist of strong and durable metal alloys;
  • The lower the weight of the purchased screwdriver, the less the hand will get tired during operation.

Best Inexpensive Cordless Screwdrivers

Interskol DA-12ER-02 Home master 28 N•m

Interskol DA-12ER-02 Home Master 28 N•m is one of the best budget screwdrivers with replaceable batteries. By the way, they are included in the kit with the device, that is, there is no need to pay extra. It is successful batteries that allow a Russian-made screwdriver to work at a speed of 400 or 1400 rpm. Regulation occurs with the help of an understandable control system, which includes, among other things, a convenient slider reverse. Also, the manufacturer makes it possible to adjust drilling using 18 different modes. These indicators are optimal for construction or repair equipment of this price category.


  • low price both on the Internet and in real stores;
  • high-quality Li-Ion type battery;
  • comfortable weight of 960 grams;
  • high drilling efficiency due to the two-speed gearbox;
  • convenient light indicator of charge level.


  • medium quality drills;
  • the rubber on the case is quickly damaged even with careful use.

Bort BAB-18Ux2Li-FDK 33 N•m

The Bort BAB-18Ux2Li-FDK 33 N•m pistol drill/driver is powered by a 18 V Li-Ion battery. the time of his service as a whole. The device operates at a speed of 1350 rpm, it can also make 350 at times when extra careful work is needed. The maximum torque, which is incorporated in the very name of the model, is 33 N•m. The technical description of Bort BAB-18Ux2Li-FDK 33 N•m says that about 18 torque modes can be adjusted. This only increases the overall quality of this screwdriver.


  • automatic engine brake;
  • there is a built-in battery charge indicator;
  • high-quality and durable assembly;
  • high quality keyless chuck;
  • LED workspace lighting.


  • charging takes 60 minutes, which is quite a long time;
  • The elastic bands of the case are weak and break quickly.

Hammer ACD12LE 18 N•m

A miniature and fairly budget model of a screwdriver — with a drill of 10 millimeters, a drilling diameter of 10 to 20 millimeters, depending on the material — Hammer ACD12LE 18 N•m has been popular since 2017. The fact is that a screwdriver is really cheap, which allows you to buy it for basic household needs, when there is no desire and need to invest in a tool. The power source is a battery that takes three hours to charge. This is a lot, so regular use of the tool is not possible. But if you’re looking for the perfect tool for making occasional furniture adjustments or minor repairs, the Hammer ACD12LE 18 Nm screwdriver is worth a look.


  • low average cost as on the Internet. as well as in stores;
  • well-placed lighting;
  • maintaining a stable number of revolutions per minute;
  • quite durable and high-quality battery;
  • good battery capacity of 1.3 Ah.


  • there is only one speed of work;
  • makes no more than 550 revolutions per minute, which is catastrophically small.

The best cordless screwdrivers in terms of price-quality ratio

BOSCH GSR 180-LI 2.0Ah x2 case 54 N•m

Screwdriver BOSCH GSR 180-LI 2.0Ah x2 case 54 N•m works at the expense of average power batteries, but belongs to the group of professional tools. Why? It has a high torque, reaching even 54 N•m, and the speed in drilling mode can reach up to 1700 rpm. On the one hand, it’s not that much. On the other hand, such indicators are sufficient to process soft materials without the risk of damage. It is because of this that the BOSCH GSR 180-LI 2.0Ah x2 case 54 N•m is used when screwing into chipboard, drywall or plywood. If you are looking for a model that works with these materials, this screwdriver is ideal. It also has a low price.


  • good electronic overload protection;
  • drilling mode;
  • the ability to work with soft materials;
  • two batteries with Battery Cell Protection of 1.5 Ah included;
  • built-in screw-in depth adjuster.


  • no socket for bits;
  • weight is slightly higher than comfortable — 1.6 kilograms.

Makita DF457DWE 42 N•m

Cordless hammerless drill driver Makita DF457DWE has a fairly high-quality torque, at the peak reaching 42 N•m. The model also has a reverse, two Li-Ion batteries without memory effect, self-discharge. Also in the reviews they note especially strong protection against the penetration of dust, small debris or moisture. But even in laudatory reviews, the weight of the screwdriver is noted: it is almost impossible to lift 1.7 kilograms, so you should not choose the Makita DF457DWE for long-term use or for work where special accuracy is required. By the way, in a storage case and with all additional accessories, the screwdriver weighs 4.32 kilograms.


  • two speeds of 400 and 1400 rpm, respectively;
  • about 16 operating modes;
  • batteries with a voltage of 18 V each;
  • well suited for drilling wood and metal surfaces;
  • there is a motor brake.


  • Chinese screwdriver assembly, albeit at the official Makita factory;
  • a small battery charge, not exceeding 1.3 Ah.

Metabo BS 18 L 2.0Ah x2 case 50 N•m

Excellent screwdriver Metabo BS 18 L 2.0Ah x2 case 50 N•m has two speeds — 450 and 1800 rpm, convenient and powerful torque of 50 N•m, high-quality and bright LED-backlight and, no less important, complete set. We can say that this is the optimal device for use with basic repair purposes. This is precisely the reason for the demand for it, which has been holding since 2017. The screwdriver is powered by two Li-Ion batteries with a capacity of 2 Ah and a voltage of 18 V. It takes up to 80 minutes to fully charge them. The charge level can be monitored even during operation: Metabo has also provided for this by installing a special light indicator on the case.


  • at least 23 operating modes without drilling;
  • slide reverse;
  • compact size, which makes it easy to store the screwdriver;
  • the ability to work with wood of any thickness, as well as with metal;
  • motor brake function.


  • no magnetic bit holder;
  • if the brushes deteriorate, you have to replace the entire motor.

The best corded screwdrivers

Metabo SE 2500 600 W 11 N•m

The excellent SE 2500 600 W 11 N•m corded screwdriver from the Metabo brand has a pistol design and can be operated from a standard 220 V socket. It is suitable only for processing drywall, but it shows good results for a representative of this price category. Thanks to a durable bit chuck and its own speed of 2500 rpm, the device makes repairs quite fast and comfortable. Contributes to this and a torque element of 11 N•m. The only thing to complain about: flag reverse. It is not as convenient as a slider, because after several years of active use, the screwdriver starts to jam.


  • there is a blocking of the power button during operation;
  • satisfactory price according to quality;
  • weight of 1.2 kilograms does not put pressure on the hand;
  • cam clutch limiting noise;
  • depth limiter.


  • only one speed;
  • Chinese assembly.

Makita FS4300 570W

The Makita FS4300 570W is a good electric screwdriver with a user-friendly body. At the same time, it has good technical characteristics. The manufacturer has provided literally everything: the screwdriver has a convenient reverse, a screwing depth adjustment system, a ventilation element and a long-lasting LED backlight that allows you to work with convenience. The speeds with which the Makita FS4300 570 W can work are also pleasing. The speed of rotation reaches 4000 rpm, which allows you to process drywall surfaces — this model is intended for them, while not spending a lot of electricity. As indicated in the name of the tool, its power is 570 watts.


  • removable bit holder and bit directly;
  • wire with a length of four meters;
  • high-quality cartridge for bits;
  • works with a depth limiter;
  • secure magnetic lock.


  • no spindle lock;
  • works only from the network.

DeWALT DW274K 540 W 10 N•m

The DeWALT DW274K 540 W 10 N•m model is widely used among installers, such popularity is due to the fact that this screwdriver can twist different types of fasteners in materials from drywall to metal sheets. But what gives it such an impressive performance? First you need to note the speed, it reaches 4000 rpm. There is also a special regulator that adjusts the speed of the screwdriver depending on the specific task. Well, the depth regulator allows you to perform twisting with maximum accuracy. It also has a built-in cooling system that prevents damage and overheating of internal elements.


  • Convenient storage case included
  • blocking the power button during operation;
  • good rubberized handle;
  • motor with cooling;
  • adequate price in relation to quality.


  • only one speed;
  • there is no spindle lock, which complicates the work somewhat.

The best impact drills

Makita DHP484Z 54 N•m

The Makita DHP484Z 54 N•m pistol model has a one-year warranty, but according to customer reviews, this impact drill will last much longer. It works in two-speed mode — 500 or 2000 rpm are possible, therefore it is suitable for performing completely different construction or repair tasks. Also, the screwdriver has an impact mode, in which the number of strokes directly can be 30,000 per minute. Such indicators allow you to work even with very dense materials. The advantages of a screwdriver do not end there, so it can be argued that the first in the top three impact drills has optimal performance in relation to the price.


  • durable and convenient slide reverse;
  • shock mode;
  • cartridge diameter is 13 millimeters;
  • it is possible to drill wood, metal, concrete;
  • electronic engine protection.


  • there is no complete battery;
  • a weight of 1.8 kilograms due to design features can put a lot of pressure on the hand.

BOSCH GSB 180-LI 1.5Ah x2 Case 54 N•m

Screwdriver BOSCH GSB 180-LI 1.5Ah x2 Case 54 N•m can be called the best option for those who are unprofessional, but regularly makes repairs. The device lasts a long time, because the case is equipped with ventilation holes, and it is made of durable plastics and metal. At the same time, the screwdriver demonstrates sufficient productivity: the user has 20 torque modes and two speeds to choose from. Thanks to high-quality and bright illumination, the drill can work even in the dark or in rooms without light. The slider battery is also worthy of mention, BOSCH endowed it with a moderate capacity of 1.5 Ah. This is not much, but more than enough for domestic use.


  • replaceable brushes are easy to replace yourself;
  • thanks to Electronic Cell Protection, the battery lasts longer;
  • the ability to work with dense wood, steel or other metals;
  • good ergonomic handle;
  • clutch with automatic locking for more secure fastening.


  • during prolonged work, there are problems with the engine;
  • protection sometimes works at the wrong moment.

DeWALT DCD776S2 42 N•m

The excellent DeWALT DCD776S2 42 N•m screwdriver offers the user 16 torque settings, an impact mode with a frequency of up to 25500 per minute and, of course, a drill mode. This is more than enough for productive work at home. Able to impress and additional technical characteristics. The model has a bright illumination of the working area, electronic speed control, which makes even the shock stroke quite smooth and predictable, as well as a mechanical two-stage transmission. There are no complaints about the package: DeWALT, along with a screwdriver, provides the buyer with two 1.5 Ah batteries, a charger, a fairly powerful magnetic holder and, of course, a branded case.


  • high quality XR Li-Ion batteries;
  • the ability to drill brick, wood and metal;
  • case for storage and transportation of the screwdriver included;
  • wear-resistant cartridge with a diameter of 1.5 to 13 millimeters;
  • the gearbox has quite durable gears.


  • the weight of the screwdriver is 2.28 kilograms;
  • there is no bit and fastening under it.

The best professional drill drivers

Metabo BS 18 L BL Q 2.0Ah x2 case 60 N•m

Brushless professional screwdriver Metabo BS 18 L BL Q 2.0Ah x2 case 60 N•m has two Li-Ion batteries in the kit, which provides much longer work than it is written in the warranty sheet: it says that the device will work for 12 months. The capacity of each is 4 Ah, the battery charge is enough for an hour of continuous operation, and its voltage is 18 V. The quality of the screwdriver deserves special mention. It makes about 2050 revolutions per minute, the BZP chuck is quick-clamping, which noticeably improves the results. This is also facilitated by the presence of two speeds, allowing you to act at a pace convenient for a person. But even on this, the advantages of the model do not end there.


  • good built-in illumination of the working area;
  • battery slider;
  • clutch adjustment range — from 0.5 to 5 N•m;
  • comes in a case, fully equipped;
  • powerful brushless motor.


  • high market price;
  • sound power up to 83 dB is bad for hearing.

DeWALT DCD791D2 70 N•m

An excellent professional drill/driver can handle a variety of materials from thin wood to strong metal alloys. At the same time, the device does not need to be tied to an electrical network, it operates using a Li-Ion battery with a voltage of 18 V. This means that you can work with this screwdriver in any conditions, and all thanks to a high-quality battery. Despite good technical characteristics, it cannot be said that the DeWALT DCD791D2 70 N•m is difficult to use. The ergonomics of the device is ensured by a relatively light weight and a comfortable rubberized handle, designed to fit the shape of the human palm.


  • makes from 550 to 2000 revolutions per minute;
  • two batteries and a storage case included;
  • three-year manufacturer’s warranty;
  • the maximum drilling diameter is 40 millimeters for wood and 13 for metal;
  • electronic engine protection system.


  • there is a slight beating of the cartridge;
  • Chinese production and assembly.

BOSCH GSR 18-2-LI Plus 2.0Ah x2 Case 63 N•m

The BOSCH GSR 18-2-LI Plus 2.0Ah x2 Case 63 N•m professional-grade cordless drill is a great option for those who regularly use the tool to solve complex construction or repair tasks. This drill driver has a pistol design, which significantly reduces the load on the hand. Pleased with the weight of the device, not exceeding 1.5 kilograms. The power source is a GBA 18 battery with a voltage of 18 V, respectively. The screwdriver can make up to 1900 revolutions per minute, the most convenient of all existing sliding reversers, a two-speed gearbox and a torque element, the maximum indicators of which reach 63 N•m, contribute to the quality of processing.


  • high quality keyless chuck;
  • the optimal cartridge diameter is 13 millimeters;
  • built-in motor brake;
  • automatic overload protection;
  • good workspace lighting.


  • some buyers complain that the screwdriver handle is overpriced and uncomfortable;
  • after a year of use, problems with the chuck clamp may appear.

Which screwdriver is better to choose

As mentioned earlier, when choosing a screwdriver, you need to understand why you are buying it. In order to carry out minor home repairs, an inexpensive model with any type of power supply will suffice. If you are going to work on the street, screwdrivers with an energy-intensive battery will be more preferable, the recommended capacity is from 1.8 Ah. You can also choose a model with a smaller one, but then it will have to be recharged regularly. Interested in a career in construction or renovation? Then you should not save, give preference to models powered by the mains. But watch the length of the cable: the longer it is, the easier it will be in practice.

Universal screwdrivers do not exist. Each model, depending on the capabilities and vision of the manufacturer, has its own individual characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. To choose the right screwdriver, they need to be compared and analyzed. This is the key purpose of such ratings.

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