15 Best Oral Irrigators — 2020 Ranking


Irrigators are hygiene devices that are gaining popularity and are designed to clean gums and teeth from dirt, maintain hygiene and, of course, prevent the development of dangerous dental diseases. Few people know how to choose them correctly. This is what makes the presented rating of the best oral irrigators for 2020 especially relevant.

Types of irrigators

There are three types of irrigators according to the technology of cleaning the oral cavity: impulse, mono-jet and microbubble. They differ not only in technology of action, but also in prices, according to indications for use. The description of all devices separately is as follows:

Pulse irrigators are expensive, but they create thin jets of water that can easily pass even into the thinnest interdental gaps. On average, the pulsation rate is 1200 micropulses per minute. Typically, such cleaning devices are bought by patients with suspected periodontitis or gingivitis;

Monojet irrigators are directly connected to the water supply. These devices cannot filter water, so they are equipped with a special filtration system, which includes a capsule with antibacterial agents. This technology provides successful prevention of diseases of the teeth and gums;

Microbubble models are considered to be the most efficient. They mix air bubbles with water, so the teeth are not only cleaned of plaque, but also freed from pathogenic microflora. Also, these irrigators can be used for nasal congestion, periodontitis, periodontal disease and other serious diseases.

The Best Pulsed Portable Irrigators (Battery or Battery Operated)

B. Well WI-911

The manufacturer positions the B.Well WI-911 irrigator as a professional one. There are arguments in favor of this: it works in three modes suitable for cleaning, treating sensitive teeth and massaging the gums, it can be carried and easily transported. This is facilitated by the compact size, as well as a special bag that ensures the safe carrying of the device. The geography of production deserves special mention: the development of all B.Well lines is carried out in Switzerland, and the assembly also takes place according to high European standards. Swiss models are distinguished by special care for the user, for example, the tank is ideally enough for two. But the advantages don’t end there either.


  • optimal power of 620 kPa;
  • AC adapter allows you to charge the model anywhere;
  • works at the expense of the modern Li-Ion accumulator;
  • auto-off after two minutes.


  • few interchangeable nozzles included by default;
  • no wall mount.

Revyline RL210

Revyline provides a two year warranty for the RL210. But even for such a long term for an irrigator with an adequate cost, there are no problems with it. Of course, it is difficult to use this device on a permanent basis. But it is considered optimal in order to take it on trips. The 150 milliliter tank is ideal for travel use, and the 5 W power allows you to connect the model even to a weak network. The irrigator has three modes of operation, taking into account the basic needs of the user, and two nozzles. It is because of this configuration that it is really easy to work with the Revyline RL210.


  • powered by a high-quality battery;
  • battery life is 28 minutes;
  • Includes a USB cable for charging;
  • 360 degree rotation.


  • there is no timer;
  • It takes at least four hours to charge.

WaterPik WP-450 Cordless Plus

The WaterPik WP-450 Cordless Plus impulse portable irrigator is considered to be a successful combination of an adequate price and good technical characteristics. It has a capacity of 210 milliliters, which is enough for the treatment of the tooth surface during travel or business trips. Also, the device makes up to 1450 pulsations per minute, in combination with four replaceable nozzles, this makes it possible to quickly and efficiently clean the enamel. The battery life of this irrigator is approximately 10 minutes. Of course, combined with a charging time of 16 hours, this is not enough. But such indicators are enough for those who need one use per day.


  • charger included;
  • four universal nozzles;
  • weight of 365 grams, facilitating the transportation of the model;
  • two modes of water pressure.


  • contacts are not protected from water;
  • no carrying case.

The best portable irrigators with microbubble technology

Panasonic EW1211A

Portable irrigator Panasonic EW1211A differs from other similar models by the power of the jet. It is water that plays the most important role in cleaning hard-to-reach places, for example, interdental spaces. Moreover, it can be supplied in two modes: standard and soft, with the second, the concentration of small air bubbles in the jet increases markedly. The irrigator, according to Panasonic’s internal testing data, provides comprehensive care for the gums and the oral cavity as a whole. This is ensured by a rotating base for nozzles, as well as three different modes of operation. Given the price, the Panasonic EW1211A is an ideal option.


  • comfortable and eye-catching design;
  • water supply from the tank takes up to 35 seconds;
  • the irrigator can be washed, including in the dishwasher;
  • charging station with compartments for nozzles.


  • no charge indicator light;
  • small water tank.

Philips AirFloss HX8274/20

The Philips AirFloss HX8274/20 microbubble portable irrigator comes with a toothbrush. This only enhances the effect of his work, respectively, reduces the risk of gum disease and teeth. The combination of the AirFloss irrigator with three replacement brushes and a Sonicare electric toothbrush, in addition, allows you to quickly form self-care habits. And their work does not take much time: in 30 seconds, the irrigator manages to clean the oral cavity. The results, according to user reviews, appear within 14 days after the start of using the device. Given the price, this is a pretty good result.


  • elegant design and durable plastic housing;
  • runs on battery for up to three weeks;
  • nozzles are easily removed and fixed;
  • The warranty period from the manufacturer is two years.


  • for good results, you need to change the nozzles every six months;
  • some users complain about the uselessness of two of the three modes.

CS Medica AquaPulsar CS-3 Air Plus

The portable microbubble irrigator CS Medica АquaPulsar CS-3 Air Plus does not have a low price, but its technical characteristics are good. It is because of this that it is often recommended by professional dentists. Bribes them and the fact that CS Medica is developing any of its devices, taking into account the opinions of doctors. The irrigator has three operating modes, already on the packaging the user can get acquainted with their advantages. The manufacturer includes a carrying case that allows you to safely carry the device. Four attachments can also be stored in the case. By the way, they have a convenient locking system: they are easy to install, but you can remove them only by pressing the corresponding button.


  • the water tank is built right into the body, which saves space;
  • optimal weight for holding in hand;
  • the power of this portable model is close to that of stationary ones;
  • two year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • small water tank capacity;
  • power modes are not enough for the full treatment of teeth and gums.

The best pulsed stationary irrigators (mains powered)

Revyline RL100

The impulse stationary irrigator Revyline RL100 works from a network. At the same time, it has a built-in timer for three minutes, and in terms of engine speed it noticeably exceeds other related models: this figure reaches 1700 pulsations per minute, so the water jet acts pointwise and successfully. The irrigator consumes up to 18 watts and approximately 600 milliliters of water. A variety of functions is provided by a set of interchangeable tips that allows you to maintain in order ordinary teeth, crowns, implants, prostheses and even complex designs of braces. Probably, it is this feature that determines the good reputation of the Revyline RL100.


  • there are markers;
  • cord length is 1.2 meters;
  • there is a place for storing nozzles;
  • excellent water flow pressure range — from 210 to 870 kPa.


  • nasal tip not included;
  • There is no charging indicator light.

B. Well WI-922

B.Well WI-922 is considered to be a universal stationary irrigator, suitable for representatives of different generations, having, accordingly, different features of the structure of the teeth. The advantages of the model are that its power is easily and manually adjustable, and the seven attachments included in the kit can correct almost all dental and hygiene problems. The model also assumes operation in ten modes, during each of which the nozzle rotates 360 degrees. This is what provides a complete cleaning of the oral cavity. Moreover, cleaning takes about 600 milliliters of water and only a few minutes.


  • stable legs with anti-slip coating;
  • convenient holder;
  • wireless working time is 30 minutes;
  • seven high-quality and durable attachments.


  • no possibility to hang on the wall;
  • a short cord that makes it difficult to connect to electricity.

WaterPik WP-660 Aquarius Professional

The excellent irrigator WaterPik WP-660 Aquarius Professional was developed not so long ago. It has all the standard and necessary characteristics: it works in ten modes, makes up to 1400 vibrations per minute, and is also filled with no more than 650 milliliters of water. Users note that the model has a low noise level. The timer is also praised: it usually turns on and off every 30 seconds, but you can manually change the intervals or completely interrupt its work. According to the manufacturer, the irrigator removes about 99% of contaminants in three seconds. This is more than a good indicator. And it is because of him that potential buyers are willing to pay round sums for the WP-660 Aquarius Professional.


  • visible non-professional effect after two weeks;
  • has been officially approved by the American Dental Association since 2017;
  • seven nozzles included;
  • nozzle rotation up to 360 degrees inclusive.


  • there is no bag for transportation;
  • the manufacturer did not provide for the possibility of hanging the irrigator on the wall.

The best stationary irrigators with microbubble technology

WaterPik WP-100 Ultra / WP-108 E2 Ultra / WP-112 Ultra

The WaterPik WP-100 Ultra / WP-108 E2 Ultra / WP-112 Ultra irrigator is a powerful device that works due to microbubble technology in stationary mode. It easily and well cleans even hard-to-reach places, helps to remove tartar and has a whitening effect. This is due to the fact that the model supplies water with the help of pulsation, its speed reaches 1400 pulses per minute. The number of standard modes is ten. In this case, you can use one of the seven convenient attachments included with the device. They are suitable for cleaning braces, tongue, bridges, dentures and hard-to-reach gum pockets.


  • place for storing nozzles;
  • convenient pause button;
  • excellent 360-degree rotation of the nozzle;
  • all necessary documentation included.


  • missing toothbrush and nasal nozzle;
  • really high price.

Oral-B Professional Care OxyJet MD20

The Oral-B Professional Care OxyJet MD20 electronic microbubble irrigator provides professional oral cleaning at home. At the same time, learning how to operate the device is quite simple, so you can buy it even for inexperienced users. What are its merits? This model has a built-in reservoir with a volume of 600 milliliters, as well as a timer and marker marks in order to distinguish nozzles from each other. By the way, about nozzles. The device has four of them, and all of them do an excellent job with irrigation and can be stored in a place specially designed for this.


  • charging station with a compartment for nozzles;
  • there is an air filter;
  • weight of 135 grams, facilitating the use of the device;
  • good equipment.


  • no toothbrush attachment;
  • There is no charge indicator light.

Donfeel OR-830

Donfeel OR-830 ​​is a convenient stationary irrigator that differs from the models listed earlier by the presence of a special ultraviolet lamp. This lamp contributes to the preservation of the quality of nozzles, it cleans the surface of replaceable brushes well from dirt, dangerous microorganisms. The reservoir of the irrigator is built into the body, so it takes up little space. In addition, users note that the model almost does not vibrate during operation. This effect is achieved with the help of rubber suction cups that securely attach it to the surface. I am glad that many parameters can be adjusted by the user himself, for example, water pressure. But you can do it correctly only by studying the instructions.


  • ergonomic design;
  • six nozzles attached to the irrigator;
  • button for emergency water stop;
  • makes 1750 pulsations in 60 seconds.


  • to reduce the cost of the device, the manufacturer began to use fragile plastic;
  • fairly short cable.

The best mono jet irrigators

Revyline RL300

The Revyline RL300 stationary mono-jet device has a fairly powerful engine. It is he who ensures the good performance of the irrigator and its success among buyers. This device easily removes tartar, prevents the development of caries in hard-to-reach places for a brush and, of course, significantly freshens breath, evens out the tone of the enamel. The irrigator also makes hydromassage of the gums, which improves blood circulation and the condition of the oral cavity in general. According to the manufacturer’s description, the effect of use appears after the first use. You can trust this opinion: it is confirmed by numerous laudatory reviews about the model.


  • excellent pressure up to 860 kPa;
  • pulsation frequency — approximately 1200 per minute;
  • the manufacturer’s warranty is two years;
  • powered by an alternating current system.


  • weight of 800 grams makes it somewhat difficult to use;
  • makes a loud noise during operation.

Kenwell VIP-006

Irrigator Kenwell VIP-006 has a liquid reservoir with a volume of 600 milliliters. This is more than enough to thoroughly clean the interdental space. The device removes food residue well, removes tartar and improves the condition of the enamel. With ten modes of operation and five interchangeable nozzles, it loyally affects various problems associated with the oral cavity. Users also note that the model has a durable and strong axis that rotates 360 degrees. This provides the most precise and high-quality cleaning, which, of course, cannot but please the potential user.


  • water pressure up to 750 kPa;
  • powered by a standard household outlet;
  • ergonomic design;
  • housing made of durable gray plastic.


  • there is no toothbrush attachment;
  • no charge indicator.

VES electric VIP-003

The VES electric VIP-003 irrigator is well suited for maintaining oral and gum hygiene. It works in stationary mode, which increases not only the power of water pressure, but also the number of functions. The manufacturer provides ten modes of algorithms that allow you to clean your teeth with high quality, strengthen the gums and stabilize the condition of the tooth enamel. The kit comes with nine irrigator tips, and three of them can be used to clean the tongue. Also VES electric provided for the need to clean gum pockets. Regardless of the nozzle model, the device works stably and quickly, which allows it to be classified as semi-professional.


  • pulsating principle of water supply;
  • there are marker marks on the nozzles;
  • special holders for storing nozzles;
  • ten operating modes.


  • there is no possibility of charge control;
  • built-in timer is not provided.

What to look for when choosing an irrigator

When choosing a personal irrigator, one must take into account not only the type of device, but also its individual technical characteristics. They determine the time and quality of the device. The most significant, according to feedback from users, are the following parameters:

  • jet pressure liquid should be approximately equal to 560 kPa;
  • The more tank capacitythe longer you can use the irrigator, but its volume also affects the cost;
  • Pulsation frequency affects the quality of cleaning, it should be equal to 900-3000 pulses per minute;
  • If you need to use the irrigator often, continuous work time should exceed 20-30 minutes;
  • The device must serviced under warranty in the event of a breakdown;
  • Attached attachments help improve oral health more easily.

Which irrigator is better to choose

When choosing an irrigator, you need to consider the purpose of the purchase. If you need a device to use while traveling, you need to take models with a small tank and light weight. It is desirable that a special case be attached to them. You also need to consider what the body is made of. The ideal material is durable plastic. Would you like to purchase a device for home use? In this case, take models with good power, a variety of operating modes. Consider the quantity and quality of nozzles: the more diverse they are, the easier and more convenient it will be to use the irrigator. But there is a single rule for choosing a device — read the reviews. It is in them that you can find previously unnoticed details.

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