15 Best Metal Detectors


Metal detectors help to find and extract valuable items from the ground or from the bottom of water bodies. But low-quality, reacting even to rusty nails, only complicate the search. The rating of the best metal detectors will help you not to miscalculate with the choice of model.

In order not to be disappointed in the chosen model, it is necessary to study the basic technical characteristics of metal detectors. They allow you to quickly find metal objects in water or under layers of soil. You can simply study production standards, but it is easier to analyze a ready-made list of basic requirements for a modern device:

  • Usually maximum detection depth — from 0.1 to 5 meters, but there are also more powerful models;
  • Detection frequency fluctuates between 2.5 kHz and 20 kHz for high-end models;
  • By type of search coils divided into concentric and mono, Imaging coil and DD type;
  • Number of built-in programs determines which metals the device detects;
  • The more device operating timethe easier it is to get out with him on long-term searches;
  • Dimensions and weight The ideal metal detector should be such that it can be easily carried by hand.

A number of companies are engaged in the production of metal detectors. But you can only trust those that assemble at licensed factories and provide a warranty period for their products. So you can not only buy a useful device, but also secure its long-term use. The top three recommended brands are:

  • Garrett is an American brand that creates numerous metal products;
  • minelab — a company registered in Australia in 1986, now delivering its products around the world;
  • Fisher is a manufacturer of metal detectors and sports equipment, founded in 1924 in Austria.

If searching for metal objects is just a hobby or entertainment, you should not spend money on professional equipment. Even firms with an ideal reputation produce models related to the cheap segment. They have enough features to be a reliable first metal detector.

Rating of the best metal detectors

Minelab Go-Find 44 ground

The Minelab Go-Find 44 ground metal detector has an indication system that helps to identify an object found underground. The 254mm coil helps you quickly cover large areas. And it also has a special moisture-proof coating that prevents accidental damage. With the help of the settings, you can adjust the sensitivity of the metal detector, the volume of the notification about the detection of the desired object. The design of the device is such that you can replace the built-in speaker with headphones. So it will turn out to minimize the noise from the search work and make them even more comfortable.


  • Rod length from 555 to 1305 millimeters;
  • There is a comfortable armrest;
  • Weight not exceeding 1 kilogram;
  • Sensitivity setting;
  • Low battery indication;
  • Four batteries included.


  • High price;
  • Small depth of detection;
  • The device notices not only metal products, but also foil, corks and other debris.

Teknetics Eurotek ground

The Teknetics Eurotek metal detector is powered by a single battery, so it will take very little money to maintain it. Despite this, the metal detector works for a long time and with sufficient quality. In the hand, such a technique is almost not felt. It is lightweight, comfortable and has a comfortable armrest. Over time, the handle to hold on to is erased, but this does not prevent the device from productively searching for metal objects at shallow depths. True, the reviews note that the eight-inch coil of the device is quite thin. This leads to the fact that the metal detector often needs additional maintenance.


  • Simple instruction in Russian;
  • High response speed;
  • The power charge is enough for a day of work;
  • Four conveniently located control buttons;
  • Three different sounds for metal discrimination;
  • Suitable for children.


  • It is impossible to accurately determine the location of the subject;
  • Small depth of search on the ground;
  • There is no volume control.

Garrett ACE 150 ground

The Garrett ACE 150 ground metal detector has enough features to meet all the needs of a novice searcher. It can handle searching in sand, shallow water and mineralized soils. The settings of the device are quite simple, so even a child can figure out the algorithms of the metal detector. The detailed instructions for use, which the manufacturer attaches to each of its devices, will also help in this. The metal detector has three search modes: for jewelry, for coins and for all metals. These features are enough to search for items at an amateur level and with moderate regularity.


  • Small weight of the device;
  • Simple process of use;
  • Adequate cost in both real and online stores;
  • Battery life up to 36 hours;
  • Three work programs;
  • Reliable monochrome display based on LCD technology.


  • No frequency shift;
  • It is necessary to protect the control unit from precipitation;
  • Small search depth.

Garrett ACE 250 RUS ground

The Garrett ACE 250 RUS ground metal detector requires careful care: its plastic body can be damaged due to contact with water or due to mechanical shocks. But it is quite cheap and quickly responds to the target, which makes it convenient for both professional treasure hunters and amateurs who want to have fun while traveling to the country. This metal detector is one of the best-selling in the world: for almost 40 years, manufacturers have been experimenting and constantly improving the design of the metal detector. The advantage of the model is also called the extended package: it includes a special storage case, instructions, headphones and a carrying bag.


  • Fast reaction to the detected target;
  • Adequate price;
  • Light weight, making it easy to carry the metal detector;
  • Good scale of metals;
  • Normal detection depth of metal objects;
  • Widespread in both chain stores and small retail outlets.


  • No scoreboard protection;
  • Makes loud and unpleasant sounds;
  • The metal detector does not work well at high voltage lines.

Fisher F22 dirt

The Fisher F22 metal detector has many useful options: from a custom scale for the occurrence of objects to a scale for identifying objects. Almost all other parameters can be adjusted according to your own needs, which gives the user a feeling of comfort, a guarantee that no metal values ​​will be missed. The metal detector is powered by two batteries, which is enough for an amateur search. It also weighs little, so the device is bought for use by children or those who perceive treasure hunting as simple summer entertainment. The coil, which meets all modern requirements, was developed by the manufacturer specifically for this device.


  • Convenient volume control;
  • Correction of sound signals for different segments;
  • Good ergonomics and nice design;
  • The metal detector is not afraid of rain;
  • Compactness during disassembly;
  • Good discrimination.


  • Small search depth;
  • Lack of ground balancing of the metal detector;
  • Fine thread at the junction of the cable and the unit itself.

Minelab X-Terra 305 ground

The Minelab X-Terra 305 metal detector appeared back in 2009. But, nevertheless, the model has not become outdated. This is due to its excellent balance, a fairly long life and a comfortable handle. It is the ergonomics of the device that allows you to carry it with you for long hours. Search programs settings are adjusted by buttons. And you can monitor the status of the metal detector using a black and white screen. It has increased strength and moisture protection, so the device will not suffer even from shock or contact with water. True, in order for everything to work correctly, you will have to fiddle with the assembly for a long time. But the instructions in which it is described in detail will make the task easier.


  • Cover for the control unit included;
  • Adjustment from the ground and from electrical interference;
  • Volume control;
  • Tonal background;
  • The ability to change the frequency to a higher one;
  • Simple process of use.


  • Flimsy fasteners;
  • Small depth of detection;
  • Bad twist locks.

Minelab Equinox 600 ground

The Minelab Equinox 600 is often bought by professional searchers: the device has enough power to detect metal objects even at depth. And it has a fairly durable case, which is protected by a waterproof coating. Therefore, even in the rain, you can continue to work without fear for the fate of the equipment. The metal detector has a high sensitivity, while it does not give false signals — all because of the multi-frequency — and does not respond to metal debris. This saves a lot of time and effort for the user. The reviewers also mention the low price, which puts the ground metal detector in the top of the cheapest professional models.


  • Sleek design and ergonomics;
  • Light weight, reducing the load on the hands;
  • Ease of settings;
  • Ability to work in multitasking mode;
  • You can charge the device using USB;
  • Screen backlight.


  • The electronic unit cannot be disconnected;
  • Frail armrest prone to breakage;
  • Regular loss of target during search.

Fisher F75 dirt

The Fisher F75 ground metal detector is a professional device that is distinguished by its characteristic golden shaft and small size. It is completely assembled in the USA and is considered one of the most reliable quality offerings for true fans of searching for metal objects underground or at shallow depths. If you believe the description from the manufacturer, the power of the device is about 20% higher than that of representatives of previous generations. And it has a high class of moisture protection, which guarantees long-term and productive use. Improved balance and long battery life help the metal detector meet all the needs of the buyer.


  • Convenient display with all the necessary information;
  • Good discrimination;
  • Great search depth;
  • Two protective covers included;
  • Seven work programs;
  • Detailed instructions explaining all the nuances of use.


  • Makes a lot of unnecessary sounds;
  • Difficult to find in the domestic market;
  • Pretty high price.

Garrett AT Gold ground

The ground metal detector Garrett AT Gold is manufactured at certified factories in the USA. It is the delivery from overseas due to the rather high price of the device. But paying for it is definitely worth it: it does an excellent job of finding even small metal objects. At the same time, a smart metal recognition system protects against simple time-consuming excavation of nails, bottle caps and other debris. The device copes especially well with the detection of chains and other small jewelry. I am also glad that the metal detector can work on different types of soil and even in shallow water.


  • Underwater diving up to three meters;
  • Instant response;
  • Stable performance even after several years of use;
  • Comfortable armrest, reducing the load on the arms and back;
  • Reliable fixation of the rod;
  • Powerful headphones included.


  • There is no possibility to adjust some sounds;
  • High price;
  • Hard to find outside of online stores.

Garrett AT Pro + Pro-Pointer AT underwater

The Garrett AT Pro + Pro-Pointer AT underwater metal detector works by interrupting vortex flows with a conductor. This allows the underwater model to pick up signals even from small metal objects that are of value to collectors, such as coins, jewelry. The metal detector has a high search accuracy that justifies the impressive price. And it does not let water through at all, which protects the complex internal structure of the model from damage during operation. Reviews also praise the rich orange color of the case. It is he, as well as the bright light of the built-in flashlight, that helps to notice the Garrett AT Pro + Pro-Pointer AT at great depths, in dark water.


  • Reliability and warranty from the manufacturer;
  • IP68 standard, that is, the maximum level of protection for civilian products;
  • Can be submerged to a depth of up to three meters;
  • Good for working with headphones;
  • Significantly reduces the time of searching for metal objects;
  • Auto tuning function.


  • Poorly kept in a standard holster;
  • Pretty high price;
  • Too light weight, which creates problems when working with the current.

Makro Multi Kruzer underwater

The modern Makro Multi Kruzer metal detector is designed to work underwater. It has excellent cross-country ability, and technical characteristics allow it to descend to a depth of up to five meters. The manufacturer, along with the instructions and directly with all parts of the device, supplies branded headphones that have a Bluetooth connection. One charge is enough for them for 10-14 hours. This ensures maximum comfort during search operations. True, in no case should they be allowed to come into contact with water. Unlike the body of the model, they are made of non-waterproof plastic.


  • Smart display;
  • Durable barbell weighing up to 1.3 kilograms;
  • 3700 mAh Li-Pol battery;
  • Coil Double D 11×7 inches;
  • Sound range 150 to 700 kHz and vibration response;
  • Six search modes.


  • Hard to find in real stores;
  • The black hull is hard to see in the water;
  • The device will instantly break if you do not use special plugs for plugs.

Nokta&Makro Simplex Plus underwater

The Turkish Nokta&Makro Simplex Plus metal detector is optimal for working underwater. It can work without interruption at a depth of up to three meters. That being said, it has a reliable 11″ DD base coil. And the buyer himself can choose whether to take wireless headphones with a Bluetooth connection with the device or not. This, of course, affects the actual cost of the model. The device weighs about 1.2 kilograms. This is the optimal weight for long-term use. A comfortable fixed armrest only adds extra comfort. The only structural disadvantage is the scratch-resistant coating. So you can’t do without a cover.


  • Six simple buttons to control settings;
  • Charging with USB cable included;
  • Assembly is done in just a minute;
  • Precise target designation mode;
  • Four search programs with unique settings;
  • Great for beginners.


  • Coils from Kruzer and Anfibio models are not suitable for replacement;
  • Works only on one frequency;
  • It is difficult to find in offline stores even in large cities of Russia.

The best pinpointers

Garrett Pro Pointer AT underwater

Modern underwater pinpointer Garrett Pro Pointer AT has a fully waterproof housing. This protects the device from accidental breakage during use and getting wet. He has the usual orange body, which was also the models of previous generations. This is good, because such a coloring allows you to see the device even in turbid water. And from accidental loss of the device protects the sound signal, which is heard once every five minutes, if it is turned on. The working area of ​​the device is equipped with a scraper. It facilitates the search for underwater treasures and at the same time does not harm the pinpointer itself.


  • Three-level sensitivity adjustment;
  • Absolute waterproof;
  • Simple usage algorithm;
  • Can search at a depth of up to three meters;
  • High search accuracy;
  • Sound and vibration modes of operation.


  • It is quite expensive for pinpointers;
  • The flashlight cannot be turned off;
  • There is no warning to replace the battery.

Fisher F-Pulse ground

The Fisher F-Pulse metal detector belongs to the ground type, but its power is enough even to search for treasures in shallow water bodies. The weight of the device does not exceed 290 grams, so even a novice seeker can handle it. According to the instructions, the optimal search depth is two meters. It has an ergonomic shape, which greatly facilitates the search for metal valuables underground. Due to the special coating, the device does not slip. The ruler, which is equipped with the body of the device, helps to carry out changes without additional tools. It runs on two batteries, which is enough for long-term searches.


  • Customizable LED flashlight for illumination in the dark;
  • Narrowed search location;
  • Storage case included;
  • Sound indication of charge level;
  • Depth sensitivity adjustment;
  • Automatic shutdown.


  • Quite high price of a metal detector;
  • Almost never found outside of specialized stores;
  • Only one detection frequency.

Garrett Pro-Pointer II Ground

The Garrett Pro-Pointer II ground pinpointer has a two-year manufacturer’s warranty. The reel is only covered by a one-year warranty. It is designed to search for metal objects in small locations. The shape of the handle is ideal for carrying the pinpointer for a long time, besides, the coating does not slip. The pinpointer can be used even with gloves on: the control buttons have a fairly high sensitivity, so there are no problems with the settings. You can learn how to set up the device with the help of detailed instructions from the manufacturer, which also describes all the rules for replacing the battery and storing the turned off metal detector.


  • Operates on one battery type Krona;
  • Weight not exceeding 200 grams;
  • Sound control of charge level;
  • Automatic ground balance adjustment;
  • An LED flashlight is built into the design;
  • Moisture protection class IP 66.


  • No display backlight;
  • Can’t connect via Bluetooth;
  • Fairly high price.

If you are looking for metal objects for fun, pay attention to the maximum detection depth and how many types of metal the device recognizes. The larger both parameters, the better. Or consider buying a pinpointer: its maintenance is easier and the prices are usually lower than classic metal detectors. In this case, the cost of the device should be the decisive factor in the choice, otherwise there will simply be no point in buying.

But on devices purchased for professional search, you should not save. Otherwise, the «catch» will be much poorer than it could be. Make sure that the device is covered by a long-term warranty. This will serve as proof that the manufacturer is confident in the quality of their products.

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