15 Best Inkjet Printers


Do you want to buy a quality inkjet printer for your home or office that meets all modern standards? In order not to run into problems of choice, use the rating. It consists of fifteen inkjet printers with high positions on review sites and an abundance of positive comments from reviewers.

What to look for when choosing an inkjet printer

Usually, when choosing a printer, they look at the connectors for connecting. But in order for the device to work as productively as possible, you need to pay attention to some other parameters. They are especially relevant if you choose an inkjet type printer for the office, where fast copying and printing is especially important:

  • Print speed — up to 50 A4 sheets per minute for both color and monochrome printing;
  • Print format depends on your needs, but quality printers handle both A3 and A4;
  • Duplex printing capability allows you to save paper;
  • There should be at least two cartridges, but better — one for each primary color, that is, four;
  • Ideally, the printer should be color, so its functionality will expand significantly.

The smaller the weight and dimensions of the device, the easier it will be to transport it.

Best Inexpensive Inkjet Printers

HP OfficeJet Pro 8210

The HP OfficeJet Pro 8210 Inkjet Printer delivers near-professional quality. At the same time, it has a simple control system, optimized even for an inexperienced user. Mastering an inkjet printer is facilitated by the instruction specific to HP products. It also has nice technical features. It comes with support for dynamic security. But it is precisely because of this that only special cartridges from HP will be used for printing, which can be difficult to find for sale in small stores. But you can increase your printing efficiency with an impressive selection of mobile printing apps.


  • Adequate price;
  • Monthly print volume 30,000 pages;
  • HP thermal inkjet;
  • Black, cyan, magenta, yellow cartridges;
  • Support for HP EPRINT function;
  • Built-in Ethernet module, Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n.


  • Yields up to 22 pages per minute in black and white;
  • Only produces 18 pages during color printing;
  • No USB cable.

Canon PIXMA TS304

Canon PIXMA TS304 is an inkjet printer that allows you to print documents and photos in 10×15 cm format wirelessly, as well as scan and copy them. Moreover, it can be controlled both through cloud services and through a special application on a smartphone developed by Canon. It’s called Canon PRINT. The device also supports Apple AirPrint/Mopria technologies. Another advantage of the model is its compactness. It is great for home use even when space is limited. True, the low print speed does not allow buying this device for an office or school, despite all its advantages.


  • Possibility of borderless printing;
  • Two FINE Cartridges;
  • Message in Print application;
  • Weight 2.9 kilograms;
  • Scanning and copying with a smartphone;
  • Resolution up to 4800×1200 dpi.


  • About 7.7 images per minute in monochrome;
  • Up to four pages per minute in color;
  • Rarely found outside of online stores.

HP Officejet Pro 6230 ePrinter

HP Officejet Pro 6230 ePrinter completes the top three budget inkjet printers. This model, produced according to American technology, is optimal for home and small office, where the circulation of documents is weak. And such a device is often bought for use in schools. The maximum capacity of the inkjet printer is 15,000 pages per month. At the same time, the device can print not only paper, but also photographs, labels, stickers — it all depends on the selected material. I am glad that the manufacturer provided for printing on both sides. This helps save paper without sacrificing print quality.


  • Requires virtually no settings;
  • Print from any mobile device via Wi-Fi;
  • Low price;
  • Minimalistic case design;
  • The printer works 50% more economically than any of the laser counterparts;
  • Pretty fast print speed for this price segment.


  • Expensive cartridges;
  • Have to replace cartridges twice a year, which is more than average;
  • Cannot refill with non-HP ink.

The best color inkjet printers price-quality

Canon PIXMA G1411

Canon PIXMA G1411 is a quality inkjet printer with color printing. This long life refillable ink model helps you create quality documents or photos at home or in the office. At the same time, they can be printed without white borders and in A4 format. The user can also choose the paper: the printer handles both matte and glossy images. Canon PIXMA G1411 has low ink consumption, so the cost per page is low. And the quality remains high. But you can hardly expect anything else from Canon.


  • 7,000 pages with one set of color ink tanks;
  • 12,000 pages with two black ink tanks;
  • Canon FINE technology;
  • Feeder for 100 sheets;
  • Auto power on;
  • Paper feed from the back of the machine.


  • Print quality issues on first run;
  • With long breaks in printing, there are problems with the ink supply;
  • Slow print speed.

Epson L132

The Epson L132 inkjet printer is significantly more expensive than previous models. But it’s definitely worth paying for the quality! The printer is suitable for ultra-economical printing of color documents, while you can adjust the presence or absence of white borders. Well, the standard format for color frames is 10×15 borderless, which is a classic in the world of photo printing. Of course, the print speed of the device is small. It is 27 pages per minute. However, this is enough for successful work at home, as well as in an office environment. Sometimes even professional copy shops buy this model.


  • High quality photo printing;
  • Continuous ink supply system;
  • Miniature;
  • Adjustment Program for easy management;
  • Low price when ordering online and when buying in a real store;
  • Four ink tanks for cyan, magenta, yellow and black.


  • No PC wire included;
  • There is no information about the configuration in the technical passport;
  • Original inks are expensive.

HP OfficeJet 202

HP OfficeJet 202 has a sleek black body and a simple control system. However, the specifications of this miniature printer allow it to be used both at home and at work. The manufacturer offers high-quality inkjet printing, it is also possible to apply color images. The maximum resolution for black and white and color printing is different. However, 1200×1200 for monochrome and 4800×1200 for color images is more than enough. Built-in cartridges are quite powerful. With their help, you can print 600 black and white pages or 300 color.


  • Good compatibility with Linux, Windows and Mac OS devices;
  • Fast connection speed with technology;
  • The maximum print format is A4;
  • Feeding capacity — 50 sheets;
  • Color liquid crystal display;
  • Weight 2.1 kilograms.


  • There is no continuous ink supply system;
  • Memory cards are not supported;
  • Expensive consumables.

The best inkjet printers for the home

Epson L120

The Epson L120 inkjet printer has a miniature size. This makes it ideal for home use, because Epson’s compactness is combined with high performance and good technical characteristics. Especially for a device at this price point. An inkjet printer has a simple device, cartridges can be replaced without any effort, especially if you read the instructions in advance. And the continuous ink supply system allows you to make high-quality documents and photos. A resource of 6500 pages for color and 4000 for black and white printing is optimal for home and not very regular use.


  • The maximum resolution is 720×720 pixels;
  • The minimum volume of a drop is three pixels;
  • Adequate cost;
  • Good ergonomics;
  • Power consumption does not exceed 10 W;
  • Four 40 ml ink containers.


  • Sheet feed capacity of only 50 papers;
  • No duplex printing;
  • There is no memory card reader.

Canon PIXMA TS704

Canon PIXMA TS704 is an inkjet printer suitable for printing black and white and color images and texts and meets all modern standards. Its performance is enough to use the printer at home or when working in a small office. The time of creating one document does not exceed 21 seconds. Of course, this is not enough for high performance. But on the other hand, the model is reliable and supports any paper materials with a density of 64-105 grams per square meter. By the way, the tray capacity of 100 sheets is more than enough for non-system and occasional printing.


  • Adequate cost;
  • The maximum resolution is 4800×1200 pixels;
  • Automatic two-sided printing;
  • ePrint Wireless Direct mobile printing technology;
  • Connection via Canon PRINT, AirPrint (iOS), Mopria (Android), Windows 10 Mobile apps;
  • Five cartridges.


  • No continuous ink supply system;
  • The noise of an inkjet printer when working at 50 dB;
  • Weight 5.4 kilograms, that is, slightly above average.

HP Ink Tank 115

The HP Ink Tank 115 inkjet printer has a compact size. It weighs only 3.4 kilograms, which makes it easy to transport the device. And the continuous ink supply system prevents ink spills and allows you to get clear text documents, rich photos with good color reproduction. The model does not work as fast as the more expensive ones. But the user can expect eight pages per minute. At the same time, the maximum format is A4, which is enough to create both printed papers of 1200 × 1200 pixels, and standard format pictures with a resolution of 4800 × 1200 pixels.


  • LED indicators;
  • The package includes a power cable, a set of cartridges;
  • USB connection;
  • Resource of 6000 pages for monochrome papers;
  • 8,000 page yield for color cartridges;
  • You can print on plain paper, photo paper, matte paper, glossy paper.


  • No duplex printing system;
  • Does not support mobile printing technologies;
  • There is no memory card reader.

The best inkjet printers for the office

Epson WorkForce WF-7210DTW

The Epson WorkForce WF-7210DTW inkjet printer has all the features you need for office use. It prints on A3 and smaller, everything can be adjusted using the buttons and the display. The model supports photo printing, which makes it popular even in copy shops. By the way, photographs are created using special pigment inks. They are resistant to light and do not deform due to contact with water, which allows you to create high-quality photo products without high financial costs. Yes, in order for an inkjet printer to work, it must be refilled with expensive Epson ink, but this is extremely rare due to low consumption.


  • Resolution of 4800×2400 pixels for monochrome printing;
  • Outputs 32 A4 pages per minute;
  • Automatic two-sided printing;
  • 500-sheet feed capacity;
  • Four large volume cartridges;
  • Liquid crystal display without unnecessary information.


  • Weight 15.5 kilograms;
  • Rarely on sale;
  • There are problems with the Wi-Fi connection.

Brother HL-J6000DW

The Brother HL-J6000DW wireless inkjet printer is the perfect fit for your office. The automatic two-sided printing feature saves paper, while its high speed and reliable wireless networking make it ideal for continuous use. The speed of monochrome printing at 22 pages per minute and color at 20 pages helps to get high-quality photos, stickers, documents and anything else in time: the printer can process any paper materials with a density of 64-220 grams per square meter. At the same time, the image quality is not lost, the maximum resolution is 4800×1200 pixels.


  • The kit includes all the necessary cartridges;
  • Maximum monthly load of 30,000 pages;
  • Power consumption during printing does not exceed 21 W;
  • Manufacturer’s warranty for 12 months;
  • Rugged white plastic housing;
  • Good ergonomics.


  • Does not support continuous ink supply system;
  • No USB cable included;
  • There is no memory card reader.

Canon MAXIFY iB4140

Canon’s MAXIFY iB4140 inkjet printer completes the lineup of office devices. It can print up to 24 documents per minute in monochrome and about 15.5 in color. These speed indicators are enough to make work in the office comfortable and productive. You can connect to the printer without using a USB cable, which allows you to use the device from several computers at once. And the manufacturer offers to connect via LAN and print from cloud services. You can also note the increased resource of cartridges. They are enough for 1,500 pages in color and 2,500 sheets in black and white.


  • Paper cassette for 500 sheets;
  • Cartridges in accordance with the ISO standard;
  • Support for Google Cloud Print, Apple AirPrint (iOS), Mopria and Canon PRINT app;
  • First print in just 6 seconds;
  • Economical XL cartridges;
  • Support for tablets and smartphones.


  • Hard to find on sale;
  • There is no support for memory cards and a device for reading them;
  • The mass of the device is 9.6 kilograms.

The best inkjet printers with CISS

Canon PIXMA iX6840

The Canon PIXMA iX6840 inkjet printer is equipped with a continuous ink supply system. This allows you to print even large volumes of documents and color photographs without the slightest loss of quality. All the ink in the printer is contained in five cartridges that are easy to refill. True, the ink itself is expensive and in order for the printer to work as productively as possible, you will have to choose Canon products. But this is where the serious disadvantages of the model end. The fact is that you can choose cartridges with a large volume, that is, XL or XXL. This leads to the fact that the paint is consumed even more slowly.


  • Ultra-fast A4 document printing;
  • Intelligent connectivity;
  • Creation of templates at the expense of CREATIVE PARK PREMIUM;
  • Additional cartridges with increased resource;
  • Support for tablets and smartphones;
  • You can only change the ink that runs out.


  • There are problems with the Wi-Fi connection;
  • The glossy cover of the inkjet printer scratches easily;
  • High price.

Epson L805

A modern inkjet printer called Epson L805 has a stylish black body, as well as an intuitive display with a minimum of unnecessary data. In general, the model is easy to use, as it is designed for installation at home. But in practice, an inkjet printer is also installed in offices, in copy shops. Firstly, it has a continuous supply of ink and a large supply of ink. This completely eliminates the possibility of printing defects. Secondly, you can load any paper up to and including A4 into the device. So the user gets the opportunity to print whatever he needs in the shortest possible time.


  • Continuous ink supply system;
  • 5760×1440 pixels for black and white printing;
  • 120-sheet feed capacity;
  • Six cartridges;
  • Good ergonomics;
  • Cable for connection to a computer included.


  • Automatic 2-sided printing is not available;
  • No memory card reader;
  • High price.

Canon PIXMA G5040

The Canon PIXMA G5040 inkjet printer costs more than all the models mentioned earlier. But it’s definitely worth paying for. The 250-sheet tray allows you not to worry about running out of paper when printing. And cartridges in the form of convenient bottles allow you to economically and quickly print both photos and documents. The cartridge yield is 18,000 pages for black and white materials and 7,700 pages for color printing. At the same time, the speed of the inkjet printer allows you to get up to 13 pages with a high resolution of 4800 × 1200 pixels per minute. These specifications make the Canon PIXMA G5040 ideal for office use.


  • Automatic two-sided printing;
  • Continuous ink supply system;
  • Prints on glossy, matte and magnetic photo paper;
  • Four powerful cartridges;
  • Liquid crystal display;
  • Power cable included.


  • Weight 6.5 kilograms;
  • High price;
  • The delivery does not include a USB cable.

Which inkjet printer is better to choose

In order for an inkjet printer to meet all your expectations, you need to remember where you are going to install it. For the home, light devices with a medium or small supply of paint are suitable. Also try to take models with a simple control system so as not to understand unnecessary nuances. For an office or school, it is better to buy powerful models. It is important that they work quickly and be able to produce more than 10,000 sheets per month.

Regardless of the place of installation, it is necessary to look at the warranty period. The bigger it is, the better. Equally important is the quality of the plastic from which the body of the inkjet printer is made. Thin materials quickly crack, buckle, or otherwise deform. To prevent this, take only equipment from trusted companies, the quality of which is beyond doubt.

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