15 Best Home Air Conditioners


Less than a hundred years have passed since the first split-system (SCR) left the factory assembly line. During this time, the device for maintaining the desired temperature in the room has ceased to be a luxury. Every year the number of buzzing «boxes» on the facades of residential buildings and offices is increasing. These are outdoor units of air conditioning units that help you comfortably survive the sweltering heat in summer and the icy cold in winter. Modern models are able to warm, cool, clean, dehumidify and ventilate.

What do you pay attention to when choosing an air conditioner?

The main elements of any SCR system are the internal and external modules, fastened into a single structure with heat-insulated pipes. To date, split systems are recognized as the most optimal solution for residential premises.

During operation, the compressor of the outdoor unit compresses the refrigerant. When heated, it gives off its heat through the heat exchanger, passes through copper tubes to the indoor module, evaporates and cools the air. The same design and principle of operation of the devices determined the general list of factors that should be taken into account when choosing them.

Cooling power

First of all, you need to pay attention to the cooling capacity. To create a comfortable atmosphere for 10 m² with a ceiling height of 3 m, 1 kW of cooling power is required. The calculation includes:

  1. the number of people living in the room — 100 W is added for each person;
  2. the number of always-on PCs and TVs — plus 300 watts per computer and 200 watts per TV;
  3. number of storeys and solar lighting — for the upper floors, the power is adjusted by 15%, with increased insolation, another 15% is added.

Neglecting the cooling capacity can lead to the fact that the equipment will work at maximum load and quickly fail. An incorrect calculation in the direction of overestimation of the indicator will also not lead to anything good. This is not only an overpayment for a more powerful SLE, but also frequent turning off and on of the device due to a reduced interval when the set values ​​are reached.

Air conditioner type

Traditional models are equipped with compressors running at full capacity on an ON/OFF principle. They turn off when the desired temperature is reached and turn on again when the room warms up. The ON / OFF principle, in addition to increased noise, leads to an increase in power consumption and temperature fluctuations. «Advanced» split systems are equipped with inverter compressors that are capable of:

  • regulate your power by reducing speed;
  • constantly maintain the set temperature;
  • save energy and make less noise.

Additional functions

The list of useful options can be quite impressive. The most common functions are: heating, sleep, electronic cleaning, dehumidification, Wi-Fi control, Follow me — with a focus on user presence.

Good cheap home air conditioners

5 Hyundai HSH-S121NBE

The settings of one of the most popular split systems from the Standard series are performed using the remote control. A model with three-way intake technology can capture unfiltered air streams and, through catechin and photocatalytic filters, purify them, supplying fresh, clean air into the room. Additional safety is provided by automatic cleaning of the air outlet and the evaporator from accumulations of harmful microorganisms and dust.

As an additional function, the Hyundai HSH-S121NBE uses dehumidification, which is advisable to use in rainy and wet weather. In turbo mode, the cold air comes out at a high speed for 15 minutes, after which the fan speed is reduced to medium. The SCR is designed for a room with an area of ​​35 m², the noise level of the device is 31 dB, the maximum cooling power is 3.2 kW, and the maximum heating power is 3.4 kW.


  • The air conditioner has a 24 hour timer.
  • The remote control can be used as a clock
  • There is a self-cleaning function that works 2 hours after turning off
  • Air supply angle adjustable by horizontal louvres
  • Available self-diagnosis with notification on the display
  • Heating operation down to -10 °C


  • Right and left air directions must be adjusted manually

four Aeronik ASI/ASO-07IL3

The inverter model with a GREE compressor and mechanical air filter creates a comfortable microclimate in a 20 m² room. The noise level of the indoor unit is 40 dB, the cooling power is 2.2 kW, the heating power is 2.3 kW. The air conditioner operates in the outdoor temperature range in the mode: cooling from 43 °C to -15 °C, heating from -15 °C to 24 °C. Aeronik ASI/ASO-07IL3 is equipped with additional functions, in particular, a 24-hour timer, compact evaporator, turbo mode, auto-restart. The body of the device is treated with a highly effective anti-corrosion coating.


  • Split system cools a small room quickly
  • SCR is easy to control and practically does not make noise
  • Can be configured from a smartphone if the optional Wi-Fi module is purchased
  • Switching on according to previous settings during power outages
  • LED display that can be hidden when needed
  • Blinds adjustable horizontally and vertically
  • Functions stably without restarts


  • Cons not found

3 Pioneer KFR20BW/KOR20BW

The split system is designed for use in rooms of 21 m² in cooling and heating modes. The cooling capacity is 2.1 kW, the heating capacity is 2.15 kW. The noise level during cooling and heating is the same — 48 dB. Additionally, circulating ventilation and dehumidification are provided. The operating parameters adjust automatically to the set temperature. At night, you can set the fan to the minimum speed, reducing noise. Pioneer KFR20BW/KOR20BW start and stop are set using a timer.


  • Works very quietly
  • Blinds are fully adjustable with a remote control
  • Stylish design and compact dimensions of the device
  • Simple and clear control


  • No option to set up work remotely

2 Ballu Prime BSPR-07HN1

A budget and efficient model with an indoor unit noise level of 26 dB is designed for an area of ​​23 m². Ballu Prime BSPR-07HN1 cannot boast of a large set of additional features. The air conditioner operates in heating, dehumidifying, auto cleaning and sleep modes. The maximum heating power is only 0.65 kW, the maximum cooling power is 0.7 kW. Despite the minimal functionality, users note the reliability and reliability of the device for several years of operation.


  • High-quality assembly of a split system
  • Ideal device for a small room
  • Ease of management and maintenance


  • No intensive cooling and ionization


The rating of the best inexpensive air conditioners is headed by LG AM07BP.NSJR0. The Black Mirror model is an indoor unit for multi-split systems. It is used as part of a complex ACS with one outdoor unit and several elements connected to it, which are located inside a large living space. The device is designed for a room of 20 m². The device is equipped with everything necessary for cooling and heating the air, removing unpleasant odors, bacteria, dust microparticles and other allergens. Two filters are responsible for this: built-in electrostatic and coarse, as well as auto-cleaning technology. LG AM07BP.NSJR0 is controlled using a remote control that connects to Wi-Fi.


  • The air conditioner has an air ionizer and antibacterial filtration
  • There is an auto-restart and self-diagnosis, night mode
  • Horizontal flow is adjusted automatically
  • Inverter compressor maintains a constant comfortable temperature


  • Not compatible with white cable ducts
  • Difficult to set up Wi-Fi

The best split system air conditioners for an apartment

5 LG P07SP

The inverter wall-mounted split system with a cooling capacity of 2.05 kW is designed for an area of ​​up to 20 m². SCR monitors energy consumption, performs smart diagnostics. The comfortable atmosphere is not disturbed by loud work, the minimum noise level is 19 dB, the maximum is 33 dB. LG P07SP is equipped with an antibacterial filter that purifies the air of harmful microbes and allergens.


  • Rapid cooling and heating of the room
  • Virtually no noise
  • The indoor unit of the device is easy to clean


  • Remote control without backlight
  • No network cables included

four Panasonic CS-E7RKDW/CU-E7RKD

The inverter model is similar in power and functionality to the previous split system, but it has its own characteristics. Panasonic CS-E7RKDW/CU-E7RKD uses iAutoX technology to achieve high speed compressor and indoor fan unit. As a result, the set parameters are achieved 35% faster than in earlier analogues.

The random automatic restart function allows the device to operate without a starter. After a power failure or a power outage, the air conditioner will resume operation. In this case, the SLE blocks are switched on not simultaneously, but in order of priority. 32 typical circuits guarantee protection against power surges and increase the life of the device.


  • The long piping of the system makes it possible to keep the indoor and outdoor modules as far apart as possible.
  • Standard 15 meter piping can be extended to 20 and 30 meters
  • Saving energy without sacrificing comfort
  • Air exchange is designed in such a way that eliminates microorganisms and mold spores
  • Interior panel is easy to remove and wash
  • There is a function to recognize the large activity of people in the room


  • Air flow cannot be directed parallel to the ceiling

3 Hisense AS-07UR4SYDDB1G

A compact wall-mounted split system can easily fit not only above the bed in the bedroom, but also on the wall by the window in the children’s room or in the kitchen. For a model from the middle price category, Hisense AS-07UR4SYDDB1G has a fairly wide functionality. The air conditioner operates in ventilation mode, automatically maintains the temperature and regulates the air flow, self-diagnoses malfunctions, and prevents the formation of ice. The device is equipped with an anion generator, deodorizing filter, settings memory function.


  • Small size and functionality of a split system
  • Virtually silent operation
  • Automatic maintenance of the set temperature
  • Inverter compressor saves energy


  • Curtains moving noisily

2 Shivaki SSH-L079DC

The model of the Lux Inverter series operates in the «heat-cold» mode, providing comfort on an area from 9 to 16 m². Additional options: sleep, heating, ventilation, dehumidification. The high class of energy efficiency allows you to save energy. The minimum noise level of the indoor unit is only 18 dB. The split system is equipped with a plasma generator that protects the air flow from the smallest particles of dust and smoke through an electrostatic filter. Filtration Shivaki SSH-L079DC includes cleaning with a natural antiseptic catechin, as well as treatment with activated carbon, which is able to absorb most harmful substances, and air enrichment with vitamin «C».


  • State of the art air conditioner design
  • Very quiet indoor unit
  • Smart airflow distribution thanks to Smart Airflow
  • The position of the horizontal and vertical blinds is controlled by the remote control
  • The device automatically remembers the position of the shutters


  • Short wire for connecting to an outlet
  • WiFi module needs to be purchased separately

one Samsung AR09RSFHMW

The best split system according to user reviews. It is advisable to use this wall model in a room up to 25 m². The air conditioner is equipped with fine filters, a deodorization system and an ice prevention system. The inverter compressor is responsible for the quiet operation of the Samsung AR09RSFHMW. Users note only a slight noise of the air flow passing through the fans, as well as the reliability of the SCR. A large heat exchanger and air intake positively affect the efficiency of functioning. The grille of the indoor unit can be removed in a few seconds, which greatly facilitates the maintenance of the device.


  • High-quality assembly and metal external block
  • Instant cooling of the room of the declared size
  • Heating works properly, starting from -5 ° C outside
  • Interesting, unique design
  • Fairly reasonable cost


  • At the initial stage of use, an unpleasant smell of plastic may appear.
  • Complete absence of wires
  • The manufacturer did not close the bright LEDs on the display

The best premium air conditioners for your home

5 Samsung AJ068RBTDEH/AF

The inverter indoor unit of the multi-split system is sold complete with a built-in air filter and an IR remote control. The model is equipped with power saving technology when turning on and off, which reduces energy costs. Samsung AJ068RBTDEH/AF is equipped with two fine filters that remove the smallest dust particles from the air. Filtration elements must be periodically washed in running water. For this, easy removal and reinstallation of parts is provided. The cooling power is 6.8 kW, the area of ​​the room is 70 m², the noise level is from 29 to 49 dB.


  • In standby mode, the device does not consume electricity.
  • Stable and efficient operation
  • Low vibration and noise
  • There is an auto-restart, night mode and continuous movement of dampers
  • Horizontal airflow is adjusted automatically


  • Cons not found

four Mitsubishi Heavy Industries SRK20ZSPR-S

The premium brand has developed an inverter series of wall-mounted split systems for harsh climates. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries SRK20ZSPR-S is one of the models in the line that provides rapid cooling and heating after starting. The device accurately maintains the set temperature indicators, consuming the least amount of electricity. The device is capable of operating for cooling at outdoor temperatures up to -15 °C and for heating up to -20 °C. Automatic operation of the unit is provided by three sensors.

Two of them are located on the indoor unit, one on the outdoor unit. The air conditioning parameters are determined by the system after analyzing the readings of humidity, room and outdoor temperatures. The air is filtered with a washing air filter. The cleanliness of the indoor module is maintained by self-cleaning, which turns on automatically after the air conditioner is turned off. Fan with antimicrobial treatment prevents mold and resists germs.


  • Expensive brand inverter system at an affordable price
  • Quiet operation, a little noticeable buzz at maximum speed
  • The heat exchanger is thoroughly dried if you enable a special auto-cleaning mode
  • Long service life with proper installation


  • Fan only has 3 speeds
  • Control panel without backlight

3 Daikin FTXB20C / RXB20C

The air conditioner with the lowest possible noise is equipped with a filter against the hair of cats and dogs, synanthropic mites. Photocatalytic filtration protects the air from viruses, bacteria, allergens, unpleasant odors. The compressor allows the air conditioner to reach the desired settings in a matter of minutes. It is convenient to control the split system using the remote control, on which the timer, operating mode, required heating or cooling power are set. The construction details are treated with an anti-corrosion coating, the gold-plated heat exchanger resists oxidative processes well.


  • Durable matte plastic indoor unit
  • High precision while maintaining the temperature
  • Virtually silent operation
  • Smooth change of temperature parameters
  • Small electricity consumption


  • Vertical blinds must be moved manually
  • Dry temperature not adjustable

2 Dantex RK-18SSI

The power control in this inverter air conditioner is performed by 180° AC technology. As a result, the level of reliability and stability is increased, the time of power consumption is shortened, and the accuracy of cooling and heating is increased. The device is equipped with filters — carbon and silver ions. Built-in microprocessor controlled defrost provides intelligent condenser defrost.

The “+8°C” mode is very useful in country houses without central heating and in summer cottages. Independent dehumidification is carried out automatically, maintaining optimal humidity in the room. The auto-restart mode restores all previously designated settings in the event of a sudden power outage. Caring for the Dantex RK-18SSI is easy. To do this, just remove the panel and treat it with a regular detergent.


  • Excellent, trouble-free operation and minimum maintenance problems
  • Advanced functionality with a lot of important modes
  • Intuitive IR remote control


  • High price

one Toshiba RAS-10SKVP2-E

The first place in the top is occupied by the Japanese model, which can operate smoothly at ambient temperatures down to -20 ° C. The cooling capacity of a split system is 2.51 kW, the optimal area is 25 m². The air conditioner is equipped with a Plasma filter that purifies the air using an electromagnetic field. The air purifier ionizes the flow at a professional level, freeing it from bacteria. Toshiba RAS-10SKVP2-E performs self-cleaning of the indoor unit with ozone, the change of modes is carried out automatically. The device has 12 fixed shutter positions and the same swing ranges.

The SLE is controlled by means of an ergonomic remote control designed specifically for this line. The most frequently used buttons are located at the top, access to other functions is hidden by a sliding panel. The unit uses a 2-rotor inverter compressor with DC drive. It provides precise performance adjustment, economical operation and quiet operation. The condensate is reliably protected from freezing by the drain pan heater, which is built into the outdoor module.


  • Powerful, quiet, quickly cools the air in the room
  • High quality plastic parts
  • Antibacterial effect of the plasma filter
  • Backlit remote control


  • Short length of communications for connection

What is the best air conditioner for home?

The review presents wall-mounted split systems — the most popular air conditioners for residential premises today. However, if you wish, you can always consider other options: models that are mounted on the ceiling or floor, under suspended ceiling structures. It all depends on your financial capabilities and the design of the apartment or house.

Floor and ceiling structures can be installed in two positions. If the unit is fixed to the floor, the airflow will be directed upwards along the wall. When mounted on the ceiling, the air moves horizontally. In the case when SLE needs to be made the least noticeable, it is recommended to choose a cassette-type device. It is built under a suspended ceiling structure, leaving only the front panel in the access and visibility zone. An important role is played by additional options:

  • ionization;
  • multistage filtration;
  • self-cleaning;
  • self-diagnosis;
  • multiprocessor flow control;
  • low noise level;
  • anti-corrosion protection;
  • metal case of the outdoor unit.

All these features are undoubtedly useful, but significantly increase the cost of a split system. This factor must be taken into account when buying a better air conditioner. We hope this rating will help you decide on the choice of air conditioning for your home and apartment.

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