14 Best Facial Highlighters


Are you dreaming of an assistant that will allow you to hide fine wrinkles, signs of fatigue, sleepless nights and other consequences of the negative factors of modern life, to make your face more harmonious? A dream can easily turn into reality with a special highlighter, if there is a place for it in your cosmetic bag. A light corrector, unlike a dark bronzer, highlights individual areas, adds visual volume, and creates a radiance effect. A high-quality highlighter stays on the skin throughout the day, without spreading or crumbling, and it can be applied in several layers without the risk of disturbing the natural appearance. About the product of which cosmetic brand is best to choose, read in our review.

How to choose the right highlighter for the face?

When looking at a diverse palette of reflective cosmetics, eyes widen. On the windows of offline and online perfume stores, highlighters are presented in a wide range: from porcelain to caramel pink shades. The choice of a particular remedy directly depends on the color of the skin:

  1. very light, delicate, with translucent vessels — silver or champagne;
  2. light with a beige tint — shades with a slight yellow glow, as well as golden and olive;
  3. beige, prone to tanning — light beige, mother-of-pearl with a pink undertone;
  4. swarthy — all bronze, ideally metallic.

The second parameter that you should pay attention to is the type of glow. The shimmery finish is dominated by large sequins, while the satin finish is dominated by small ones with the effect of moisture. As part of HD Photoshop, the smallest reflective particles. HD photoshop is ideal for makeup for portrait photo shoots.

The third factor of choice is the type of highlighter. The form of cosmetics can be:

  1. dry — visually resembles compressed powder;
  2. liquid — similar in consistency to fluid lotions;
  3. creamy – the texture is close to mousses and creams;
  4. dense — convenient due to mobility.

Concealers are available as palettes or individual colors. Pencils, sticks and kayals are also very popular. In the process of buying, be sure to look at the box. It should be strong, with a good latch, which will prevent the dry cosmetic product from spilling in a purse or when dropped.

The best budget highlighters for the face

5 Sleek MakeUp Highlighting Palette Solstice

The palette of the British brand is stylishly framed in a golden pencil case made of durable plastic. Box with a magnetic lock, with a mirror and a brush for application. Inside you will find four shades of highlighter. Three of them are dry — peach, purple, lilac with a pink undertone and one cream. The pressing is of high quality, the corrector does not generate dust even when typing. All colors are free of large reflective particles, so Sleek MakeUp Highlighting Palette Solstice is well suited for daily use. Blending is easy, especially if you additionally use a brush with natural bristles. The cream shade is slightly moist in consistency, but without oiliness, there are no greasy traces. In addition to the direct purpose of the «radiants» can be used as shadows.


  • Beautiful, modern packaging design
  • Several colors in a set
  • The tool behaves adequately in application, despite the low price
  • Dry concealers look great as shadows in solo makeup.
  • Nice highlighter texture
  • Durability and cost savings


  • Pencil case mirror opens only 90 degrees
  • Prints remain on the glossy surface of the box

four The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer

Highlighter from the USA is presented in one color with a bronze tint. The composition includes ingredients such as water and a cosmetic base. The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer shines with bronze, leaving the skin soft and fresh looking by highlighting certain areas. According to the manufacturer, the corrector is suitable for all skin types. It is applied to the cheekbones, separately and over blush, it is acceptable to use it as shadows. Light golden shade of champagne adapts to any natural skin type. Shading and distribution is delicate, even, but the effect of a wet face cannot be created with this tool. The main feature of the product is durability. According to customer reviews, «shine» lasts throughout the day, without requiring adjustment and without being imprinted on foreign objects.


  • Cosmetics in a convenient package with a mirror
  • The corrector has a long-lasting texture
  • Delicate skin illumination
  • Adjustable coating density
  • Application versatility
  • High shading ability


  • No application brush

3 Wet n Wild MegaGlo Highlighting Powder

The third place is rightfully occupied by highlighter powder with a tinting effect and a weightless texture of mother-of-pearl pigment. It is easy to blend, giving the skin a radiant look. The packaging is budget-friendly — an ordinary plastic box, but it also has its advantages: a tight-fitting lid that opens without any problems. The corrector has a dry-pressed structure, but its oiliness is felt to the touch. The product line is presented in gold and pink colors. Thanks to the versatility of Wet n Wild MegaGlo Highlighting Powder will suit dark and fair-skinned women.


  • Excellent longevity highlighter
  • Removal of the product does not require the use of special tonics and lotions
  • Incredibly beautiful colors
  • High level of pigmentation
  • The lowest possible cost
  • Concealer is ideal for evening make-up


  • Cons not found

2 Estrade Illuminique

This representative of highlighters will certainly appeal to contouring fans. Estrade Illuminique is available in two shades: Pink Glow and Golden Glow. The manufacturer promises a radiant effect, when the skin seems to shine from the inside. The tool is used to correct the facial relief by means of sun glare on the protruding parts. It is best to apply the corrector on the back of the nose, cheekbones, the contour of the upper lip and under the tails of the eyebrows. In addition, the «radiant» can be applied to the shoulders and décolleté to give them extra spice during a party or other special event. The consistency is quite pliable for even application with a brush or fingertips. The product does not crumble or dust.


  • Endurance for 8 hours
  • The product is packaged in a convenient box.
  • Highlighter intense pigmentation
  • Delicate texture simplifies makeup application


  • After 4-5 hours, the radiance disappears

one Max Factor Miracle Glow Duo

The leader of the budget reflective cosmetics in the ranking of «the best highlighters for the face» has rightfully become a product from a well-known American brand. The duo of matte and shimmery shades do a great job of hiding imperfections and highlighting the best, giving the skin a radiance. Max Factor Miracle Glow Duo adheres well to the skin and blends easily thanks to its special formula. Colors are used individually or mixed with each other. Often this tool is called summer. With its help, not only get a glow, but also favorably emphasize the tan.


  • The product stays on the skin for a long time.
  • The product is economical
  • Unobtrusive, slightly perceptible smell


  • fragile box

The best dry (powder) highlighters for the face

3 I Heart Makeup revolution rainbow

The representative of the rainbow «radiants», which appeared in the world of make-up quite recently, but have already managed to gain immense popularity. The product is packaged in an attractive heart-shaped box, on the surface of which a holographic image of a unicorn is applied. The box is made of thick cardboard, the corrector itself is placed inside the plastic refil. I Heart Makeup revolution is characterized by fine grinding, it does not contain large shiny particles. Layers are easy to apply: with a single layer application, a gentle glow is achieved, a multi-layer application puts a beautiful point in a bright evening make-up. There are five colors in the corrector rainbow — gold, pink, lavender and blue. Mixing shades is ideal for the classic version, but the use of solo is also not excluded.


  • Highlighter opens up great opportunities for creating a colored highlight in a separate area
  • Looks very natural on the skin
  • With the help of the tool it is easy to make the most creative make-up
  • Doesn’t dust when applied


2 Sleek MakeUP Highlighting Palette

Iridescent glossy “gold bar” with four refills, a brush and a mirror impresses the most sophisticated fashionistas. The palette contains four shades. Powdery pigments in mauve tones with a silky texture are all you need to complete your look. Sleek MakeUP Highlighting Palette is presented in warm colors, so it is more suitable for dark skin. Shimmer zones — face, shoulders, décolleté. During makeup, the manufacturer advises to distribute the product with your fingertips on the face, focusing on the eyebrows, along the cheekbones and on the inner corners of the eyes. When applied to the body for extra shine, it is best to use a brush.


  • In the palette, brightly pronounced pearlescent colors
  • Can be used as shadows
  • Sufficiently durable


  • Hard pile at the brush

one IsaDora Face Sculptor

IsaDora Face Sculptor tops the list for best dry highlighters for the face. A multifunctional sculptor designed specifically for dry contouring. The palette belongs to the basic category. It provides not only a highlighter, but also a bronzer, as well as a contouring shade. Highlighter color flesh, with a slight pearly sheen, reflective particles without large fractions. Matte Bronzer is brown and warm, but without red or red undertones. Neutral taupe Contour is the highlight of the palette. IsaDora Face Sculptor does not dust when applied, especially evenly falls on the face powdered with foundation.


  • The tool does not emphasize irregularities and does not fall into the pores
  • Natural, versatile shades
  • Long time no correction required
  • Uniform fading without spotting


  • The brush from the set is too heavy for make-up

The best liquid and cream highlighters

3 ART-VISAGE Space Glow for face and body

This «shine» is not accidentally called «cosmic» — its capabilities amaze fans of contouring. The manufacturer included three shades in the line: rose gold, cold pink, which turns into a frosty silver when shaded, and neutral beige. The liquid structure of ART-VISAGE Space Glow allows you to use ART-VISAGE Space Glow not only as corrective cosmetics. Highlighter is applied on the eyelids as a shadow, on the lips as a gloss, on the body or added to foundation. Feathering is extremely simple — you can do it only with your fingers, without using a brush. During the day, there are no problems with durability.


  • Gorgeous shine for many hours
  • Transparent dispenser bottle, convenient for volume control
  • Highlighter does not dry the skin and does not emphasize the structure
  • Works great in combination with other makeup cosmetics


  • It is quickly consumed if applied not only to the face, but also to the body

2 Maybelline Master Strobing Stick

The corrector comes in the form of a retractable stick. Despite the simple packaging design, which does not contain anything superfluous and remarkable, it never lingers on the shelves of cosmetic stores. The Maybelline Master Strobing Stick is great to use at home and is also great to carry in your travel bag. There are three colors in the line: light, medium, dark. Highlighter is characterized by dryness, so it is suitable for oily skin. The tool blends evenly without leaving oily residue. Shimmer does not contain large inclusions, so the glow looks natural. The strength of pigmentation can be adjusted in layers, but for everyday make-up, layering is not needed.


  • Easy-to-apply release form
  • Delicate shimmer lacks large sparkles
  • Light creamy texture without oily sheen
  • Completely odorless


  • «Siyatel» fades during the day

one Maybelline By Face Studio Master Strobing

Do not rush to get scared when you see a variety of sparkles on the Master Strobing swatch. On the face, they will not be so noticeable, turning into a smooth, natural shine. Pearl microparticles will make accents in the right places. Maybelline By Face Studio Master Strobing adheres to the skin without irritating foundation. The product is available in a tube with an oblong dispenser spout. The line includes two universal shades: golden beige and pink pearl. It is worth noting the dense structure of the corrector. She dictates her own rules for applying: you need to distribute the «radiant» quickly enough, not allowing it to freeze. For the lightest shine, the manufacturer recommends mixing the highlighter with foundation.


  • The result looks very natural and unobtrusive on the face.
  • By adjusting the intensity of the layers, you can achieve a «cosmic» shine
  • Minimum consumption, a drop is enough for daytime makeup
  • Pleasant aroma


  • It is better not to use on problem skin, as «Master Strobing» emphasizes its texture.

The best luxury face highlighters

3 Chanel Eclat Du Desert

Highlighter powder from the Chanel fashion house is an exclusive surprise for contouring lovers. Produced in a limited collection. If you decide to purchase it, you will certainly be pleased with the versatile pink-beige satin texture with golden highlights. Chanel Eclat Du Desert is recommended as a final touch to give the skin a natural glow. Makeup artists advise applying powder corrector to prominent areas: above the upper lip to create a more sensual effect, as well as brighten the bridge of the nose, and blend on the cheekbones towards the temples.


  • Soft, pleasant «shine», which does not dust at all
  • noble shimmer
  • Does not fade during the day, does not absorb into the skin
  • Great brush, very easy to use


2 Guerlain Terracotta Goldenland

One of the oldest perfume houses in the world, Guerlain, last year presented a novelty, released specifically for the New Year holidays. The bronzing powder is part of a limited range. The dry corrector emphasizes the beauty of the face thanks to pearlescent microparticles with golden highlights that reflect the sun’s rays. Subtle notes of ylang-ylang, vanilla, white musk and orange blossom in the Guerlain Terracotta Goldenland fragrance unobtrusively accompany you throughout the day, enveloping you in luxury.


  • Long-lasting corrector
  • Has a pleasant fragrance
  • Allows you to get a complete makeup in a few seconds


  • Cons not found

one Dior Backstage Glow Face Palette

Dior Backstage Glow Face Palette tops the ranking of the best luxury highlighters for the face. The idea of ​​creating a palette was invented and brought to life by the French fashion house Christian Dior. The developers took images from the fashion shows of the clothing brand as a basis. However, they set themselves the goal of making a product that can be used daily, and they achieved it. The Backstage collection is a huge success worldwide. The reason for such popularity of cosmetics lies not only in the quality and fame of the brand. The fact is that the make-up of the bride of Prince Harry was done with the means from this line on the wedding day of the royal couple. There are four shades in the palette: pink, white, golden beige, bronze. The most optimal shade can be selected by mixing several colors, although they can be used separately.


  • Silky, plastic, soft texture
  • dazzling brilliance
  • Stays on face for 8-10 hours
  • Creative box design
  • Reasonably priced


  • They have not been identified

What is the best face highlighter to buy in 2020?

The best option is to test the corrector before buying. This opportunity is now presented not only by offline stores, but also by cosmetic online sites through special programs. The task of dry «radiants» is to create a bright, memorable image. They are ideal for oily skin, can be applied over foundation. Highlighters with an ultra-fine powder base are evenly applied to the skin, suitable for everyday makeup. A small shimmer allows you to look fresh all day, as well as in the evening, if you add make-up layers.

The liquid texture allows you to achieve the most delicate radiance. For a harmonious look, it is best to first apply the highlighter with your fingertips, and then blend it with a brush with synthetic bristles or a sponge. Thus, an illusion of glossy, shimmering veil is obtained. Makeup artists do not recommend mixing such a corrector with a powder one. The «liquid light» should not contain large reflective fractions, otherwise the face will shine with greasy spots.

Cream correctors are optimally applied over foundation. They absorb well, so they are often used for contouring large areas of the face, such as correcting the jaw line. Dense «radiants» in the form of pencils and sticks in a couple of strokes will make lips, eyes and cheekbones more expressive, although it is rather problematic for a beginner to use them. Buy a highlighter depending on the tasks that he has to perform, and he will certainly be the best for you. We hope you will quickly decide on the best highlighter for the face with the help of our rating.

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