10 best thermal protection for hair: application, what to buy, pros and cons


Every girl loves experimenting with her hair. For this, irons, hair dryers and curling irons are actively used. Unfortunately, the frequent use of such devices negatively affects the structure of the hair, damaging them under the influence of high temperature. Curls become dull, lifeless. A thermal protective agent will be a great helper, especially for girls who are used to doing styling every day.

The cosmetic product is also effective under normal exposure to ultraviolet radiation, it is able to create an invisible protective film on the strands, thereby significantly reducing the thermal effect and preventing moisture loss. All thermal protective products differ in effect, method of application to curls. Among them there are professional means and mass market. This article focuses on the best thermal hair protectors, their features, as well as the features of their choice in the store.

Rating of thermal protection products for hair

Got2b Iron, strong hold

The straightening spray will keep your hair straight for up to four days. The heat protection product protects the strands from the negative effects of the high temperature of the iron. For maximum effect, apply a small amount of product to slightly damp hair and distribute over the entire length. Next, you can do styling.

Effect Moisturizing
Application For wet curls
Degree of fixation strong
  • strong fixation;
  • perfectly straightens hair;
  • excellent protection of curls;
  • softens.
  • not detected.

I got it a couple of months ago, love it. I use it every day or every other day. The product has a pleasant aroma, the strands are not sticky after use. Sometimes I use it without styling, just put it on my hair, comb my hair and that’s it. So my hair doesn’t get too frizzy.

A heat protectant should always be applied to curls before blow-drying or flat ironing.

Syoss Heat protect, weak hold

The tool protects the curls during heat styling. It effectively smoothes the strands, makes them shiny. Effective even for very curly hair. The composition contains components that protect at temperatures up to 200 degrees. Suitable for all hair types. It is recommended to apply on dry or damp hair.

Application For wet or dry curls
Degree of fixation Weak
  • pleasant aroma;
  • keeps styling well;
  • does not stick hair.

An excellent tool, the hair with it is easy to style and keeps it until the next wash. A pleasant fragrance that quickly disappears, which is especially important for girls who are sensitive to smells.

Estel Professional Airex, weak hold

The spray will help create styling with a light degree of hold. The product protects the hair from negative thermal effects, maintaining its structure, making it smooth and silky. Due to the content of heat-resistant polymers, a thin imperceptible film is formed on the curls, which is a barrier between the hair and the iron.

The spray contains silk proteins. The product is applied to wet and dry curls.

Application For wet or dry curls
Degree of fixation Weak
  • pleasant aroma;
  • perfectly fulfills its function;
  • does not stick curls;
  • easy to apply.

I discovered a great styling tool a couple of months ago. In general, I love all Estel products. But, I learned about the importance of thermal protection from my hairdresser. Cool spray, saves when you need to urgently put your head down, but there is no time to wash it. The product can be applied even to dry strands, therefore, this tool is my lifesaver.

OLLIN Professional for hair straightening

The spray is effective for creating a natural shine and the effect of obedient hair for a long time. The product contains a microemulsion that protects at temperatures up to 220 degrees. Thanks to corn starch, a microfilm is formed on the hair, which performs a protective function.

Curls with regular use of this spray will not break, become shiny and «alive». The product does not stick, does not weigh curls.

Effect Facilitate combing
Application For wet or dry curls
Degree of fixation
  • pleasant aroma;
  • easy application;
  • shiny hair;
  • economical consumption.

Pretty budget professional tool. I protect them with strands before using the iron. The difference is really felt, the quality of the hair has become better. The aroma is amazing, pleasant, not chemical. Curls shine, flow. It is also important that the consumption is economical.

Despite the protective properties of thermal protection, high-temperature styling is not recommended more than twice a week.

Wella Professionals Eimi Thermal image medium hold

The product is a two-phase protective spray. It is effective when using a hair dryer, styling with an iron or curling iron. The first phase contributes to the nutrition of the strands, protection from high temperatures. The second phase provides smoothness and natural, healthy shine.

Application For dry curls
Degree of fixation Medium
  • protects curls;
  • affordable price;
  • excellent smoothness.
  • not detected.

The product does its job perfectly. Hair after application is soft, shiny, smooth. Moreover, the higher the temperature of the styling device, the more protective properties of the spray appear. Really justifies its price. I recommend.

Kapous Professional Invisible care

Thermal protection is provided by an indelible spray. The tool provides easy fixation of styling, while the curls do not become heavy. The composition contains silk and wheat proteins, which help maintain the lipid balance. These components also prevent color loss in dyed hair.

Spray protects hair from the negative effects of flat irons and tongs. Suitable even for daily styling. Neutralizes static electricity, has a conditioning effect, hair becomes smooth and elastic.

Effect Giving volume
Application For wet and dry ends
Degree of fixation Weak
  • well-groomed curls;
  • lack of section;
  • ease of application.

Excellent thermal protection. Hair after regular use began to look better, and the ends are less split. I have been using this product for about a year and do not plan to change.

Matrix Total results Mega sleek

The spray is designed to give smoothness to the hair. Used before styling. It is an excellent thermal protective agent that preserves the structure and health of the hair. Removes fluffiness of curls, keeping smooth all day long.

Effect straightening
Application For dry hair
Degree of fixation
  • economical consumption;
  • excellent cleansing;
  • making hair smooth and manageable.
  • not detected.

Very happy with this thermal protector. I buy it regularly, I do not intend to change the tool. I put it on dry strands before straightening. The smell is amazing, but fades during styling. Curls do not stain, do not weigh down.

CHI 44 Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray

The tool effectively protects curls from the negative effects of high temperature during styling. The product does not need to be washed off, it is completely absorbed. Hair becomes shiny and smooth. The spray has a light hold. Suitable even for daily use.

The composition uses caring ingredients that penetrate deep into the hair structure, preserving protein, preventing damage. The caring effect is provided by hydrolyzed silk and wheat proteins.

Effect Shine, moisture
Application For wet hair
Degree of fixation Weak
  • nice smell;
  • perfectly protects curls;
  • enough for a long time;

I love this thermal protector. The tool does not stain the hair, makes the strands shiny, silky. Really protects when styling from high temperatures. The consumption of the product is economical.

NEXXT Energy Spray with Thermal Protection for Hair

The energy spray has a special patented formula. It forms a protective layer on the curls, which protects against the negative effects of high temperatures. At the same time, the tool gives smoothness to the hair, retains moisture. The product strengthens the bulb from the inside, penetrating deep into the hair structure.

Protective components are activated at high temperatures. The tool restores damaged curls, gives them volume, elasticity.

Effect Facilitate combing
Application For wet or dry curls
Degree commits
  • pleasant aroma;
  • good composition;
  • convenient dispenser.
  • not detected.

The best thermal protector I have ever used. Smells delicious and is economical. I regularly use a hair dryer or flat iron, the hair with this tool looks great, does not split. There is no film left on the curls, the strands themselves do not stick together.

Even though you are using a heat protectant, do not dry your hair at the highest temperature. This will better keep them healthy, shiny, obedient, smooth.

TRESemme Thermal Creations

Thermal protection for hair is presented in the form of a spray. The tool has a weightless structure. It gives shine to curls, does not allow section, accelerates drying time. A heat protectant spray will be a great help to achieve safe styling.

Effect Shine
Application For wet curls
Degree of fixation
  • quality tool;
  • shine of curls;
  • comfortable spray.
  • not detected.

After using this thermal protection, the hair shines. Laying keeps perfectly, even without varnish. The spray is easy to use and economical. Provides excellent protection against accidental pressing.

Types of thermal protection

According to the cosmetic form, products for protecting strands from high temperature are divided into several types:

Serum, fluid, emulsion Lightweight products. They are ideal for oily hair types. Usually, such products contain vitamins, panthenol, nutritious, moisturizing substances.
Mousses, foams Suitable for any hair. Apply to dry strands.
Cream The product is characterized by a dense, heavy texture. Apply to damp curls.
Oil Suitable for thin, dry hair, neutralizes static electricity.

Which of these products to choose depends on your hair type.

How to choose

The right heat protectant for your hair can keep your strands healthy, vibrant and strong. Therefore, before buying, you should pay attention to a number of important parameters:

brand It is better to give preference to professional products, because such products solve a specific problem, have a good, useful composition, and improve the quality of the strands.
hair type Dry, weak curls are recommended to be protected from thermal action by products that also nourish. Such funds usually have a dense consistency.

For the normal type, any thermal protection will do.

Owners of oily strands should not use heat-protective oils. Products that have a light, airy texture are perfect: fluids, sprays, serums.

Type of thermometer During blow-drying, the thermal effect is not particularly strong. But, most of the negative impact falls on the tips, so they need special care in this case. Oils are great for this.

When using irons, curling irons, a serious destruction of the hair structure occurs, therefore, a stronger remedy will be needed here. Suitable professional sprays, mousses, creams.

Application method Such funds are divided into washable and indelible. In the first case, these are shampoos, conditioners or masks, which after use leave a protective film on the curls.

Leave-in products are considered more popular: sprays, serums, fluids, mousses.

Use heat protection products not only before styling, but also in the summer, because the scorching sun also dries the strands, making them dry, brittle and lifeless.

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