10 best non-stick pans


The inner surface of modern kitchen utensils for frying and stewing is often covered with a special layer that prevents the food being cooked from sticking. The first protective material — polytetrafluoroethylene was invented in the late 30s of the last century and was used in the process of creating nuclear weapons. Only 20 years later, chemists were able to improve the substance, making it safe for domestic use. In 1956, the Tefal company appears, which begins to produce non-stick cookware. Now consumers are offered many different models, we will consider the best non-stick pans.

Types of non-stick coatings

The main task of any non-stick coating is to simplify the cooking process. In this case, the protective layer must be characterized by complete safety for humans. Among the most popular materials:

  1. Teflon (polytetrafluoroethylene, PTFE) — manufacturers are constantly working to improve the quality of the coating, increasing its resistance to mechanical damage.
  2. Ceramics – a layer of nanocomposite polymeric substance with microparticles of sand is environmentally friendly, resistant to overheating, but is afraid of rough cleaning and shock.
  3. Marble — marble chips in several layers are more durable than PTFE, not subject to scratches.

Pans with diamond, titanium and granite layers will last the longest. Such products are characterized by instant heating and compatibility with metal spoons, knives and forks. Cookware does not require special care, but cooking in it on induction hobs is prohibited. Non-stick coating is applied to pans from:

  1. Aluminum — well suited for preparing simple dishes such as croutons or scrambled eggs. It is not recommended to heat the dishes too much because of the risk of deformation.
  2. cast iron — uniform heating of food, golden crust. The porous structure of cast iron utensils acquires additional strength over time.
  3. Of stainless steel — preferably used for heating or frying. The most popular «stainless steel» marked 18/10 means that the alloy contains 18% chromium and 10% nickel.

In the production process, the non-stick coating is applied to pans in two ways: rolling and spraying. The rolling method (roller) is considered the most economical. The workpiece is passed between the rollers, which are supplied with a protective substance. In the case of spraying, Teflon is distributed over the inner surface using an industrial spray gun.

The best non-stick pans

ten Tefal Hard Titanium+ 24 cm

Opens our ranking of the best non-stick pans Tefal Hard Titanium. The perfect kitchen helper that lasts up to three times longer than traditional finishes. The reinforced protective layer combined with the exclusive titanium base is compatible with any type of hob, including induction. The outer layer is easy to wash and clean. Tefal Hard Titanium+24 cm is perfect for intensive daily use in high temperatures. The depth of the product allows you to cook a wide variety of dishes in it. The model is equipped with a temperature indicator that changes color when the pan is ready for use.


  • Production material does not contain cadmium, lead and other hazardous substances
  • The surface of the pan is easy to clean and wash with a regular sponge.
  • A high side of 4.5 cm allows you to not only fry, but also stew food
  • The model has a convenient removable handle
  • Even heating and cooking without oil


  • Lid needs to be purchased separately

9 TVS Basilico 010297 28 cm

The classic extruded aluminum model with a Teflon non-stick coating with a diameter of 28 cm is used with gas, electric and glass-ceramic hobs. The product has a high level of environmental safety. For the manufacture of TVS Basilico 010297, perfluorooctanoic acid, which causes the development of cancer and diabetes, is not used. The frying pan is perfect for heating food, cooking simple dishes, such as frying thin pieces of meat. It is not recommended to use dishes for stewing and languishing.


  • Non-stick layer is scratch resistant
  • The pan can be washed in the dishwasher
  • Minimum oil required for cooking
  • The top edge is unpainted so it won’t scratch.
  • Easy to clean and wash with normal detergent
  • Budget cost of the product


  • Not detected

eight Dream Granite 24 cm

The frying pan from the Granit series is made of cast aluminum. The inner surface is coated with a premium non-stick coating «Lux», the strength of which is increased due to mineral crystals. Crystalline compounds reinforce, creating a monolithic structure. Dream Granite 24 cm goes through all stages of chemical and technical testing. Based on the research, certificates of quality conformity were issued, which confirm environmental friendliness and harmlessness to humans. The manufacturer has significantly increased the service life by converting molten aluminum into molds to produce dishes with thicker sides and bottom.


  • You can cook fish, meat, vegetables
  • High-quality frying, stewing and languishing
  • Minimal loss of taste and useful properties of products
  • The pan has a removable bakelite handle.
  • Huge wear resistance resource — 12 thousand cycles
  • Heat-resistant fasteners do not need to be unscrewed when placed in the oven


7 Eva Solo Stainless steel 202510 20 cm

The ceramic-coated model is made of high-quality polished steel and is available in black. The product weighs 750 g. Eva Solo Stainless steel 202510 is protected by a Let Slip non-stick layer that can withstand high temperatures up to 400 °C. The frying pan is ideal for frying meat with a dense crust. It can be used with all types of cooking surfaces, as well as in ovens.


  • Meals are prepared without fat, so they are more healthy.
  • Ergonomic handles do not get hot during operation
  • Scandinavian workmanship and durability


6 NEVA METAL TABLEWARE Special 9028 28 cm

If you are looking to buy a quality pan that will last for many years, this model is a great choice. NEVA METAL WARE Special 9028 28 cm will not upset its owner by quickly becoming unusable. The product looks good and stylish. Titanium water-based non-stick coating of five layers is environmentally friendly and reliably protects food from burning. Manufacturing method — casting. The impressive diameter allows you to cook lunches and dinners for a large family. The product is equipped with a removable handle, which is easily installed using a button and a bracket.


  • Additional handle on the side for a comfortable grip
  • The pan is suitable for all stoves and ovens
  • Dishes do not stick, cook evenly
  • Full compliance with GOST requirements


  • It takes a long time to warm up
  • Heavy, hard to hold with one hand

5 Tefal Emotion 28 cm

The stainless steel model with induction bottom is available in 18/10 grade alloy. The composition of the material is 18% chromium and 10% nickel. During the production of kitchen utensils, special attention is paid to polishing. The level of processing is carefully tested, which avoids breakage and corrosion of products. The encapsulated Tefal Emotion 28 cm disc is made using High Impact Bonded Base technology. This means integrating the aluminum part of the bottom into the «stainless steel» part. The capsule is soldered to the body with the capture of the outer edge. Technological operations are carried out under high pressure. As a result, the pan gets a multi-layer solid bottom. The handle of the cookware is equipped with an overlay made of soft Bakelite, which reliably protects against thermal burns.


  • Food does not burn or stick with minimal oil
  • The frying pan is universal in use and unpretentious in care
  • Heating indicator notifies you when ready to use
  • Mirror glossy exterior design


  • When washed in the dishwasher, it loses its gloss and beauty
  • The protective coating can be damaged by careless handling.
  • Lid not included

four Flonal City with decoration

The model has been produced by an Italian manufacturer as part of a separate line for more than 10 years. The frying pan perfectly combines the parameters of quality and price. A five-layer non-stick coating with a honeycomb structure that enhances the protective properties is completely protected from accidental scratches. In Flonal City with decoration with a wall and bottom thickness of 2.5 mm, it is good to cook meat, fish and vegetable dishes. The removable handle of the product is made of Bakelite. Cookware can be used with all cooking surfaces, except for induction cookers.


  • Cooking without fat
  • Cover included
  • The protective layer does not wear off for a long time
  • Handle does not get hot or burn


  • The frying pan cannot be used in the microwave.

3 AMT Gastroguss AMT-526 26 cm

The German frying pan is made of a heat-resistant alloy with a high aluminum content and is designed for all types of stoves. The exception is induction hobs. The material of manufacture is characterized by high resistance to corrosion and light weight, which facilitates operation. AMT Gastroguss AMT-526 26 cm is suitable for frequent use, as well as for rare frying, baking and stewing. The diameter and height of the sides make it possible to prepare dishes for a large family or for festive meetings with relatives and friends. The universal removable handle can be interchanged with other kitchen utensils with the same type of attachment.


  • Long-term manufacturer’s warranty — up to 25 years
  • Has anti-shrink properties
  • It is permissible to mix food with metal spoons and spatulas
  • The product is dishwasher safe
  • Keeps heat for a long time, so the dish does not require additional heating


  • Not detected

2 Kukmara Marble 263а 26 cm

The model with internal and external protection in dark marble is made by casting from aluminum. Kukmara Marble 263a 26 cm is included in the product line of cookware with a five-layer non-stick coating and an increased level of strength. The manufacturer managed to strengthen the material through the use of Greblon Non-Stick C2 + layers with mineral ceramic particles. The product does not require special care conditions. After cooking, it is enough to wipe or rinse the pan with a soft sponge dipped in a standard detergent.


  • Food does not stick or burn
  • Does not deform under heat
  • You can not add fat during cooking
  • Extra molded grip handle
  • The holder has a hole for hanging on a hook.


  • The handle is not removable
  • The mount loosens over time
  • Cover not included

one Taller TR 4001

The first line of our rating of the best non-stick pans is occupied by the model of the Taller brand, made in the traditional English style. The execution material is extruded aluminium. The outer part of the case is covered with protection, which endures high temperatures and retains its beauty for a long time. Two layers are applied on the inside, allowing you to cook a variety of dishes with a small amount of oil. Uniform and fast heating is provided by a thickened bottom of 4.5 mm. To avoid heating the handle, it is recommended to use the product with a burner that does not exceed the diameter of the bottom of the pan.


  • Bakelite handle does not get hot
  • Can be used with gas, electric, glass-ceramic cookers
  • Can be washed in the dishwasher
  • To clean, just wipe the surface with a soft, damp sponge.
  • Acceptable value of the goods


  • The pan is not suitable for induction hobs

What is the best non-stick frying pan to buy?

When choosing a truly high-quality and safe kitchen utensils for cooking, special attention should be paid to the composition of the material. It should not contain substances harmful to life and health, such as lead, cadmium and perfluorooctanoic acid. It is important to consider the combination of a frying pan with a stove that is in your kitchen. Not all models are suitable for use with induction hobs. The manufacturer must provide this information in the accompanying documentation for the product.

Different non-stick protection materials have their pros and cons:

  1. Teflon is applied to dishes of various shapes and sizes, it is characterized by high quality, easy maintenance, affordable price. Among the shortcomings, experts note a ban on high temperatures (no more than 200 ° C). It is also not recommended to cook food completely without oil;
  2. ceramics can be heated up to 400 °C, so it is suitable for frying meat. Ceramic frying pans are more resistant to external influences, but they are afraid of temperature changes in water during washing. Very little fat is needed to cook food in them;
  3. stone, granite and marble are not afraid of sharp objects, heat up quickly and evenly, and retain heat for a long time. When stewing or frying fatty foods, oil is not necessary. However, products with such coatings have a higher price.

The most durable and durable are pans with titanium and diamond protection. Such kitchen utensils do not emit any hazardous substances and unpleasant odors when heated. The service life of the dishes is also impressive — up to 25 years.

Another important parameter is the purpose of use. Teflon products are best used for cooking scrambled eggs, scrambled eggs, dressings for soups and borscht. Ceramics are more suitable for stewing vegetables, frying potatoes and meatballs. On marble, granite, titanium dishes, you can safely cook steaks and chops. Please read the product specifications carefully before purchasing. This will help you get the best non-stick pan according to user reviews.

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