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Clean, fresh, fragrant linen — every hostess dreams of this. But how to achieve such an effect? Nowadays, this is not difficult to do, thanks to the abundance of various detergents on store shelves. Recently, ordinary powders are gradually replacing gels, which, due to the liquid composition, have a lot of advantages. First, they give things softness. Secondly, they are very easy to use. Thirdly, most products are suitable for synthetics, cotton, and silk. There are many more advantages: economical consumption, pleasant aroma, the ability to wash in cold water. The best gels for washing clothes according to reviews, we will consider below.

How to choose a gel for washing clothes in a washing machine?

Before we move on to the rating of the best models according to user reviews, let’s see what parameters you should pay attention to in the first place. Experienced housewives recommend looking at:


One of the most important factors. Laundry gels usually consist of the components listed below.

  1. Sodium lauryl sulfate. The basis of all detergents, is included in the group of anionic surfactants. Effectively removes contaminants, but is toxic. True, its concentration is less than in dry detergents.
  2. Enzymes. Designed to dissolve protein-type stains.
  3. Phosphates. They soften water, but their concentration must be controlled, as they negatively affect the environment. The gel is considered safe, where this component is not more than 5%.
  4. Titanium dioxide. This is a good old bleach, which also varies in concentration. Liquid detergents contain a little of it, so you don’t have to worry about harm to the skin.
  5. flavoring. Thanks to this additive, fabrics acquire a pleasant smell. However, you can find products without this substance if someone prefers natural flavors.

Appointment. What items will you wash?

Another important criterion. There are also many varieties of gels for this factor.

  1. Universal. These gels can wash anything.
  2. For white. The composition of such liquid preparations includes bleaches that reflect light, which gives the material a bluish tint.
  3. For color. Such products include special components, thanks to which things do not fade, the brightness of the color remains for a long time or even intensifies.
  4. For children. They have a gentle composition, most of the gels are based on baby soap, they even cope with complex fruit and berry stains. And most importantly — safe for baby’s skin.
  5. For black. The main property of such SMS is to prevent washing out of saturated color.
  6. For wool and silk. Delicate effect, in parallel with the removal of contaminants, care for the material.

Package. What can suggest?

The most famous types of containers for gels are bottles. But options are possible: packages, doy-packs. It is best to choose the first option. For bottles, as a rule, the cap also has a scale for accurate dosing. This will prevent overspending of the gel.

The best washing gels

ten Weasel Care & Repair

A product from a Russian manufacturer opens the rating of the best gels for washing clothes. Designed specifically to combat the formation of pellets on the fabric. The composition contains the Fibrex-tech formula, which not only protects against pilling, but also restores old tissue. After washing with this gel, things become updated.

Gel Laska Care and Recovery is able to remove up to 80% of the pellets after 20 washes, which is confirmed by Henkel’s research. In addition, it will prevent their further appearance. The shape of the fabric remains the same, the elasticity of the fibers is not lost, the gel smoothes even rough materials.


  • Large volume
  • economical use
  • Nice smell
  • Adding softness to fabrics


  • Removes all stains
  • Repeated washing required to eliminate pilling

9 Posh One Ultimate 2in1 Ice Freesia

The means of production Korea is universal, it is used equally effectively for both white and color. According to the manufacturer, it can even be used to wash baby clothes. It does not have a strong smell, it does not foam strongly, it is well soluble.

The composition is pretty decent. Based on minerals and degradable surfactants. Economic consumption is achieved due to high concentration. For laundry of 3.5 kg, you need only 14 ml, which is equal to 4 pumps. In general, 1 liter is enough for more than 35 washes.


  • Safe composition
  • No harm to the environment
  • Small consumption
  • Convenient to use
  • Universal


  • Not available in all stores
  • Big price

eight Kao Attack Bio EX

The gel is based on safe components, which means that there is no negative effect on human skin and the environment. Suitable for washing cotton, synthetic, linen fabrics (except silk and wool). As part of a bioenzyme that removes not only stains, but also unpleasant odors. After rinsing, the fabrics have a light aroma of freshness.

According to many users, this gel gives a dazzling whiteness to light fabrics. This effect is achieved through special additives. You can wash things with it at a temperature of 30-40 degrees Celsius. Packing: bottle, bag and doypack.


  • Application versatility
  • Eliminates odors
  • Suitable for washing in cold water
  • Whitens light fabrics


  • Removes only light stains

7 Persil Lavender

Compared to the powder of a similar line, the gel does not smell so strongly and is rinsed out of the fibers immediately. The softness of things is obtained by adding rinse aid to the composition.

The gel not only removes difficult stains (even chocolate, ketchup and sweat), but also strong odors. Can be washed in cold water. Universal in application, protects against the appearance of pellets, preserves the brightness of colored fabrics. One container is enough for 32 washes.


  • Detergent and rinse aid in one bottle
  • Economic application
  • Can be washed on any fabric


  • Possible allergic reaction in those who are prone to it
  • Will not cope with old and difficult stains

6 Meine Liebe for colored fabrics

The gel of the German manufacturer is universal in use. A temperature of 40 degrees is enough to remove almost any kind of dirt. This effect is formed due to enzymes that dissolve almost any type of pollution and release them from the fibers.

The composition contains substances that are safe for bright colored fabrics, in addition, the product is effective in the fight against pellets, gives softness to the material and a pleasant aroma. Due to the presence of a water softener, the gel protects the automatic machine from the appearance of scale.


  • For any wash and all types of fabric
  • Reasonable price for a large package
  • Light unobtrusive fragrance
  • Dealing with scale in the car


  • Removes all stains
  • small volume

5 Ariel Touch of Lenor Fresh Color

The gel has a gentle formula, due to which it delicately washes any type of fabric. In terms of the efficiency of removing contaminants, the product is quite good, while the activity of the substances remains even in cold water. Eliminates difficult pollution without preliminary washing or soaking. But such an effect is possible due to the presence of strong surfactants and other powerful ingredients.

Gives a pleasant aroma of Lenor rinse, makes things soft, retains color.


  • Convenient bottle
  • Removes many stains well
  • Economic consumption
  • Affordable price


  • Aggressive lineup
  • Pretty strong scent

four Tide for white and color Alpine freshness

The main feature of Tide gel is its deep penetration into the tissue structure. As a result, the dirt is simply washed out of the fibers, leaving the composition of the material intact. That is, the shape, color, texture of things is preserved unchanged. This effect is achieved even when using cold water. In addition to these benefits, the product has a pleasant aroma of freshness, like in the Alps.

Due to the soft formula, you can not buy air conditioner, Tide washes almost all types of stains without soaking. On bright things, the color remains the same saturated without light spots. Versatility of application and reasonable price makes this product one of the most popular.


  • Can also be washed in cold water
  • Removes almost all types of stains
  • The fresh scent of the mountain air
  • Maintains tissue softness
  • Versatility


  • Not intended for washing children’s clothes

3 Gel Persil Freshness from Vernel

The Vernel formula in the gel effectively fights stains and at the same time leaves the fabric itself as soft. The liquid composition is perfectly soluble. According to the manufacturer, the composition is also safe for caring for babies. Colored clothes gel leaves the same bright, delicate materials, it retains texture and shape. All this is achieved through a careful attitude to the fibers. Gel Persil from Vernel will suit most things at any temperature, leaves a pleasant aroma on the fabric.


  • Tackles even old or tough stains
  • Gives softness
  • Quickly soluble in water
  • Effective in cold water


  • The composition contains allergenic agents, so it is better not to experiment on children’s things.
  • For stubborn stains, set the temperature to high.

2 Burti Baby Liquid

A good tool for caring for baby’s things from his first days of life. As part of a soap concentrate that is safe for the skin of crumbs. Unlike adult gels, this SMS is non-allergenic and does not have a bad effect on the baby’s skin. With a careful composition, Burti gel washes even stains from fruits and berries. Can also be washed in cold water.


  • The absence of allergens in the composition
  • Enough for a long time
  • Can be washed at 30 degrees
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Suitable for hand and machine wash


  • High price
  • Soaking required to remove tough stains

one Frosch Apple for colored laundry

The best gel for washing clothes according to housewives is Frosch. First of all, it will earn the trust of consumers thanks to gentle surfactants that do not have a negative impact on the environment and human health. With all its safety, Frosch qualitatively fights against pollution, while things remain soft without losing color and shape. You can even wash silk and wool products. Pleasant apple aroma is unobtrusive and at the same time gives a delicious smell to things.


  • For various materials
  • Economic use
  • Can be used for hand and machine wash
  • Does not cause allergies
  • Removes many types of stains


  • Not available at all points of sale

Which washing gel is better to buy in a washing machine?

The rating was topped by the Frosch product with apple flavor. This tool has a non-allergenic composition, it removes many types of tissue, is easily washed off in water, and is versatile in use.

For the care of babies, it is recommended to choose Burti Baby Liquid. This gel is based on baby soap, has a safe composition, removes even difficult stains without causing an allergic reaction.

Mass market products also show good results: Tide, Ariel, Persil, Laska. If there are no allergy sufferers in the family who do not tolerate strong compounds, at an affordable price, these products show good results in terms of removing dirt, giving things softness and freshness.

The final choice is made depending on the type and color of the fabric. It is good if the detergent components are contained in a minimum concentration. At the same time, they are unlikely to cope with old stains. For white materials, it is better to choose the appropriate products, and for colored materials, those that preserve the brightness of the fabrics.

In general, the range is quite large and allows you to choose the best tool for its intended purpose and budget. We hope we have helped you choose the best washing machine gel for 2020.

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