10 best floor fans: from home (room) to powerful industrial models


With the advent of summer, not everyone has the opportunity to install air conditioning in the room. Most users are looking for a cheaper and more practical option, which is a floor fan. It does not require careful maintenance, operates quietly and consumes a minimum of energy. The article presents a selection of the best floor fans for home and industrial use. Top budget and powerful floor fans with and without a control panel. The best models with reviews, prices, pros and cons.

The best home (indoor) floor fans

Xiaomi Mijia DC Inverter Fan 1X

A modern floor fan that can be controlled using a smartphone. The intensity of the device can be adjusted, creating the effect of a natural breeze. Its body rotates 120 degrees. In rest mode, the device retains all previously configured functions. The fan is equipped with seven blades, which are set at a certain angle, so that they evenly distribute the air masses. For safety reasons, the manufacturer installed a protective grille from unwanted damage.

Characteristic Meaning
Power, W fifteen
Functions body tilt, smartphone control
Weight, kg 2.8


  • does not make noise;
  • control via mobile phone;
  • many modes of operation;
  • profitability;
  • practicality.


  • lack of height adjustment;
  • an inconvenient plug that connects through an adapter.

Review: “Good device, small size and weight. Relatively more expensive than other models, but has rich functionality. Reviews about the device were extremely positive, so I did not think about the choice. The quality of the materials is top notch.”

Energy EN-1659

This model of the fan differs in stylish design and safety in operation. The device is fixed on the floor with a wide base and adjusted through the mechanical panel. The fan is made of high quality plastic, resistant to mechanical damage. The tilt adjuster allows the user to direct the air in the desired direction. Models are presented in different colors and equipped with mechanical control systems.

Characteristic Meaning
Power, W fifty
Functions operating time programming, body rotation
Weight, kg 3.2


  • massive support;
  • blowing modes;
  • power;
  • appearance;
  • convenient control buttons.


  • noisy;
  • short cord.

Feedback: “I really liked the floor fan with a remote control included. It has 3 control modes, strong air flow is felt even at low speeds. There were no batteries in the kit, but this is a trifle at this price-performance ratio.”

Ballu BFF-810R

The fan has a modern design and advanced features. For comfortable use, you can choose one of the three suggested operating modes and adjust the blowing speed. The device is equipped with a weighting that prevents falls. The fan is controlled by a backlit remote control. The blades are made of flexible plastic. The device has the Sleep well function and the timer.

Characteristic Meaning
Power, W 45
Functions body swivel and tilt, timer
Weight, kg 2.7


  • height adjustment;
  • stable base;
  • rotary system;
  • build quality;
  • strong air flow.


  • bright indicator in the dark;
  • clicks on turns.

Feedback: “Comfortable fan, stands at work. The base is stable, so when it is touched, it does not fall. Noise is almost inaudible. Rotates at a right angle. Tilt and height customized.

DUX DX-18 with remote control

A floor fan will freshen up the living space on the hottest day. Remote control allows you to adjust the speed of the device even from a distance. The device is equipped with a 90 degree rotation angle to the left and right. You can also independently adjust the level of inclination and the height of the fan leg. Three degrees of speed adjustment make it possible to set the most optimal blowing option. The cross-shaped base prevents the device from tipping over, while the reinforced grille protects against damage.

Characteristic Meaning
Power, W 40
Functions height adjustment, timer
Weight, kg 3.4


  • quiet;
  • easy to assemble;
  • the presence of a remote control;
  • sleep timer;
  • light.


  • mechanical fixation of rotation;
  • no weak mode.

Review: “I bought a fan of this brand and did not regret it. It comes with a remote control which is a big plus. Works more than a year, blows the room and cools it. He does his job.»

Zanussi ZFF-705

The fan is indispensable in hot weather. The presented model has a stylish design and high power, creates optimal airflow even in a stuffy room. 3 speed modes are adjusted using mechanical buttons. The body of the device is made of metal with plastic inserts. You can independently adjust the airflow angle and height. The device is easy to transport due to its low weight.

Characteristic Meaning
Power, W 45
Functions height adjustment, timer
Weight, kg 3.6


  • design;
  • stability;
  • quality materials;
  • powerful air flow;
  • reliable protective grille.


  • some functions do not work;
  • noisy.

Feedback: “The fan is very powerful, it blows the entire room, even in the farthest corners. The assembly is of high quality, nothing creaks, but it is very noisy, like an airplane. In general, everything suits, it has been working for more than 2 years.”

TOP of the best powerful floor fans


Column fan with humidifier, enough power to cool a medium-sized room. The air flow is felt even at a distance of 5 m. The device comes with a remote control. The fan can be controlled both with the remote control and with the keypad on the device. When changing operating modes, the device makes sounds that cannot be turned off. There is an air ionization function. The fan has an elegant appearance due to the glossy plastic housing.

Characteristic Meaning
Power, W 60
Functions humidifier, timer, remote control
Weight, kg 4.4


  • water curtain;
  • touch control buttons;
  • different modes of operation;
  • timer;
  • shows temperature.


  • short cord;
  • a creak is heard.

Review: “My husband and I bought a fan for a private house. The rooms are quite large, but the power is enough to cool the room. Convenient control panel, many functions, stylish design. We are more than happy with our choice.»

AEG VL 5606 WM

The compact fan in the form of a column is suitable for small living spaces. The air flow is predominantly in a horizontal direction. There is no tilt function. At the top is the control panel. Thanks to the timer, you can program the operation of the device so that it starts at the right time. The radiator-type fan has a plastic housing in the form of a shroud, making it safer than models with an axial mechanism.

Characteristic Meaning
Power, W 100
Functions timer, 3 speeds
Weight, kg 5.1


  • safety;
  • quality assembly;
  • functionality;
  • good blowing;
  • durable body.


  • axle play;
  • no protection against water and dust.

Review: “In my spare time I play drums. During rehearsals, I feel dehydrated, so it is very important for me to put a fan in the back so that it blows over me. I’ve been using it for a couple of months and haven’t noticed any issues. It makes a little noise, but the drums are much louder.”

Equation Jervis 3

The floor fan of this brand is used to create a comfortable indoor climate. The device is mains powered, has three speeds of rotation and tilt adjustment, thanks to which you can set the desired direction of the air flow. At high speed, the device makes relatively little noise. The fan blades are made of metal, and the case itself is protected by a special mesh. The light weight makes it easy to carry the device to other rooms.

Characteristic Meaning
Power, W 110
Functions speed control
Weight, kg 4.7


  • fast assembly;
  • metal;
  • functional;
  • price;
  • quiet work.


  • motor heating;
  • short cord with euro socket.

Feedback: “Great fan, you can adjust the horizontal tilt. It has 3 modes of operation, it blows well and quietly. To increase the length of the cord, an extension cord is required. Cools better than an air conditioner.

Ballu BIF-8B

This model of the fan is used in the industry. It can be installed both on the floor and built into the wall with the help of special fasteners that come with the kit. The device operates in three modes, the cable is reliably protected from mechanical damage. Mechanical fan control. The blades and body of the device are made of high quality metal. The manufacturer provides a 3-year warranty.

Characteristic Meaning
Power, W 135
Functions speed, turn left and right
Weight, kg 5.3


  • the angle of inclination is adjustable;
  • frame;
  • comfortable stand;
  • cable fixing elements;
  • wall mounts.


  • noisy third speed;
  • hard to figure out how to assemble.

Review: “I installed a fan in a warehouse store. Works very well, freshens the air. Everything for installation is included. In a short time, it is able to cool the room no worse than an air conditioner.

Equation Jervis

A classic three-blade floor fan with high power, elegant and modern look, suitable for industrial environments. Durable construction made of stainless steel. Equipped with stable legs that prevent tipping. The diameter of the blades is 45 cm, which allows you to distill large volumes of air masses. The fan is equipped with a handle for easier movement.

Characteristic Meaning
Power, W 120
Functions speed, tilt and swivel
Weight, kg 4.9


  • 3 operating modes;
  • convenient control panel;
  • frequency of turns;
  • modern design;
  • metal case.


  • no save mode;
  • a lot of noise.

Review: “The fan is suitable for round-the-clock use. With high power, good airflow is provided. Very noisy, so I installed it in an industrial room. For 2 years of work there was not a single breakdown.

How to choose the right floor fans?

Before you buy a fan, you need to familiarize yourself with the concept and parameters of its operation. It is easily transported, does not require installation services, and has an affordable price.

According to the type of working mechanism, fans are divided into axial, radiator and turbine.

  • Axial — is a wheel with blades and a motor for rotation. A protective mesh was installed to protect people from contact with the blades.
  • Radiator — similar to a snail, it has curved blades into which air enters, after which it is pushed out in all directions.
  • Turbine — provides a powerful and continuous flow of air, has no blades and works on the principle of a turbine.

The noise level depends on the power. The quietest will be a fan of a radiator and turbine type. The device can be equipped with a mechanical or electronic control unit. Modern models are sold complete with a remote control or controlled via a smartphone. In terms of efficiency, such fans resemble an air conditioner, but they consume electricity more economically. Models with air humidification function are equipped with a special water tank, which circulates around the room in the form of steam.

When choosing a fan, you should definitely pay attention to the above parameters. The presence of additional functions will only be a plus. For relatively little money, you can pick up a stylish, practical, and most importantly — a powerful device for daily use.

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