10 best 3 in 1 strollers


When a child appears in the family, the question arises of acquiring comfortable, functional devices for walking and transporting him in a car. Many future parents think about the necessary things for the long-awaited baby even before his birth. Online and offline stores offer such a huge range of products that the eyes run wide. Our rating tells how not to get confused and choose the best 3 in 1 strollers.

Features of strollers 3 in 1: pros and cons

The modular vehicle combines a bassinet, a walking block, and a holding car seat. The main feature of the manual wheel device is the ability to attach the car seat to the base base. This creates additional convenience when the baby booster needs to be quickly moved from the car to the base and continue walking with the baby. Among the advantages of strollers 3 in 1:

  1. Multifunctionality – parents receive a vehicle that is suitable for all occasions and will be used until the child is three years old.
  2. Spacious seating area — manufacturers of 3 in 1 models do not skimp on free space, which is very important for walking in the off-season and in winter, when the baby is in warm clothes and covered with a thick blanket.
  3. Easy assembly – transformation is carried out through simple mechanisms, removable modules allow you to mount and detach from the chassis in a matter of minutes.
  4. Modern design, consistent style — young mothers prefer to choose beautiful and spectacular accessories.

Universal strollers 3 in 1 cannot boast of a low price. A rather expensive pleasure quickly pays off due to the versatility and duration of operation. The disadvantages of a manual wheeled vehicle can be indicated by the following positions:

  • Large weight and dimensions compared to standard models;
  • The need to provide in advance a place to store all the modules;
  • High chassis of the walking block.

In addition, you need to pay attention to the children’s booster. Specialized infant carriers undergo crash tests. Their manufacturers pay great attention to the safety of the child. In modular sets, the car seat is sometimes designed to meet the requirements of the traffic police, and not to protect the baby. That is why it is necessary to carefully approach the characteristics of this block.

Rating of the best strollers 3 in 1 by reviews

ten Verdi Mirage (Eco Premium)

A series of multifunctional models made of ecological leather from the Polish brand first left the assembly line in 2016 and still has not lost its popularity. The assortment of the line is rich in colors — there are ten of them in total. Verdi Mirage Eco can be used from ages 0+ to four years old. The devices are equipped with an improved braking system and an aluminum base. The set includes a frame cradle and a reversible walking block.

In addition, young mothers will like the additional free equipment with a coconut mattress, a protective insect net, a women’s backpack, a cape on the legs of the infant carrier, and a raincoat. The stroller is well thought out in terms of convenience for the child and adults. The spacious cradle has a window for ventilation, the wheels are puncture-resistant, the walking module is equipped with five seat belts with soft pads. The vehicle handle is functional, dust does not penetrate into the closed-type basket.


  • Eco-leather is easy to care for — just wipe it with a damp cloth
  • High level of wheelchair maneuverability
  • Ventilation minimizes inconvenience during daytime summer walks


  • Shock absorption suffers due to gel wheels
  • The device is difficult to roll in the snow
  • Big weight of the walking module

9 Vikalex Grata Classic

The spring-loaded stroller is suitable for children from 0+ to 3 years old. The device of the Polish manufacturer pleases with a stable, durable metal base with the function of adjusting the parent handle in height. Vikalex Grata Classic shock absorbers are protected by special plastic caps to prevent dirt and corrosion. The high level of passability is provided at the expense of inflatable wheels with bearings.

The wheelbase is equipped with a self-centering mechanism. The diameter of the rear wheels has been increased to soften bumps. The model is made of waterproof ecological leather, inside the blocks — natural cotton. The back of the carrycot is adjustable. Includes rain cover, basket, cup holder, insect net, women’s bag. The car seat is suitable for children up to 15 kg.


  • Virtually no effort required to roll the stroller
  • Excellent cushioning
  • Easy to fold, unfold, remove the cradle
  • Comfortable, safe car seat
  • The material of the device does not get wet and does not fade in the sun
  • Spacious and practical metal shopping basket


  • Fastening the car seat to the base through adapters

eight Alis Berta (3 in 1)

The eighth position of the rating was also taken by a model from Poland. The universal device is ideal for storage in small apartments due to its compactness when folded. Alis Berta combines such parameters as quality, functionality and cost. The kit includes a standard set: a cradle for newborns, a car seat 0+, a reversible block for walking at any time of the year. Inflatable wheels with a larger diameter increase the level of maneuverability, which makes it easy to roll the stroller on any type of road.

The manufacturer recommends using the walking module for babies from six months. The block can be installed along or against the direction of travel. The backrest reclines in three positions, including a fully horizontal layout. Additional protection is provided by five-point seat belts.


  • Deep hood at the carrycot
  • The inside of the stroller is covered with 100% cotton
  • Comes with a handy carry bag
  • Compact book fold
  • Handle for parents is adjustable
  • Has car seat adapters


  • Fabric shopping basket

7 Chicco Active3

The three-wheeled model quickly develops, is easy in transportation, is intuitive in management. The soft seat of the stroller provides maximum comfort. The special backrest fixation system in different positions makes Chicco Activ3 ideal even for babies. From the first days of life, a newborn will not feel uncomfortable in a spacious cradle made of breathable fabric. Additional ventilation is provided by the perforated base. When traveling, the child is reliably protected by a car seat with three-point seat belts. Together with the modules, the buyer receives a raincoat that will not let bad weather disturb the baby.


  • Big, deep hood — it goes down almost to the bumper
  • There is no danger of puncturing the wheels because they are not inflatable
  • Four backrest fixing positions including 90 degree angle and horizontal layout
  • Parent handle is adjustable so it fits adults of all sizes
  • In stock stand for napkins, bottles, phone
  • The walking block develops in 30 seconds, turning into a «book»


  • The package does not include a cover for the legs.

6 Tutis Tapu-Tapu (3 in 1)

The model is characterized by excellent cross-country ability and large dimensions. The bassinet accommodates a large child. The walking block is roomy, its back unfolds to a horizontal position, turning the module into a comfortable bed. Inside the stroller is a soft mattress made of high quality material. The seat belts are securely fastened. The deep hood descends to the bumper, protecting from snow and rain. The wheeled vehicle exhibits good stability in strong winds. It is easy and convenient to control the stroller on asphalt, paving slabs or a country road, regardless of the season.


  • Strong rubber on wheels leaves no chance for punctures
  • The child does not sweat during a walk thanks to ventilation
  • Sturdy basket for groceries and baby items
  • The model fits easily into a small standard elevator
  • Comfortable mesh for ventilation with a zipper


  • Non-removable pads on the seat belts do not allow them to be washed

5 Lonex Julia Baroness

A four-wheeled model with a silent hood adjustment will serve faithfully for several years without any significant remarks in terms of operation. She seems to be floating along the road, you just need to give her a direction. This quality is especially valuable when the walk takes place with a newborn and an older child who also needs supervision. Ease of movement is ensured by the aluminum body.

Shock absorber belts increase the static top of the base, so Lonex Julia Baronessa is not afraid of any bumps, snow cover and even a country road with sand, bumps and cobblestones. In the cradle, the baby can easily fit up to nine months. The module can be downloaded, lulling the baby. The package includes: mosquito net, rain cover, stroller standard bag. The stroller folds in 30 seconds and fits into the trunk of a car without taking up all its space.


  • The child sits down in two positions — facing mother or street
  • Five-point harness
  • The device is quickly removed and placed on the base
  • External upholstery is practical in terms of maintenance
  • Inside the modules natural cotton fabric
  • A child booster is allowed on the chassis


  • Ugly appearance of the walking block

four CAM Cortina Evolution X3 Tris

The model with a bright, memorable design from the Italian manufacturer is equipped with an ergonomic handle, a reliable seat belt system, and inflatable wheels. In the all-season walking module, the child will be comfortable up to three years. The blocks of the kit are compatible with each other. A car seat with a sleeping baby can be installed on the base chassis and continue walking. If you use the skids from the kit, the vehicle will turn into a stroller bed or rocking cradle. It doesn’t take much effort to drive the CAM Cortina Evolution X3 Tris. The patented reverse system is responsible for this.


  • Lightweight yet durable frame
  • The stroller is adjustable to the height of the user
  • Variety of colors in the range
  • Installing the seat away from you or towards you
  • Soft armrests
  • High quality brake
  • Compact, easy to store and transport


  • Short hood with precarious fixation
  • Noise when raising and lowering the hood
  • The breathable bottom of the cradle is good for airing in summer, but becomes a minus in winter

3 Noordi Polaris on Sport chassis

The model on a sports chassis is produced in Norway. Available in eight colors to suit every taste. Users note the high maneuverability of Noordi Polaris, which is fully consistent with the manufacturer’s promises. A children’s vehicle will easily pass between the malls in the store, drive through the park, city or country road. The locking mechanism of the swivel wheels helps to overcome sandy and snowy surfaces.

Special depreciation «Anti-shock» makes it possible to choose the optimal mode for a walk. There is a ventilation window in the hood, adjustable ventilation at the bottom of the cradle, additionally there is protection from the active sun in the form of a visor. Windproof, water-repellent materials with antibacterial impregnation will not allow wind, rain, snow to disturb the comfort of the baby and at the same time make it easier to care for the device.


  • Silent adjustment of the hood, which is very important during the sleep of the child
  • Multiple headrest tilt options
  • Available reverse, changing the turn in the event of a change in wind direction
  • Built-in centered carry handle on hood
  • Convenient wheelbase locking system
  • The large dimensions of the modules make it possible to comfortably put or seat a child in winter clothes


  • Can’t remove seat cover
  • In the module for walking, an inconvenient fastening of the handrail
  • Footrest upholstered in fabric

2 Riko Brano Ecco (3 in 1)

A multifunctional device from Poland with a light aluminum rack is rated by young parents as a «four plus». Protection is provided by five-point seat belts. The seat locks in four positions, including a fully flat position. The line has ten colors. The spacious cradle inside is finished with practical, soft material. The upholstery has a zipper and is easy to remove for cleaning and washing. The frame and the walking module are placed in the trunk of a car without removing the wheels. The parent handle is equipped with a raise and lower function, which allows Riko Brano Ecco to be placed compactly in the elevator. Inflatable wheels need to be pumped up periodically, but this is often not necessary.


  • Eco-leather inserts withstand severe frosts and do not crack
  • A variety of additional accessories — even mittens for mom are included
  • Compatibility of blocks with each other
  • Affordable cost


  • Heavy weight
  • Folding is easy for dads, moms will have to make more effort

one Inglesina Trilogy (3 in 1)

The best 3 in 1 stroller according to reviews is Inglesina Trilogy. This model differs from the systems discussed above in a richer configuration. The manufacturer positions it as a multifunctional 4 in 1 system. Inglesina Trilogy, in addition to standard modules, is supplemented with a special Stand-up stand. With its help, parents can bring the cradle into the house from a walk, and use it as a crib at night. The chassis folds in one motion without getting your hands dirty. The universal device is equipped with a mattress, which was developed by Inglesina specialists together with Italian neonatologists. The set includes a car seat for children 0+.


  • Extremely deep canopy keeps the weather out
  • Backrest folds out to a horizontal position
  • The device is compact, not too heavy in weight
  • Manual shifting of the front wheels
  • High maneuverability
  • Parent handle adjustable to adult height
  • Effective appearance


  • Cons not found

What is the best 3 in 1 stroller to buy?

The range of wheeled devices on the children’s goods market is incredibly huge. Global and domestic brands annually develop and launch more modern models. Their efforts are aimed at creating a universal and at the same time simple device that will fill the life of the baby with comfort. In the first year, a long, proper sleep is very important for a child. Multifunctional systems allow you to move the baby from a car, apartment, store, transfer him from a street walk to the house without disturbing or frightening him. Which 3 in 1 stroller to choose is up to you, but when buying any model, you must consider the following parameters:

  • the weight — a 3 in 1 system cannot be easy, but it is better to pay attention to the mass in order to minimize difficulties during operation;
  • dimensions — they are important not only for storage, but also for moving from the apartment to the street using an elevator;
  • number of wheels — models are three- or four-wheeled, experts advise choosing a system with a front swivel mechanism that improves maneuverability;
  • finishing material — the outer covering must be waterproof, the inner fabric — hypoallergenic and breathable;
  • depreciation — high-quality damping of shocks and shocks while driving is provided by a belt and spring mechanism.

The final factor in choosing the best 3 in 1 stroller is the specifications. They can be found on the websites of manufacturers or directly in the store. Feel free to ask the consultant for details on the width and depth of the seat, the length of the footboard, the diameter of the wheels, the internal dimensions of the cradle, the basket for things, the folded and unfolded rack, the height of the support.

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