TOP 9 best cc creams: results, pros and cons, cost, how to choose


Tonal creams have not satisfied all the needs of the fair sex for a long time. They were replaced by bb-creams, which, in turn, are in a hurry to give the reins of power to cc-creams. What is the difference between them and is there such a need to try these mysterious cc-creams? First of all, we want to remind you that the abbreviation CC can be deciphered as Color Correcting Cream, which means that the tool is definitely worth a try for girls interested in color correction of the face. It serves as a base for makeup, evens out color, moisturizes and protects from ultraviolet radiation. This is despite the fact that the light airy texture is not felt at all on the skin and is not noticeable to outsiders.

An important point: the cream must be applied correctly, otherwise you can get the opposite effect. You will learn about how cc-cream can take care of your skin, what effect you should expect and what nuances to remember when choosing a product, you will learn from our article.

Rating of the best cc creams

Erborian CC Cream Perfect Radiance

Here is a Korean-made cream that combines the properties of foundation and corrector. Adds radiance to the skin and adapts to any shade thanks to the so-called «CC-pigments», a new generation of pigments to control skin tone. These particles are designed to give the epidermis a healthy and fresh look. In addition, the cream fights the first manifestations of age-related changes, moisturizes, hides imperfections. Thanks to the extract of Centella Asiatica, it smoothes fine wrinkles. The product is applied in a thin layer before applying makeup. UV protection: SPF 25. Does not contain powder, unlike bb-creams.

skin type for all types
Effect wrinkle smoothing, moisturizing, toning, sun protection
Volume 15 ml
  • Light texture;
  • Moisturizing;
  • Does not roll;
  • Doesn’t clog pores.

Excellent cream. Easy to apply. Not felt at all on the skin. Doesn’t clog pores or sink into wrinkles. The only thing is that it has a lot of red pigment. I have fair skin of the Slavic type, in winter it will not suit such girls. The skin will look orange. But in the summer, when I got tanned, I used it, and everything was fine.

Secret Key CC Cream V-Lift Up

This tool is designed to moisturize, even out skin tone and rejuvenate. It has a powerful lifting effect, has a very high protection factor SPF — 50. It contains caring and anti-aging components, including camellia extract, green tea, chamomile, aloe, as well as adenosine and collagen. Regular use of the cream not only effectively masks skin problems, but also gradually eliminates them. Natural extracts do not cause allergies, heal the skin, moisturize, tighten pores, and prevent acne.

The product should be applied with fingers in an even thin layer spread over the face with patting movements.

Country of origin: South Korea.

skin type for all types
Effect restoration, matting, wrinkle smoothing, nutrition, narrowing of pores, moisturizing, toning, sun protection, lifting
Volume 30 ml
Peculiarities anti-aging
  • Thin coating;
  • Adjusts to the complexion;
  • Not felt on the skin;
  • Protects from the sun.
  • Leaves marks on the phone.

The cream adapts well to the complexion. Especially suitable for those who find it difficult to choose a foundation. It also protects well from the sun. Recently burned down, but the face remained intact. Well hides problem areas and imperfections of the skin. I’m taking it for the third time.

Welcos CC Cream Color Change

Here is a remedy with a vitamin complex aimed at nourishing problem skin. The composition includes matting color capsules Welcos Lotus Color Change Blemish Balm, able to change color and adjust to any skin tone, hiding the imperfections of the microrelief. The cream itself has a delicate green tint. But don’t let that scare you. After application to the skin, due to the large number of microcapsules with pigment, it brightens and then acquires a flesh tone that matches the natural color of the skin. Collagen and phytosqualane moisturize the skin and make it more elastic. In addition, the cream also masks red spots, pigmentation and blood vessels. Has a matte effect. Comfortable to use and almost not felt on the face.

Country of origin: South Korea.

skin type for all types
Effect mattifying, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, toning, sun protection
Volume 50 ml
  • Even distribution;
  • Holds well on the skin;
  • Leaves no imprints;
  • Economic consumption.
  • Not suitable for oily skin.

I took this cream to try. I put it on at home and noticed that it gives some kind of greenish tint to the skin. I tried to figure out what was the matter. It turned out that you need to apply it with your fingertips. Warming up, it changes color and adapts perfectly to the color of the skin. Reduced my skin problems. But it won’t work for oily people. It will not create a matte shade, rather, on the contrary, it will enhance the shine. And for those who have normal or dry skin, the cream is perfect.

Bourjois CC Cream 123 Perfect

The creamy texture is designed to even out the tone of the face. Helps to keep the skin youthful, makes it smooth and well-groomed. Suitable for all skin types. The composition is based on colored pigments that can neutralize the main problems of the epidermis. Apricot pigments are designed to refresh the complexion, green ones eliminate redness, white ones remove dark circles under the eyes. The tonal component evens out the microrelief, removes mimic wrinkles. The tool is well suited for those who suffer from age spots and dry skin. The components retain moisture in the cells, maintain an optimal water balance. The SPF level is 15 units.

Fine texture provides easy application and comfortable distribution on the skin. Does not contain oils. After use, it does not leave the feeling of a mask on the face. In the composition you will find an extract of Chinese camellia leaves, vitamin E and panthenol.

Country of origin: France.

skin type for all types
Effect moisturizing, toning, sun protection
Volume 30 ml
  • Evens out complexion;
  • Reduces redness;
  • Pleasant aroma;
  • Economic consumption.
  • Leaves traces.

The tool creates a matte shade, slightly moisturizes. It is well suited for oily and combination skin, but for dry it is better not to use it: it will emphasize all peeling. You need to apply it correctly. One layer, allow time to absorb. If you immediately apply the second layer on top, it can roll into folds, stain. Evens out complexion well. Smells nice.

Lumene CC cream Absolute perfection

Here is a cream with a weightless fluid texture and medium coverage. Well masks redness, evens out complexion, gives it a natural glow. The composition is enriched with northern lingonberry extract and arctic spring water. Clinical studies have shown that the moisturizing effect lasts up to 8 hours. SPF level — 20.

The cream is suitable for all skin types. Can be applied with a brush or fingertips, starting from the center of the face, blending to the periphery for a flawless finish.

The product does not leave a greasy film, does not clog pores, does not dry out. Ideal for oily and combination skin, as well as for skin prone to the formation of age spots. Does not contain artificial preservatives and parabens.

Country of origin: France.

skin type for all types
Effect mattifying, moisturizing, toning, sun protection
Volume 30 ml
  • Almost not felt on the face;
  • Easy to lay down;
  • Pleasant aroma;
  • Does not cause irritation.
  • Uneconomical expense.

I liked the cream. Easy to apply, quickly absorbed. It feels like there is nothing on the skin. No sticky or tight feeling. It won’t hide skin problems at all, but it can reduce them well. It is more suitable for oily and combination skin, but for dry it is not worth taking. A friend tried it and it didn’t work for her. Dryness became more, the cream rolled down and clogged the pores. I, with my oily T-zone, really liked it.

La Roche-Posay CC cream for redness-prone skin Rosaliac

Here is a day complex corrective cream that is able to provide instant masking and stable correction of all types of redness. Skillfully adapts to different skin tones from light to dark. The texture is refreshing and non-greasy.

This is a great option for sensitive skin prone to redness of any type: temporary or permanent, localized or extensive.

As for the composition, it includes ambophenol — a natural component from the medicinal plant Tamburissa. With regular use, the tool gradually negates the intensity of redness. «Smart» pigments instantly hide redness, even out the tone of the face, giving it a fresh, natural color.

The second important ingredient is shea butter or shea butter. Being similar to the structure of the skin, it ensures the restoration of the hydrolipidic mantle on the surface of the epidermis, moisturizes, and relieves skin irritation.

Apply the product in the morning in one layer, if there is a need for light coverage, or in several layers, if more intensive masking is needed.

skin type sensitive
Effect anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, toning, sun protection
Volume 50 ml
Peculiarities with mineral pigments
  • Fits well;
  • Pleasant fragrance;
  • Well shaded;
  • Sun protection.
  • It does not always adapt to the skin.

Cream for an amateur. Not always suitable for dry skin, more — for oily. On dry it will begin to roll down and tighten the skin. I do not recommend taking it to girls with white skin and blondes, except for the summer period, if you are going to sunbathe. The cream has a pronounced brick shade. On swarthy, dark skin should lie well. In general, before buying, I strongly advise you to familiarize yourself with the tester. It’s okay to try it once.

Librederm CC cream Seracin

CC cream with Seracin reduces redness, moisturizes the skin and mattifies it. Effectively hides the imperfections of oily skin, controls the production of sebum at the level of the epidermis. It was for this type of skin that this tool was developed. In addition, it reduces redness and moisturizes.

the texture is so light that it is not felt on the skin. Pigments do not clog pores, but form an even layer, giving the face a beautiful, natural shade without oily sheen.

The cream combines the functions of care and make-up. Especially suitable for those who need to mask the effects of acne removal and inflammation. A pleasant aroma completes the palette of benefits.

The shade will suit most skin tones.

Country of origin: Russia.

skin type oily
Effect mattifying, moisturizing, sun protection
Volume 30 ml
Peculiarities non-comedogenic
  • Fits well;
  • Adjusts to tone
  • Hides problem areas of the skin;
  • Does not cause allergies.
  • Small tube.

I read that this cream is not suitable for everyone. And adapted to my skin. It spreads well and lasts a long time. The scent isn’t great, but it’s not bad either. My daughter tried it, she also liked it, although she is allergic to me, not all cosmetics suit her. Not very thick texture. I go for the lightest shade for my skin. Came up to me. Evened out complexion and improved overall appearance. If in doubt, try the tester first.

Black pearl Dream Cream CC cream-veil for face

Here is another tool for tone correction from a Russian manufacturer. Suitable for all skin types. The composition includes pigments and microspheres, Japanese camellia oil (reduces redness and imperfections) and macadamia oil (moisturizes, nourishes, restores structure). SPF 10.

The cream creates an even and radiant tone. Ideal for dull complexions. Ultra-light gel texture instantly blends with skin texture for a radiant effect.

Aligns the microrelief, adapting to the natural tone.

To improve the effect, you can use other products from the same line: serum for instant hydration, day emulsion to eliminate signs of fatigue, spray to moisturize the skin during the day and fix makeup.

skin type combination, dry, normal
Effect restoration, nutrition, inflammation removal, moisturizing, toning, sun protection
Volume 50 ml
  • Good texture;
  • Pleasant aroma;
  • Convenient dispenser;
  • Affordable price.
  • Just one shade.

Tried this cream with friends. Caused mixed opinions. Someone came up, the texture seemed too dense to me. The cream was quickly absorbed, but then it seemed to dissolve into the skin. There was an impression that it does not exist at all, and again all the redness is visible to the naked eye. It feels like I’m using a foundation mixed with powder. Although my friend liked it. Easy to lay down and did not roll. Matched her complexion. I think you need to try testers. In any case, the price is such that you can take it at once.

YU.R CCC Cream Radiant Complexion

Here is a multifunctional foundation in three shades: dark, natural and light. It contains color capsules, thanks to which it has excellent hiding power, moisturizes and gives the skin a natural glow. Combines the properties of foundation and care products, has a light texture, does not contain oils.

The composition will delight us with angustifolia lavender extract (calms, heals small wounds), rosemary (slows down aging, prevents wrinkles), rooibos leaves (cleanses, prolongs youth), aloe (moisturizes, softens) and chamomile flowers (soothes, relieves inflammation).

Suitable for dry and combination skin.

skin type for all types
Effect moisturizing, toning, sun protection
Volume 50 ml
  • Adjusts to skin color
  • Evens out the tone of the face;
  • Economically spent;
  • Protects from sun rays.
  • Leaves traces.

The cream is good and easy to apply. We took with friends, and although we have slightly different skin tones, everything came up. I often have an allergy to cosmetics, but this was not the case, which is good news. I have dry skin and this cream suits me. For oily and combined, it is better not to take it: it begins to shine. You have to know how to apply it correctly. If used too much, it will stain clothes and phone. But it’s definitely worth a try.


  1. Compared to bb creams, it contains more caring ingredients.
  2. It does not contain particles of powder in the composition, unlike bb-creams, which makes its texture light and comfortable to apply.
  3. Helps to cope with yellowish or reddish skin tone.
  4. Best suited to skin tone. If this is your first priority, it is also better to opt for a cc cream.
  5. Higher SPF protection factor.
  6. Thanks to reflective particles and a number of other components, cc-creams quite often have only 1-2 shades in the set. But they are quite enough to adapt to any skin tone. Therefore, if you have difficulties in choosing a product for your skin, it is better to try cc-cream. It will be harder to make a mistake.
  7. The texture of the cc-cream is lighter and more airy, it is not felt at all on the skin.

Selection Tips

  1. For girls with oily skin, CC creams are more suitable because they provide a matte finish.
  2. If you have dry, sensitive or irritated skin, then cc-cream is also suitable for you. You just need to look for berry extracts, lactic and kojic acids in the composition. The latter is responsible for the whitening effect and helps fight age spots.
  3. If you have dry skin, you like cc cream, but its moisturizing properties are not enough for you and you want more, you can easily mix it with a moisturizer before applying.
  4. If you are the owner of normal skin, then you can ignore the composition, concentrate on the shade. But if the components are still important to you, opt for orange and aloe extract, as well as glycolic acid.
  5. For problematic skin, cc-cream can serve as a base for foundation, since it does not cover problem areas. If one layer of cc cream is enough for you, that’s great. If not, then you can apply a layer of foundation on top.
  6. As for the choice of shade, then, as we said before, there are not always three shades in the line of cc-creams. Simply apply your choice to the back of your hand and wait for the cream to absorb and adapt to your skin tone.
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