TOP 8 best vitamins for immunity in adults: composition, purpose


A harsh autumn is on the nose, the coronavirus does not want to give up ground, which means that it is time to help your body with additional means. Vitamin C, rose hips, echinacea and B vitamins are ideal for strengthening immunity.

In pharmacies, you can easily find the drug you need to enhance the protective properties of the body, improve the functioning of the circulatory, respiratory and nervous systems, and also protect yourself from coronavirus. Further in this article we will consider the most popular means for these purposes.

Rating of the best vitamins for immunity in adults

Akimmun multivitamin

Before you vitamins, produced in the form of capsules. The composition includes flax oil, vitamin E, vitamin D3. Vitamin-mineral complex contains vitamins C, PP, B6, B2, B1, A, zinc and folic acid.

The latter contributes to the growth and development of the cardiovascular and immune systems. Pantothenic acid improves metabolism, restores cell structure.

It is recommended to take as a food supplement, as an additional source of vitamins.

The drug is contraindicated in case of individual intolerance to the components of the product, pregnancy and lactation. Before use, you should consult with your doctor.

Purpose strengthening immunity, general strengthening
Indications for use Recommended as a biologically active food supplement, an additional source of vitamins A, E, D3, B1, B2, B6, C, PP, pantothenic acid, folic acid, iron, copper and zinc
Compound Vitamin-mineral complex (vitamin C, PP, iron, zinc, pantothenic acid, vitamin B6, B2, B1, copper, vitamin A, folic acid), maltodextrin, gelatin.
Release form capsules
Producing country Russia
  • Convenient release form;
  • Enough for the course;
  • Price;
  • Result.
  • Not detected.

Good vitamins in a convenient form of release. One package is enough for the course. I drink them in spring and autumn. I didn’t notice dramatic changes, just good health, immunity and no flu. Low price.

Fruttilar Vitamins for immunity

Elderberry is one of the most popular components in the fight for strong immunity. It is added to the composition of vitamins and medicines not only in Russia, but also in Europe and America. All thanks to its powerful antioxidant, antiviral and anti-inflammatory action. And medicine loves elderberry for its antipyretic, antimicrobial and expectorant properties. Therefore, chewable lozenges in the form of marmalades will be a useful and tasty help to your immunity.

This drug increases the body’s defenses, reduces the risk of developing colds and promotes rapid recovery from illness.

Now let’s see the composition.
Vitamin C is a well-known immunostimulant. It has anti-inflammatory properties, neutralizes free radicals, protects lung cells.

Vitamin E increases the body’s defenses, improves the functioning of the circulatory, muscular and nervous systems.

Zinc also strengthens the immune system, accelerates wound healing, maintains visual acuity, and takes part in the formation of bones. By the way, it prevents the reproduction of the coronavirus by blocking the enzymes by which the virus enters the cells.

Purpose strengthening immunity, prevention of colds
Indications for use Recommended as an additional source of vitamins C, E and zinc
Compound Black elderberry flowers, elderberry fruit extract, α-tocopherol acetate.
Release form chewable lozenges
Producing country Russia
  • Unusual release form;
  • Delicious;
  • Effect;
  • The package is enough for a month.
  • Not detected.

Who said marmalade is only for kids? I love him too! Great idea to produce vitamins in the form of marmalade. As far as I know, there are several variants of these vitamins. My sister took these during her pregnancy and I take these for maintenance. I feel good.

Multi B-complex Vitamir

This complex is especially suitable for those who are deficient in B vitamins. Let me remind you that this group refers to water-soluble compounds involved in metabolic processes and contributing to the release of energy from cells. Since they are excreted from the body, their reserves must be regularly replenished (with food or with dietary supplements). The whole group has one purpose — to improve metabolism, strengthen the immune system and the nervous system. Most of these vitamins incidentally affect the condition of the skin, nails and hair. Moreover, if you take them all together, and not separately, the effect will be better.

Purpose metabolic disorders, improvement of the condition of the skin, hair and nails, strengthening of nails and hair, to improve the condition of the skin, for the nervous system, normalization of metabolism
Indications for use As a biologically active food supplement — an additional source of B vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12), inositol, para-aminobenzoic acid containing choline
Compound D-calcium pantothenate, cyanocobalamin, E1201, E470, riboflavin, pyridoxine hydrochloride, thiamine hydrochloride, folic acid, biotin.
Release form tablets
Producing country Russia
  • Soothes;
  • Improves the condition of hair and nails;
  • Enough for the course;
  • Price.
  • Not detected.

I drink these vitamins regularly. The release form — tablets — suits me. I stopped being nervous, my hair falls out less, my nails don’t break. Of course, the effect is temporary while I take vitamins, and another 1-2 months after the end of the course, but still. For those who do not have enough vitamin B, I advise this complex. It contains the entire group.

Mineral and vitamin complex vplab Ultra Immune

Here is a new generation nutritional supplement aimed at protecting your body from the negative effects of the environment, restoring microflora and intestinal function. The drug contains a complete set of vitamins and minerals for every day, as well as 9 strains of beneficial bacteria to improve bowel function. They improve the absorption of nutrients. Prebiotics stimulate the growth and vital activity of beneficial microflora.

The composition includes ascorbic, pantothenic and nicotinic acids, riboflavin, thiamine, folic acid, tocopherol, as well as calcium, magnesium, copper, iron, manganese, selenium, zinc and phosphorus.

The tool helps to strengthen the immune system, improve digestion, recover from physical and mental stress, increase energy levels, relieve fatigue, restore the beauty of hair and nails.

Purpose enhances immunity and protect the body from infections; improves intestinal microflora and digestion processes; supports the body during recovery after illnesses or high mental and physical stress
Indications for use strengthening immunity, fighting fatigue
Compound tocopherol acetate; nicotinamide; zinc oxide; calcium d-pantothenate; pyridoxine hydrochloride; riboflavin; thiamine hydrochloride; folic acid; cholecalciferol; cyanocobalamin
Release form capsules/tablets 30 pcs.
Producing country Great Britain
  • Compound;
  • Well absorbed;
  • Effect;
  • Quality.

I somehow do not particularly trust our manufacturers. Well, judge for yourself who will check the quality of vitamins. And in Europe with this strictly. That’s why I take these vitamins. I drink when I feel tired and low energy. And I stop taking it as soon as I feel better. Usually half of the package is enough for me to restore strength to the body, so the consumption is acceptable.

Virus asset Vitamir

During colds, it is recommended to use antioxidants. They will also be indispensable for recuperation and for the prevention of hypovitaminosis. As mentioned above, vitamin C is involved in almost all vital processes of the body, is a key component in strengthening the immune system. Without it, a person will not be able to fully live and develop.

This drug belongs to dietary supplements. It is recommended for use for the prevention of influenza, with a deficiency of trace elements, with beriberi, for recovery after illnesses. Serves as an additional source of vitamins A, C, E, B6, folic and succinic acids, as well as rutin, iron, zinc, chromium and selenium.

Purpose flu prevention, micronutrient deficiencies, aging prevention, hypo- and beriberi, prevention of colds
Indications for use As a biologically active food supplement — an additional source of vitamins A, C, E, B6, folic acid, succinic acid, rutin, iron, zinc, chromium and selenium
Compound Succinic acid, ascorbic acid, vitamins A, E, B6, folic acid, chromium, zinc citrate, ferrous fumarate, selenium
Release form tablets
Producing country Russia
  • Well absorbed;
  • Compound;
  • Effect;
  • Price.
  • Not detected.

Last spring, I began to look for some seasonal vitamins for autumn and spring to help the body. Everyone around is sick with the flu. My sister recommended these. Decided to try it, I liked it. The composition contains all the necessary trace elements. The package contains 30 tablets. You can drink it in the fall and not worry about your health. You are protected for the next six months.

Complex of echinacea, vitamin C and Zn

For the prevention of influenza, strengthening the immune system and a general tonic, you can try this dietary supplement. The composition includes ascorbic acid, zinc, echinacea extract. The latter has established itself as an immunostimulating, anti-inflammatory and antiviral agent. Protects the body at the cellular level, fights influenza and herpes viruses, reduces the reproduction of pathogens, and speeds up recovery.

Take 1 sachet for adults 1 time per day with meals. The powder is poured onto the tongue and swallowed. It is not necessary to drink water.

Purpose flu prevention, immunity strengthening, tonic
Indications for use As a biologically active food supplement — a source of dihydroxycinnamic acids, an additional source of vitamin C and zinc
Compound Ascorbic acid, zinc citrate, echinacea purpurea extract
Release form powder
Producing country Russia
  • Strengthens immunity;
  • Compound;
  • Effect;
  • Price.
  • Available in powder form.

Echinacea with zinc perfectly strengthens the immune system. I drink it in spring and autumn, and if I have ARVI, then in a mild form. But more often than not, a cold bypasses me. Nice price. Cons: Available in powder form. I take it calmly, but my daughter is naughty. She prefers capsules.

UltraVit Vitamin C

If you need only vitamin C, then you can limit yourself to using this drug. Recall that vitamin C is the most important vitamin for strengthening immunity. It also improves well-being, skin condition, prolongs youth. One orange-flavored chewable lozenge contains 125 mg of vitamin C. It also contains rose hip extract.

Suitable for athletes, but children can also use it. Take after meals.

As for contraindications, it is worth mentioning individual intolerance to the components of dietary supplements, pregnancy and lactation, thrombophlebitis, a tendency to thrombosis and diabetes mellitus.

Purpose strengthening immunity, general strengthening
Indications for use As a biologically active food supplement — an additional source of vitamin C
Compound L-ascorbic acid, dry extract of rose hips
Release form capsules
Producing country Great Britain
  • High concentration;
  • Pure composition;
  • Benefit;
  • Convenient release form.

I am actively involved in sports, vitamin C is important to me. I tried different manufacturers, but quite often additional ingredients are added to the composition, which are not always necessary, and because of this, the concentration of the vitamin drops. And in these pills the level is high, just what you need. Therefore, I do not look at the price, I buy from them.

Dr. Wistong

This complex preparation is made on the basis of echinacea purpurea and B vitamins. It will not only strengthen your immunity, but also make up for the lack of vitamins. As a result, you will improve energy metabolism, as well as the functioning of internal organs and systems.

The drug has a bronchodilator, mucolytic, expectorant and anti-inflammatory effect.

It is used in the symptomatic treatment of acute and chronic diseases of the respiratory tract, accompanied by a dry cough or cough with sputum.

Among the contraindications — individual intolerance to the components.

Purpose strengthening immunity
Indications for use The components of the complex help to stimulate the immune system and accelerate recovery
Compound Echinacea purpurea extract, Vitamin C, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6
Release form syrup
Producing country Russia
  • Taste;
  • Compound;
  • Children will like it.
  • Price.
  • Low content of echinacea.

The idea itself is good, but there are several shortcomings. Echinacea in syrup is less than 1%. And it tastes too sweet in my opinion. Although it’s better that way than bitter. More suitable for children. I took it once, the lid of the jar is screwed loosely, it can spill, everything around will be sticky. Consumed quickly. If you drink a tablespoon according to the instructions, enough for a week. The recommended course is 2-3 weeks, so you need to buy 2-3 packs at a time.


  • There are approximately 20 vitamins, minerals and amino acids that are involved in metabolism. Most of them can be obtained from food. If you do not eat right or you have bad habits (smoking), in this case it is better to make up for the lack of vitamins.
  • It is important to remember that not all vitamins are compatible with each other. Before buying, it is better to familiarize yourself with the composition in more detail.
  • When choosing between poly- and monovitamins, it is better to pay attention to the latter. It is quite difficult to figure out which vitamins you are lacking, and their overabundance is also not very good. You can take multivitamins if your doctor has prescribed them for you.

What to look for when choosing

  • dosage of useful components,
  • the body’s needs for a particular substance;
  • composition of the complex;
  • origin and quality of raw materials;
  • reviews about the effectiveness of the drug;
  • duration of the course and the frequency of its repetitions.

Also, do not forget that vitamins can be synthetic and natural. The choice is better to make in favor of the latter.

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