TOP 8 best moisturizing face masks: composition, effect, comparison with analogues


Facial care is a necessary measure if you want to keep the youthfulness and freshness of the epidermis. Moisturizers can be started to use with the first age-related changes. As for moisturizing masks, they can solve problems such as sagging, dryness and wrinkles.

In this article, we have collected different types of masks, from cloth to gel, so that any girl in need of moisture can choose the most suitable option for herself.

Rating of the best moisturizing face masks

Organic Kitchen Cucumber slices

This mask is declared by the manufacturer as a source of instant hydration and nutrition. It keeps the skin fresh and beautiful for a long time. The composition includes organic aloe gel, which saturates the epidermis well with life-giving moisture, making the skin smooth and radiant.

Fresh cucumber and sea minerals deeply moisturize, tone and energize. Fruit acids gently remove dead cells, and panthenol moisturizes.

The mask does not contain parabens and is suitable for all skin types.

Type of mask gel
skin type for all types
Effect toning, moisturizing
Compound fruit acids, panthenol, aloe vera extract, extract complex
  • pleasant texture;
  • moisturizing;
  • volume;
  • price.
  • weak effect.

The mask has a pleasant texture, the cool gel removes morning swelling especially well. The color is not bright, so do not scare the family. Loved the scent, light and unobtrusive. The mask itself moisturizes a little, but do not expect a special effect. If you’re looking for real hydration, this won’t work.

GARNIER Hydration + Aqua Bomb

This innovative sheet mask is infused with a gel enriched with pomegranate extract, hyaluronic acid and a hydrating serum. The effect of one use is equivalent to one week of use of care with moisturizing serum.

Thanks to this composition, the mask nourishes the face and has a tonic effect.

This model has a blue protective side, when applied, it must be placed on top. After you straighten the mask on your face, the blue film will need to be removed. Leave for 15 minutes. Then remove the mask, lightly massage the rest of the mask over the face with your fingertips or a cotton pad.

Main effect: toning and moisturizing. Suitable for all skin types.

Type of mask tissue
skin type for all types
Effect toning, moisturizing
Compound hyaluronic acid
  • moisturizes;
  • smoothes mimic wrinkles;
  • well impregnated;
  • Effect.
  • small for the face.

Great mask. The skin after it is so rested, hydrated. This is one of the best masks I have tried. The effect can be compared with luxury masks. A must for those who suffer from dry skin. The only thing, in size, she is on a medium-sized face. And the cuts for the eyes are too small, I had to enlarge them with scissors. And so everything is fine.

La Roche-Posay Hydraphase

Dehydration is a temporary state of moisture deficiency that is characteristic of any skin type. Hyaluronic acid is a component that has pronounced moisturizing properties, but its molecules are too large to penetrate deep into the cells. Therefore, the manufacturers of this mask have added a low molecular weight acid to its composition, fragmented in a special way so that it can easily enter the epidermis, providing intense hydration for a long time.

Another important ingredient is shea butter or shea butter. It resembles the structure of skin fats and strengthens its natural protective barrier. Intensively moisturizes, softens and reduces the feeling of discomfort.

Vegetable glycerin is also aimed at intense hydration.

Type of mask gel
skin type for all types
Effect nutrition, restoration, hydration, elasticity increase, color improvement
Compound hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, glycerin, shea butter
  • moisturizes well;
  • reduces peeling;
  • not sticky;
  • economical consumption.

Great mask if you need good hydration. The tool copes with this task. It has a slight pleasant aroma, does not leave a sticky feeling on the face, and is economically consumed. The skin after it is soft and velvety. But there is one point: it is better not to wash off the remnants with water, but to blot with a napkin.


Moisturizing components in this mask restore the skin, preventing moisture loss from cells. Katama oil nourishes, exhibits an antioxidant effect, promotes the retention of water molecules by cells.

Known for its soothing and anti-irritant properties, Avene Thermal Water provides immediate comfort to your skin.

This soothing mask is ideal for sensitive skin that is tired, lacks radiance and healthy color, or is in a temporary state of hypersensitivity (redness, tightness, tingling, sunburn).
Country of origin: France.

Type of mask cream mask
skin type dry
Effect nutrition, hydration
Compound sunflower oil
  • moisturizes;
  • soothes;
  • hypoallergenic;
  • without fragrances.
  • not detected.

Good mask, perfectly moisturizes the skin. It is odorless, easy to apply and absorbs quickly. I leave it in the evening for 15 minutes, then remove the rest with a napkin. In the morning, the skin is soft and velvety. Especially suited me in the autumn-winter period, when a cold wind blows and the skin on the face begins to peel off. Thanks to this mask, I forgot about this problem.

Planeta Organica

This mask has a powerful antioxidant and moisturizing effect, effectively restores water balance and nourishes the epidermis with beneficial substances. All this is achieved thanks to the rich composition, which can please the fairer sex with a high content of proteins, amino acids, carbohydrates and vitamins. Furcellaria red algae extract contains a unique polysaccharide furcellaran, which retains moisture in dehydrated cells and restores their elasticity. This algae mask normalizes water balance, protects against free radicals.
Amazonian Water Walnut is ideal for nourishing dry skin, refreshing and evening out the complexion.

Type of mask gel
skin type dry
Effect nutrition, hydration
Compound vitamin C, vitamin A, panthenol, vitamin E, shea butter, oil complex, kelp extract, extract complex
  • organic composition;
  • pleasant aroma;
  • beautiful packaging;
  • nice texture.
  • slight moisturizing effect.

If you are going to prepare the mask yourself, it is better to use it immediately. Even if you are going to store the mask in the refrigerator, it will lose its beneficial properties.

I took this mask specifically to nourish dry skin, bought into a good composition. I didn’t like anything about her. The texture is gel, it’s great, but it didn’t absorb into the skin very well, there was a feeling that the jelly was applied to the face. The aroma is weak, quite acceptable. After I washed it off, I didn’t notice any difference what I put on, what I didn’t. If the mask does not moisturize, then why is it.


Here is a cooling jelly facial mask with aloe vera and hyaluronic acid in the composition. It perfectly saturates the cells with life-giving moisture, cools, tones, eliminates traces of fatigue, stress and swelling. Gives the skin a feeling of freshness and comfort, restores elasticity and a healthy glow.

The mask has an incredibly light texture that melts on the skin, quickly removes traces of puffiness and a feeling of heaviness that appear after sleep, as well as under the influence of fatigue and stress.

Thanks to the high concentration of aloe vera and hyaluronic acid, the optimal moisture balance is restored in just 10 minutes, wrinkles are smoothed out, skin tone and elasticity are improved.

Country of origin: Belarus.

Type of mask gel
skin type for all types
Effect nutrition, hydration
Compound hyaluronic acid
  • cools;
  • relieves puffiness;
  • nourishes;
  • menthol flavor.
  • not detected.

This mask is something! I put it on my face and immediately woke up. The menthol did the trick. It felt like the skin was on fire. But when I washed it off, it turned out that it did not turn red, even the morning puffiness was gone. There is a feeling that the skin is hydrated and nourished.

Nivea Urban Detox Hyaluronic Acid Green Tea Mask

The experts at NIVEA have created this innovative mask that can purify and detoxify skin within 1 minute of application. The mask reduces the negative impact of the environment and contains powerful antioxidants: green tea and hyaluronic acid.

This product provides deep and long-lasting hydration, refreshes and evens out skin tone, makes it healthier, gives a natural glow and protects against free radicals.

The same series includes a mask with white clay and magnolia extract, aimed at cleansing pores, exfoliating dead cells and matting effect, as well as a mask with magnolia extract and self-heating gel. The latter tightens pores, effectively removes impurities, makes the skin clean and smooth.

Type of mask cream mask
skin type for all types
Effect hydration
Compound hyaluronic acid, B vitamins, panthenol, shea butter, complex of extracts
  • texture;
  • aroma;
  • moisturizing;
  • food.
  • not detected.

I have oily problematic skin and this mask is perfect for me. After application, there is a feeling that the skin is moisturized, the pores have become less noticeable. Not so that she transformed the skin, but the effect is noticeable.

Organic Shop Madagascar Aloe

This mask will give you excellent hydration and skin comfort. Its composition is based on organic aloe vera gel, bamboo extract and ylang-ylang oil. The delicate texture is easy to apply and spread over the face, and the gentle unobtrusive aroma will make the process of personal care even more pleasant.

Aloe vera in its composition effectively fights psoriasis and other chronic skin diseases, so with regular use of the mask, it will become young, beautiful, well-groomed and healthy.

Also, aloe vera extract eliminates post-acne traces due to its powerful regenerating properties. Polysaccharides create a protective film on top and effectively act in the deep layers of the epidermis, activating cellular immunity and the activity of macrophages — special cells responsible for protecting and eliminating the harmful effects of the environment.

Useful substances that are contained in the composition of aloe vera extract enter the cells unchanged, ensure maximum acceptance by the cells and high efficiency of the mask.

Bamboo is known for its high silicon content, which in turn restores the firmness and elasticity of collagen fibers. In addition, bamboo is rich in antioxidants, flavones, minerals and antibacterial components. It strengthens and tones the skin, creates a matte effect.

Ylang-ylang oil relieves irritation, has an antioxidant effect, normalizes the sebaceous glands, moisturizes and softens.

Type of mask gel
skin type for all types
Effect hydration
Compound panthenol, aloe vera extract, extract complex
  • compound;
  • price;
  • easy to wash off;
  • pleasant aroma.
  • short term effect.

Medium level mask for impact. It seems to apply well, the texture is gel, pleasant. The fragrance is light, unobtrusive, almost not felt on the skin. As long as you keep the mask on your face, you realize that it moisturizes. But as soon as I washed it off, I washed off the entire moisturizing effect. I don’t think it’s suitable for oily skin. My sister tried it, she said that it is poorly absorbed on oily skin, leaves such a sticky film that it is even unpleasant to touch the face. I smeared the rest on my hands.


  • Moisturizing masks can not only moisturize, but also nourish with beneficial substances, cleanse pores, exfoliate the stratum corneum, tone, dissolve the top layers of dead cells, soothe, remove swelling, draw out toxins and relieve irritation.
  • Before applying the mask, the face should be well cleaned, for example, with a scrub.
  • Keep the mask in accordance with the instructions. The average duration is 15-20 minutes.
  • Some masks can not be washed off, but the remnants can be removed with a napkin or a damp towel. In this case, a protective film remains, which serves as a barrier, preventing moisture from evaporating. Washing off with water will damage this film, and the effect will no longer be the same, especially if the water is hard.
  • After the mask, you can use a moisturizing or nourishing cream.
  • For oily skin, you can use it once a week, for dry skin — 2-3 times.
  • It has been found that the most optimal time for applying moisturizers is from 12:00 to 14:00 or from 23:00 to 10:00.

Selection Tips

  • If you need maximum hydration, look for these ingredients in the compositions: low and high molecular weight hyaluronic acids, water-soluble collagen, glycerin, algae extracts, light oils or waxes.
  • If you have oily skin, do not take masks with vegetable oils.
  • Girls with sensitive skin are advised to avoid masks with essential oils.
  • Vitamins soften and restore oily skin. Depending on the type chosen, such a mask can enhance regeneration, lighten age spots, eliminate rashes and redness, improve complexion, and accelerate collagen production.
  • Plant extracts and algae soothe problematic, oily skin. They reduce inflammation, rejuvenate, protect against external factors, nourish, tone, fight harmful microbes.
  • Natural oils improve the lipid layer and restore water metabolism. Such a composition stimulates regeneration, slows down the aging process, evens out the shade and relief, gives softness and elasticity, and creates a protective barrier.
  • Vitamin E, sodium hyaluronate, tomato seed oil and soy glycerin help restore the lipid barrier, make the epidermis supple and soft. These ingredients are suitable for all skin types.
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