TOP 8 best face cushions: application features, result, composition


Cushions appeared in the world of cosmetics back in 2008 and immediately won a place in the cosmetic bags of the fairer sex. Only equally well-known bb and cc creams can compete with them. Cushion is a sponge soaked in foundation with a sponge included. One or two strokes of the sponge is enough to evenly distribute the foundation over the entire face. It perfectly merges with the skin, leaving no traces on it and at the same time hiding all imperfections.

Another significant plus in favor of the cushion is a very good composition. These are oils, and vitamins, and extracts of proven plants and herbs. Thus, the cushion will not only give your skin a natural and healthy look, but also take care of it and solve its problems throughout the time it is on the surface of the skin. Further in this article, we will consider the most famous products from this line, study the composition and analyze the pros and cons of each of them.

Rating of the best face cushions

Missha Magic Cushion Moist Up

Liquid foundation with a safe composition without aggressive components. Easy and hygienic application awaits you. Does not create a mask effect, does not clog pores, stays on the face for a long time, does not roll or flow. Well evens out the color, masks minor imperfections, protects from sunlight. Available in two shades: light and natural beige. The volume of the package is 15 gr.
It will be a great alternative to the usual cc and bb creams. The porous sponge allows you to easily and evenly apply the product to the desired areas. Able to hide acne, post-acne, fine wrinkles and age spots. With this cream is weightless, not felt on the skin.

If we talk about the caring effect, then here you can count on moisturizing, preventing skin flaking. Cushion maintains firmness and elasticity of tissues. Suitable for problematic and combination skin.

The composition includes silicon dioxide, which is responsible for the normalization of the sebaceous glands, prevents the release of excess fat and the spreading of makeup. Vitamin B3 rejuvenates, accelerates regeneration, hides age spots. Lightens problem areas, smoothes small scars and traces after acne. Natural oils nourish and soften the skin, reduce inflammation and redness. The product comes in a white case with a mirror and a fine-pored sponge. The box closes tightly and opens with the push of a button. You can be calm: the product will not leak out and will not stain the bag.
Production: South Korea.

Means cream
Effect nutrition, hydration, sun protection, imperfection coverage
SPF factor fifty
  • convenient to use;
  • lays down well;
  • does not roll;
  • clean hands.

The cream is easy to use, hands remain clean. No need to run around and look for wet wipes afterwards. Lies flat on the skin, does not fall into the pores, does not roll. Quite resistant, stays in place all day, does not flow. I fix my makeup once. But maybe it depends on your skin type. My skin is not oily. But the price bites. I ordered for wildberries, there was the lowest price.

The Saem Saemmul Perfect Pore Cushion

Thanks to a special formula, this tool not only effectively hides skin imperfections, but also treats it. In the composition you will find adenosine and arginine. The first stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. The second penetrates deep into the cells, cleanses them of protein breakdown products, and improves complexion. As for herbal ingredients, among them are centella asiatica, cucumber extract, macadamia oil. All of them moisturize and soften the skin. The silicone gel fills the pores (but is easily washed out of them), leaving the skin smooth. The coating lays down evenly and easily.

The cream has a high sun protection factor — SPF 50. It can be safely used in the summer. Convenient packaging will allow you to take the cream with you without fear that it will break and the contents will spread. Available in two tones: light and natural beige. But don’t let that scare you. Due to the ability to adapt to the complexion, these two shades are quite enough for owners of both light and dark skin. Volume: 12 gr.
Country of origin: South Korea.

Means cream
Effect nutrition, moisturizing, sun protection, smoothing the surface of the skin, masking imperfections
SPF factor fifty
Peculiarities anti-aging, long-lasting
  • hides pores well;
  • persistent;
  • gives the skin radiance;
  • fine grind.
  • small volume.

This cushion has convenient packaging. Inside there is a strainer that protects the powder from overuse. The powder puff makes it easy to spread the product over the skin. It blended perfectly with my primer, without any streaks or smudges. But it must be properly and evenly driven into the pores so that it does not fail later. Well mattifies the skin, gives it a slight glow. The grinding is quite fine, due to which the powder can be easily and evenly distributed over the face. The only point is that there are only 12 grams in the package. In my humble opinion, not enough for such a tool.

A’PIEU Air-Fit Cushion

This is a cushion-shaped foundation that provides smooth coverage and easy application. The cream is a light powder-powder that fills wrinkles and pores, giving the skin a healthy and fresh tone. Special powder absorbs excess sebum and sweat, removing oily sheen. Well masks imperfections and fights with them. Suppresses the activity of bacteria, relieves inflammation, soothes irritated areas. Activates metabolism, regulates water and fat balance, slows down age-related changes. Protects well from the sun.

Now let’s see the composition. First of all, it is worth mentioning mineral water: it moisturizes the skin, saturates it with useful substances, speeds up metabolic processes, and normalizes the water balance inside the cell. Avocado extract smoothes irregularities, stimulates collagen synthesis. Niacinamide evens out tone, improves skin tone and texture, brightens, hides age spots. Adenosine actively fights age-related changes in the skin, also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. Extracts of aloe vera, tea tree, ylang ylang, lavender, rosemary, hibiscus and chamomile are just a few of the benefits that will take care of your skin if you choose this cushion. The set comes with a mirror. The package volume is 13.5 gr.
And traditionally, the country of origin of this product is South Korea.

Means cream
Effect moisturizing, sun protection, smoothing the surface of the skin, masking imperfections, lifting
SPF factor fifty
Peculiarities no mask effect, long lasting
  • beautiful case;
  • easy to apply;
  • not sticky;
  • moisturizes;
  • perfectly adapts to skin color.
  • does not hide acne and rosacea.

The product is odorless, easy to apply, evenly distributed if applied correctly. Does not conflict with other cosmetics, adapts well to skin tone, at least I got it. Evens out complexion, removes oily shine, is not noticeable on the skin. It does not need to be corrected frequently. Of the minuses: does not remove redness. Definitely not suitable for hiding pimples or age spots. Probably, peeling will only emphasize. The foundation is liquid, you need to apply it on the skin with light patting movements.

Enough Collagen Whitening Prism Air Cushion

The Korean company Enough will definitely take a special place in your heart. Today I would like to introduce you to a collagen moisturizing cushion — the creation of the mentioned company. This tool creates the perfect coverage, successfully hiding skin imperfections. The cream protects from the sun, regulates sebum production, moisturizes the skin at the cellular level, improves elasticity, masks skin tone and texture problems, does not create a mask effect, protects against external factors and free radicals. The skin will remain fresh throughout the day.

Now a few words about the configuration. You will receive a round case with an application sponge inside. It will be in the upper compartment, then there will be a lid, under which the cushion itself is located. For the European type, shade 13 is suitable. Contains talc and parabens. The company does not focus on natural ingredients. The tool adapts well to the skin tone.

For economical and even application, it is better to blend the product with a sponge. One dunk in the sponge is enough for the whole face. The cream is able to hide tired skin color, as well as small problems like small acne or rosacea.
Volume: 15 gr. Country of origin: South Korea.

Means cream
Effect moisturizing, sun protection, smoothing the surface of the skin, masking imperfections
SPF factor fifty
Peculiarities dense coating
  • pleasant texture;
  • convenient packaging;
  • protects from the sun;
  • perfectly adapts to skin color.

Excellent cream. For a long time I did not dare to buy, but in vain! Korean cosmetics did not let us down. The cream is well laid down, adjusted to the complexion perfectly. It is not visible on the skin at all. At the same time, it hid my endless acne, evened out the complexion, as if it were so. I laid down well on the base, walked on top with blush, it turned out great. I will continue to use.

Village 11 Factory Real Fit Moisture Cushion

Here is a moisturizing facial cushion with a sunscreen effect. Creates a beautiful weightless coating, evens out skin tone, protects it from external factors. The composition includes mineral water. It intensively moisturizes, saturates cells with vitamins and minerals, eliminates dryness, flaking, normalizes water balance and prevents age-related changes. Devil’s claw root extract eliminates peeling, suppresses inflammation, soothes, stimulates cell regeneration. Centella asiatica is known for its anti-aging properties, successfully fights free radicals, prevents oxidative processes in cells, and slows down skin aging.

Cushion creates an even, beautiful coverage on the face. The skin looks velvety, without traces of acne and pigmentation. Creates an optimal microflora, reduces the severity of rosacea and age spots, protects from the sun. Lays down evenly, without creating a mask effect.
Volume: 15 gr. Country of origin, as usual, South Korea.

Effect sun protection, concealment of imperfections
SPF factor fifty
Peculiarities light coverage
  • pleasant texture;
  • moisturizes;
  • lays down well;
  • light pleasant aroma.
  • may not be suitable for dry skin.

The first time I took a cushion of this brand. On my dark skin lay well, moisturizes well, blends evenly. There is a barely noticeable light aroma, I liked it. His sponge is wet, soaked in tonalnik. I think the consistency is maintained due to the watery base. The skin after it does not shine. You can even use it in summer: it protects well from the sun.

Yadah Be My Cushion

Another interesting tool from the line of cushions. It has a light texture, excellent matting abilities, intense hydration and sun protection — this is a multifunctional tool for creating flawless makeup and skin care at the same time.
Cushion looks natural on the skin, merges with it without creating a mask effect. At the same time, it perfectly hides various skin imperfections, evens out the tone of the face. Keeps fresh throughout the day. Prevents the appearance of age spots, both age-related and those that occur under the influence of the sun. Available in two shades: light and natural beige. It is necessary to apply the product on the skin, give it time to adjust to the tone, apply the rest of the cosmetics on top.
The complex of natural care ingredients acts throughout the day: moisturizes, prevents dryness, flaking and a feeling of tightness. Regular use of cushion leads to healing and rejuvenation of the skin, helps to smooth wrinkles and lighten pigmentation.
Volume: 15 gr. Country of origin: South Korea.

Means fluid
Effect moisturizing, sun protection, concealment of imperfections
SPF factor fifty
Peculiarities no mask effect
  • light texture;
  • does not weigh down the skin;
  • not noticeable;
  • wet finish.
  • more suitable for fair skin.

Cushion is just great. It suited me very well. Does not shine, matte, it is not visible on the skin, does not roll. There is no yellow tint, as happens with tonal creams. Lasts all day. Looks like you’re without makeup. But the shades are such that they will fit well on fair skin, as in my case. Dark-skinned may not be suitable.

MAY ISLAND Audrey Diapearl Cushion

This tool proclaimed itself as a combination of the luxury of diamonds and the brightness of spotlights. A radiant, “expensive” long-lasting coating that is not felt on your skin. Ideal even tone, smooth and well-groomed skin without feeling the product on the face. Cushion lays down perfectly, does not roll, does not stain, hides skin imperfections. At the end, a radiant finish awaits you. The tool controls the production of sebum throughout the day, does not leave a greasy sheen. Ideal for those with oily and combination skin.
The cream does not fall into the pores, does not emphasize wrinkles, but hides them.

Now let’s see the composition.
Brilliant powder, gold and pearl dust saturate the skin with essential trace elements and minerals, even out the relief, giving it radiance. Niacinamide moisturizes, eliminates dryness and flaking, smoothes fine wrinkles, eliminates pigmentation and post-acne marks, makes the skin supple and elastic. Aloe extract moisturizes and eliminates dryness. Argan (one of the most expensive oils, also called “Liquid Gold”) contains a huge amount of vitamins and minerals. The sensational snail mucin stimulates collagen production, maintains elasticity, evens out skin tone, tightens pores, and regulates sebum production. Protection factor SPF 50. Volume: 15 gr. Shades: light, natural and sandy beige.
Country of origin: South Korea.

Means cream
Effect moisturizing, sun protection, smoothing the surface of the skin, masking imperfections
SPF factor fifty
Peculiarities persistent
  • lays down easily;
  • aligns;
  • moisturizes;
  • adapts to skin tone.
  • May not be suitable for oily skin.

I really liked this cushion. It is easy to apply, creates a matte color and illuminates from the inside. I have normal fair skin, it gets a little dry in winter. I ventured to apply it under my eyes to hide dark circles. Everything turned out great. It does not sink into wrinkles, folds and pores. Removes redness. On the skin is not felt, very light. I sometimes have an allergic reaction to cosmetics, but this did not happen with this product, which cannot but rejoice.

YU.R Moist Layer Cushion

Tonal cushion is a unique tool that harmoniously combines a toning base and the properties of a cream to improve skin condition. Pros: mattifying and toning effects, high-quality anti-aging effect, wrinkle reduction, UV protection, narrowing of pores, restoration of water balance in cells. You can also count on acne-fighting, nutrition and hydration.

As already mentioned, the product can replace day cream and foundation. Herbal ingredients, vitamin complex, anti-aging ingredients — all this is typical for this product. To be precise, the composition is enriched with macadamia oil, sunflower oil, shea butter (shea butter), aloe vera extract, lavender extract, rosemary and chamomile. Suitable for all skin types. The finish is natural. Volume: 25 gr.
Country of origin: South Korea.

Means cream
Effect moisturizing, sun protection, smoothing the surface of the skin, masking imperfections
SPF factor fifty
Peculiarities matte finish
  • good coverage;
  • does not dry the skin;
  • convenient packaging;
  • evens out complexion.

Long thought to take or not, the price is rather big. But then I decided that I could try. And she didn’t regret it. The cream hides the imperfections of my skin. In particular, I don’t like red spots. It reduces their manifestation. The skin looks healthy and the same color. Peeling is not so noticeable. Well moisturizes. One pack lasted me 2 months.


  • In order for the cushion to fit well on the skin, it must be applied with patting, driving movements, and not smeared on the surface.
  • Use the applicator or sponge that comes with the kit: it will allow you to evenly and dosedly distribute the product over the skin.
  • If at first they began to produce foundation creams in the form of cushions, then later they were joined by blush, lipsticks and highlighters. So if this format of cosmetics suits you, you can look for other types of products in your cosmetic bag.

Selection Tips

As for the choice of a remedy, since they are approximately the same in composition and effect, it makes sense to choose a remedy for your skin tone. As a rule, there are 2 main shades: light and natural beige. If you have dark skin, look for a sandy shade: it is a little darker than the other two. But do not worry, there will be no yellow effect on the skin. The tool is well able to “disappear” from the face.

You can also look for products for dry and oily skin. In addition to perfect makeup, such a cushion will work to reduce these problems.

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