TOP 7 best massage chairs for home: principle of operation, effect, quality


Whatever lifestyle you lead — active or sedentary — sooner or later you will have to think about the need to visit a massage therapist. Clogged muscles, back pain, chronic fatigue, swelling, heaviness in the legs, discomfort in the neck — all these problems can be solved by just one thing — a massage chair. You no longer need to run for a massage, you can get one at any time. Modern models of massage chairs allow not only to perform the most effective types of massage, but also to create your own programs for your personal needs.

Rating of the best massage chairs for home

Casada Smart 5

In front of you is a comfortable interior chair with a massage function. Comes with a pouffe and footrest.

The armchair and ottoman have their own control panels and can be operated separately. Perfectly stretches the legs, back, lumbar region. For the legs, you can use a compression massage, which is carried out with the help of special pillows. They form a compression pressure that stimulates natural muscle reflexes and also improves blood circulation. The warm-up function is ideal for relieving muscle tension. And also you can count on roller massage of the feet (the rotation speed of the rollers is adjustable). Using the remote control, you can control the chair and foot massager.

The dimensions of this model do not exceed the dimensions of an ordinary interior chair, so you can easily find a place for it in your home. Adjustable backrest allows you to choose an individual comfortable position for the body. There are specially designed programs for the back and legs. The kneading massage is carried out with rollers: the skin and muscles will get rid of tension. To improve blood circulation, you can turn on kneading and tapping massages at the same time. The latter provides a rush of blood to the skin and relaxes tense muscles.

The upholstery material and stitching are durable. Stylish appearance will give your interior sophistication and sophistication.
Country of origin: Germany.

Type of massage tapping, Shiatsu, kneading, compression
Massage zone waist, legs, back, neck, feet, buttocks
Functions warming up
Adjustments backrest angle, massage intensity
  • Relaxes;
  • Relieves pain in the legs;
  • Remote Control;
  • Design.
  • Not detected.

Great massage chair. Delivered quickly. After a whole day in high heels, it relieves pain in the legs, fatigue, and relaxes the whole body. I like to turn on the sounds of nature in my headphones, and in general, complete relaxation. The chair has a guarantee, all documents are in order. The model looks stylish. Made from quality materials, well made. I’m sure it will last us a long time. I am very glad that I bought this chair.

Beurer MC 5000

This model has 3 massage programs and an additional function of air pressure massage in the calves, feet and buttocks. Function of automatic scanning of a body, 4 massage heads. Drawing up an individual massage program. One of the types of massage is Shiatsu, which has established itself as an excellent remedy for osteochondrosis, arthrosis, headaches, neuralgia and a number of other diseases. It is carried out by pressing on certain acupuncture points. It relieves pain and tension from the back. Also in this model there is a kneading massage, which is perfect for working out clogged muscles. Rolling, acupressure massage, impact on different areas of the legs. In general, you can knead not only the whole body, but also a specific area. In the area of ​​the buttocks, calves and feet, manufacturers have connected air pressure.

The body in the chair can occupy three positions: sitting, reclining, lying. The width of the massage head is adjustable, as well as the intensity of exposure. The model works from a network and is capable to maintain weight in 200 kg.
Country of origin: China.

Type of massage patting, Shiatsu, air compression, kneading
Massage zone legs, shins, feet, buttocks
Functions body scan
Adjustments back angle, width between rollers
  • Suitable for tall and large people;
  • Remote Control;
  • Adjustment of the position of the back and legs;
  • You can massage individual areas.
  • Faux leather upholstery.

My husband and I equipped a gym at home, the chair was a great addition. Relaxing after a workout. Harmoniously fit into the interior of the room. I liked the function with which you can translate the chair into an almost semi-lying position. It connects to the network, it takes no more energy than a refrigerator, although the motor is quite powerful. My favorite type of massage is Shiatsu. Before taking, I recommend trying all the models in the store. Consider the size and height of everyone who will use the chair.

Yamaguchi Axiom YA-6000

This chair has a number of distinctive features. Let’s start with the fact that it can be placed almost close to the wall (a distance of 10 cm will be enough), while other chairs need a space of at least half a meter. J-carriage that captures not only the neck and lower back, but also the buttocks. High-quality foot massage: the model combines roller and air-compression massage of the feet and calves.

You can manage programs not only with the remote control, but also through a special program that is easy to install on a tablet or phone based on Android and IOS. There is a function of listening to music, complete Russification of software and documentation. You can add your own functions to any available modes.

Small dimensions allow you to put the chair even in a limited space. The upholstery is made of wear-resistant material — high-quality leatherette. The fabric is processed in such a way that it does not form pellets. Eco-leather is resistant to moisture and scratches.

There is a tablet holder for watching movies or listening to music. Suitable for people with different build and height. The special Yamaguchi Foot Sensor technology allows the chair to adapt to any height, and the footrest is adjustable in length by 25 cm. The built-in zero gravity function will provide complete peace and relaxation to your spine.

The air-compression system improves the circulation of lymph in the body, and there are 15 levels of compression intensity. The hand massage area will adapt to any build, whether it be a fragile girl or a strongly built man. 4 rollers are made of high quality elastic rubber, which are indistinguishable from the masseur’s hands. They perform tapping, twisting, shiatsu massage to the rhythm of the music. There is a function of stretching the spine with the help of massage pillows. Ideal for those who experience prolonged static or dynamic stress in the back and lower back. You can also count on infrared heating of the lumbar region, which is especially useful in the fight against sciatica and kidney disease.
Country of origin: Japan.

Type of massage patting, tapping, shiatsu, kneading
Massage zone waist, hips, shoulders, back, arms, shins, neck, feet, buttocks
Functions warming up
Adjustments width between rollers
  • Relaxes;
  • There is a pouffe under the feet;
  • Warms up;
  • Stylish design.

I love a strong massage, this chair is not enough for me. The footrest cannot adjust to my height, it goes far, I have to adjust myself. He doesn’t massage his hands, he just squeezes them. There is a back massage with several modes. In one of them, the balls begin to run along the back, sometimes along the shoulder blades. This is very painful. The same balls run around the head, why, it is not clear. There’s a bone there. It would be better to have a neck massage.

VictoryFit VF-M58

Armchair made of artificial leather, able to withstand a weight of 130 kg. Inside you will find a zero gravity function, upper and lower body massage, calf and foot massage. The chair includes 4 controlled massage wheels, a movable massage group in the back, performing shiatsu massage, air compression and kneading massages. Automatic mode allows you to set the massage of a specific part of the body or the entire body. The function of heating the back of the chair is provided.

There are transport rollers, a remote control, built-in speakers, a function to adjust the inclination of the footrest and backrest. 9 airbags, 20 automatic programs, 12 rollers and a timer.

Thanks to regular sessions, you can increase your vitality, get rid of pain in the lower back, back and neck, normalize blood circulation, recover from injury or illness, relieve muscle tension after physical exertion.
Country of origin: Russia.

Type of massage Shiatsu, air compression, kneading
Massage zone waist, legs, back, arms, neck, buttocks
Functions warming up
Adjustments massage area, backrest angle, massage intensity, footrest angle
  • Relaxes;
  • Relieves fatigue;
  • You can lean back and rest;
  • Warm-up function.
  • Non-separable, difficult to carry.

Apart from the fact that it is difficult to deliver it to the house, then this is the only negative. Everyone else is happy as an elephant. Foot massage: compresses and relaxes. I did not think that such manipulations would give such relief. I like that the back leans back, almost to a horizontal position, you can lie down and do a back massage. There are several programs, you can choose for every taste. This horse is controlled by a remote control, turned on and rest. I especially appreciated the neck massage and warming up. And its price is an order of magnitude lower than that of other massage chairs, although the functions are the same. In general, I recommend.


The Fujimo chair is a unique and innovative product that combines thousands of years of health knowledge and modern technology. It helps you recover from a hard day’s work with a range of essential features. Before the massage, the model performs a body scan. Special mechanisms map the body, determining the height and physique of a person, providing a full-fledged deep massage. The weightless mode will allow your back to completely relax and increase the intensity of the massage itself. When the knees are at chest level, blood circulation improves. 3D air-compression pillows. 18 cushions are located throughout the chair, affecting a variety of body parts, including shoulders, arms, calves and feet. Roller mechanisms located in the feet and along the entire back act on acupuncture points.

With the help of Shiatsu massage, 80% of the back surface can be worked out, which effectively restores vitality, increases endurance and flexibility of the body. There is a heating zone in the lumbar region.

10 automatic programs are based on the knowledge of oriental medicine about massage and the structure of the human body. The SL-shaped trajectory of the rollers is 126 cm and is able to recreate Shiatsu massage with a 3D effect. It starts from the collar zone, then goes into the back and lower back, reaching the buttocks and popliteal cavities. The massage rollers are extended by 7 cm, providing a deep study of the zones, relaxation and pleasure from the massage. There is a retractable footrest 18 cm long, a Russified control panel and a function for working out individual parts of the body. You can also count on bluetooth speakers and high quality upholstery.

Country of origin: Japan.

Type of massage patting, tapping, shiatsu, swedish, rolling, kneading
Massage zone legs, back, neck, feet
Functions body scan, warm up
Adjustments backrest angle, footrest angle
  • Stretch mode;
  • Quality assembly;
  • Stylish design;
  • Comfortable fit.

I was looking for a model in light colors to match the color of the furniture. It’s even comfortable to sit in. Pleasant to the touch, the chair does not take up much space. I often go in for fitness, but there is no time to constantly go to the massage therapist, and the body asks for stretching. I took this model because it has two modes that suit me very well: Fitness and Yoga. The latter literally stretches the spine and joints, a very useful feature, I think. It can also adapt to the height and dimensions of each person.

Anatomico Marco

The massage chair of this brand has an automatic mode of special design. Ideal for lovers of strong, intense massage. This is where the manual program comes in handy. The model has two massage techniques: Shiatsu and vibration. 5 massage modes with varying degrees of impact. You can massage both the whole body and its individual parts. Also, the device has an ergonomic and stylish design.

Types of massage: vibration, compression, kneading, rubbing, roller and Shiatsu. With this chair you will be able to work out the hips, lateral muscles of the thighs, lower legs, head, calves, lower back, back, neck and buttocks. You will find 4 automatic programs, a compression foot massage and a remote control in Russian, as well as 5 manual massage modes, the Swedish massage massage program, a timer for automatically ending the massage session in 5-minute increments.

This model is able to raise your vitality, improve your mood, get rid of chronic problems and the spine, get rid of extra pounds, correct your posture, relieve fatigue after a long day at work and eliminate the consequences of a sedentary lifestyle.
Country of origin: Italy.

Type of massage Shiatsu, vibrating, kneading
Massage zone legs, back, neck, feet
Functions IR heating
Adjustments backrest tilt
  • Many programs;
  • It kneads well;
  • Russified control panel;
  • Timer.
  • Not detected.

The model has several modes, you can choose to your taste. I like it harder, I use rollers. The wife prefers softer options. There are manual settings. On the remote everything is signed in Russian letters. There is a comfortable footrest. Shin massages perfectly. Good for those who spend time on their feet. Or in heels. It is relatively inexpensive in its price range. You can put it at home and in the office, you will not be ashamed.

US Medica Cardio

This model is designed in such a way as to have a beneficial effect on the circulatory system of the body. A large number of sensors and sensors that measure pulse and pressure are responsible for this. According to the blood circulation in the body, the chair is able to identify problem areas and select an individual program for your body. Massage rollers move along the back, revealing pain areas. If there are any, the massage effect will be directed there. The chair will test the body and show its condition on the screen, marking painful areas in red and painless areas in green.

The developers did not bypass the function of zero gravity, it can also be launched by pressing a single button. You can save body parameters and create individual programs for yourself. Air cushions work on the feet, legs, buttocks, back and shoulders.

The control panel is equipped with an LCD display, which makes the massage process more visual and understandable. There is a backlight function. The ergonomic shape of the chair is created taking into account the natural curves of the human body. If you do not like the effect on the acupuncture points, the rollers can be blocked, again, with the push of a button. You can adjust the angle of the backrest and footrest. You can choose the duration of the massage thanks to the presence of a timer. After the end of the session, the chair and stand automatically return to their original position.

As for the programs, here you will find an invigorating massage, where the emphasis is on kneading, relieving tension from the spine, working out the lower back and neck, followed by relaxation. The recovery program improves psycho-emotional and physical strength with an emphasis on the feet and back. There is a relaxing massage, an air cushion massage and a stress-relieving program. Built-in heating, synchronization of massage with music, 5 programs for individual parts of the body, intuitive combination of various functions and a pause button (if you need to move away, you do not have to set up programs again).
Country of origin: USA.

Type of massage tapping, air compression, vibrating, kneading
Massage zone waist, shoulders, back, arms, neck, feet, buttocks
Functions body scan, vibration, heating
Adjustments width between rollers
  • Massage of individual parts of the body;
  • Many modes;
  • Heartbeat control system;
  • Relaxation and rest.
  • Not detected.

I spent a lot of time looking at different models and settled on this one. I really liked that you can massage different parts of the body. I used to have a sore neck, I do massage every day, gradually the pain disappeared. And you don’t have to constantly run for a massage. You can pause the procedure and go on business, very convenient. After the session, a feeling of lightness and relaxation throughout the body. It’s easy for me to fall asleep in it. In general, I advise, you will not regret it.


  • Before buying, be sure to try the chair in action. If the chair will be used by several people, it is recommended to try out the model with the highest, densest and highest weight, so that in the future everyone can massage themselves.
  • There are models with the function of listening to music and watching movies.
  • If you don’t want to set up your chair every time, it makes sense to look for models with the function of recording settings. Typically, these settings can be saved for multiple people.
  • Make sure the machine is under warranty.
  • It is worth remembering that the brand of the company will affect the price. But at the same time, promoted organizations give a good guarantee for their products. Manufacturers from the USA (US Medica), Germany (GESS), Japan (Yamaguchi, Fujiiryoki, Panasonic) and China (iRest) have proven themselves well.
  • The design affects the price. The more original details (wood or glass inserts, logo patches) and the more expensive the chair looks, the higher the price will be.
  • The quality of plastic and material. Eco-leather acts as the latter, but it can differ greatly in properties, strength and durability. There are models made of genuine leather. They are, of course, much more expensive.

Selection Tips

Before buying, carefully study the massage features and determine which ones you need, because their availability directly affects the price.

  • So, kneading massage is suitable for clogged muscles, air-compression massage — to combat swelling and signs of fatigue (including in the legs), vibration massage relaxes well.
  • Feet. If foot massage is important to you, it is better to choose a model with rollers in the footrests. This is the most effective type of massage. There are also models with ribs on which feet are placed (there is an impact on points), just footrests without any impact and models without coasters.
  • Arms. There are models where the hands are not massaged. Such chairs cost around 100,000 rubles. In some models, the forearms are massaged (the price rises to 150,000 rubles), and there are chairs where the hands are massaged completely (up to 200,000 rubles).
  • The «Zero Gravity» function brings the body to an almost horizontal position, relieving the load from the spine.
  • Back. There are models with rubberized rollers, they are softer. And there are rollers that imitate the fingers of a massage therapist, which have a more intense effect. There is also a twisting function, very useful for the spine.
  • Growth scanning function determines height, body features, areas of stress.
  • Stretch function. Pillows pinch the legs and shoulders and stretch the spine.
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