TOP 7 best facial brushes: principle of action, result, contraindications


At some point, every girl understands that peels and creams alone are not enough to maintain a youthful face. Modern cosmetology offers many different options, but today we will talk about the most effective and least expensive: facial brushes. This is a great way to clear pores, firm skin, say goodbye to those pesky wrinkles, and get a relaxing facial massage in just a minute and a half.

Take some time to familiarize yourself with this material, and you will no longer need a beautician. The main thing is to choose the right brush so as not to damage the skin and get the desired result. This will be discussed in today’s article.

Rating of the best facial brushes

Beurer FC49

Here is a model that combines two functions: deep pore cleansing and delicate facial massage. Vibration technology smoothes the skin and improves blood circulation. There is an individual cleaning setting. The control lamp serves as an indicator of speed and battery level.

The design is waterproof, which means that you can safely use the massager in the shower or bath. 15 intensity levels make it easy to choose the right strength of impact. The material of the brush — silicone — does not irritate the skin and does not damage it.

Product dimensions are 8.2*7.7*3.1. One charge is enough for 240 minutes of work. The power source is a battery.
Contraindications: irritated skin, small cuts, wounds, any violations of the skin, cracks, skin immediately after sunburn, as well as while taking steroid drugs.

Purpose cleansing, massage
Principle of operation vibration
Effect improved blood supply
Peculiarities waterproof case, charge indication
  • pleasant sensations;
  • relaxes muscles;
  • cleanses the skin;
  • multiple speeds.
  • did not find.

I heard about such brushes, but earlier came across more expensive models. Then I came across this one, compared the characteristics, it turned out that they are very similar. I decided to take it and did not regret it. The brush has antennae of different lengths, which helps to clean all areas of the face. Pleasant vibration relaxes the muscles. After a long day at work, an unrealistically pleasant feeling. If someone does not like vibration, you can safely use it without it: mechanical cleaning will also be a success. I don’t regret the purchase at all, I use it every day.

Gezatone AMG196 PRO

This device has established itself as an excellent tool in the fight against peeling, black dots and fine wrinkles. Thanks to regular use, the skin is freed from dead skin cells of the epidermis, cellular respiration and metabolic processes are improved. It absorbs cosmetics better, responds more responsive to any cosmetic procedures. You no longer need to visit a beautician regularly. The Gezatone brush will provide you with effective mechanical peeling and facial roller massage in one device.

Perfectly solves the problem of rough, rough skin, peeling, oily sheen, comedones, stagnant post-acne spots, poor complexion, tired skin, sagging, age-related manifestations and fine wrinkles. The massager has two brush heads with bristles of different lengths for cleansing normal and delicate skin. Three levels of nozzle rotation. 2 programs for the T-zone. During operation, the bristles gently remove the keratinized epidermis and impurities, cleanse the pores of excess sebum. Ideal to prepare the skin for the application of serums or nourishing creams.

The device remembers the last settings, so you do not have to set them again every time. Moisture resistant body. The model is suitable for men and women, for all skin types. Works from the accumulator. It is not recommended to immerse the device in water. Nozzles should be washed under running warm water and soap.
Contraindications: skin lesions, dermatological diseases, severe acne, facial trigeminal neuralgia, pacemaker, diabetes mellitus, tuberculosis, tumors, pregnancy.

Purpose cleansing, massage
Principle of operation vibration
Effect pore reduction, blackhead removal, wrinkle smoothing, even complexion
Peculiarities waterproof case, timer, stand
  • cleansing;
  • massage;
  • holds a charge well;
  • many modes.
  • a little loud.

This brush made me very happy. In the evening I do a light mechanical massage with it, and in the morning — drainage. The skin became less swollen and more elastic. Now I go to cleanings less often. The model is light and fits comfortably in the palm of your hand: the hand does not get tired. There are several nozzles in the set, they are easy to change. In general, the massager is completely satisfied. I have only one question: where to get new nozzles when these are worn out?


The massager provides 8000 pulsations per minute, which allows you to deeply cleanse the pores of sebum and dead cells. The Swedes have developed waterproof silicone that will take care of your skin. In addition, it is resistant to many bacteria and is more hygienic than nylon bristle facial wash brushes.

This model is designed in such a way that you do not need to change nozzles and heads. 8 power levels allow you to adjust the intensity of exposure to the needs of your skin. One charge is enough for 300 uses. Two types of bristles make this brush suitable for normal, sensitive and oily skin types.

How to use: it is necessary to wet the brush, apply a cleanser on it, turn it on, slide in a circular motion over the areas of the face. At the end of the procedure, the timer will give a corresponding signal. Rinse the bristles, apply the necessary care products to the skin.

Purpose cleansing, massage
Principle of operation ripple
Effect improved blood supply
Peculiarities waterproof housing
  • effectively cleanses the skin;
  • does not injure;
  • compact;
  • vibration intensity can be adjusted.

Even minor, but regular massage techniques can significantly improve skin condition. It is enough to form a new habit of washing your face in the morning and evening with the help of such a brush, and you will be able to postpone visiting the beautician for a long time. This is one of the simplest and most effective ways to slow down age-related skin changes. Better than this can only be a vacuum massage.

This is a handy brush, small, cleans the skin well. At the same time, silicone villi act gently and do not damage the epidermis. They are easy to clean under running water. Probably suitable even for girls with sensitive skin. If you want a more intense massage, you can increase the vibration. There is a pip in order to close the USB connector. Very convenient for those who plan to use the brush in the bathroom. And yes, by the way, it can be charged with a cable. In fact, the brush is just glitter. If not for the price.

Rowenta My Beauty Routine LV4020

Here is a set of the device and two brushes: soft nylon and silicone for delicate care. There is a charging base with two compartments: one for wireless charging of the device, the second with a blue LED for disinfecting brushes. You no longer need to worry about the cleanliness of the tips: while the device is charging, the tips are sterilized.

The device, like its counterparts, is waterproof, so if necessary it can be easily washed under running water. The nozzle of the device does not rotate, but vibrates, which protects the skin from injury, but at the same time gently cleanses it. The principle of application is the same: apply a cleanser to the brush and walk along the massage lines. It not only cleanses, but also makes a light massage.

With regular use, the skin will become soft and smooth, the pores will be less clogged, black spots will decrease, cosmetics will better penetrate into the upper layers of the epidermis. And also there are 2 speeds and a charge from a USB cable. The device lasts for 60 minutes.

Purpose cleansing
Principle of operation vibration
  • pleasant sensations;
  • massage;
  • skin cleansing;
  • waterproof;
  • fast charging.

The brush made me very happy. Pleasantly vibrates, makes a soft massage. The skin after it is soft and velvety, as after peeling. At the same time, there is even a feeling of a slight relaxation, apparently from the impact on some points. Compact, fast charging, lightweight, you can take it with you on vacation. With one nozzle I clean the skin and do a massage, with the second I apply the product. After a couple of weeks, I noticed that the skin became smooth to the touch, the pores narrowed. I don’t use peels anymore.

Xiaomi Inface Sonic Clean

This brush for ultrasonic cleaning of the face is also suitable for massage of the skin. The kit includes a cord for recharging and a case for carrying the device. The body of the brush is made of plastic. On the front surface there are three floating heads, which differ in the stiffness of the bristles and their size. The hardest are located at the top, and the soft ones, respectively, at the bottom. The head is movable, provides a snug fit of the bristles to the skin.

The case is designed in such a way that it can be comfortably held in the hand. On the bottom of the brush you will find a socket for connecting the cable. Waterproof coating makes it easy to wash the device under water.

Available in grey, yellow, pink and green. The machine has three modes depending on the tasks. For deep cleansing of the skin, it is recommended to use hard bristles, for a point effect — medium, and for daily care — soft. You can also consistently use all three modes during one procedure. The modes are switched by a special mechanical button.

Face cleaning is carried out due to the vibration of the bristles, and by switching modes, you can choose the amplitude and intensity of their movement. The duration of one session is 90 seconds, then the device is turned off. A full charge will last for a month if you use it once a day for one and a half minutes. There is an indicator light that starts flashing if the battery is about to run out. Charging time is 4 hours. Interestingly, the brush is designed for oily skin. It smoothes, cleanses pores and prevents the appearance of purulent formations.

Purpose cleansing, massage
Principle of operation ultrasound
Peculiarities waterproof housing, storage case
  • comfortable;
  • cleans well;
  • massages;
  • price.
  • not detected.

I liked the way it fits in my hand. Comfortable, does not slip. Pleasant massage experience. It seems that the skin has become cleaner than it was when just washed with water and foams. I use it in the morning and in the evening. I noticed results after 4 weeks. The skin has stopped peeling, the pores have narrowed, it seems that even the complexion has become more alive or something. The set includes a charging cord and a storage case. The machine works in 3 modes, you can choose to taste. I do a slower relaxing massage in the evening and an intense massage in the morning to cheer me up. The purchase is satisfied.


In front of you is the ultrasonic facial brush “Gentle Cleansing”. Designed to make washing effective and skin care gentle. Regular use reduces blackheads, improves complexion, performs a light massage. Waterproof plastic housing allows you to use the brush in the shower or bath. To improve the result, you can apply a cleansing foam to the bristles.

The device is turned on with a button. It is necessary to walk them several times along the massage lines. The device can be washed under running water. The set includes a brush holder and a removable head. Can run on batteries and rechargeable batteries. And, of course, it is worth noting a very stylish design.

Purpose cleansing
Principle of operation ultrasound
Effect elimination of black dots
Peculiarities waterproof case, stand
  • comfortable;
  • beautiful;
  • cleansing;
  • price.
  • too soft bristles.

Before purchasing a brush, carefully read the contraindications. If you have any serious skin problems, such a device can only aggravate them.

The brush is beautiful, you will not say anything. But when working, it vibrates too little. As such, I did not notice mechanical cleansing. More like stroking. It may work for those with sensitive skin, but definitely not for those with thick skin. Even during operation, the bristles in the center are twisted, which complicates the process of washing. I didn’t find any ultrasound. In general, so-so brush. You can find more efficient mechanical counterparts for the same price. I do not advise.

MyBliss Borim

This deep cleansing and lifting massage silicone brush is suitable for all skin types. Made from high quality medical grade silicone. Ergonomic shape allows you to clean the T-zone, fits comfortably in your hand. The device has a built-in sensor for 3 minutes. The device is capable of delivering 8000 pulsations per minute. A powerful battery gives you the opportunity to use the brush for up to 3 months without recharging.

The reverse side of the massager is used to apply cream on it and conduct a pulse facial massage. The result is wrinkle smoothing and increased blood flow. At the same time, the massage is so gentle that you can work with the area around the eyes. With this massager, your skin will become fresh, young and supple.

Like its predecessors, this brush is waterproof and can be used in the shower and washed under running water. For deeper cleansing, you can apply a cleanser to the villi.

Purpose cleansing, massage
Principle of operation vibration
Effect lifting
Peculiarities waterproof case
  • silicone hairs;
  • comfortable to hold;
  • cleans well;
  • price.
  • not detected.

I love these brushes. Silicone seems to be soft and cleans well at the same time. Just what you need. And there is a pleasant massage effect. The skin after it seemed to breathe better and looks more toned. Thanks to the brush, I abandoned peelings. If the price seems high to you, you can look for mechanical silicone brushes. I think the cost will be lower, but the effect is about the same. It is also easy to rinse under water. No dirt remains in the villi. Works from the accumulator.

Selection Tips

  • If you prefer the least traumatic way to clean your face, you should consider ultrasonic models. Ultrasonic waves break bonds between dying cells and separate them from the skin. Suitable for combating blackheads, comedones, dull complexion, puffiness and local inflammation.
  • For denser skin types, mechanical brushes are suitable. They cleanse the skin by dermabrasion. With the removal of dead cells, the epidermis begins to breathe better, blood flow improves, and the skin becomes more elastic.
  • It is worth paying attention to the body. It will be better to opt for rubberized options so that they do not slip in the hand and are comfortable to hold.
  • It is better to choose a waterproof case, since cleaning takes place in a humid environment.
  • If you choose a model without additional attachments, you will not have to puzzle over where to get new ones later when the old ones become unusable. Or, if you are attracted by a model with nozzles, it is better to find out in advance where you can buy accessories in your city.
  • Pay attention to the power of the device: the higher it is, the more intensively it can work and better clean the surface of the skin. For home use, a power of 2 W / sq. will be enough. cm.
  • Consider the weight of the brush: will it be comfortable to hold it for several minutes.
  • Power supply method: battery or batteries. I recommend choosing mixed options. So you do not have to puzzle over where to charge the massager if you take it with you on a trip.
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