TOP 7 best dishwasher salts: rating, how to choose, characteristics


Many consumers believe that having bought a dishwasher, only detergent is enough to operate it. After reading the instructions, the owners of the car understand that this is not so. Dishwasher salt is required to prolong the life of the appliance. Questions arise: what is the product for, what kind of salt to use for the dishwasher? Answers to exciting questions are listed in the review. Good salt will help soften and extend the life of the PMM. Here is the best dishwasher salt with reviews, prices, pros and cons.

TOP best dishwasher salts


The product effectively softens water and normalizes the functioning of equipment. With its help, the action of the detergent is enhanced, plaque and traces of streaks are removed. It contains no toxic components that adversely affect the operation of the dishwasher. Periodic use of salt will remove scale on metal structures and protect the machine from malfunctions. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water and seek medical advice.

Characteristic Meaning
Volume, kg four
Producing country Austria
Class non-limited


  • large granules;
  • small expense;
  • softens water;
  • availability;
  • prevents plaque.


  • package;
  • price.

Reviews: “The tool is one of the most expensive, in comparison with analogues. Salt certainly protects my kitchen helper. Very often I have to use the dishwasher — I load wine glasses, basics, glasses into it. It is difficult to clean the scale on my own, or get rid of drips, so I pour the product into the compartment and enjoy the result.”


For optimal functioning of the ionic components of the machine, the presented type of salt is used. In apartments where only hard water is available, salt is a must. It increases the resource of the PMM, ensuring the normal functioning process, improves the quality of washing and prevents smudges. The agent affects the heating element, protecting the mechanism from corrosion and scale, thereby extending the service life. Salt crystals contribute to the economical consumption of the substance.

Characteristic Meaning
Volume, kg 1.5
Producing country Germany
Class phosphate-free


  • large volume;
  • well-known manufacturer
  • multifunctionality;
  • consistency;
  • convenient packaging.


  • smell;
  • no dosimeter.

Reviews: “Since I have a dishwasher, I thought about buying an emollient. Previously I used Finish granules, but I prefer the powder. A pack of standard size — its volume is enough for a long time of use. In terms of performance of functions, there are no questions — the dishes are perfectly clean.


It is possible to avoid premature repair of PMM thanks to this brand of salt. It provides maximum protection for the insides of the equipment, prevents the formation of scale, thereby extending its service life. The composition of the product includes special components that affect the hardness of water. Therefore, household products work with maximum efficiency, cleaning cutlery. Salt is advised to dose according to the instructions on the spread.

Characteristic Meaning
Volume, kg 1.5
Producing country Serbia
Class inorganic


  • high-quality dishwashing;
  • economically;
  • does not leave drops on the dried plate;
  • without smell;
  • suitable for all types of machines.


  • inconvenient packaging;
  • high consumption with very hard water.

Review: “I have a dishwasher for 14 people — I filled up about 700 grams of the product. As a result, I can say that the dishes have become cleaner, and most importantly, there is no plaque on the metal structure of the dishwasher. Consumption depends on the hardness of the water, but for 7 months I have never added salt. The savings are clear.»


Salt is produced in the form of large crystals, does not produce dust. The dispenser regulates the amount of salt that needs to be poured into the machine. For greater efficiency, after falling asleep, it must be filled with water until a slurry is formed. The product is consumed very slowly, for a long period of time it can not be used until the indicator on the dishwasher lights up. After washing, scale does not form on the inside of the surface, there are no stains on cutlery and dishes.

Characteristic Meaning
Volume, kg one
Producing country Russia
Class inorganic


  • tablet form;
  • harmless composition;
  • dishes shine;
  • does not form scale;
  • no divorces.


  • the weight on the package is not true;
  • must be diluted in liquid.

Reviews: “When the salt ran out, the dishes began to look, to put it mildly, not very good — stains, stains. I had to urgently buy a new one. Salt of this brand caught my eye. The box is comfortable, there is a break line. The manual contains precautions. In work, salt showed its best side. My score is 5 points.


Large fractions of salt perform their functions well: they soften water, help neutralize plaque on plates and glasses, and remove scale on hoses and a metal case. The properties of salt help clean dishes to a shine and contribute to the economical consumption of detergents. The substance does not have pungent odors, the absence of impurities suggests that people with hypersensitivity can use it. Supplied in a convenient cardboard box.

Characteristic Meaning
Volume, kg one
Producing country Poland
Class phosphate-free


  • large;
  • without impurities;
  • operates at minimum temperatures;
  • economical consumption;
  • does not dust.


  • effective in certain types of machines;
  • crystals are not completely dissolved.

Testimonials: “My water is not hard, but I use salt for my own comfort. Crystals are my favorite — they are used up more slowly than fine salt. The box is convenient, I pour the product with the help of the funnel that comes with the kit. I fall asleep after the signal light comes on.


The composition of the product contains salt in its pure form, granular crystals are intended for use in the dishwasher. Salt in its pure form guarantees effective cleaning of working units, protects against plaque and does not contain aggressive impurities. Due to its unique shape and hardness, salt provides high efficiency and economical consumption of detergents. It will also be useful for softening water and making appliances shine. Produced in plastic packaging with a dispenser.

Characteristic Meaning
Volume, kg 2
Producing country Germany
Class inorganic


  • high degree of salt purification;
  • machine protection;
  • economical consumption;
  • washing improvement;
  • convenient to fall asleep in the compartment.


  • no instructions in Russian;
  • stains remain on the glasses.

Review: “Since buying a dishwasher, I have been looking for quality dishwashing detergents, and this is one of them. We have hard water in our apartment, so scale builds up instantly. Salt crystals quickly dissolve in the car and protect it from scale. This is noticeable even to the naked eye. Salt suits in all respects.


Salt crystals of the presented brand dissolve in water for a long time, maintaining a long-lasting softening effect. The composition of the product is non-aggressive, it is easily washed off with running water from dishes, eliminates plaque and corrosion from metal products. The manufacturer produces salt in different packages. This allows you to choose the optimal volume. The effectiveness of detergents is noticed after the first use.

Characteristic Meaning
Volume, kg 3.1
Producing country Russia
Class inorganic


  • without smell;
  • reduces stiffness;
  • does not contain impurities;
  • prevents the appearance of divorces;
  • compact package.


  • high consumption on first use;
  • packaged in packages.

Review: “I bought for the initial loading of the machine. I really liked the packaging — a sealed bag that is difficult to open. Salt is coarse and uniform. The gift comes with 3 dishwasher tablets, which wash well. I plan to use it in the future.»

Is dishwasher salt necessary?

Very often, housewives ask themselves the question: do I need salt for the dishwasher? Of course yes. It prevents the formation of scale, washes dishes to a shine. Colorless salt crystals that are odorless are sold as granules or powder.

How much you need to fill in the dishwasher — directly depends on the hardness of the water. The unit has a sensor that records the salt content in the ion exchanger. If there is a shortage of reagents, it notifies you.

The tablets already contain salt, which improves the quality of washing, eliminating streaks. To prevent scale, it is recommended to add salt before washing, and for better solubility, it can be filled with water.

What kind of salt to use for the dishwasher?

All funds are divided into 2 categories:

  • those that wash away dirt;
  • water softeners.

Salt is of several types:

  • special regenerating salt;
  • tablet salt for the dishwasher;
  • evaporated salt «Extra».

According to the instructions, the compartment of the machine must be completely filled with specialized salt. Depending on the model, the salt compartment may be different, so a smaller or larger amount of salt may enter it. Many models are able to accommodate 2/3 kilogram packs. Pills should be poured enough to fill the entire volume. The power indicator will tell you when you need to replenish supplies.

It is not recommended to use ordinary table salt for PMM. However, if it has gone through several stages of purification, then the application is quite possible. Sea salt with a high iodine content is categorically not suitable for use. It will only worsen the situation with scale.

Dishwasher salt is a necessary substance for the correct operation of the appliance. When buying such equipment, you need to be prepared for the purchase of consumables — powders, detergents. Without them, scale and corrosion will quickly form in the car, which will lead to premature failure. We have already considered all the necessary features of salt selection and the best companies on the market above.

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