TOP 6 best vitamins for blood vessels: composition, purpose, rules, intake


For the health of the vascular system, the intake of nutrients from food is important, in particular, we are talking about omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. They have a positive effect on the reduction of low-density lipoproteins, normalize the ratio of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. Today it is known that polyunsaturated fatty acids are the basis of a healthy diet to support the vital activity of the heart.

In this article, we have collected the most popular drugs that will help you keep your cardiovascular system in working order and improve the condition of the body as a whole.

Rating of the best vitamins for blood vessels

Doppelherz active omega-3

This drug is intended to strengthen the immune system, prevent cardiovascular diseases, normalize lipid metabolism and help the nervous system.

This supplement is a source of natural salmon-derived polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E. Helps maintain a balance between blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

The components of this drug inhibit the processes of thrombosis, support immunity, normalize cerebral circulation, increase the resistance of cerebral vessels to hypoxia and a drop in blood pressure.

Vitamin E prevents the deposition of cholesterol in the walls of blood vessels, provides cell protection, protects the heart from damage associated with a lack of magnesium or lack of oxygen.

Drug type dietary supplement
Purpose strengthening of immunity, prevention of cardiovascular diseases, for the normalization of lipid metabolism, for the nervous system
Indications for use Recommended as a food supplement — an additional source of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E
Compound 1 capsule contains 800 mg salmon fish oil, at least 30% omega-3 fatty acids and 16.22 mg vitamin E
  • strengthens nails;
  • improves the condition of the hair;
  • quality composition;
  • convenient to take.
  • not detected.

I think this is one of the most effective forms of Omega-3. I drink a course once a year. I have been taking it for three years now. My nails have become stronger, my hair is thicker, I feel good. But if you have a shortage, it is better to drink for several months in a row so that there is a cumulative effect.

Complivit selenium

Here is a dietary supplement recommended for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, as well as a tonic and slowing down age-related changes.

Acts as an additional source of vitamins A, C, E, group B, folic acid, nicotinamide, and minerals such as copper, zinc, manganese and selenium.

The dietary supplement replenishes the body’s daily need for selenium, which helps to reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

Drug type dietary supplement
Purpose prevention of cardiovascular diseases, tonic, prevention of aging
Indications for use It is recommended as a biologically active food supplement — an additional source of vitamins: A, C, E, group B (B1, B2, B6, B12, calcium pantothenate), folic acid, nicotinamide, mineral elements: copper, zinc, manganese, selenium.
Compound Vitamin C — 50 mg; vitamin PP — 7.5 mg; vitamin B1 — 1 mg; vitamin E — 10 mg; vitamin B5 — 5 mg; vitamin B6 — 2 mg; vitamin B2 — 2 mg; vitamin B12 — 0.003 mg; vitamin A — 0.5 mg; folic acid — 0.1 mg; selenium — 0.07 mg; zinc — 2 mg; copper — 0.75 mg; manganese — 1 mg.
  • compound;
  • Effect;
  • reduces breakouts;
  • convenient form of admission.
  • not detected.

Good vitamins for health. I noticed that after I started drinking them, acne disappeared and there were fewer rashes. I think I will drink once a year course.

Selenium forte with vitamin C

Selenium is important for the antioxidant, immune and detoxifying defense systems of the body, supports the full functioning of the heart and blood vessels. To do this, it must enter the human body daily in the amount of 50-70 mcg.

One tablet of this supplement contains exactly this amount of this irreplaceable substance, thanks to which it protects cells from free radical damage, strengthens the immune system and maintains a healthy cardiovascular system.

The damage caused by free radicals is one of the causes of age-related changes in the heart, blood vessels, brain, and eye tissues. Selenium protects cell membranes from free radical damage and also helps other antioxidants, especially vitamin C, to activate their antioxidant potential.

Strengthens selenium and the immune system, as it is part of many immune proteins and enzymes.

Another important role of this substance is participation in cholesterol metabolism and control of its level in the blood, which in turn affects the pressure and elasticity of blood vessels.

Also, selenium is involved in the work of the pancreas, liver, maintaining tissue elasticity and sexual activity. In men, almost half of the selenium in the body is involved in the functions of the seminiferous tubules of the testicles. It is lost in the ejaculate, so men need more selenium than women.

Drug type dietary supplement
Purpose strengthening immunity, prevention of cardiovascular diseases
Indications for use To protect cells from free radical damage, strengthen immunity, maintain heart health.
Compound vitamin C
  • Effect;
  • improvement of general well-being;
  • good dosage;
  • convenient form of admission.
  • not detected.

It must be remembered that heart problems are not solved only by taking specialized supplements. This problem requires an integrated approach: first of all, you need to reconsider your lifestyle, add physical activity, normalize nutrition, and give up bad habits. Only this approach will help reduce the risk of developing such terrible ailments as heart attack and stroke.

I have been buying Evalar products for a long time. In early autumn, I decided to drink these vitamins. I can’t say what exactly got better, but overall health improved. I drank the course. As part of selenium comes with vitamin C, they enhance each other’s action, which is very convenient.

Verbena Pure Vessels Neogalen

This supplement can be taken as an anti-atherosclerotic agent in people over 40 years of age, with atherosclerosis of cerebral and myocardial vessels, to improve cerebral circulation, during the recovery period after a heart attack, stroke, retinal hemorrhage, with memory loss and to prevent premature aging.

Contraindications include individual intolerance to the components, pregnancy and lactation.

Drug type dietary supplement
Purpose memory improvement, post-stroke conditions, prevention of aging, to strengthen capillaries,
Indications for use with atherosclerosis of the vessels of the brain and myocardium; to improve cerebral circulation;
Compound Verbena herb extract, rose hips, gotu kola herb, dandelion root, blueberry fruit, ginkgo biloba leaves, clover flowers, marigold flowers.
  • natural ingredients;
  • benefit;
  • Effect;
  • price.
  • not detected.

I take this drug with my husband. We drink it regularly to help the heart and blood vessels. Between courses we take a break of 2 months. The capsules are easy to take. It lowers blood pressure and probably cleans blood vessels. It contains many herbs and natural ingredients. To have enough for the course, you need to buy 6 packs at once. The course lasts 2 months.

Cardioorganic Vitaterpene Omega-3

This supplement from a Russian manufacturer will be useful as a preventive measure against disruption of the cardiovascular system, as an additional source of vitamin E, Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, a source of limonene and terpenes. The latter are found in Siberian fir and help lower blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

Limonene is found in citrus fruits and is able to prevent the formation of tumors, improves liver function and the removal of carcinogens from it, lowers cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Vitamin E prevents the deposition of cholesterol in the walls of blood vessels, provides cell protection, protects the heart from damage associated with a lack of magnesium or lack of oxygen.

Drug type dietary supplement
Purpose improvement of the functional state of the reproductive system, high cholesterol, lowering cholesterol levels, prevention of cardiovascular diseases
Indications for use As a biologically active food supplement — an additional source of vitamin E and omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (alpha-linolenic acid), a source of limonene containing terpenes
Compound Flaxseed oil, unrefined, Siberian fir terpenes, DL-a-tocopherol, gelatin, E422, water, E202, E330.
  • improves the general condition;
  • improves the condition of the hair;
  • herbal ingredients;
  • convenient form of admission.
  • not detected.

Good composition. herbal ingredients. Should help the vessels. I have been taking it for several months now, I noticed that my hair began to look better, my overall health is cheerful. The cardiologist says that it normalizes cholesterol levels. The tablets themselves are without foreign taste, you can safely take. Comfortable to swallow.

Solgar Magnesium Citrate

Another dietary supplement, this time from American manufacturers. The main component is magnesium citrate. It contributes to the normalization of blood pressure, has an antispasmodic effect on muscles and blood vessels, and has a positive effect on the functioning of the cardiovascular system. It has a calming effect and is used for sleep disorders and nervousness. Relieves premenstrual syndrome and other disorders associated with the menstrual cycle. A sufficient amount of magnesium in the body prevents the formation of kidney stones.

Magnesium citrate also helps prevent migraines and relieves headaches, eliminates leg cramps and is especially useful as a prevention of urolithiasis.

Allergic reactions are possible. Before use, you should consult with your doctor.

Drug type dietary supplement
Purpose increase the body’s resistance to stress, prevention of cardiovascular diseases
Indications for use As a biologically active food supplement — an additional source of magnesium.
Compound Magnesium citrate 200 mg, MCC, calcium phosphate E341, silicon dioxide E551, cellulose E460, titanium dioxide E171, magnesium stearate, glycerin.
  • compound;
  • Effect;
  • reliable manufacturer;
  • no side effects.

Good drug. I took it for leg cramps, solved the problem in a month. For a long time, the little finger went numb, also passed. General well-being has improved, as has the condition of hair and nails. I do not know about the vessels, I did not check. The tablet is too big, hard to swallow, so I split it into two halves and drink them. There are no side effects like nausea when taking it. The price is perhaps high, but I am sure that the declared components are in the tablet, and not a placebo.


  • The deterioration of the cardiovascular system is affected by unfavorable environmental conditions, regular stress, and poor nutrition.
  • Also, the vessels can become thinner and lose elasticity due to a sedentary lifestyle, chronic pathologies, viral and bacterial infections, taking hormonal drugs and excessive physical exertion.
  • Even vitamins and dietary supplements have contraindications. Before use, it is better to consult a doctor, especially if you are in poor health or are taking medication.
  • Monovitamins are designed to speed up the rehabilitation period after an illness or surgery. Such preparations include substances of one group, which are relatively easily absorbed by the body.
  • Multivitamins are best suited for intense physical exertion or age-related changes in the cardiovascular system.
  • If you want to replenish the vitamin through food, then you should add citrus fruits, apples and kiwi (vitamin C), nuts, rice and pork (thiamine, vitamin B), legumes, buckwheat and seafood (group E compounds) to your diet.
  • Do not self-medicate. Even if you roughly understand which vitamin or microelement you are lacking, the doctor has more complete information about the state of your body in general and the cardiovascular system in particular. Action blindly can not only not give the desired result, but also cause harm. Therefore, before using supplements, it is better to consult a doctor.

Selection Tips

  • All vitamins can be divided into three main groups: the first strengthens the walls of blood vessels, the second regulates the viscosity of blood vessels, the third reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood.
    The first group includes those preparations that contain vitamins C and P, calcium and phosphorus. They strengthen the immune system, reduce the fragility of intercellular membranes, ensure the preservation of the strength and elasticity of blood vessels and capillaries.
    The second group includes preparations with vitamin B: they thin the blood, accelerate blood flow, reduce the likelihood of blood clots, and ensure the efficient use of oxygen.
    To regulate cholesterol, vitamins D and E are needed. They prevent the formation of cholesterol plaques and the deposition of calcium salts on the walls of arteries.
  • It is also worth paying attention to the routine. It helps to maintain the flexibility and strength of blood vessels. Recommended for the prevention and treatment of spider veins, varicose veins and other vascular problems.
  • Magnesium has a vasodilating effect and helps lower blood pressure.
  • Coenzyme Q10 strengthens the heart muscle and neutralizes the action of free radicals, which are the cause of premature aging.
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