TOP 6 best hydrophilic oils for washing: composition, features, comparison with analogues


If you are still wondering why use hydrophilic oil for washing, then you are in the right place. Let’s start with the fact that our sebum, whether we like it or not, adds a fatty component to the products that we apply to the face. I am already silent about the cosmetics itself, which is far from always complete without oily structures. The trouble is that water cannot dissolve fat. And if you use foam or other means, it will not be able to penetrate deep into the pores and dissolve the fatty plug. A hydrophilic oil can.

And it is well washed off with water, and does not tighten the skin. And it is also able to solve such problems as the regulation of the sebaceous glands, the fight against dryness and flaking, the reduction of inflammation, the production of collagen, and the smoothing of wrinkles. Interesting? Then read this article and get acquainted with the most popular products from this line.

Rating of the best hydrophilic oils for washing

Elizavecca with olive

This tool is able to wash off even the most resistant cosmetics, including bb- and cc-creams, foundation and waterproof mascara. Suitable for all skin types, including thin skin around the eyes. Hypoallergenic oil from a well-known Korean manufacturer is rich in vitamin E, which is able to accelerate cell regeneration, slow down the appearance of age-related changes, and neutralize the negative effects of ultraviolet rays.

Avocado oil deeply nourishes and moisturizes, relieves irritation, reduces inflammation, restores cells.

Argan oil restores the hydro-lipid layer of the skin, improves firmness and elasticity, smoothes fine wrinkles.

Jojoba oil creates a protective layer on the surface of the skin, preventing the evaporation of moisture and moisturizing it.

Sunflower oil softens dry skin well and moisturizes it, eliminating peeling.

Tea tree oil is known for its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, eliminates swelling and itching, reduces redness and inflammation, and heals quickly.

It does not contain sulfates, alcohol and parabens.

skin type for all types
Peculiarities for waterproof makeup
Compound vitamin E, avocado oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, sunflower oil, tea tree oil, olive oil
Country Korea
  • cleans effectively;
  • does not dry the skin;
  • brightens;
  • nourishes.
  • smells like olives.

The oil copes with all the tasks: it perfectly washes off makeup, dissolves lumps of mascara, and you don’t even need to rub it. It cleanses pores well, does not tighten or dry the skin, brightens and improves complexion. Smells like olives. The smell is not for everyone, but for all its advantages, I am ready to forgive him this minor flaw.

Ayoume with charcoal

This hydrophilic oil is designed for deep cleansing of pores. Effectively removes persistent makeup, dissolves fatty plugs, penetrates deep into the pores, cleansing the skin and preventing inflammation. It contains a vitamin complex designed to strengthen the skin turgor, nourish the cells of the epidermis with useful microelements and minerals, even out the tone and smooth the texture of the skin.

Now let’s go through the main components of the oil. First of all, I would like to name black charcoal, which is an excellent absorbent. It effectively cleanses the pores of impurities, and also reduces the oiliness of the skin. It has antioxidant activity: it draws toxins to the surface, which allows you to accelerate the processes of regeneration and renewal of the epidermis. Restores, rejuvenates, soothes. It contains a number of useful substances such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron.

Lavender oil has antibacterial properties, soothes, relieves inflammation, reduces redness, softens and tones, cleanses the skin of dead cells, and starts regeneration processes.

Cucumber extract moisturizes, refreshes, brightens, relieves irritation and inflammation, regulates sebum production and improves complexion.

Lotus extract moisturizes, cleanses, tones, restores elasticity, restores elasticity, promotes cell regeneration.

skin type for all types
Peculiarities for waterproof makeup
Compound hyaluronic acid
Country Korea
  • deeply cleanses pores;
  • removes waterproof mascara
  • narrows pores;
  • does not tighten;
  • moisturizes.
  • not detected.

At first, I was skeptical about the positive reviews. I have small pores, but in our city they are heavily clogged with dirt during the day. This remedy cleared them in two applications. Now all the other funds that I bought for this purpose can simply be thrown away. Removes waterproof make-up well without stripping the skin. I will use it.

MI&KO Ginger

This tool easily dissolves cosmetics, including mascara and foundation, and with it all the contents of the pores and sebaceous plugs. Does not overdry the skin, makes it toned, moisturized and velvety. Gives a feeling of freshness.

Ginger essential oil accelerates metabolic processes in cells, warms up the skin, improves blood circulation and tissue nutrition, removes toxins.

Lemon and grapefruit oil evens out complexion, smoothes wrinkles, normalizes the secretion of sebaceous glands, and tightens pores.

Sunflower oil is rich in antioxidants: great for sensitive skin.

Peach oil is quickly absorbed by the skin, restores, softens and tones.

Oak extract is a natural antiseptic with a pronounced astringent effect. Reduces skin sensitivity, protects it from irritation, heals wounds and cracks, strengthens blood vessels.

Calendula extract relieves inflammation, prevents acne, normalizes oily skin.

Sage soothes irritations, reduces redness.

Cherry extract saturates with vitamins and antioxidants, tightens pores and improves complexion.

skin type oily, combination
Peculiarities for waterproof makeup
Compound sunflower oil
Country Russia
  • good composition;
  • removes make-up well;
  • does not dry;
  • pleasant aroma.
  • quickly consumed.

The result will be much better if you apply the oil on dry skin. No water. Simply put a few drops into the palm of your hand, apply to the desired areas and start rubbing. Massage your face for a few minutes, and then wash off the resulting emulsion with warm water.

The first time I tried this tool, I liked it. Light pleasant aroma of ginger. Washed off all the makeup almost without residue, there is no feeling of tightness at the end. But it is not economically spent. You have to press the dispenser several times. Gone in less than a month.

The Skin House Essential Cleansing Oil

This hydrophilic oil is ideal for deep cleansing of the skin from makeup, including the most resistant, as well as from sebaceous plugs, dust, dirt and other contaminants. It does not clog pores, normalizes the condition of oily, problem skin, solves the problems of dry and dehydrated. Does not contain mineral oils in the composition, created on the basis of natural ingredients.

Canola oil is especially beneficial for dry and sensitive skin types. It accelerates cell regeneration, heals, relieves inflammation and irritation, improves skin firmness and elasticity.

Sunflower oil perfectly moisturizes, stimulates cell regeneration, slows down the aging process.

Olive nourishes, softens, restores integrity, not only smoothes wrinkles, but also slows down their appearance, accelerates cellular metabolism.

Rose oil rejuvenates, tightens, evens out complexion, successfully fights rashes and irritations.

Japanese camellia activates collagen synthesis, restores the barrier functions of cells and the protective properties of the upper layer, nourishes, moisturizes and soothes irritations.

skin type for all types
Peculiarities for waterproof makeup
Compound macadamia oil, sunflower oil, olive oil
Country Korea
  • removes make-up well;
  • economical consumption;
  • does not tighten the skin;
  • rinses off the face easily.
  • not detected.

The oil does its job. Washes off my foundation and powder, cleaned up my eyeliner well. The package lasts for a long time: a couple of drops are enough to wash your entire face. There is no scent, at least that’s what I thought. Easily rinsed off without leaving greasy spots on the skin. I think it is more suitable for oily and combination skin. If you have dry skin but want to try it, it’s best to apply a moisturizer afterwards.


Hydrophilic oil from the famous brand DNC will solve all the problems of make-up removal. The product effectively cleanses without overdrying or clogging pores. The composition will delight with natural ingredients that not only gently remove makeup, but also saturate the skin with the necessary nutrients.

Among the main ingredients are lingonberry, cranberry, nettle, chamomile and ginseng extract, cedar and apricot oil.

The product itself has a pleasant oily texture of a yellowish tint, it is easily distributed over the surface of the skin, and has a slightly pronounced delicate herbaceous aroma of chamomile. The product is economically consumed and comes in a beautiful package.

skin type for all types
Peculiarities for waterproof makeup
Compound apricot oil, cedar oil, coconut oil, almond oil, chamomile extract
Country Russia
  • fights black dots;
  • does not irritate the skin;
  • smells good;
  • price.
  • leaves oily spots on the face.

It is poorly washed off, leaves stains on the skin, you have to use additional foam to remove the feeling of the film from the face. It doesn’t suit me. But it dissolves makeup well. Can be bought to rinse makeup brushes.

La Messange Deep Perfect Cleansing Oil

Another interesting version of hydrophilic oil from a Russian manufacturer. Removes persistent make-up, maintaining the lipid balance of the skin, nourishes and is easily washed off with water. It has a rather liquid texture and a persistent grassy aroma.

The product is easily washed off with water, slightly foaming.

Now a few words about the composition. Macadamia oil nourishes the skin with valuable acids, vitamins and minerals, stimulates their functioning, improves blood microcirculation, accelerates the production of collagen and elastin.

Jojoba oil creates a protective layer on the surface of the skin, preventing the evaporation of moisture and moisturizing it.

Grape seed oil softens dry skin well and moisturizes it, eliminating flaking.

skin type for all types
Peculiarities for waterproof makeup
Compound grape oil
Country Russia
  • dissolves make-up well;
  • cleanses pores;
  • does not tighten;
  • price.
  • not detected.

This oil has been a life saver for me. It is inexpensive, but it removes makeup well, you do not need to rub the skin. It smells good, it is economically consumed, a beautiful bottle. Does not cause allergic reactions. I hope it doesn’t disappear from the shelves. The only point: the dispenser is very powerful, and the texture is liquid, so with one press, all the contents fly in different directions with a fountain. When using, you have to cover this infernal dispenser with your other hand.


  • The main ingredient of such a product should, of course, be oil. Often the choice falls on light vegetable oils like grape, apricot or argan. But you should carefully read the composition, since mineral oils can also be found. They are not harmful, but can dry out the skin.
  • Emulsifiers are an indispensable component that allows the oil to become hydrophilic, that is, when mixed with water, it becomes an emulsion.
  • Useful additives. This already depends on the manufacturer. These can be various antioxidants, essential oils, plant extracts, peptides and other components designed to solve various problems.
  • Hydrophilic oil does not leave a feeling of tightness on the skin after rinsing, but is able to cope with even the most persistent makeup. In this case, it is recommended to use foam or other means afterwards to complete the cleansing step.
  • Another advantage of this tool is the ability to dissolve fat, while maintaining the integrity of the lipid layer, which means that your skin will not lose moisture.
  • It is not recommended to use homemade oil as a cleanser as it can clog pores and cause breakouts. Cosmetic oil has a different composition: it changes its structure in such a way that it can be washed off with water.
  • If you do not like the texture of the oil, you can change the method of application: squeeze the desired amount into the palm of your hand, add a little water and rub a little. An emulsion should form that can be applied to the face.
  • This tool will help get rid of split ends. Just leave the oil on them for a few minutes and then rinse off.
  • It is also suitable for depilation. Easy sliding of the blade and soft skin in the treated area are guaranteed.
  • You can take a bath with your favorite hydrophilic oil. It will soften the skin, make it healthier and smoother.
  • If you have oily skin and after removing makeup you want to use the foam, do not hold back. But for girls with dry skin, this is not recommended. If you do not wash off the remaining oil from the face, the moisturizing effect will increase significantly.

Selection Tips

  • For dry skin, the oil texture itself is very comfortable, but it will be much better if the composition pleases with additional nourishing oils, such as avocado, cocoa or mango.
  • As mentioned above, hydrophilic oil perfectly dissolves fatty plugs, which means that it is ideal for oily skin. Opt for oil-regulating and pore-tightening ingredients and you’ll be happy. These include lemon and tea tree oil.
  • For sensitive skin, ingredients that can soothe, relieve irritation and redness are important. These include tea tree extract, lavender and calendula.
  • For aging skin, you can look for oil with an extract of snail mucus. Yes, yes, there is such a thing. It activates the production of collagen inside the cells, accelerates regeneration processes, relieves acne and other inflammations.
  • If you have very oily skin that is prone to breakouts and inflammation, oil may not be suitable. Be careful with its application.
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